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2 magnus and alec or Magnus and max, you choose

2. “You’re too young to hate the world.”

+ anonymous said: malec prompt 160!! your writing is amazing i legit cant believe how talented you are (160. “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people stop to roll their eyes or call you crazy.. even then. Especially then!”)

Max stomps into Alec’s office, but Alec isn’t there, Magnus is. He and Max have been developing a better relationship, ever since Alec explained to Max why the way he had acted at the part was wrong and Max had apologised to Magnus.

“Hello, Max,“ Magnus says, smiling at him. “Everything okay?“

“No,“ Max says, crossing the room and sitting next to Magnus on the couch. “I hate everyone.“

Magnus chuckles at that and says, “You’re too young to hate the world.”

“Am not,“ Max says. “Especially when the world is being mean to Alec.“

Something flashes in Magnus’ eyes, but it’s gone in a blink and he nods minutely, a sort of understanding look forming on his face. 

“Because he’s gay? And dating me?“

Max nods, crossing his arms across his chest, and says, “I don’t know why they do it, or how Alec handles that. I want to punch all of them every time.”

“As much as I understand the urge, that would’t do Alec any good, nor you,” Magnus says after a moment. “Your brother works very hard to be a good leader and also be able to be himself.”

“I know. It just seems so hard.“

“It is, sometimes.“

Both Max and Magnus look toward the door, finding Alec leaning against the doorframe. He crosses the distance to the couch, crouching in front of Max.

“But it’s worth it. When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people stop to roll their eyes or call you crazy.. even then. Especially then! Trust me, Max, I’ve lived for years trying to fit into the box everyone wanted me to fit into, and I was miserable and lonely. Having Magnus in my life, being true to myself, it’s worth handling a bunch of ignorant Shadowhunters.”

Max takes in his brother’s words, looking between him and Magnus, taking in the smiles on their faces. He might be just a kid still, but even he can see how much his brother loves Magnus, and vice versa, as well as how happier Alec’s been. He doesn’t understand it all, not yet, but fighting for what is right, being strong in the face of adversity, that he has been taught his whole life.

Guess growing up means realising demons aren’t the only things you’ll have to fight against.

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hello dear! im not sure if you write but the song scared to be lonely (the aucustic one though!!!!!!!) gives me large harry thoughts and i cant write but like maybe you could listen and try to like something angsty ooooh or maybe harry drabbles based off Harrys lyrics ya know like "im just trying to remember how it feels to have a heart beat" i dont know im just in an angsty harry mood and youre the only harry blog i follow fore some reason (culd you reccomend me some good writers please

hello love!!!

I just want to say, no i am not a writer, this is the first thing i’ve ever written and i’m kinda terrible but i thought i’d give it a shot because i love this song (and Dua Lipa) a ton!!

i suggest you leave the writing to the professionals
(my recommendations)
(these are only some of my favorites but they’re all so wonderful!! you should definitely follow them, also you can probably find so many wonderful fic writers through the tag!)

but after hopefully answering everything you wanted, i present to you a crappy angst drabble

