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Could you write Takumi having a nightmare about his possession in Conquest where he kills everyone and his s/o? It could get sort of angsty/fluffy at the end where he wakes up and his s/o comforts him by convincing him it was all a nightmare and that they won't die on him.

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Wow this came out of me super easily…I find that kind of plot line very interesting. Not as fluffy as I’d hoped, because I think for Takumi that kind of insecurity, pain, would be a reoccurring issue that would need to be helped each time…I’m no expert on this kind of problem, but I tried to put in some heart into the ending? I hope you like it!

It’s another one of those nights.

It couldn’t be real, and yet it felt painfully so. Beads of sweat shower Takumi’s skin, and the man thrashes back and forth in his bed. He’s trying so hard, so hard, to restrain himself from committing a sin so terrible, not even Hell could atone him for his deeds. His brother, dead, his face the color of his arm, slick wet with blood and smelling of death. His older sister Hinoka, dead, and covered in a pool of blood that drenched and darkened her flaming red hair, as though putting out her fire. Sweet Sakura, who had never hurt a soul another victim of his arrow.

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