cant get enough of those faces

how to take down pentagon

kino: first, ya gotta take down kino. if you look past his killer dance moves he’s just a big softie and softies are the easiest to take down. just tell him a shitty joke and wait for his face scrunch and lift up-then just zone in and deck him. in his pocket, youll find a black sharpie. keep it with you-you’ll need it for later.

hongseok: it’s really hard to take him down, not gonna lie. he’s strong as fuck. those abs didn’t make themselves. you can’t beat him with physical strength. it’s just not reasonable. what u gotta do is, beforehand, mess up their dorm. mess up the beds, throw clothes on the floor, etc. after blaming everything on wooseok, he’ll go crazy and try to clean everything up in record speed. after that, deck his ass and leave

yuto: it’s a 50/50 chance with him. either you can take him down or he can totally obliterate you. he’s tall so you can’t overtake him using your height, so there has to be something else. luckily for you, all ya gotta do is make it to the corner of the room and turn off the light switch. easy. while he’s flailing in the dark just overtake him and keep the light off when you leave just in case he gets any ideas 

 edawn: the only hard part about taking down edawn is the fact that hes nearly impossible to find. after some deduction, i found his location. since hes such a fucking troll, you’ll find him under your neighborhood bridge, pranking people and then laughing at them. he’s probably really surprised that you found him, so use that surprise to your advantage and deck him. 

 shinwon: this headass is so easy to defeat it’ll take 0.2 sec. he may seem all cocky with that arrogance but he’s scared of literally everything so consider this a break from all that fighting you had to do. buy a dog whistle and use it. a puppy will come running towards you. just let it come and shinwon will be scared shitless. you probably won’t even have to do anything, just let the puppy express its undying love for shinwon and you just sit back and chill 

 yeo one: he can also be really easy to take down, if you don’t mind being the Biggest Asshole Ever™. when he asks you if you’ve eaten, just say no and watch as he faints from shock. done. 

jinho: hes short as fuck. take him and those squishy cheeks down. 

wooseok: this boi got noodle arms and legs. chances are he already tripped over his long ass legs and fell into a pretzel formation. you didnt even need to do anything. he took himself down. 

yanan: yanan is one of the harder ones to defeat. he takes no shit and is a diva through and through. he’ll probably try to leave as soon as he sees you. you cant beat him physically bc hes ready w that signature whine that puts the kardashians to shame. you remember that marker u stole from kino? try to get close enough to draw a crude dark line right in the middle of his face. now all u gotta do is watch as he flails about screaming “what the fuck is this shit” and “my handsome face is ruined”. none of those chingudeuls can help him now. 

hui: believe it or not, he may seem easy, but he’s really not. he’s probably super pissed that all his members are down, so according to the quadratic formula, his anger fuels his strength making him even harder to take down. however, it’ll take him about 5min to realize hes in a fight, so just take him down before he even realizes he’s been taken down. afterwards he’ll probably thank u and invite you to grab food sometime. say hell yea and get all the burgers that shinwon probably wanted to eat. gobble them all. you deserve it.

Never Enough Pt.2

Omg. I have over 100 followers already. im like in utter shock omg okay lets do this.
Warnings-Hospital and extreme fluff. 

Pt 1 here

A deep voice is getting clearer and clearer. although i cant seem to recognize it

“Ms L/N has suffered a gun shot wound to the stomach, luckily, it did not hit any vital organs and she should be fine. she also suffered some minor abrasions to her arms and face but those will heal quickly”

“T-Thank you so much sir” However, that voice is very recognizable.
You open your eyes and see a hospital room. On one side is Queenie and Jacob looking very worried and on the other side is Tina, Tina has tears in her eyes but is trying to remain calm for Newt.

And Newt, Newt is a huge mess, he’s pacing back and forth with red eyes and his hands are fiddling with his hufflepuff scarf.

“N-newt?” you croak out
His head shoots up at you and runs over to you. His eyes are filled with sadness and relief with a hint of something else.

“Y-Y/N! Your okay! oh i’m s-s-so so glad your okay, I-i saw you walk out and i got worried well we all got worried and i i mean we followed you and we lost you and we heard a gun shot and i found you lying there and oh i’m rambling but i’m so glad you’re okay. I cant lose you i love you”

Your eyes widen at that last statement.
“I i think we should go get Y/N some food don’t you think” Tina said grabbing Queenie and Jacob.