Scared To Be Lonely

“You can’t just come home and expect everything to be okay again, Harry!”
You breathed in the air that occupied you, noticing that it felt tense and heavy. You understood you were just picking another fight, knowing it would just end the way it always does. You fight, you cry, he comforts you and you apologize. You end the night in a tangle of limbs, your bare bodies left sweaty and cold.
Though the sheets were the only thing between you two,it felt like you were worlds away. You would wake up the next morning like it never happened and send Harry off to just repeat it later that night. This routine was something you’d become accustomed to over the past few months. The truth was, you were spiraling out of touch, you forgot how it felt to be loved. When you first started dating Harry it was great, you constantly had your hands on each other, you couldn’t stand to be far from him, never getting over the way your heart skipped a beat when you looked into his eyes,always feeling safe in the comfort of his inked arms. It was perfect for the better part of a year.
Harry started to get so busy,barely paying attention to you anymore. He’d been so caught up in his new album and his movie and all of the exciting events that this year had brought him.Yes, you couldn’t be more proud of your superstar, but sometimes it all got a bit too much.He was rarely home, and when he was he acted like a stranger.
“You don’t talk to me anymore, you act like i’m not even here and the only time you pay attention to me is when you want a fuck! You only need me because you’re scared to be lonely, you can’t handle the feeling of not being loved. You’re lucky i can because you’ve been abandoning me for the past month!”
At this point you’re screaming,you inhale sharply, feeling the tears stinging your eyes.
“I can’t do this, i can’t keep coming back for more when i’m left hanging everyday!”
You look to Harry, he’s standing in the doorway of your shared bedroom, a fire raging in his eyes.
“ Yeh seriously think i’m that selfish? I don’t use you for a fuck. Why won’t you support me this one time, stop picking these stupid fights and think about how i’m feeling!”
“Y/N, Yeh think this is all my fault?”
He asked, running his hands through his hair out of frustration.
“Im busy baby”
he started, hoping to level out the fight, understanding he won’t win. he never wins. It’s best he just fixes what he can, tapes it together best he can and wait till he finally has a break from work to truly figure out what’s wrong
“ I have so many interviews to do right now, management is working me so-”
You interrupt his statement to retaliate, your voice raising louder by the second.
“ Yes i know you’re busy, clearly too fucking busy for your own damn girlfriend.”
You yell, standing up to slam the door. Creating yet another space between you two.
You slide down onto the floor and hug your knees tight to your chest. There are tears streaming down your face and you can hear Harry’s angry sighs through the wood.
You’re losing your mind, you think to yourself, knowing this fight wasn’t about anything different than usual, but damn was it messed up.This time you took it too far, not knowing why you said what you said. You knew he was doing what he loved and you were standing in the way of that, just adding more to the stress he had.
Yep you were definitely losing your mind.
He wasn’t the selfish one, you were.You were sure of it. You did what you did for one reason and one reason only.
You can’t even wrap your head around the thought of not being with Harry, not seeing his emerald eyes every morning. You were the one creating this pain for yourself. All because you’re too scared to be lonely.


this is devastating.

@k9kesi was the first dogblr i ever talked to, and the one who brought me into the community. from day 1 she was nothing but kind, caring, and empathetic. always willing to participate in conversations. always willing to share knowledge or help out in any way. always willing to offer support even when she herself was going through hardship. we first connected very shortly after i adopted boone, and she was a huge help - the biggest source of help - in guiding me through the beginnings of greyhound ownership. she had the patience of a saint with me and my endless questions. she always reassured me when things seemed overwhelming. she always made it a point to find me and say hello to me at the rescue group’s meet-ups. 

she poured her heart and soul into her dogs, and they loved her back in turn. my heart breaks for her family, and for poor sweet Cole and Rudy. i don’t know that i ever saw someone more dedicated to their health and happiness. there was nothing she wouldn’t do for them.

i just cant put into words how shocked and heartbroken i am right now. such a terrible, unexpected tragedy. this whole community is going to take a long, long time to recover. we’ve lost our Greyhound Mom. 

in the three years ive known her, i never once saw her lose her temper. all she ever wanted to do was be kind to people. 

i owe her so much.

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I love your blog!!! You are so talented but you should feel no pressure to get back to writing things. Take the time you need and we'll be here when you get back!

Do you know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU?! Please take your time with everything going with your life. Don’t pressure yourself.

You are amazing , stay happy 😊💜

hello hello, i hope u have/had a nice day and that you are doing well :)

I love you so much i hope you are having a good day and you’re eating well and i hope you’re resting well :) 💞💞

Hi Dee! I hope you have a good day. Please don’t let all of the Tumblr negativity get to you. ❤️

hi just wanted to say that i’m a writer too! and ever since i began i’ve been looking up to you i want to tell you that’s its legit ok to lose all interest in writing maybe it’s permanent or a temporary feeling, i wanted to tell you that although this doesnt help i want to say sorry and thank you. you’ve spent so much of your own time and hard work here yet the disrespect is something you literally cant help from these losers, although this wont help please remember i support you no matter what!

