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She’s in denial.

She cant wrap the fact that her parents are gone around her head. When she got the news, she dropped everything. Every single feeling she should have been feeling, she wasn’t feeling.

She felt numb.

Her uncle flew from New York to L.A to be with her and take care of her. She was the only child after all.

He was worried about her though.

It’s been a month and all she’s done is take showers and brush her teeth, then crawl back into bed and stare at her wall. She would decline the food and drink  her uncle would offer by pushing the tray away or throwing away the food.

Her friend came by during that month.

“How is she?” She heard her friend ask her uncle. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see anyone or anyone to see her.

All she wanted was her parents.

“Hey,” she heard her friend say softly, like if he spoke any louder, she’ll break. “C'mon babe, you have to eat. "When he didn’t get a response, he sighed. "At least drink some water for me. ”


“We’re all worried about you,” he hesitated before saying, “Harry’s been asking me about you. ”


Harry and Y/N go way back since sixth grade. Been friends for a year before they decided to try the relationship thing in seventh grade. They were doing great, held hands and hugged in middle school, kissed in high school. They lasted for six years before they broke things off during their senior year all because Carly, captain of the cheerleading team decided to kiss him in front of her and Harry not doing anything about it.

They also broke up because they were arguing more than they were talking and being all lovey Dovey like they used to before their relationship went downhill.

He still didn’t get a response or a head movement, nothing.

Before he could say anything else, the main entrance door slammed open against the wall and rapid footsteps were running up the stairs before a breathless Harry appeared on the door.

He looked at her uncle and started talking to him. “How is she?”

“She won’t eat, Harry. She’s unhealthy and unresponsive. She’s getting skinnier and paler and I’m worried sick. She hasn’t even shed a tear. "Her uncle exclaimed in a whisper.

Harry looked at the girl he loves and his heart broke into little little pieces. He was there when her cousin died three years ago and it wasn’t as bad as it is now. Yeah she cried a lot when her cousin died and didn’t speak to anyone for three days, but this was different. Her parents died.

"Can I..,” he cleared his throat and blinked the tears away. “Can I have a few minutes alone with her?” He asked her friend and uncle.

They both nodded and pressed a kiss to her temple and cheek before leaving the room, closing the door behind them.

Harry took off his shoes before crawling in behind her and wrapping his arms around her. He pressed a few kisses to the back of her neck before resting his cheek on her shoulder. She grabbed his hand that was wrapped around her chest and squeezed it before the first sob came out.

And then tears and gasps and more sobs.

He pulled her closer to him if that was possible and pressed more kisses to her neck and shoulder.

“I’m right here, baby. ’M right here. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay here with you for as long as you need me to. ”

He cried with her and held her.

When her crying stopped and her breathing was back to normal, she turned around in his grasp and buried her face into his neck. He laid on his back and brought her on top of him so they could be more comfortable before she started speaking.

“The last thing I told them was that I hated them. "She whispered, a whimper escaping her lips. She buried her head in the crook of his neck and he pressed a hand to the back of her head, pressing a kiss to her temple. "They wouldn’t let me go to the college I wanted to go to so I told them I hated them. ”

“Oh, love,” he sighed, pressing another kiss to her temple. “I’m sure they know you didn’t mean it. They know that you love ‘em. ”

She shuffled and looked up at him with wide eyes and a pout. “Please stay with me. "She whispered.

He smiled and looked down at her and pressed a kiss to her nose. "Always stay with you no matter what, yeah? I love you,” he whispered.

She pushed herself up with her hands that rested on either side of Harry’s head and smiled down at him- a genuine smile. “I love you too. ’M sorry about Carly and how much of a h-”

“Sh,"he chuckled, "lets talk about that another time. Right now though,” he groaned when he rolled them over. He got of the bed and helped her off the bed. “We’re gonna go on a walk and then we’re gonna go eat some really juicy delicious hamburgers, yeah?”

Her smile faded and the blank look came back. She let go of Harry’s hands and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I do.. I don’t want to go anywhere, Harry. I’m not that hungry anyway. "She muttered, starting to crawl under the covers.

But he wouldn’t have that. He pulled the covers off of the bed and chucked them on the other side of the room.


“I’m not going to let you starve yourself. ”

“’M no-”

“Yes you are! You’re skinny as a twig!”