“What do you mean you love me? You ask extremely puzzled
“I mean, I love you. I-I think you’re the best Lady i have ever met and your so beautiful i just…” He stops as he sees you stare at him like he just transfigured into a rat

“What about Tina, You two are a couple. and i don’t see why not, shes perfect and i’m just. me.” You looked away from newt not daring to meet his eyes.

“Oh y/n. you see i feel rather foolish now but iwasdatingtinatomakeyoujealous” he has a look of regret as he says that, obviously seeing how much it has hurt you “I-i asked her to pretend to date me because i wanted you to notice me. she though it was a rather stupid idea and i guess she was right” he says sheepishly

“Newton Scamander. Do you understand how many hours i’ve spent feeling like i wasn’t worth anything. I love you so much. Why would you even think you had to make me jealous?” you say half with anger and half with sadness.

“Im so sorry y/n i was so stupid. Please forgive me i love you so much” Tears filling his eyes with every word.
“You’re lucky i love you so much. BUT. if you ever do something like that again im feeding you to Frank, but seriously Newt just talk to me”

His eyes light up and goes to hug you but retracts because of your wounds.
“of course y/n”
he leans in to kiss you instead and you gladly accept.

You steal a quick glance to the window and see Tina clapping, Jacob smirking and Queenie giving you an “I told you so” look. You roll your eyes and go back to kissing the idiot you fell in love with.
Someone ask me to tag them and i honestly squealed because im just a smol bean who’s writing fanfic.



Fandom- Haikyuu! 

Pairing- Levyaku

Summary:  “Its alright,” he mumbles as he gets more comfortable, and he takes in a deep breath, enjoying the smell of soap, bubbles and Lev. Its an interesting combination, one he likes far more than he should.

A/N- finally got around to writing some levyaku and it is 100% inspired by this adorable piece by @sunsteez :D I hope you like it Elly! :3 

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fifi550  asked:

A scnario where S/O or MC is obssesed with 707 muscles Idk if u know but he's ripped under the hoodie

“Hey your t-shirt seems dirty put off imma wash it”
“You dont need to…”
“Lets try your swimsuit, maybe you need one more swimsuit so we can go shopping!”
“There’s no need…”
It’s embrassing to say that you want to see his muscles… You try anything but he just rejects. Finally you give in and start to talk your friend on phone.
“I feel as if I am pervert but it is one of the reasons why I call him God Seven, huh? I mean, those muscles. Damn my face is all red.”
“Dont give up sista! You can do this!”
“I feel bad…”
After the talk, you see Zen is calling.
“Hi, Zen.”
“We’re going to club.”
“I’m coming. Tell Seven too.”
Then he hangs up. You tell Seven and he asks why too but you dont know.
Zen comes and takes you two. When you get the club you see naked boys everywhere.
“Zen… is this club…?” says Seven.
“Yeah. I have a new role. I’m working here as bartender so I should know how this place is. I cant go alone so I invited you, too.”
While you and Zen are watching those boys, Seven gets angrier.
He closes your eyes with his hands. “That’s enough! Why the hell are you watching them?! I mean I have what they have too!”
You look at him. “Really? Wov, you never show.”
“Wh-what? You want to see? Ooohhhhhh god your face is all red! Zen. Let’s go home.”
Zen brings you to home. When you get in, suddenly, Seven puts his t shirt of. “You dont have to watch them now. Huh. I really got mad you know?! You just cant make God Seven angry! I mean, I want to see your body too but do I watch naked girls?” then his face turns into red because he said he wants to see your body too.
You hug him with a red face. “Dont see me with this face Seven I m so embrassed right now.” when you feel his body, your face becomes more red. He is warm.
“You… You’re not gonna watch someone else okay? I mean you can look at only me! God…”
“You are warm. I like it.” you say.
“You want to sleep this way anymore? I mean… it is better for me to put my t shirt off I am a boy!”
You smile and say “Yes.. please. I like your warmth.”
He looks at you and kisses you. And you started to sleep this way anymore.

Note: Hope you like it.

You Left Me Alone- Luke

Rating: PG- mild swearing
Requested: Yes/No
“Hi! Can you do an imagine where Luke falls for ashton’s ex Bianca Rose and leaves you for her and you fall into depression and cut off contact but you and ash start dating after he comes and sees you and Luke gets pissed and wants you back?”
By: Tal

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Robert Kirkman - Fans Will Be “Shocked” By “Hints” They Missed in First Eight Episodes - Ep. #1

We have been told time-and-time again that nothing is wasted on the Walking Dead show and that was once again confirmed by Kirkman himself when he plainly said that fans will be shocked to see how many little “bread crumbs” were given and then promptly ignored by the casual viewer.