Hello I follow your blog for a while and just read your reply to this one anon ask. And I must say that it kind of made me sad. Not the thing that maybe you won’t update your stories, but the thing that there is so much shit with people going on that you lost the joy to write. You also said that you have some health issues. So firstly I hope that you get better soon and then I wish you good luck for your thesis! I really respect and appreciate you and I hope that you are happy! <3

I’m not really good at showing appreciation for people but I just wanted to drop by and say you’re an awesome human and I really love you fics. Thank you and seriously take all the time you need 💕💕💕

God please don’t say your writing is never enough!!!! I wish we the people who love and appreciate your writing could get you to understand how happy we are when you write and upload a new chapter. EVERYTHING YOU WRITE IS GREAT!!! It is really sad crappy people have taken the inspiration from you but remember THEY are crappy NOT YOU, you are amazing and talented and I hope things get good to you again 💜💜💜💜

Please don’t worry about writing or tumblr in general, live your life and do the things you need to do. If you get the interest in writing again, we will wait for you here. Maybe some people might leave, but the people (like me!) who really really love your stories will wait for you. Love you!

hello love, i just noticed that you’re on hiatus “getting your shit together” and i just wanted to let you know that i hope you’re okay and i hope that you’re eating/drinking well. i hope that you’re getting the right amount of hours for sleep and i hope you’re not overwhelmed by any stress. please take care of yourself and surround yourself with friends/family. push all the negative thoughts away because they’re not worth it. love you Dee💕

I love you guys so much! I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all of this, but I’m so happy you guys are here. I’m happy that this blog is such a positive place once again and that my readers are so kind and supportive. THANK YOU. For everything. Even if it takes me months to get back, just know that I love you guys and I’m so thankful for every single ask I get. Thank you for your support!

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um,,,ok,,,sooo hello there, I'm your fan from Russia, and I want to say you, thAT YOU SOOOOOO COOOL OKAY JUST YOU SO ADORABLE AND CUUUTE. //and your animations it's the best thing I ever seen// It's so sad to me, that I cant take commission from you, well I just wanna say you the best. //and my English is bad, sorry//

I love this message so much omg

thank you anon for brightening my day!! :” O


kamillyanna said: Hello !! /)w(\ I would like to just drop this off and say I’d love it if you could draw more of non-canon hetalia characters liKE your mama greece !

i am always happy to doodle ancient moms tbh (i know u only asked for mama g but……..mama e is so important. also theyre in love)

i dont know whats wrong with me. i want love. but somehow theres always something in the way. and that piece of shit is myself. it’s just literally impossible to express my feelings or just to act natural in front of him. i cant even look at him let alone say hello. i dont know why im like this. no wonder im alone. i wont ever find love.


                     so you’re saying your feelings for me -

                                                             they’re real, skye. they always have been.

skyeward week day 1: favourite episode
↳ nothing personal

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Hello Honey, it's briliant hearing that you are writting your own book. Your smut writting has to be some of the best I have read ever. You really keep the charatcers. I am just going to ask this while I still have the internet. When you say you may buy the Doctor Who boxsets is it just New Who, or some Classic Who as well? Thats how I found you with the Doctor Who Smut, The Sonic Screwdriver BRILIANT. Cant look at one the same and even how when I watch a episode I laugh so hard. :)

I think im going to stick to new-who as i have a greater interest in that. My brother wants classic who for himself as he likes the older stuff.

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hello, i absolutely adore your writing on odat, and ever since your latest chapter i have reread the whole thing (and the warehouse scene at least 5 times. honestly, don't even ask, HAHA. what can i say, i love pain. (but also, POOR YUURI I JUST WANT THEM TO BE OK. but the drama and writing is delicious. thank u) BUT TO GET TO THE POINT— will yuri/otabek interact with vikturi?? haha, i cant help but be curious. THANKS FOR YOUR FICS I'LL BE PATIENTLY WAITING!!! have a FANTASTIC day.

Thank you so much!!!