“Does it make you love me less?”

“Wha…love, I’m just worried about you.”

She scoffed. “Great, the one person who I thought wouldn’t pity me, pities me. ”

“I never said anything about pitying you! My god…”

“Well, come back to me when your parents die and see if you want me to pity you!”

“Love, please just… can you at least come downstairs so you can eat?”

“I can’t harry. I just can’t. "She whispered, tears clouding her vision.

He sighed and sat next to her and grabbed her hand. "Why not?”

She looked at him. “Anywhere I go in this house, it’ll remind me of my parents. I don’t want to see them in pictures. I want them back, Harry. It’s been a month and I thought I’d get better, but I’m not. I.. I miss them. It’s like,” she clutched her chest and gasped for air. “It’s like part of me left. I didn’t think that the last time I saw them would be the last time cause you never think the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t. ”

He brought her temple to his lips and pressed a hard kiss, letting a few tears slip down his cheeks.

“I don’t want to feel this way anymore, Harry. Please take the pain away, just make it stop. Please. "She sobbed, clutching her chest.

He let out a sob and closed his eyes tightly. "I would in a millisecond, Y/N. ” he whispered against her temple. “But I can’t and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t take away your pain. ”

Suddenly, she stood up and walked out of her room and down the stairs where her friend and uncle were. She walked past them and to the small hallway where there are family pictures before taking one of the wall and letting out a small sob before smashing it to the floor.

And she continued to do that until she reached the photos that were by the stairs. She lifted one up, but an arm stopped her and pried it out of her hands.

“Stop, don’t do that. "He whispered.

"The family in those pictures don’t exist anymore, Harry. It’s gone. They’re gone. I lost everything that mattered to me! I lost my cousin, I lost you and now my parents! They’re gone!”

He’s never seen her so..damaged and fragile and he wishes he could do something, but he can’t. All he can do is hold her until she’s calmed down and fell asleep in his arms.

He carried her to her room and laid her down before crawling in with her. He pressed a kiss to her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m right here. Not going anywhere. Didn’t lose me. ”

“Please don’t leave,” he heard her mumble tiredly. He grabbed her hand and brought it up his lips and pressed a kiss to her knuckles.

“Never. ”


(le prompt) (soulmate au)


words: 1k

for @fuckthewaveringwood and @glitterytrashhh who wanted me to write it (thank you) :D

itd been years since i defeated the humdrum, since i left watford, and since i moved in with penny. most importantly, itd been years since id had to deal with baz. 

i was finally about to turn 21, and i cant wait to see who’s body i wake up in. the whole idea of switching bodies with my soulmate still freaks me out, but i cant help but pray i end up in my boyfriends flat (i did a lot of figuring out after watford). even if it means an awkward encounter with his mysterious, barely-there flatmate. 

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Derek And Spencer Finding Out Your Pregnant

Author: Me!

Pairing: Derek X Reader and Spencer X Reader

Summary: Preferences fo Reid and Morgan

Requested: Yes, ‘AHHHHHH REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!! Sorry, I found your blog and I find you to be such a gifted writer, you know your characters well! I was wondering if you could do something like how Derek and Reid would act if you told them you were pregnant? Or if you were hiding it and they found the pregnancy test? If you can only do one, pleased do Derek. Thank you! Love the blog btw.’

Word Count: 1063

Derek And Spencer Finding Out Your Pregnant…


He came home from work late but you didn’t hear him, let alone acknowledge his presence, you were too busy locked in the bathroom shaking with tears rolling down your cheeks staring at the pregnancy test which was showing the small positive sign. You had been starting at this goddamn stick for over a hour and the tears hadn’t stopped since they started.

There was a knock on the door which made you jump out of your skin, “Babe, you okay?” You sniff as quietly as you can and pray your voice doesn’t crack, “Yep, I’ll be out in two seconds.” You respond as calm as you can, but what you don’t know is that even through the thick wooden door Derek could tell something is wrong.

After another 2 long minutes of trying to clean yourself up, you unlock the bathroom door and walk back into the bedroom you share with him. You can hear him in the kitchen downstairs, whistling and cooking something, he probably heard you come out of the bathroom because you hear him yell “Do you want anything to eat?” up the stairs you reply with, “No, I ate before you came in.” That obviously was a lie as the mere thought of eating made you feel sick already.