These little clues apparently hold the key to understanding and solving the many unanswered questions and mysteries that have been the reason for a few frustration headaches I had to squint through.

Never one to back down from a challenge and motivated by nothing else other than clearing Carol Peletier’s good name (and maybe sticking it to Rick Grimes) I decided that dismantling the episodes and actively looking for these “bread crumbs” just might give this story a different perspective.

Armed with nothing else but a remote control, my tablet and Haribo Gummy Bears I am diving in to
the first episode.

NOTE - I will be listing anything that sticks out as “odd or weird”, no matter how small or brief it might be. Keep in mind that most of this stuff probably means nothing on its own but just might “connect”, give us a bigger picture and perhaps help solve the puzzle!

*Prior to the Premiere episode the previews remind us of;

1. The Governor attacks the prison, flees and Daryl & Michonne want to go after him to “finish it”
2. Rick gives up Ricktatorship - We vote! (yeah, right!)
3. Carl shoots the surrendering teen in the woods “I Did What I Had To Do”
4. The Governor killed his own people - Karen, Tyreese and Sacha singled out amongst the Woodberry residents
5. Rick tells Carl that the new people are joining the prison and he appears to be unhappy about it

30 Days Without An Accident

Significant Character Lines/Quotes

Rick to Carl - “up all night reading comics with a flashlight”
Carol to Daryl - “just so you know I liked you first”
Daryl to Carol - “Rick brought in a lot of them too” (hunting reference)
Carol to Daryl - “not recently. Give strangers sanctuary, keeping people fed, you are gonna have to learn to live with the love”
Carol to Daryl - “they don’t spread out anymore” & “getting as bad as last month” (ref to walker clusters)
Maggie to Glenn - “you know everything is gonna work out, right?”
Daryl - “damn romance novel” (ref to Beth & Zach)
Carl - “Dad that’s for kids” (about story time)
Lizzie to Carl - “No they are not. They are just different” (they are not dead)
Lizzie to Carl - “People kill people, they still have names”
Rick to Clara - “People are best defense against walkers and people”
Clara to Rick - “Do you think you get to come back from them?” (Things you have to do)
Clara to Rick - “You don’t get to come back!”
Carol to the Kids - “Today we are talking about knives, how to use them, how to be safe with them and how they can save your life”
Carol to Patrick - “Sometimes you are gonna have to fight through it. What if you wind up out there, alone? Your just gonna give up because your feeling bad”
Carol to the Kids - “Today we are gonna learn how to hold a knife, how to stab and slash, where to aim for…”
Carol to Carl - “Please don’t tell your father”
Maggie to Glenn - “I didn’t want to but we could have! We can have lives here” (pregnancy)
Glenn to Maggie - “How can you say that after today, after Lori? Being afraid is what’s kept us alive!”(pregnancy)
Beth to Daryl - “What? I don’t cry anymore Daryl!”
Daryl to Beth - “Just tired if losing people”
Beth to Daryl - “I am glad I didn’t say goodbye! I hate goodbyes!”
Daryl to Beth - “Me too!”
Hershel to Rick - “Some people are too far gone, you are not, you tried to help her”
Rick to Hershel - “How that woman wound up, I got close to that! If I lost Carl and Judith, if I lost this place…”
Hershel to Rick - “You came back, your boy came back! You get to come back, you do