Haha, no, not as such. The Bang fic is set two years before the present day events of our doubts! We’ll be seeing Yuri interact with Victor, and Yuuri referenced several times. Nothing beyond that, though! (Although this is giving me ideas, so…hmm. 🤔) Now that you mention it…we’ll see. :PPPP

when the signs have a crush


Taurus: I’m not exactly sure if they will ever like me but I MUST HOPE FOR THE BEST

Gemini: I am waiting for their love oh help me I juSt wANT THEM TO LOVE ME

Cancer: I will be the best partner for them ever, I will do anything anything they say, I just need to be loved in return why cant they just bow down already

Leo: *approaches crush* *crush looks at them* “hello?” “S-SAME.”

Virgo: damn they just look so amazing rn. But all that amazing–will soon belong to me. :-)

Libra: pls pls like me already pls


Sagittarius: *comes to school in shirt with crush’s name on it* *next day comes to school with a hat with their face printed on it* to crush; do you like it?

Capricorn: *crush walks by* DEAD. *waits for crush to walk by again*

Aquarius: first, eats a sandwich and in between each bite whispers their crush’s name. Then every time they make slight eye contact; they whisper a little louder.

Pisces: *draws doodles of them&crush on homework* *dreams about crush* *in between every breath thinking about crush*

I wrote this immediately after I left the hi touch so it's mostly rambling

Omg so okay taehyung was the first one to greet us at the hi touch and he did this slap thing and was like sup super hip hop guys super hip hop but being an awkward child all I did was laugh and say “hi” and he did this cute little smile and then next up was Suga and we shook hands and he’s so beautiful and omg wow can I just say soft hands for everyone then it was jungkook WHO HAS OMG THE EYes OfAN ANGEL HOW DA FUCKKK and I swear he looked into my soul!!omg it was great it was so great..then after that I think it was Jin I don’t remember he gripped my hand a little bit and cocked his head to the side and gave me a small smile and at that moment it was confirmed that he’s in love with me lol and then it was jimin . PARK JIMIN. THE SON WITH NO JAMS BUT HAS THE JELLY the BAEeeeAhhh It thought to my self if I don’t say nothing now then idk when I ever will so I shook his hand and i was like “you’re so handsome” and he was like “oh thank you” and gave me a genuine smile !! Can you believe it?? He smiled at me you guys this is great aaaaand he held on to my have a little longer omgggg were obviously married now mhmm yay after that was namjoon and he was like “thank you” and I’m like no thank you and it was great after that was jhope my one and only hope he smiled and said hi and I said hello back after that we was gone but dude Jin has the most beautiful eyes ever and jungkook stared into my fucking soul and OMG how to survive they’re all so handsome AND CAN I GET AN AMEN FOR THEIR HANDS LIKE GIVE ME SOME OF THAT MOISTURIZER BRO BC WOW AND I JUST CANT BELIEVE IT THIS CONCERT WAS GREAT BYE I CAN NOW SAY IVE LIVED TO MY FULLEST ADIOS AMIGOS

Music Teacher [Michael Clifford; 2]

Contains: Fluff!!

Requests: Open ^_^

Requested?: Yupperz

Note: Check out part 1 of this imagine. Heres the link: Music Teacher [Michael Clifford; 1) Feedback is always welcome. Hope you like it!!

“Theres no better way to get to know each other better than 20 questions at iHop at 11:30.” Mr. Cliff- Michael says, leaning back in his seat. You smile, nodding.

“You first.” You say. 

“Full name?”

“Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N” You reply.




“Ive got a younger brother.”

“Favorite song.”

“Thats a bad question. I dont have one.” You state.

“Good. Now we have a true music lover in our hands.” He says, winking. You grin.

“Favorite color?” He asks. You blink. You never really pondered on this question before.

“I guess I like most colors.” You say, shrugging.



“Favorite bands?" 

"Fuck…you make me think.” You mutter.

“And thats a bad thing..?” He asks making you smile. 

“Im into 90s pop punk and pop rock so like Dexys Midnight Runners or The Turtles or something. But I do enjoy Blink 182 and Mayday Parade immensely.” You respond. You see a smile form on his lips.

