cant go to waste

give me low-income slytherins
  • slytherins who cant afford to have the killer designer wardrobe that all slytherins apparently need
  • slytherins who shop at thrift shops and forge their own style
  • slytherins making potions with second-hand cauldrons and tattered books
  • slytherins who are 100x more ambitious and cunning with their resources than their rich classmates because they cant /afford/ to waste a single knute
  • slytherins who never go to hogsmead because they spend their extra money supporting their family
  • slytherins staying up all night in the library studying not because they love the subject but because they’ll lose their scholarship if they fail it
  • first-year slytherins who have no idea what to do when a house elf cleans their dorm for them
  • slytherins who say thank you and please and are almost over-the-top with their manners because they know what it’s like to struggle and work for rude customers
  • slytherins who use muggle tech because it’s cheaper than the wizard version
  • slytherins who seem like they aren’t great at magic but they’re using the same wand as their father and his father and his father…

A fairy (also fay, fae, fair folk; from faery, faerie, “realm of the fays”) is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural.

this is a bit personal but .. my aunt (who died recently) and i are the exact same size and i never really saw her fashion outside of holiday dinners and my uncle just gave me (and my sis and mom) all her clothes to try and wow..she was so fashionable and now i have a lot more clothes

anonymous asked:

why do you keep blogging frankie stuff? 0_0 shes such a stupid bitch!

Oh, you mean this Frankie?

Or maybe you meant this one…

not to be confused with this Frankie… who is kinda smug really yet rather attractive, no?

But then there is this Frankie… cutie.

Unamused Frankie is the best though

and here she is again

yup, still her

Look look look! Awww… It’s so nice of her to fix Gail a coffee too. *heart eyes* :P

I would appreciate if you took your hate someplace else, anon. And if you have a problem with the stuff I blog, there is a very simple solution staring you right in the face.

Speaking of faces…

32 days of sanji - PASSION

can i have this opportunity to talk about why sanji is my favourite character 

like i wouldnt have even looked at this characters way if his only thing was to look cool and kick things in a suit and have nosebleeds over boobs
but what oda did with him was have COOKING and NURTURING HIS CREW his PASSION, the most important thing in his life, finding an ocean that isnt probably even real his dream 
what i LOVE about sanji is that he cant STAND see food go to waste, he would rather die than let someone starve and he would do anything not to damage the tools he makes food with 
this kind of thing would probably be irrelevant in some other comic but in the strawhat crew its so important that they have a person supplying them with food and its not seen as weak or irrelevant at all 
sanjis characters has so many issues that i wish would be solved but i am so happy about the good parts of his character so idk thank you oda sanji is not the only character in one piece that could be really tropey and boring but ISNT and im so glad 
ok im done thanks


I call these selfies “someone with a tattoo who wants to show her tattoo off cause it doesn’t get shown enough” …ok not really

also, i’d like to thank the fade effect, u are great

alright so i just signed up for crunchyroll because theyre doing this thing where you get a free japancrate but it turns out that it was for us residents only

so now i have this code for a free japancrate that i cant use so instead of having it go to waste i might as well give it to one of u guys!

so uh yeah reblog this if you want it and ill send it to someone at random by the end of the night