cant escape my thoughts

That feeling when you finish a really good story (book, film, TV show etc) and you are once again faced with reality and you just have no idea what to do with yourself…

i know no one else knows or cares about my wizard stuff but i cant escape the thought about a bone wizard obsessing about bone structure like a reddit incel

anonymous asked:

Di-did daichi just....just ruN AWAY FROM SUGA WHAT IS HE DOING HE GOT A SMILE AND RUNS NO PUPPY COME BACK. IM LITERALLY CANT WAIT UNTIL U GET THEM TO HAV AN ACTUAL CONVO OR JUST STAY IN THE SAME AREA WITHOUT DAICHI FREAKING OUT LIKE NO JOKE IM WAITING FOR THE DAY. Or suga approaches him one day and then he cant escape that situation. Omg so many thoughts r going through my head atm so tempted to make a fanfic just so i can get them to officially meet (T ^ T)

okay I was planning on aswering asks later but this just made me giggle so much haha ♡  (  ≧▽≦)

 FIRST OF ALL yes please feel free to write about this au! to draw about this au! to cosplay about this au! I WILL EXPLODE of happiness!! //confetti everywhere ҉*\( ‘ω’ )/*҉   

Puppy Daichi is too shy when Kitty Suga is around haha, the problem is that IM SO SLOW AT DRAWING so even tho I want to just draw them together and being all fluffy and cute I also feel the need to draw something before that happens…and it is taking me so long! ヘ(  •̀ゝ•́)ノ┌┛ 彡┻━┻ everytime I think about new update I’m like “yes finally I can include this in the next update!” and when I’m drawing I just realize that it will probably take a few more updates to get to that part of the story…I apologize for making you wait //cries

but yes! they will be together eventually haha! I mean Kitty suga invites Puppy Daichi to a sleepover and they make a blanket fort!