“Favorite composer?” He asks. 

“Umm… Bach. Boccherini, Breval, Mendehlson…couple more.” You say.

“If you were to pick between your viola and cello? Which intstrument would you pick?” He asks. You dramatically gasp.

“I am so not answering that question.” You say. 

“Awh come one! Just one.” He says. You shake your head.

“No. Thats like picking between your children.”

“Fine fine.” he says before laughing. The both of you go on about each other and never realize that it was finally two in the morning.

“Sorry to interrupt but the both of you have been for around two hours and finished eating an hour or so ago and still haven’t payed. I’d like the both of you to please exit the restaurant.” The waiter says. Your cheeks turn rosy red as you grab your purse, opening it.

“Oh no. Im paying.” Michael says abruptly. You roll your eyes.

“Um no. Thanks sir.” You say, fiddling with your purse.

“Im not joking. Its a treat for you and your amazing viola/cello skills.” He says before paying it. You sigh and grumble.

“Im paying next time.” You say as the both of you exit the restaurant.

“Who says there’s gonna be another time?” Michael asks, cocking an eyebrow. Your cheeks warm up.

“I-I erm, I didn’t-” You stutter. He laughs a laugh that makes you want to wrap yourself up in it. It was a rich buttery laugh. Something you couldnt get used to. He slips his hand into yours.

“Im joking, love.” He says, squeezing your hand. You blush even more as the warm sensation comes back.

“Your cute when you do that.” He says.

“I think iv'e blushed so much to the point where I could boil up some soup.” You say making him laugh again.

“Is it because of me?” He asks, whispering in your ear. He knew very well it was him that made you blush. Sheepishly, you nod. He spins you around to face him.

“I have a question.” He says, suddenly becoming nervous. You nod for him to go on.

“I know its too quick but I feel like ive known you forever and you seem like such a great girl and I really like you-” He sighs.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asks. Your lips quiver gently as you contemplate.

“But- your my teacher. We would be in so much trouble-”

“Give us a try.” He says. Your heart flutters at the pronoun. Us.

“Your almost legal and youll be graduating soon.” He adds before leaning forward.

“And it would honestly kill me to see you everyday and know that your not mine and that I couldn’t kiss you and id have to suffer, watching you talk to boys.” He whispers, his lips moving against your ear. Your heart seemed to flutter like crazy and you felt elate.

“Yes.” You say and he smiles like happiest person alive. The both of you exchange numbers before him pulling you by the waist and pressing his lips on yours for a sweet passionate kiss.

“Ill see you tomorrow.” He says before breaking away. You dont respond, watching him leave to his car. You walk to yours after a minute and shut the door before letting out a squeal. You felt like a 14 year old girl again. 


You get home and snuggle into your bed, thoughts rushing in your mind about Michael. Suddenly your phone rings.

Goodnight babe xx

You were certain you wouldnt sleep tonight.


Groggily, you get up and begin getting ready for school. Last nights events race through your mind making you get ready faster than before. 

“Your in a rush to get to school.” Your mom says, cocking her eyebrow.

“I actually have a friend.” You say, trying to cover up your happiness.

“What her name?” Your mom asks, handing you a cereal bar.

“Its a he. And his name is Kenny.” You say, quickly thinking. She nods suspiciously.

“Im so sorry I couldnt come for your concert last night. You came home pretty late though.” Your mom says. Your lip quivers.

“Kenny actually plays cello so we thought wed go to ihop.” You say quickly. She nods. You finish up your bar. You rmom quickly kisses yoru cheek.

“Have a great day!” She yells.

“You too!!” You reply before walking to your car.


You sigh, waiting till classes were over. You were in your seventh period which meant Music was next. Quickly finishing up your worksheet, you dashed to your locker to get your things for the next class. 

Keep calm. Dont look excited. Keep your cool, Y/N. 

You slowly open the door and see a couple students it. You look to your left and see Micha- Mr. Clifford. His gaze was already on you. He gives you a bright pearly smile and you give him a small smile in return. You make your way to the back and pull out your items.

