cant drink water without spilling it

he was the first boy loved that smiled at you with his eyes. oh, his eyes. you loved those brown eyes that sang you to sleep every night and washed away your fears. and he told you that he loved your laugh, the way your eyes crinkle at the corners and how you laughed at everything and everywhere, like you didn’t give a damn about who was watching or what they thought. that’s what he told you, so of course that’s what you came to believe.
and then he left, and it was like you couldn’t even breathe. it was like he’d kissed you goodbye and sucked the air out of your lungs with his lips. then he ran off with the air you needed to breathe and the water you needed to drink and the food you needed to eat to stay alive. he didn’t break you darling, he sucked the life out of you until it was like you didn’t even exist.
—  you cut me open