cant i be like this

also say it with me kids: jake peralta can be confirmed and/or headcanoned as bi/pan, and it doesn’t have to impact his relationship with amy santiago at all. bi/pan peoples sexualities are still valid regardless of the person they end up with. saying you view jake as bi/pan or that you want him to be confirmed as such isnt then saying you want him and amy to break up.


sweetheart 💖


Don’t shame minors for being attracted to the stranger things kids ?? They too are children???? Excuse me????

calling a 12-16 year old gross for thinking people who are around the same age as them are attractive? God forbid!

Ok… okay so….. not to poop on the party b u t. My dad is here and he will n o t give me access to the soda stream if I a s k, e v e n if I tell him like 10 people that reblogged it over 3,000 Times wanted me to. 👉😎👉 we might have to aave this for another day bois. What a shame



this kills me every time! so fucking funny! 

y0u guys oh my GOD

So my mom has been wondering why I’ve been hogging TV past 12am on a weeknight for awhile now so she was like what the hell are you watching? ? And I jokingly said mom shh that’s my future husband, first impressions matter ok??? respect him ok. 

So today my obitsu body for karamatsu nedoroid came and she was like “i checked the mailbox. you’re getting really weird these days.” And I was like mom pls you don’t know me. Then she literally (I WISH I WAS MAKING THIS UP) said:

“Matsuno ka no jinan. Matsuno karamatsu." 


"I googled him.”
“He’s not even a cool character like Terry? He’s really sad and painful, why do you like him?”

my mom searched him up on google and read his bio

???? ????????????? ? ??????????????????????????????????

canada line’s heart-fluttering singing ft. the boyz being relatable 

Just wanted to make a post to apologize for lack of activity here (again). It’s that time of year for busy schedules and stress! Though a lot of things have been going on so I told myself I need to step back and recharge. Not to worry about dishing out drawings and posts and enjoy some me-time.

Easier said than done, right?

Even so I think about this blog a lot, about ideas, and it makes me happy to see the notifications for this blog. Thank you again for the likes and reblogs, for long time followers sticking around and a quick welcome and hello to new followers!

I hope this last month of the year will be kind to you all with good surprises and bursts of creativity. I will see you around!