cant handle looking at him saying 'he's blowing me off' over and over anymore

Rules For Dating  Tony (5)

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Tony dodged a blow and danced back a few steps, wiping the sweat from his eyes.

“Come on Captain.” He coaxed. “Let me see some of that muscle.”

“We’re just sparring.” Steve said easily, not even out of breath. “No need to rush anything.”

“Come on.” Tony swung hard, tagging the Captain’s shoulder and Steve backed up a step.

“You’re getting faster.” He complimented. He and Tony had been working for weeks on hand to hand combat, trying to make Tony at least somewhat dangerous outside of his suit, even if he was nowhere near where the rest of the team was. “Hit me again, harder this time.”

They circled each other, trading blows for a few more minutes. “How are you feeling, Tony?” Steve asked and Tony ducked under a punch.

“Getting tired, but I think my endurance is getting better.”

“Not what I meant,” Steve replied with a smile, “but that’s good too. I meant how are you feeling?”

“Are we gonna talk about feelings instead of fight?” Tony raised an eyebrow. “Because I’d rather not waste my energy chatting considering it’s only been about thirty minutes and I’m feeling shaky.”

“You know you can talk to me, right Tony? About whatever is going on? I can help with things.”

“You have enough to worry about dealing with the team.” Tony pulled away a few steps to catch his breath. “I can handle everything else.”

“You don’t have to though, is all I’m saying.” Steve said quietly. “I just want you to know I’m here too, if you want me.” Tony blinked a few times at his choice of words, but dropped back into sparring stance when Steve beckoned. “Now come on, hit me harder this time.”

Tony’s fist shot out and Steve blocked it, grabbing Tony’s fist and pushing him off balance.

Harder Tony.” Steve demanded, and Tony swung again, only to have it slapped out of the air like it was nothing.
Another swing and a miss, and Tony got irritated, stepping right into Steve’s space, raining blows into his abdomen and sides.
Steve switched back and forth, trying to block as many as he could without actually hitting back and Tony lashed out a foot and caught him squarely in the stomach.

“If I’m gonna try to hit you have to do more than humour me!” He snapped and Steve nodded.

“Alright then.”

With a burst of speed, he was in Tony’s face, hammering his body with short quick punches, barely stopping to block any of Tony’s blows, and when Tony stumbled back a few steps to orient himself, Steve swept his leg out and sent him right to the floor.

Damn it.” Tony coughed at the impact, and Steve was over him in a split second, pinning him to the mat, forcing his legs apart in a submission pose. Tony planted his feet on the ground and arched his back hard, trying to push Steve off and over, but the super soldier just lay more weight against him, until no matter how Tony struggled he couldn’t budge him.

“Now what, Tony?” Steve demanded. “You’ve been beaten, pinned, and you can’t call a suit to help. So now what? What can you do in this kind of fight?”

Tony canted his hips and wrapped his long legs around Steve’s waist, and those perfect blue eyes opened wide in surprise.


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“You know you need to stop being so FUCKING Innocent. Its FUCKING disgusting.” G dragon scoffed.

He was either drunk or he was high, Or all of the above. And you really didn’t really appreciate his actions. He was always more of an asshole when he was under the influence. One of the unattractive traits although his face made up for it.

“you know you really should learn self-respect.” You spat.

He looked at you and busted out laughing. Such a cocky one he was. He always thought about himself rather than others. Always fucking the next one and dumping that one for the next. And what was he getting at? For him to take your innocence? No way!

“what have I offended you?” he tried to get himself together.“ I may need to learn self-respect but you need to learn how to be thick skinned. Your sensitivity is rather unattractive.”

You about smacked him. you tried to bit your tongue but you found you just couldn’t dealing with this monster Gdragon aka Kwon Jiyong was impossible. He was just rather. ..Impossible….

“fuck you Kwon Jiyong! You think you’re the best thing ever, just because everyone likes you and wants to drop their panties for you doesn’t mean I do! You the last guy I would sleep with even if you were the last man on earth I would rather die than reproduce with you!” you yelled.

Standing in front of him on the balcony of the party inside people looked towards you because of your outburst. he gave you an angry look and slammed his alcohol down on the nearest table to shut the balcony doors. then he roughly grabbed you and pushed you against them.

“you better learn how to respect me.” He growled.

Why he wasn’t respectful he was a cocky asshole who you couldn’t stand.

“ why should I respect you! you don’t even respect others!” he looked in your eyes high and intoxicated. “because I’m g g g baby baby GD g-” you smack the shit out of him. immediately he became furious. “neo michoseo” he yelled in your face.

He grabbed your arm and opened the doors leading you through the party passing his YG friends and Nuthang crew. Kiko looked at you and his hand on yours. To her It might of looked really bad. As if he was talking you home for the night but in reality his grip hurt and well….you didn’t know what was to happen next. Everything was unpredictable with a drunk Gdragon. He was angry and aggressive when high and you could be in remote danger.

as you go outside the hotel suit you found him pushing you up against the wall out in the hallway where the party was located.

“so do you think your better than me because your all cute and Innocent while I sleep around and get high?” he laughed an evil laugh. “You’ll be just like them. Once you give it up you’ll be just as slutty.“ He smirk. "how do I know because that’s how they all are.” He looked at you straight in the eyes. Again you went to smack him tears coming out your eyes. But he caught it and threw it away roughly. “don’t touch what you cant handle.” How could he say such things? “go ahead and cry, sensitive bitch.”

That was your last straw you started kicking and hitting him. hitting his chest over and over. Pressing his lower body against yours and trying to grab your arms he was restraining you. and when you were trapped between him and the wall you gave up. And just cried. And when he realized you wouldn’t do anymore he let go.