You decided to go to bed and figure things out in the morning, with fumbling fingers you get changed and into bed, it was now around 2AM and you could hear Derek putting his dishes in the sink. Slowly he walks up the creaking stairs and you silently pretend to be asleep. You hear him dragging his feet along the carpet, he cant even be bothered to pick them up, he’s too tired. “I know your not asleep” He says with a raspy voice making you jump yet again. You turn over to look at him, even though its dark you can just about make out his outer shape.

“Now tell me whats wrong.” Derek bluntly says, telling you his profiling skills are intact. The simple question brings a whole new wave of tears and you start sobbing, Derek instantly holds you and you explain that your pregnant and you know he won’t want to stay because this isn’t what he wanted.

After you finish, Derek holds you and looks you directly in the eyes as he says, “Who said I was going to walk out? Yes maybe this wasn’t planned but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stick around, I love you Y/N and I want to stay and raise this child with you.” You stop sniffing and just hold him and thats how you two fall asleep, for real this time, not worrying as much anymore.


The second the timer on you phone dings you sprint back to the bathroom to check the small device on the side of the bath. Your heart beat increases rapidly as you see the positive sign. How will Spencer react? You two have never discussed having kids before what if he doesn’t what any? What if he walks out? You can loose him. Calm down Y/N you tell yourself. With your hands shaking out of control you pick up your car keys and head straight for the building where your boyfriend and your best friend await.

As soon as you park you speed walk through the ground floor and into the elevator, once in you jab the button with your thumb and wait. With your head pumping in your ears you step out, your legs feel like jelly but you still strode the BAU desperately trying to avoid anyone at this partial time, successfully getting across you going into your best friends bat cave. Hearing someone close the door you see Garica’s head poke up and for her to swivel on her chair to face you. “What can I help you with sugarplum?” She asks innocently.

At that basic question you burst into tears, your legs give out but just before you can hit the ground Garica has ran over and caught you, she strokes your hair and rubs your back as you cry onto her shoulder, when your finished you look up at her and explain.

When your finished your slightly hiccupping still but continue to look at her for help “Pen, I don’t know what too do.” You whisper, the look you give Garcia breaks her heart, “Oh sweetie, I know it hurts and you really don’t want to but your going to have to tell him, I’m sure it’ll be fine, you and I both know what Spencer’s like.” She explains maintaining eye contact throughput the whole thing.

As if he heard his name Spencer swings open the door, not bothering to look up from the papers he was holding, you spring into the chair next to Garica’s as you feel your legs go wobbly again. “Hey Garcia, could you possibly find out if this person has any criminal records?” Spencer questions without a worry in the world but as he looks up, his smile drops as he comes face to face with you. “Y/N whats the matter?”

You think of what Garcia told you and know thats what you’ll have too do but then again you could avoid it as much as you can. “Nothing” You says looking into his brown eyes, Garica leaves at this point, “But you’ve been crying, I mean I know I’m not very good at social clues but people usually cry when they are sad or maybe when they are happy but the rest of your body langue does suggest your happy but I could be wrong but-“ He begins to ramble but you cut him off “For God’s sake I’M PREGNANT.” You exclaim waving your hands franticly, “And I’m scared Spencer, Im scared you wont want a child, or you’ll leave, I can lose you!” You finish with heavy breaths. “I’m not going anywhere. I think this is brilliant!” He starts off whispering but has he gets happier his voice raises. “I mean I might leave to go to the library but thats only because I have to read up on the books of course! And, and, and this is brilliant Y/N I love you.” You break out into a huge smile, “I love you too Spencer.”

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A little story about how the gang finds out about Jugheead’s gang member dad and his other troubles.

It was coming closer to Polly’s baby shower with every passing minute. To any other optimistic viewer, this would be a good thing. For Jughead, every minute he ached to tell Betty, the girl he adored, about all his blunders and worries. It was coming up on a week now that he’d been living with his father again, spending time in close quarters with a his gang member dad reminded him of why he’d had to quit. The danger, alcohol and drugs were a part of it. The worst part of it al was the horrible state Forsythe the second was in, he broken for his divorce and losing a child but still tried to hide it under a cool exterior and a menacing smirk.