“Good Afternoon class. Before we start our lesson, we have a transfer elective student. Please welcome Y/E/B/F/N  (your ex best friends name).” Mr. Clifford says. Your mouth almost drops open and you look up to see Y/B/F/N. She smirks when she sees you.

“Thanks Mr. C. I just love music, ya know.” She purrs. Your stomach does a jolt you felt like throwing up. On her. Y/E/B/F/N slightly tugs Mr. Clifford’s tie.

“Music is just so captivating.” She purrs again. You really wanted to punch her. Michael looks at the students before looking at you. He winks at you before looking her.

“What instruments do you play?” He asks. Her eyes widen and she jumps back.

“I-I dont play any.” She mutters. He smirks.

“Well maybe try learning one. Or two like Ms. Y/LN.” He says, looking at you. You blush and look down. Y/E/B/F/N gawks and goes and sits down in the front before glaring at you. You look back down at your notes. Class ends and you slowly pack up your items. You shove your books in your bag and look up. The class is empty and you look over at Michael who’s gaze is on you.

“Stop doing that.” You say, blushing while shrugging on your bag.

“Doing what?” He asks, walking over to you. Your heart begins to beat fast.

“Whenever I look at you. Your always already looking.”  You mutter. He smiles, tilting your chin with his fingers.

“I really cant help it. You draw me in.” He says. You suppress a smile. He wraps his arm around your waist and draws you in, placing a kiss on you. This time, you become dominant, tugging on his hair and making him moaning mess. Suddenly you hear footsteps and jump away. 

“Hey Michael. Oh er- hello Y/N” Your history teacher, Mr. Traunt says. You smile.

“Hey Mr. Traunt.” You say. Your heart was beating faster than ever.

“I was just helping Y/N with some theory. Did you need something, Erik?” Michael asks.

“Only if you wanted to join me for some coffee?” Mr. Traunt asks. Michael sighs.

“I really cant. I have to start making the students quizzes. How about another time?” Michael asks, sugar coating his words. Mr. Traunt nods.

“Alright. See ya bro. See ya Y/N” He says, nodding. You smile at him. He closes the door and you let out a deep sigh.

“That was close.” You whisper. Michael nods.

“Ill see you tomorrow, beautiful.” He says before kissing you again.


Mikey and you have been dating for nearly 5 months and you cant help but fall harder everyday. Hes been leaving roses in your locker and you would always come early to school to see him. He was everything you never imagine that boy would do. And you loved him but were super afraid to tell him. You walked into Music class but Mikey didn’t offer you a smile. Or even look at you for a matter. His hair was everywhere and his eyes lost color. His tie was lose and he looked troubled. You decided to talk to him after class. Not once did he look at you during the lesson. You were now afraid of why he was troubled. Did you do something?

“Y/N, I need to see you after class.” He mumbles. Your heart drops and you were nervous as hell. You couldn’t concentrate on the worksheet and within minutes class ended. You waited till class ended and walked up to his desk.

“Yes?” You ask, timidly.

“We need to-We’ve got to break up.” He whispers. You felt your heart shatter and your stomach drop to the lowest of the lows.

“W-Why?” You ask, keeping your gaze on the floor.

“The board of directors. Their suspicious of me and you. I cant do this anymore. I have to keep equal attention on everyone. Your just a distraction. I’m sorry.” He explains. You keep your gaze on the floor.

“I opened up to you.” You whispered before looking at him. His eyes were filled with emotion.

“I let you see me. I let you take advantage. I understand. I knew this from the start but no, You wanted this. And I was so stupid. Incredibly stupid. I am so sorry. I really hate you.” By now, the tears were pouring. 

“Y/N-” You hear him call weakly, but you were already out the door, heaving with sobs. You didn’t stop crying at all that night.


