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vld squad playing botw
  • the first time they experienced the blood moon was…. something
    • hunk had just accidentally dropped a rock on a korok and then the animation started up right after that and hunk thrust the controller at lance and cried, “ITS BRETHREN ARE GONNA KILL US TO GET REVENGE”
    • they later learnt abt the blood moon and hunk was like “oh”
    • when they found the great deku tree lance was like “watch out hunk he might eat u” 
    • hunk: not impressed
  • pidge actually likes climbing the cliffs and whatnot. everyone will be yelling at her “use revali’s gale for FUCK’S sake pidge” and “JUMP! UP! THE! CLIFF! YOU HAVE ENOUGH STAMINA” but she’ll just ignore them and carry on
    • sometimes she purposely doesn’t wear the climbing gear just so it’ll go slower. keith almost fought her over it
    • one time it started to rain halfway through and the stamina wheel was nearly all depleted and shiro was like “just drop down and go around” and pidge just stared at him while Not Doing That because she’s stubborn and wanted to climb the damn cliff
    • she ended up falling and getting revived with mipha’s grace but getting killed instantly again because there were 2 silver bokoblins at the bottom and she didn’t have the stamina to run away
  • whenever they get to a shrine and it says “a major test of strength” whoever’s playing will give keith the controller because he’s like, freakishly good at parrying attacks and perfectly dodging to use flurry rush
  • it’s either him or lance who usually fight the guardians
    • keith will just shoot at it til he hits the eye, stunning it, then hack off the legs and attack the weak spot on the bottom and kill it that way
    • lance stares keith in the eye as he shoots the guardian in its eye with an ancient arrow, killing it in less than 5 seconds
    • keith: that’s the coward’s method
    • keith: cant hear u

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give me low-income slytherins
  • slytherins who cant afford to have the killer designer wardrobe that all slytherins apparently need
  • slytherins who shop at thrift shops and forge their own style
  • slytherins making potions with second-hand cauldrons and tattered books
  • slytherins who are 100x more ambitious and cunning with their resources than their rich classmates because they cant /afford/ to waste a single knute
  • slytherins who never go to hogsmead because they spend their extra money supporting their family
  • slytherins staying up all night in the library studying not because they love the subject but because they’ll lose their scholarship if they fail it
  • first-year slytherins who have no idea what to do when a house elf cleans their dorm for them
  • slytherins who say thank you and please and are almost over-the-top with their manners because they know what it’s like to struggle and work for rude customers
  • slytherins who use muggle tech because it’s cheaper than the wizard version
  • slytherins who seem like they aren’t great at magic but they’re using the same wand as their father and his father and his father…

If youre under 15 please dont make discourse blogs. I dont mean you cant provide input on things and share your opinions but youre going to waste so much time and energy that will drain you and its just..not worth it. Spend your time watching doctor who or whatever the hot new anime is right now. Put your input on things so you can learn but dont dedicate an entire blog to it, it can ruin you

HEY I know this isn’t B.A.P related and I apologize for that but I’m sitting on 2 extra DAY6 tickets that I decided to keep for the signed poster benefit that came with them and I’m basically feeling shitty about just… letting 2 seats at a sold out show go unfilled.

Real short notice I know but if any of my followers (or anyone y’all know) lives near enough to Chicago to want to go tomorrow (the 27th) to the DAY6 concert, give me a shout. They’re second row balcony so pretty damn good seats in the middle sections and I’m basically offering them for free. You’d just have to meet up with me so I could get you in, as they’re in my name and I believe I need to keep it that way to get my signed posters. D;

Edit: I didn’t end up finding anyone to take these tickets but I did find a cute couple way in the back with garbage seats and offered them my better location. It turned out that it was their wedding anniversary and dlksananhg it was the cutest shit I’m very happy I could at least give someone with not-great seats an upgrade.

I don’t want to sound dramatic™ but if there’s no ~twist and it turns out that Robert really is the father of Rebecca’s baby then I will literally never get over it or ever forgive Emmerdale for doing this to Robron lmao

My life has really flown by so fast

Bc I’m literally 26 years old

And it feels like yesterday I was 8 riding my bike around the neighborhood going to get a faygo

Like bitch what

on ANOTHER note

oh my god usum comes out friday and i found out i only have to check in to my second class so after i go to my first class and check in to my second i am on a THREE HOUR BREAK so i’m gonna go the fuCK AND GET MY GAME AND JUST SIT IN STARBUCKS FOR THREE HOURS HOLY FUCK