Although the past nights had been the worst of his life, Jughead couldn’t bring himself to ruin his girlfriend’s sister’s big day. So, he decided that it could wait till after.

“So?”Veronica imposed loudly, drawing the dark haired boy from his own badgering mind, “Does that sounds good to you Jones? Or would you like to put in some irrelevant snarky comment to remind us that you are of a far more superior intelligence than us humble beings?”

She was mocking him, or course. Ever since he and Betty had gone public with their ‘budding love’ (as Kevin liked to put it) she had adopted this mind set that he and she were now close enough to banter. Jughead didn’t object to it.

Jughead leaned his head on his hands, “Well, now that you say so-” he was cut off by hand banging on the glass beside his head. Four bodies jumped at the noise and swiveled quickly to identify the source. 

Through the backwards sing that read Pop Tate’s, Jughead saw his fathers face, red, angry and clearly drunk staring right back at him.

“Get out here! We need to have a little talk!” The middle aged man wearing a leather jacket was gaining the attention of all of Pop’s customers as he slurred his words. Jughead’s face felt bright red and a large pit of discomfort started swirling together in his stomach. he gulped heavily and looked away. He didn’t imagine his friends ever seeing his own family in a such a horrific state.

“Now, Forsythe!” Another bang. 

As he stood to move out of the booth, Jughead took in his friends different reactions. Archie, his best friend had worry and guilt written all over his face. He’d probably already known about his fathers current past times, Fred had probably warned him.

The raven haired girl was plainly confused she looked back and forth between Jughead and his newly introduced dad, “Forsythe?” she mumbled quietly.

Jughead avoided Betty’s gaze, not ready to see the disappointment on her face. He turned on his heeled and left the small restaurant. 

The change of atmosphere was undeniable and uncontrollable. The cold dark air hit Jughead’s face as hard as his fathers spit did. Forsythe Sr was screaming now, but his son wasn’t listening. He stared down at the dirt ground and tried with all his might to shrink into a dirty to be kicked away. 

“Listen to me!” A calloused hand roughly grabbed his face, yanking his eyes up to meet his fathers bloodshot and teary?- own. Wait, his father was crying?Jughead was confused and overwhelmed, he tried to calm his mind and battle his instincts that were yelling at him to run away, crawl into a hole and never come back all at once.

His dad kept on hollering, “What do you think you’re doing down here?” 

‘I-uh, was just getting a bite with Archie and Betty,” Jughead spoke slowly, trying eagerly not to upset his intoxicated father any further. 

“Not anymore you ain’t, you cant be hanging around them anymore. You hear me?” The older Jones’ voice was becoming more quiet, and his eyes left Jughead’s for a brief moment to stare and a spot behind him, then flicked back. Jughead turned his head slightly and became aware of his three friends standing behind in shock, not knowing whether to intervene.

“But, what, why not?” Jughead’s sentences became stranger, he stood strong for the people he cared about, not willing to abandon them. 

“It’s, it’s too dangerous,” the calloused hands gripped the front of Jughead’s denim jacket forcefully, but not so much that it caused him harm. 

The teen boy stood in the same cloud of befuddlement as his friends now, “Dad, you aren’t making any sense, I’m just at Pop’s. We come here all time, since I could walk,”

His father shook his head stubbornly, “No. Not anymore. It’s not safe. If you are living with me then you are associated with me.” Oh, Jughead thought, the Serpents. “Its not safe Juggie, you understand don’t you?” when Jughead looked into his fathers leaking, pleading eyes, the emblem on his back seemed like it didn’t exist, like it never existed. 

Jughead nodded, he did understand. If people found out he was living with a Southside Serpent, he would be tormented; at school, at Pop’s, anywhere in the safe sweet suburbs or Riverdale would no longer be safe for him. 

A hand was placed on Jughead’s back carefully. “Jug, you can come home with me, stay in the spare room, whatever you need.” Archie said delicately, so yes Jughead had been correct, the Andrews did know.

Jughead Jones took in a deep breath, “I- yeah, that’b be great Arch, thank you” The redheaded boy smiled softly and stepped away from the father and son.

The Jones’ stood looking at each other, “I’m so sorry, kid. I’m, trying, I’m really trying.” The father looked sincere and Jughead knew he was.

