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Lore: Outbreak Orchard

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How did your clan start?:

Rhytidome stood in rotrock rim, twisted roots holding her in place, vines growing through and around her, eventually nesting with a glow in her belly. The vines spread out, finding unhatched eggs that were lost in the nearby abiding boneyard. After twisting around the eggs they would pulse and pull them towards Rhytidome, bathing them in the glow from her belly. Each hatchling was born with bits of bark, twigs, or budding flowerings growing from their hide. The twisting green glowing roots that had once held their eggs in place now held the hatchlings instead. Slowly, an orchard was created. Diseases, both new and old, flowed through the vines straight from the wyrmwound to infect the living dragon “flora”. A few plague dragons soon stumbled upon this place and an idea was born. They called it Outbreak Orchard.

What flight is your clan loyal to?:

Most follow the teachings of the Plaguebringer, as the orchard firmly believes in survival of the fittest. A few are partial to Gladekeeper but they’d never chance saying so out loud.

Is there a leader?:

There is no true leader although Achromia is the lead infectious disease specialist.

How do they view war?:

No one dares even trespass on orchard soil; they are too afraid of biological warfare. What if the orchard possess a strain of plague that they have told no other clan about, a strain they have inoculated only themselves against? The orchard could release it and simply sit back and watch as it decimated the rest of Sornieth’s population.

How do they view shade?:

They are grateful to the shade. The collapsing of the stone pillar ended the constant battling of Plaguebringer and Gladekeeper, as well as being the catalyst for the birth of dragonkind on Sornieth. However, they do take measures to protect themselves in case the shade returns – it is survival that they cherish, after all.

If one dragon was picked as a spokesperson for your clan who would it be?:

Bramley writes to the other clans of Sornieth, offering the Orchard’s services of protection to others. The messages are written on delicate parchment and are carried by Cortland’s butterflies.

What do dragons do in their free time?:

They all experiment with new ways to inoculate themselves against each disease, virus, fungus, etc that they discover. So far the best results have come from constant internal absorbtion. Food and beverage products are their main focus. Many dragons create caramels, ciders, teas, fruit jams, and butters infused with a touch of an infectious disease, the effects of which are constantly monitored by Achromia. Certain dragons double as merchants for interested clans that received messages from Bramley.  

Has there ever been a plague in your clan?:

Each dragon in the orchard that is integrated into the system of roots stemming from the wyrmwound has their own variation of contagious disease.
The inhabitants of the orchard will harvest fruit, twigs, leaves, whatever is available to them from these dragons to use in their products.

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