“see, you can’t Handel this, why do you hang around here?” he was right why do you hang around here. This entertainment businesses weren’t what you had imagined it to be. It was dark and you got cold shoulders everywhere yo went. The Nuthang crew wasn’t excepting you like you though. You weren’t their material. And although you were training in YG you seemed to not fit in as well as the other trainees.

“I don’t know.” And that was true you didn’t know.

“is it perhaps me?” he whispered in your eyes seductively. he was so close to you his body exactly on yours. He was hard . you could feel it poking you.“just say it ________-ah” he said kissing your neck.

Was it him? did you not want to leave because you wouldn’t be able to see him anymore? Was you putting suffering upon yourself because you just liked him? did you like that cocky slut of an asshole?

“ani I don’t like you.” you stuttered.

“ Really” he said putting his hands on your hips pushing his erection harder on your leg.

"J-Jiyong” you breathed. “come with me.” He said huskily.“ You didn’t want to you knew you were only going to break yourself by allowing this monster to have his way with you. but he was Gdragon. He had this affect. And now you realized how effective he was and how girls feel for him so easy.

"no.” you breathed.

“you WILL and YOU are.” He huskily said. Was you? you were weren’t you. why were you being so hardheaded? Oh because he was the slutty dragon you couldn’t stand. The one you always found with. The one who everyone thought you hated because they witness you bickering all the time. Could this hate really be. LOVE hate?

“come on babe.” He said.

You let him lead you down the hallway and into another room that he had obviously already paid for. Once you were inside he slowly walked over to you. what an evil smile he had. He gd was a devil himself. He was the axis of evil. So good looking but completely different inside. And that’s why you hated him so much. Everything about him pissed yo off but still you liked fighting with the axis of evil. It was somehow refreshing.

He grabbed your body in his arms. “I wouldn’t admit this more than twice.” But I’m mean to you because I want to be with you" he whispered. At that moment, your heart stopped and before you could make sure it was to beat again GD had his lips crashing against your roughly. You started to get wet something that you never thought this asshole could make you do. And he hardly did anything but kiss you. bring you to the bed he pushed you down. Leaving no time to rip them off. You were now in your bra and underwear.

“he took the time to memorize your body and you looked up at him with lustful eyes.” So you’re not as Innocent as I thought.“ He said looking at your sex ridden face. ” I like this side of you. he said getting on his knees. He pulled your hips towards you taking your underwear off. You panicked but he ignored you. looking at you clean shaven button he kissed it. And already it sent shocks through your body. “j…” you tried to call at his name grabbing his hair in your hands.

“shhhh.” He said blowing on it. Without warning he started eating you out in the result to your loud screaming. Jiyong started smiling against your womanhood. He was liking what he was hearing. He was so glad he got you to agree to this. He secretly was in love with your ass and he wouldn’t admit it. But you would figure it out eventually.

Sticking his tongue inside of you, you found yourself going into bliss causing the feeling of an potential orgasm come on. “j…jinyong.” you moaned. “yeah say my name baby.” He said threw licks. He dug a finger in you and that waist. You came so hard on that handsome face of his you could have died from the impact. Jiyong stood up wiping his face of your juices and he got in between your legs to kiss the shit out of you passionately. You moaned his hard cock keep pressing into you and you moved your hips in want and need for him. he got up surprised and smiled at your willing to give yourself to him.

You couldn’t take it. You got up and pushed him down on the bed. Dragging his pants to his ankles to suck the shit out of him. you shoved it down your thought making him grown out. He tangled his hands in your hair. You sucked it like no other. Sucking his balls here and there. “baby I’m not going to last long your sooo good.” He breathed. And without warning he came all down your throat you swallowing ever bit.“ Your evil.” he said no believing how such an Innocent girl could make him cum like that.

You paused him down ready to give him what you had left but he stopped you and sat up. “honestly, I Didn’t want this to go this far. I just wanted to get you to agree and for me to pleasure you. you didn’t have to do what you just did babe, honestly I want our first time to be special.” He admitted.

Who was this? This wasn’t the slut you had thought you known.

“but.. I want.” You said. He grabbed you in his arms. “I’m in love with you _____-ah, please don’t make me take you here by begging. I really want to be a gentleman about this. I want to be your special lover. I want to take you out take you to dinner set up rose petals want that. Not this hotel room.“ He said looking around in disgust.

You could have cried. This was too much, him confessing to you, him telling you he wanted to wait to wait till you were ready. This side of him….

"I care about you, I have ever since I first laid my eyes on you.” he said shyly.“ I’m sorry if I got aggressive back there, I was really angry by your words you were making me feel like someone like you wouldn’t be with someone like me.” He whispered. Yo wanted to ride that cock just by those words but he was right you both should wait.

“and I promise I will only look at you. honestly, I haven’t had a fling since I realized I fell in love with yo last month, that why I’ve been so angry and aggressive I just wanted you so bad he said huskily squeezing you tightly. "so, thank you for my release but you really shouldn’t of, I could of waited longer.” He looked at you.

You were about speechless this was cute. The guy you said you hated said he loved you. And you loved him back.

“so, will you take my offer and be with me and ill love and protect you, and when that times right we will make love? Something I have never done so I also need time as well.” He said seriously.

You started to cry I response,“ oh baby don’t cry shhh.” He said kissing your tears.“ I’m sorry I treated you so bad by I’m here now saying I’m sorry.”

“its okay I treated you bad too.” You replied kissing him back.

“so, will you say yes?”


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