The boy adjusted his beanie slightly, “I know dad. I’ll come back when we both get it together, okay?’ His father nodded tightly. Jughead smiled softly, and walked over to his friends and was quickly enveloped by a hug, the source being his wonderful girlfriend. 

As the broke part, the four friends carried off towards The Andrews and Coopers neighborhood.

The boy with the darkest hair and lightest spoke up first, “Where were we?”

Betty smiled, knowing that he would like to forget the past drama, at least for now, “You were about to vocalize final final counter argument to our cats versus dogs debate,”

Jughead smiled warmly at her, “Right of course,” His words trailed off into the dark of the night, where no one would ever find them. The leader of the Southside Serpents kept his eyes on his sons and his friends until he couldn’t make them out anymore. He nodded once more, then, he turned swiftly on his heel and walked off slowly. Even though Forsythe Jones the second had been drinking from 5 pm till the late of the night, he finally felt sober again. 

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Bit too long!!

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klaus had never stopped thinking about her, its been 7 years since she had been taken away from him. The love of his life taken away by the man he called his father. 

He still remembers the day like it was yesterday, it was so vividly present in his mind. 

The day was so peaceful and sunny, (Y\N) and klaus were walking hand in hand talking about anything and everything. 

Everything was going great till he showed up. Mikael only cared about destroying his bastard of a son. He believed he can achieve that by taking you away from him. 

You were the only thing klaus had loved so much, the only thing holding onto whatever sanity that was left in him. 

So when Mikael took you away, hell broke lose. Klaus had done everything in his power to look for you, but when he couldn’t find a single trace of you being alive, he broke down. He went on a ripper rampage, going crazy without you. 

He was convinced you were killed by his so called father. 

You have been stuck with Mikael for about 200 years now, always attempting to escape but always failing. 

He was way smarter and stronger then you. His goal was to make you forget Klaus without compelling you. He wanted to forget him in your own will. 

But you just couldn’t do it, you loved him too much. so for all these years you have been resisting. 

But finally after 200 long years being with Mikael had broken you. You had decided forgetting Klaus was the best thing to do. 

so when Mikael was convinced you forgot him, he trusted you enough for you to be able to get close and vervain him. 

He was knocked out, you were sure it would last about 5 hours, so you ran. Ran till you were far away from Miakel. 

You had found a witch, who had helped make sure Mikael would never find you, at least for some years. 

Deep down you knew you never forgotten him, he stole you heart and you could never forget him. But only you had gotten better at acting.

After escaping you went on your way to look for the love of you life. 

It’s been 4 years and you still had no luck in finding Klaus.

Along the way of searching for him, you had heard so many stories about him, it was unbelievable, the Klaus you knew was gone. 

He was the person everyone knew before he met you, the ripper.  The broken man who was made into a monster. You were the one to fix him and since you were gone he went insane yet again. 

Klaus was in New Orleans taking back the kingdom he left for (Y\N). He had left everything he built behind to be with her but when he lost her in the worst way possible, he knew he had to go back home. Broken. 

He had been talking to Marcel when a nightwalker walked in panicking about a vampire attack that had created a ruckus in the French Quarters. 

Marcel and Klaus left immediately, leaving the comfort of the Mikaelson’s home behind. They were curious to see what vampire was brave enough to mess with the original hybrid. 

You had been passing by the city of New Orleans when a bunch of newbie vampires started attacking you hoping to feed, but you were way older then them, and 1000 times stronger. 

You ripped their hearts out one by one with out even needing to try. 

“Well well well, who do we have here, who this this little thing that came into my kingdom and killed my vampires” a British voice boomed behind you making shivers travel down you body.

You could recognize that voice anywhere, it belonged to the one and only Klaus Mikaelson. The son of a bitch you loved and missed so much. 

When klaus arrived at the horrendous scene he saw a small figure soaked in blood holding a heart. He could only her back but something about her was so familiar. This only made his curiosity twice as worse.

As soon as he spoke he realized she had froze in her spot, turning her body painfully slow. 

When she fully turned it felt like all the air in his lungs had been knocked out. He could not believe his eyes, his love was standing in front of him looking as she did 200 years ago. 


He vamp speed to her small body, needing to hold her. 

She looked up at him with so much love you would have been surprised to see anyone looking at him like that. 