Significant Events/Scene Details

- The prison is much more “homey” compared to season 3 - Rick is now a farmer and is raising pigs
- Rick finds a gun in the soil while he is digging; appears unsettled about the discovery but disposes of it quickly
- Bleeding-Eyes walker is first spotted by the fence
- Carl oversleeps because Rick didn’t wake him up “up all night reading comics with a flashlight”
- Violet the pig appears to be sick
- Carol & Daryl interaction by the breakfast “grill”
- Patrick (soon-to-be walker) shakes Daryl’s hand (after Daryl licks his fingers)
- Karen is first introduced as she is killing walkers at the fence - sounds like that’s her primary job
- Carol and Daryl talk about the cluster of walkers at the fences - clear leadership role for Carol (prison day-to-day) and Daryl (going on runs)
- Glenn doesn’t want Maggie to go on a run
- Tyreese and Karen are in a relationship
- Tyreese doesn’t like killing walkers at the fence so he wants to go on a run to help out
- Beth doesn’t do goodbyes
- Bob Stookey (army medic) introduced, has been in the prison for a week, Daryl found him walking alone and now wants to go on a run “to earn my keep” (group is reluctant to let him go)
- Michonne arrives to the prison on horseback (appears to be close to Rick and Carl)
- Michonne has been out looking for the governor on her own and now wants to go further (Daryl and Rick seem against it)
- Daryl tells Rick about going to the Big Spot and implies that he could join BUT Rick wants to go check the snares so Michonne joins the run group
- Rick wants Carl to stay back and do some “kid stuff”
- Hershel praises Rick’s farming and tells him that the council wants him to take his gun when he goes into the woods. Rick is reluctant and in the next scene we see that he relented to the request
- Rick meets Clara in the woods and asks Rick if “they” can go back to his camp with him
- The kids are interacting with the walkers at the fence “Hi Nick” and Mika tells Carl about the Nick’s name tag
- Carl and Lizzie argue over what the walkers really are (don’t name them)
- Glenn picks up a camera (Polaroid) at the Big Stop
- Glenn sees books about Baby Names, gets a haunting look in his eyes
- Bob walks by the alcohol display, picks up bottle and slams it down; triggering a roof collapse (raining zombies) and Zach dies
- Rick tells Clara that he hopes they can come back from the things they’ve done but doesn’t seem sure
- Clara’s husband turns out to be a “head in a bag” and we find out that she’s been feeding him
- Clara tells Rick she is not made for this world because she can’t do things needed to survive so she asks Rick to leave her a walker after she kills herself
- Rick appears deeply shaken by Clara’s suicide because just before she dies she tells him “you don’t get to come back”
- Carol reading to the children until the parent leaves, Luke goes on “watch” at the door and Carl sneaks in presumably to hear story time
- Carol pulls out arsenal of knives for demonstration
- Patrick feels sick and leaves story time due to nausea
- Carol stops demonstration when she notices Carl hiding in the shadows
- Carol asks Carl not to tell Rick about the knife lessons after which he runs off
- Rick notices “bleeding-eye walker” again at the fence and then realizes that Violet the Pig is dead
- Tyreese goes to Karen after the run
- Maggie tells Glenn that she is not pregnant and he is visibly relieved
- Daryl tells Beth about losing Zach during the run, she hugs him and she appears shut down and unemotional
- Rick has told Hershel about his encounter with Clara and it’s clear that his belief in “you can come back is starting to crumble”
- Patrick dies in the shower and becomes “bleeding-eye walker” #2 

*The highlighted portions are the specifics I think might be very important for our mystery solvers


Rick is trying to shelter Carl and his own mind from the harsh reality of their world by creating a relative normalcy in their lives - he is keen on getting Carl to be a kid again!

Rick is trying to pretend he is OK and that life is just fine but lets face it we can all see his sanity slipping in those eyes! If i wasn’t so mad at him I might feel sympathy for his pain..but i don’t lol

Glenn continues to struggle with his need to be in control, to keep Maggie safe and cant seem to relax enough to “live”. I think his need to “be safe & protect” might be very important in the killer arc story - one to watch! 

Carl has a flashlight so that might be important for the “rat feeding” at the fence 

Hershel has obviously become the father figure to them all and Rick’s unofficial psychiatrist 

Carol has taken life by the balls and is determined to not only survive but also get the weakest of the bunch to live as well 

Lizzie and Mika are creeping me out and I have a bad feeling about their walker philosophy

Patrick is going to be bad news for all of us

Bob Stookey needs to join Alcohol Anonymous ASAP 

Carol is pretty much running the prison!

Carol and Daryl are still obviously completely in LOVE with each other! 

Send me your selfies

So since I wanna paint someone, and I like you guys, y’all should send me selfies. I’ll pick some of my favorites. We can make this sort of a little contest, so

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  • it doesnt have to be perfectly clear, but it cant be totally blurry/fuzzy

examples, lighting wise:

yeah! look at all those little variations in skin tone and tiny shadows! look how naturally non-uniform it all looks!

what im trying to avoid:

no little shadows, and you cant see things like the blue tones in the skin by my eyes and such :(

all of that aside, just send me cute selfies (hint: theyre all cute)

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