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vld squad playing botw
  • the first time they experienced the blood moon was…. something
    • hunk had just accidentally dropped a rock on a korok and then the animation started up right after that and hunk thrust the controller at lance and cried, “ITS BRETHREN ARE GONNA KILL US TO GET REVENGE”
    • they later learnt abt the blood moon and hunk was like “oh”
    • when they found the great deku tree lance was like “watch out hunk he might eat u” 
    • hunk: not impressed
  • pidge actually likes climbing the cliffs and whatnot. everyone will be yelling at her “use revali’s gale for FUCK’S sake pidge” and “JUMP! UP! THE! CLIFF! YOU HAVE ENOUGH STAMINA” but she’ll just ignore them and carry on
    • sometimes she purposely doesn’t wear the climbing gear just so it’ll go slower. keith almost fought her over it
    • one time it started to rain halfway through and the stamina wheel was nearly all depleted and shiro was like “just drop down and go around” and pidge just stared at him while Not Doing That because she’s stubborn and wanted to climb the damn cliff
    • she ended up falling and getting revived with mipha’s grace but getting killed instantly again because there were 2 silver bokoblins at the bottom and she didn’t have the stamina to run away
  • whenever they get to a shrine and it says “a major test of strength” whoever’s playing will give keith the controller because he’s like, freakishly good at parrying attacks and perfectly dodging to use flurry rush
  • it’s either him or lance who usually fight the guardians
    • keith will just shoot at it til he hits the eye, stunning it, then hack off the legs and attack the weak spot on the bottom and kill it that way
    • lance stares keith in the eye as he shoots the guardian in its eye with an ancient arrow, killing it in less than 5 seconds
    • keith: that’s the coward’s method
    • keith: cant hear u

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I don’t want to sound dramatic™ but if there’s no ~twist and it turns out that Robert really is the father of Rebecca’s baby then I will literally never get over it or ever forgive Emmerdale for doing this to Robron lmao

give me low-income slytherins
  • slytherins who cant afford to have the killer designer wardrobe that all slytherins apparently need
  • slytherins who shop at thrift shops and forge their own style
  • slytherins making potions with second-hand cauldrons and tattered books
  • slytherins who are 100x more ambitious and cunning with their resources than their rich classmates because they cant /afford/ to waste a single knute
  • slytherins who never go to hogsmead because they spend their extra money supporting their family
  • slytherins staying up all night in the library studying not because they love the subject but because they’ll lose their scholarship if they fail it
  • first-year slytherins who have no idea what to do when a house elf cleans their dorm for them
  • slytherins who say thank you and please and are almost over-the-top with their manners because they know what it’s like to struggle and work for rude customers
  • slytherins who use muggle tech because it’s cheaper than the wizard version
  • slytherins who seem like they aren’t great at magic but they’re using the same wand as their father and his father and his father…

“join the church of stezzo” - Steph

“oh heck” - Zahra

Have a little about me because hey hey hey I’ve never done this and some things have changed so here we have this trash

i just cant believe that there are people whom are going to waste their hard earned american dollars on k*m k*rd*sh**n’s shitty ass “contouring kit” like sis you can see that shit look cheap as hell just save your ass like $40(plus tax, shipping and handling cuz you damn well those heifers aint giving out free shipping) and go to the walgreens and buy some creme sticks from fucking revlon like I’m pretty sure the revlon ones are much much better 

my TEAR JERKS on every elimination episodes


after wontak is eliminated i cant stop crying whenever i saw his picture.. and the fact that PROTEEN is the winning team overall but he is out because lack of screen times! he is my fav and i cant watch him on the show anymore~

he can sing can dance and got an idol visual but it all go to waste! i really cant accept the fact that he is already eliminated and i cant see him again.. but i heard that he did some fanservice where he prepared a coffee truck for his fans during mcount recording and it’s really cute! i wish i was there to give him support and tell him that he did great!

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my crazy baby woo jinyoung is out! yall kfans really get on my nerves! how can they didnt vote for this talented rapper! idgi! he is one of the best and other trainees also acknowledge his skills.. he is my fav during the time he got into A.. i still remember his cute rapping during mansae and his voice got me watching their performance again and again and then actually watch seventeen videos and makes me a carat! this is how woo jinyoung’s raps affected me!

yes i am team mansae 1 stan and the fact that 3 of them are out makes me sad! im crying really hard when they show how woodam said sorry to jinyoung,how tight his hug is and i never thought that jinyoung would cry..

but i know hf music company gonna make them debut and im so excited for it! and also jinyoung is sooo happy on his bday!

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i saw spoilers around tumblr before ep 10 and my heart is already break at that time.. when i watch ep 10 i cant really focus and i cant even cry because i feel empty.. im tired of crying anymore but when they show how daniel appa calling his son and how he hugs little woojin real tight,thats when my tear dam cracks!

we loss our maknae and daniel loss his little brother/son..

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but really. how do you get out of a writing block? i have these great main characters and some decent ish background characters and an overall setting, but i have no ideas about the rest of the plot. i am so lost and i cant come up with anything. i feel like these characters are going to waste

Something my playwriting professor told us was that writers block was only our perfectionism stopping us from creating. You have to quiet the voice inside of your head telling you what you’re doing isn’t right and just knock out the story.