“Klaus baby, i missed you so much” 

“I went insane without you love”

“so i’ve heard”

“ah i see my reputation precedes me as always”

“yes babe, i guess the bad ass Klaus is back”

“the one and only love”

Klaus pulled you into him hugging you so tight you couldn’t breathe 

“i c c c cant bre”

He looked at you with a smile, which you retuned, before anything can be said you crashed your lips against his missing the feeling of his lips.

The kiss was passionate and greedy, your lip moved in sync with his, fitting like a puzzle. You could keep kissing forever but you needed to break for air. 

When you broke the kiss, you noticed Klaus was staring at you.

“What do i have something on my face”

“yeah a bit of blood love”

“Wanna clean it up for me babe”

“with pleasure darling”

He brought his face close to yours before licking away the blood near your lips making you shiver. He still had the same effect on you like the day you both met centuries ago. 

“lets go and catch up on what i missed for 200 years love”

“ooo how exciting, we shall”

“thats my girl”

“and all ways will be sweetie”

you both vamp speed to Klaus’s house leaving a very confused Marcel behind. 

The Queen of New Orleans is here to stay.


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anonymous asked:

Hey I really like your posts and I was wondering if I could request the RFA reacting to MC having a hourglass shaped body but constantly hiding it with oversized stuff? (If you can a little NSFWish;P lol whatever love you anyways)

oooh yes! and thank you!! ^-^

MC’s gender is female in this, I’m sorry, I usually write gender neutral 

this one is a little long



  • he always wanted you to wear something fitting
  • he had hinted it so many times when the two of you would go shopping
  • “Zen, I like my comfy clothes, you can’t change me.”
  • and he failed every time
  • he desperatly wanted to see you in something formal 
  • but you would never do it
  • but he didn’t mind
  • it just meant that at some formal occasions after his musicals you didn’t always go because you didnt feel like you fit in with the crowed.
  • which is why he was a bit sad to be having to be alone at his meet and greet 
  • and even though he loved to talk with his fans he was inwardly thinking about being home with you
  • “Zen!”
  • his head snapped to the side when he thought he heard a famiiar voice
  • your voice
  • he finished the autograph and looked around for the voice
  • but when he couldn’t see anyone that seemed to match you he went back to everyone else
  • it was when a woman pushed her way through the crowd and people started to talk that he looked up again.
  • “Isn’t that MC”
    “Who’s that?”
    “Isn’t that Zen’s girlfriend?”
    “she usually doesn’t go to these.”
  • his face brightened even more when he saw you
  • “MC?! What’re you doing here? I thought you were going to stay home bec-”
  • he stopped when he saw what you were wearing
  • oml
  • you wore a fitted power suit that suited you perfetly no pun intended 
  • it showed off your body in a modest way and he couldn’t believe it, he had never seen you like this and he had to stop his jaw from dropping.
  • you had got it that day while he was busy with work to surprise him
  • he definely was surprised 
  • he kept his arm around you whenever possible, keeping you close to him
  • forgive me father for I have sinned
  • he knew he shouldn’t be thinking these new thoughts about a lady but … it was hard not to
  • “Does this mean you’ll be wearing clothes like these more often?”
    “Only to these events.”
    “Do you need me to help you out of that when we get home? ~” he whispered to you


  • she was excited when you said you were taking her on a date
  • however 
  • she did not ever expect you to ever dress up for it
  • becuase in her eyes you were perfect anyway and didnt need to change
  • but when she saw you walk out in your pencil dress …
  • it fitted you so well
  • she was gobsmacked when she saw you in that dress for the first time
  • your figure … she thought you were perfect
  • being a petite woman herself she was jealous of your natural curves and how well you wore them with your clothes
  • it made her wonder why you would ever hide them in the first place???
  • Seven had said that he had seen pictures of you in these types if clotehs but she didn’t want to invade your privacy 
  • you had said to Jaehee that you would have rathered to have a body that resembled hers
  • and Jaehee was shook
  • ???
  • “like me? MC, you look beautiful.”
  • she praises you so much because she knows you’re insecure at times
  • and she believes that you should know every chance possible
  • she always reminds you that you look beautiful no matter what you wore
  • she helps gain your confidence back to not wear baggy clothes as much
  • Jaehee Kang has a body praise kink you cannot convince me otherwise


