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The Sector V thing i was working on, started off with the previous sector v as a sketch and then… expanded from there. with some parallels. (also a note, it wasnt intended but the clear huddled group of the current VS the previous not as huddled is a thing)

The previous Sector V with Numbuh 5, 11, 8a and 8b, and 9. And the current Sector V as well all know, 1,2,3,4, and 5. 

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Hey! Quick q, I'm going to the Chicago concert, do you have any suggestions or tips for both the concert itself and how to get merch (I'm hoping to get an army bomb every though they're expensive af 😭😭😭) Thanks so much!

// dasghslkdg omg sorry I didn’t reply to this yesterday lol but …  the fucking merch line. So the way Newark worked was that there was an outdoor merch line from 1pm -??? (or until they ran out) and there was also merch inside the venue. They have really limited quantities of hats, hoodies, earrings because those got sold out right away. They have A LOT of army bombs in stock (legit everything else sold out inside except army bombs lol….) I think I got to the merch line at 12:15 the first day and 11:30 the second and by the time I got to the front, the only thing I could buy was like … the mini print set and the sticker set bc everything else was like sold out. (THE FIRST DAY I GOT SUPER LUCKY AND MANAGED TO GET A HAT THO ;; IDK HOW THAT HAPPENED) People camped outside for merch so I’m just … yeah not about that life lol tbh I kinda gave up getting merch inside after I saw that everything was sold out outside because if you’re not like the first 10-20 people in line or so, you’re pretty much screwed lol

As for concert advice, just HAVE FUN & BE SAFE! STAY HYDRATED AND EAT BEFORE PLS, ESP IF YOU’RE PIT. Also relating to pit, it you’re in the pit, please be safe. I heard multiple account of people in Newark pushing and shoving and Namjoon even had to tell the crowd “Guys, please don’t push – safety first” several times before they gave their midway speech during the concert. I saw a lot of people get carried out by stretchers and apparently someone fainted in the pit thursday, another guy got like harassed out of the pit, so please have common courtesy to your fellow concert goers. I get that BTS is in front of you, but just remember to be civil and if there is a medical emergency TO PLEASE MAKE ROOM. Aside from that, ENJOY YOURSELF & EXPECT TO GET BIAS WRECKED BY EVERYONE LOL