cant handle looking at him saying 'he's blowing me off' over and over anymore

Rules For Dating  Tony (5)

Hey guys! It’s time for Captains Date! Also a fun one to write, mostly because MAN do Tony and Captain need to make up after the catastrophe of Civil War. Anyway, if youre new, catch up HERE
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Tony dodged a blow and danced back a few steps, wiping the sweat from his eyes.

“Come on Captain.” He coaxed. “Let me see some of that muscle.”

“We’re just sparring.” Steve said easily, not even out of breath. “No need to rush anything.”

“Come on.” Tony swung hard, tagging the Captain’s shoulder and Steve backed up a step.

“You’re getting faster.” He complimented. He and Tony had been working for weeks on hand to hand combat, trying to make Tony at least somewhat dangerous outside of his suit, even if he was nowhere near where the rest of the team was. “Hit me again, harder this time.”

They circled each other, trading blows for a few more minutes. “How are you feeling, Tony?” Steve asked and Tony ducked under a punch.

“Getting tired, but I think my endurance is getting better.”

“Not what I meant,” Steve replied with a smile, “but that’s good too. I meant how are you feeling?”

“Are we gonna talk about feelings instead of fight?” Tony raised an eyebrow. “Because I’d rather not waste my energy chatting considering it’s only been about thirty minutes and I’m feeling shaky.”

“You know you can talk to me, right Tony? About whatever is going on? I can help with things.”

“You have enough to worry about dealing with the team.” Tony pulled away a few steps to catch his breath. “I can handle everything else.”

“You don’t have to though, is all I’m saying.” Steve said quietly. “I just want you to know I’m here too, if you want me.” Tony blinked a few times at his choice of words, but dropped back into sparring stance when Steve beckoned. “Now come on, hit me harder this time.”

Tony’s fist shot out and Steve blocked it, grabbing Tony’s fist and pushing him off balance.

Harder Tony.” Steve demanded, and Tony swung again, only to have it slapped out of the air like it was nothing.
Another swing and a miss, and Tony got irritated, stepping right into Steve’s space, raining blows into his abdomen and sides.
Steve switched back and forth, trying to block as many as he could without actually hitting back and Tony lashed out a foot and caught him squarely in the stomach.

“If I’m gonna try to hit you have to do more than humour me!” He snapped and Steve nodded.

“Alright then.”

With a burst of speed, he was in Tony’s face, hammering his body with short quick punches, barely stopping to block any of Tony’s blows, and when Tony stumbled back a few steps to orient himself, Steve swept his leg out and sent him right to the floor.

Damn it.” Tony coughed at the impact, and Steve was over him in a split second, pinning him to the mat, forcing his legs apart in a submission pose. Tony planted his feet on the ground and arched his back hard, trying to push Steve off and over, but the super soldier just lay more weight against him, until no matter how Tony struggled he couldn’t budge him.

“Now what, Tony?” Steve demanded. “You’ve been beaten, pinned, and you can’t call a suit to help. So now what? What can you do in this kind of fight?”

Tony canted his hips and wrapped his long legs around Steve’s waist, and those perfect blue eyes opened wide in surprise.


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