cant miss the bear


Hey it’s mod Toffee here, and some of you are wondering why it was just me on that post and we’ll get to that later but first I have a few things to say!.

I’m gonna be flying solo on this blog for the foreseeable future and I want to apologise if my art doesn’t live up to the standard that it did before. I’m going to try my very best to give you guys the greatest art I can!!.  I hope I don’t disappoint you guys!. d( ・ω´・ )

I know you’ll miss Anette but i’ll miss her even MORE!!!! ༼ಢ_ಢ༽

Hello my lovelies bbys!, It’s Anette, I’m sorry I can’t work on the blog for now since i’ll be gone from the internet for a while (until summer is over to be more specific). I won’t be only on hiatus here but in my main blog too! I want to let you guys know that i’ll miss y'all a lot over the summer! And so my precious friend Toffee! I’ll miss collaborating with her! Be nice with her while I’m gone! and i’ll miss all my other friends too.  I’ll come back so don’t worry too much guys…let’s just hope I’m still a sane human being when I come back!


inglesera  asked:

headcanons for annabeth when percy was missing!! (aka break my heart)

WHY simone ok here goes

  • she either sleeps too much or too little
  • sometimes she stays awake for days on end analyzing and strategizing and thinking of where the goddamn boy could be
  • she gets to the point where she has permanent bruises under her eyes and passes out sometimes from exhaustion
  • other times, she sleeps way more than usual because she can’t bear being awake in a world without percy
  • the gods take pity on her and she has dreams where he’s back at camp and safe
  • then she wakes up and it hits her all over again
  • she stopped crying after the first week, she used up all of her tears and energy
  • she and sally talk frequently and bond over memories of percy when they need cheering up
  • it never really works though, how could it 
  • he’s gone
  • annabeth is smart enough to know that pushing other close friends away would be bad for everyone but she sometimes just cant bear being around people who aren’t him
  • she misses his stupid jokes and his sarcasm and his lopsided grin
  • she misses his hugs and his messy hair and his bravery
  • she writes him countless letters, all addressed to ‘seaweed brain’, and throws them off the dock into the lake because she doesn’t know what else to do
  • (years later he finds them and reads them and cries harder than he ever has before)
  • she becomes stronger but she doesnt realize it at the time
  • the only thing keeping her alive is sally and the hope that one day she might see percy again