cant funny anymore

I wrote a thing

Mia was mean, Mia was rude

Mia at a concert, Mia half nude

Mia in Band 1, Mia in band 2

Now in band 3, it’s not working for you

Mia with facebook, Mia with Twitter

Around Darren’s fans, she looks quite bitter

Mia at FOX, just being a beard

Hold up guys, it’s getting quite weird

Mia with Darren, but Darren with Chris

Wait a second, what is this?

Is Darren straight or is Darren gay

Who gives a damn anyway

Oh wait, his PR and half of the press

Mia that’s a bed sheet, not a dress

What used to be a Daisy is now Darren Criss

But Daisy’s the guy I know and miss

Darren being happy is all I care

But I have a hunch he’s as straight as his hair

the strawhats if they had blogs

Luffy - mostly vines, any kind of meme that can possibly be posted. personal fav is dickbutt. mourns the loss of the tumblr glitch, is also the greatest shitposter of all time. his sidebar img is a picture of “thwomp” with “rest in piece” in black cursive letters with a faded white border (usopp made it for him). takes selfies and vines with random people on the street. has 4 fake about pages and the real one just says “im luffy the pirate king” and redirects to Never Gonna Give You Up after 10 seconds. usopp helped him with this. tumblr claim to fame is eating a bathbomb

Zoro - a blog with the basic theme titled “zoro”. theres 3 posts and theyre all pictures of his swords

Nami - aesthetic blog. generally only posts ocean pictures and orange things. buys a lot of bath bombs and posts pics

Usopp - fashion/art blog. makes custom themes and mostly just reblogs from the other strawhats. has one of those weird statcounter things that says who from where is on your blog

Sanji - food pics. lots of food pics. sidebar is something similiar to “Sanji. 21. Cook. Fighter. Stuck eternally in the friendzone.”

Chopper - uses his as a diary, talks about medicine a lot. has a ~cute~ theme with little pixels on it. likes to reblog cool anime graphics even though he hasn’t seen most of the shows theyre from

Robin - mostly literary analysis. pictures of book covers and reviews of book stores that she’s been to. also likes to liveblog horror movies and review them. sometimes posts nature sketches. sometimes reblogs posts making fun of john green

Franky - posts pictures of things hes built and takes selfies w everything. his theme is that old Plaid theme that tumblr removed even though usopp offers to make one for him because his blog looks fucking awful

Brook - only has his official Soul King blog. answers all of his fanmail personally tho

Reasons To Date Yugyeom

Being able to do this to him

Him doing this to you

Sharing music with him

Him being real good looking

Going out together

(imagine him leaning in for a kiss while y'all are waiting in line for something)

Him being cute

Watching him dance

His smile

When he wants to kiss you

After you kiss him

Him congratulating you on something


anonymous asked:

Ever imagined Miyuki talking to Sawamura about his love interest (describing him ofc) due to whatever circumstance that led to that, then Eijun would just be clueless like "Who? Who? Who's the lucky person?" And Mochi-senpai would just facepalm at the two thinking something like, "Miyuki. You already know how dense the other person is. I can't bear this." - seven-seven-twelve

hello! XD

hahaha in that situation i think miyuki will have the time of his life teasing eijun. I mean, he’s just so amused that eijun didn’t realize that miyuki’s talking about him and so he revels watching eijun’s reactions (and omg, it seriously is hard to write a sentence with two ppl with the same pronouns haha).

yeah… indeed eijun might actually become jealous and agitated bcs he sees how miyuki is in love w “this person” that eijun has yet to know so there’ll be lots of pouting and comical glares etc if you know what i mean hahaha. Oh man eijun, how mistaken you are…

and ofc, eijun just loves to ramble his thoughts and frustration out loud, in front of his beloved roommate mochi-senpai ehehe. At some point mochi just cant find the situation funny anymore and poor mochi is screaming internally XP