School was a drag. You avoided Kenny even though it killed you. He was your only friend. You kept your spirit within you and pretended that you were fine. By lunch, you began to talk to Kenny and it almost felt as if you were normal again. Almost. Kenny asked what was wrong but you told him not to worry about it. And he stopped pestering you, enjoying the attention he could get. You wanted to scream at Michael. For letting him see you with your walls down. You were enraged but sad. You felt lonely than ever. Music finally came and you wanted skip. But you knew you couldn’t. So instead, you walked in with your head down. You felt his gaze but ignored it. You finally looked up at Michael and he was well dressed. As if nothing happened. And you didn’t know what to feel. It was a sick feeling. Even more sick to watch him and Y/E/B/F/N flirt throughout class. You refused to cry. You bit your lip hard and began to doodle in your notebook. You did all the worksheets he provided and finished them all too keep him off your head. You look up and saw him give Y/E/B/F/N that pearly white smile he used to give you. And then you knew that he was over you. That nearly broke you. You let a few tears pass but wiped it up. There was only a couple minutes till class was over. You waited patiently. You wanted to go home. 

“Y/N I need to see you after class.” Mr. Clifford called. Your head sunk even farther. You decided on whether to face him or not. You waited till everyone cleared out.

“Came to give me more reasons why?” You ask. He shook his head and walked over to you, placing his hand on your shoulder. You closed your eyes, his touch was warm and familiar and you hated it. You moved to the side from his touch.

“I miss you.” He whispered. This was the time where you would scream and shout and tell him how angry you are.

“Why don’t you tell that to Y/E/B/F/N.” You mutter. 

“Y/N I really do. I miss your cuddles. I miss you sleeping next to me. I miss your kisses. I miss your touch. I miss every damn thing about you. And I realized that I love you.” He whispers. You flinch at his words. He finally said it. The words were bubbling up in your thorat.

“You don’t love me, do you?” He said slowly, so much emotion in his voice it killed you.

“I’m so stupid. Why the fuck would I do that? First I go and act like its okay to fl-” You cut him off by taking two long strides and kissing him, with all the emotion in your body. He immediately wraps his arms around your waist and draws you extremely close. Your heart swells at the feeling. You missed this so much, it hurt. You pull away and lean your head on his torso. 

“I love you too.” You say. The both of you stay quiet, enjoying the embrace of one another.

“Will you give me another chance. I swear to you, ill do anything to keep us together. Anything and everything. I love you and i can never get used to saying that. I love you. I love you. I love you.” He repeats. You grin and kiss him again.

“Just no more flirting. You can give equal attention to everyone just not too much. Especially to Y/E/B/F/N” You say.

“And why is that?” He asks, drawing back to look at you.

“Because your mine.” You say timidly.

“What?” He asks, blinking. You shake your head.

“No. I want you to say it again. I like the way how it sounds. Please.” He says.

“Your mine.” You repeat. And this time he leans in and kiss you with emotion. And as cliche as it sounds, you knew he was the one for you. He lit up your world.

“I love you.” He says again. You giggle and roll your eyes.

“I know, you told me before.” You say. He chuckles.

“How about we go to my house for some movies and cuddling?” He asks. You smile at him.

“Sounds wonderful.”


I did it!!! I said it would be posted this coming week but lied, Ha!! Hope you guys liked it as much as I liked writing it! Love you!!


the correct way to sing "hello"
  • me, passionately singing: hello it's me i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet to go over everything they say that time's supposed to heal ya but i aint done much healing hello can you hear me i'm in california dreaming about who we used to be, when we were younger and free i've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet
  • me, singing a bit louder: there's such a difference between us and a million miles
  • me, bawling my eyes out: hello how are you it’s so typical of me to talk about myself i’m sorry i hope that you’re well, did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened
  • me, whispering from my grave: it's no secret that the both of us are running out of time....
  • me, sipping a margarita and crying in heaven: so hello from the other side....

mikaylatea  asked:

Hello! I was thinking about HLV and I was wondering if it was ever explained how Mary got in and out of Magnussens office? I'm not sure if I just missed something but I've seen the episode multiple times and cant recall there being an explanation other than when Sherlock says "then she left the way she came"?

