cant find source of this pic


- woo wonjae

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hi this i rly random but do u happen to know the moment when sope called each other soulmates or smth? i always see people talking abt it but i cant find the source ;;;

yoongi uploaded this pic for hoseok’s birthday and called him soul partner in the tags:

170218 Suga’s Tweet

윤지네 엄마 #슈가형이야 #홉이생일ᄎᄏ #영혼의파트너 #솝 #슈가가리더면솝 #제이홉이리더면홋

The mom of Yoonji’s house #ThisIsSugaHyung #HobiHappyBday #SoulPartner  #Sope #IfSuga'sTheLeaderIt'sSope #IfJHope'sTheLeaderIt'sHote

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Ok so here is the deal with my sources…i find pics that are all over twitter and weibo….lots of times i save tons of them in the middle of the night when i cant sleep. If i can find a source i will list it. Sometimes they are not in english…i also ONLY HAVE MOBILE all the time and i can only put the source in the caption. I’m not trying to be evasive or whatever…i am DOING THIS BLOG FOR FUN, and I’m just a small blog…

and I’m older than dirt, so i forget shit

Joke me something awful, like kisses on the necks of “best friends”

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