  • he was used to seeing you in your baggy clothes
  • and he didnt blame you for it
  • the two of yo never really went anywhere that would require you to wear a different type of clothing
  • so when you were coming to his graduation he had no idea what to expect
  • literally no idea
  • he hadn’t seen you buy new clothes
  • or wear anything different 
  • so he was expecting his usual MC
  • but when he saw you step out in clothes that hugged your curves 
  • he was astounded 
  • you looked
  • oh my god
  • how did you???
  • how did he??
  • !!!
  • !!!!!!!
  • he was so amazed how much you could change with just clothes
  • he blushed so much 
  • his friends were going to see his drop dead gorgeous MC
  • how did he manage to find someone like you??
  • why would someone like you go for someone like him??
  • he honestly felt so blessed that he was able to see you like this
  • when he asked you when you both got home why you didnt where these types of clothes often (he was so worried you didn’t like your body)
  • you had said that you never really saw the point in these clothes because you never really had an occasion for them
  • but tonight was special so you had grabbed it
  • when you saw how much he liked it you decided you’d wear clotehs like these more often


  • he had always noticed your baggy clothes
  • there was no use denying
  • ngl this always made him curious to what you looked like if you wore clothes that would fit you properally 
  • he didn’t want to push you
  • but he also wanted to see what you looked like
  • so he took an educated guess
  • and had an assistant Kang go find clothes for you
  • (Jaehee already knew your size, as it had come in conversation before and she tried to convince you that you didn’t need baggy clothes)
  • so when he came home with some bags of clothes for you to try on
  • you were nervous
  • hella nervous
  • you weren’t sure about letting him see
  • you weren’t sure of letting anyone see
  • you weren’t comfortable with your curves
  • it was an insecuriety you had about yourself which lead you to only wear baggy clothes to hide your shape
  • besides
  • baggy clothes are comfy af
  • but you did try on the clothes, perhaps if you tried them on and he saw how bad they looked he’d return them and let you go back to wearing your clothes????
  • it was worth a shot
  • you were hesitant on coming out and shoiwng him what you looked like
  • “MC I’m most definate you will look stunning.”
  • you eventually did come out and show him
  • you wore a peplum top with fitted pants
  • as soon as you stepped out in his sight he was gone rip
  • he cant take his eyes off you
  • the clothes fit you perfectly 
  • and he couldnt believe it, why had you tried to hide your body ??? you were so beautiful ??? and you always had been so beautiful
  • he was slightly aroused too ??? like wow …
  • you were shy and weren’t sure what to do and nervously fiddled with your hands 
  • he was breathless, and you at first thought that was a bad sign until you saw him smile
  • “You’re so beautiful.”
    “what? No it’s not that good …”
    “MC, you are most defiantly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”
  • he gently cupped your cheek and pulled you close so you would look up at him
  • “and I want to show you that.”


  • now he out of all people thought he would know what you looked like with fitted clothes
  • but in all pictures he found of when when he was stalking you doing a background check you alwasy had baggy clothes
  • and watched you through the security cameras you still wore baggy clothes for everything 
  • so naturally, he was curious 
  • he had asked you if you would ever wear other types of clothing but you always insisted no
  • and thats okay
  • there was no way he was going to push you
  • in fact
  • he had made sure to send you clothes for the Party that were formal but still loose so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable while at the Party
  • you had thanked him when they came to you 
  • you when tried them on and showed him
  • he thought you looked beautiful
  • when it came to the day of the party
  • he tried to find his MC with her loose dress that he had bought for her
  • but he hadn’t seen her anywhere
  • did she not come?
  • was she avoiding him?
  • he went over to Jaehee asking if she saw MC and she had just said that she went inside looking for him
  • so he went in after you and asked Zen who said she went to Jumin and then he went to Jumin who said she went somewhere else to look fo him 
  • Goddammit MC stay in one spot
  • “hi sorry have you seen MC? She’s about this high, really pretty, wearing a-”
  • he turned around and oh my god
  • it was you???
  • you weren’t wearing the dress he bought you
  • you were wearing a tight fitting dress that showed off your figure 
  • he was lost for words
  • silently praying the sinful thoughts away
  • “MC, I - you - I mean - wow …”
  • wow? fucking wow?? get your shit together Saeyoung!
  • he feels so dumb because he can’t get the words out the way he wants to get them out
  • lowkey wants to see what it looks like off now
  • stop sinning
  • “I mean: you look beautiful.”
  • he loses it when you peck his cheek
  • rip
  • he’s gone
  • he can die happily now
just like you

Chapter One: Denial 

Pairing: taehyung x reader

Genre: angst | light fluff | light smut

Description: You had always seen yourself as the broken one, the flightless bird who needed someone to mend their wings. So meeting him was perfect because he was just like you, he was also broken, he also needed someone to mend his wings, the only difference the only thing you didn’t know was that he had dark hidden secrets and sooner or later you’d come to realize that he isn’t like you at all. 

