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Why is Kaisoo kissing such a big deal?

When has kissing another boy been such a problem in kpop? Them kissing isn’t the worst thing ever. I’ve seen gayer.

Their own members have kissed.

Let’s not forget pervert Heechul.

Even T.O.P. and G-Dragon kissed.

It isn’t a big deal. If Super Junior can make out with each other whenever they want, then Kai and Kyungsoo should be able to kiss too. Who says it was even a love one? It could’ve been a bro kiss. And if they are more, then good for them. Gay relationships are a thing. Live with it. It’s 2015 for fuck’s sake.


♫ Would there be love at my destination? Would there?

out:// I am dying thinking about Jack in love. Jack is the idealistic type who would just adore his partner. He falls slowly but surely; he can be oblivious in the beginning but if you slowly warm him up to you he’ll be yours. When he loves he devotes himself entirely. Jack is definitely a soft lover, unless otherwise asked ( even then it’d only be in the bedroom, he’s entirely uncomfortable with being rough anywhere else with anything ). Jack is also a complete sap. He’s the type that will buy things on impulse for his lover if it reminds him of them. He will take and give as much affection as his partner allows him to. His primary concern shifts to them, and when it’s called for he will protect them with everything he has and then some. I just? Love? The idea of Jack in love? He gives his all

And getting him to the point? He goes from oblivious to awkward and shy, to mildly timid but a little more out there, until it’s clear he should ask to take it to a higher level or the other person asks him. Not to mention that he has had several unrequited crushes on people; he just never will act or speak on it. Sometimes it can be seen when actions that go beyond friendship are done with him and he suddenly excuses himself or goes a little flush in the face, but those are the sole indicators. 

Also adding that Jack is either a good flirt or he’s terrible at it. No in between. He’s just either extreme, and it all depends on who is flirting. If it’s someone he fancies, he gets horrible with it if he’s not determined or tipsy/drunk.