Hi! Nope, that was never explained. Like so many other things that episode. Sigh.

My theory: Janine let her in. Several minutes are dedicated to Sherlock explaining to John (and us) exactly how stacked the security is at Cam’s office. And somehow Mary gets in? Not in disguise, but looking like an assassin? An armed assassin? Is she Spiderwoman?

Mary knows the value of a confidante. And Janine had no problem doublecrossing Cam – the fucker bragged about flicking her in the damn eye, it’s not like he treated her well (and he must have had dirt on her). So yeah, I think she let Mary in and either let Mary knock her out, or Mary just did it as a precaution sans permission, because that way Janine doesn’t look complicit. Same reason Janine faked all happy-surprised at Sherlock’s proposal even though no one was there to see her reaction: Cam’s security cameras were recording everything.

Also worth noting:

SHERLOCK: And, of course, because he’s in town tonight, the letters will be in his safe in his London office while he’s out to dinner with the Marketing Group of Great Britain from seven ’til ten.

JOHN: How do you know his schedule?

SHERLOCK: Because I do. 

He knows Cam’s schedule because he’s ‘dating’ Cam’s personal assistant. Except, Cam WAS home. So Janine lied to Sherlock. Either that, or Cam’s plans changed. But the point is, Janine knew Sherlock was investigating Cam and that he thought Cam would be out, so I think she knew there was a good chance Sherlock would try to get in that night.

Here’s where it gets hairy: did Janine lie to Mary, too? I honestly don’t think Mary was expecting Sherlock and John to show up. Why didn’t Janine warn her? 

This could go a hundred different ways. My favorite theory assumes that Jim is alive and Cam, Mary, and Janine are all working with/for him. By a month after the wedding, seeing Sherlock all nicely devastated and turning to drugs and all, I think Jim would be impatient for him to learn the truth about Mary and get on with the game. So if we assume Janine’s ultimately answering to Jim, she’d be the only one in the break-in/shooting scene who actually fully knows what’s going on:

  • Cam doesn’t know Mary’s coming for him. He’s scared shitless when she’s threatening him. He has no idea Jim’s betrayed him by assigning Janine to be both his PA and Mary’s confidante. 
  • Mary doesn’t know Sherlock and John are coming, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked Sherlock about whether John was there (and wouldn’t have risked doing this tonight at all had she suspected they’d be there). Janine told John back in 221B that she “hasn’t told Mary yet” about dating Sherlock. Gee, I wonder why. Like Cam, Mary has no idea Jim’s betrayed her by telling her confidante to allow Sherlock to crash her Cam-killing party.
  • Sherlock doesn’t know Cam or Mary are there and he has no clue Janine lied to him. He later assumes Mary “befriended” Janine for the same reason he did – to get to Cam. He has no idea Jim’s involved.
  • John remains utterly clueless about all things in the universe.

“But if Janine knew Sherlock was using her, why was she so mad when she visited him in the hospital?” Why shouldn’t she be?? Just because she knew what he was doing doesn’t make it okay that he did it! She said “we could’ve been friends,” and I really think she meant that. 

I also think her parting “I’ll give your love to John and Mary” is threatening af. Because she knows Mary shot him. And maybe that’s a hint that despite what happened, her and Mary are still good. Although that might be wishful thinking on my part. :)

Anyway! tl;dr: Janine let Mary in because Jim wanted this shit to go down.

anonymous asked:

Hiiii! Can I just say you are so beautiful. I am 14 and my skin is quite dark like yours and ive been feeling so insecure about it. I see the white girls at school and I cant help but feel jealous. Have you ever felt this way and if so how did you get over it and love your skin? Thanks!

Hello! I know how you feel, I went through the same thing a while ago. The way I got over it was by looking at makeup tutorials on youtube! Well you dont have to do the same thing, but I suggest you start looking at magazines for black women, or even ethnic hair!

But before any of that, its absolutely important that you tell yourself everyday how beautiful you are. Sounds narcissistic maybe? But if you dont believe how beautiful you are, nothing and no one will make you believe.
I hope that makes sense.