Word Count: 4k

a/n:  I don’t know what this is or where I am going with this so don’t expect a lot.. I felt angsty and I wanted to post it but I’ll see what happens and if any of you like it. It’s not Deranged but.. It’s something I had a distant idea for.. 

“Would you like to talk about him now?” The elderly man asked you, with caution laced in his voice, his heavy eyes examining your face to see how you would react. He asked you this question every time you cam to see him, always saving it for last and always the same way, it bothered you. 

Did he think you’d cry and break down finally letting out all the feelings you’ve been suppressing in front of him? You were no psychology major but you knew how these things worked, and he was a cliche representation of what you did know, but you respected the man. He was only trying to help right? This old man with a tired smile and glasses glued to the end of his nose. Maybe he was being a bit nosy but that was his job. Your eyes wander to the empty fish tank in the corner of the room as you contemplated on his words, did you really want to ‘talk about him now’ ? 

You had grown fond of that tank, it was big and beautiful with a rainbow bed of pebbles, the water a lovely clear deep blue. No fishes were in there, not one at all but the filter still ran and in the middle a giant abandoned castle. Why he kept it like that you didn’t know but that was the thing that got you to speak to him and come back regularly. That empty yet alluring fish tank. 

But now you had a decision to make. You had denied all of his attempts so far and you don’t think you could bare to hear him ask you again. Yes the way he pestered you on the subject disturbed you, but it was more than that. Each time he asked you it felt as if he was was putting the blame on him, as if he was the one that had caused you to become this way, as if he was the reason for your sadness and suffering. But the elderly man, who’s name you didn’t bother to learn, was wrong.

Having Kim Taehyung in your life, even if it was only for a painfully short while, was anything but sadness and suffering. 

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• when you first saw him, you thought he looked REALLY fun and cool to be around YaY
• but in all honesty, the second he saw you he pretended to act like some cool as f guy who wore sunglasses inside and wore leather boots when it reality he started to have a little freak out bc omg u looked so nice he needed to make a good impression aw
• spent an entire week preparing food for u bc he needed to make an impact when it came to asking you out, and when it was all done he just rolled up to your house with an entire 3 boxes filled with food and was like we need to talk
• then he sat u down in ur living room and watched you open the food and inside were like really cheesy puns that was related to the food it was attached to
• “if you were a burger from McDonald’s you would be called a McGorgeous”
• “if you were vegetable you’d be a cutecumber”
• “you stole a pizza my heart~”
• and ur all like um what is this and he’s all like wAIT WAIT WAIT LOOK AT THE DATES
• and so u do and it says, “date me?”
• on your first date, Mingyu took you to a carnival but unfortunately, the members decided to tag along and promised not to be a burden and that they’ll stay well away from you and him, but like the two of you see them hiding behind a bush and like stalking
• and Mingyu is just like omG WHY DO YALLS HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME TODAY
• but you guys try to ignore them and get on with the date bc you’ve been anticipating this day ever since he announced it!!!!
• challenged you to a hot dog eating contest and you won
• “I don’t know if my pride should be hurt, or if I should be in awe. either way, I think I like you even more now.”
• saw this dude juggling on a unicycle and was like I CAN DO THT Y/N LOOK IM GOOD AT THIS TOO and he literally fell off after one second on the unicycle and he couldn’t catch any of E juggling balls aw my poor baby
• u just laughed bc he’s too cute
• after the whole date he decided to walk you home and the members literally followed you guys, but whenever the two of you turned around they’d gap it and hide behind a pole or some bushes until u two resume walking. then he stopped once you reached your doorstep and it was all cute bc he didn’t want this amazing day to end then you kissed his cheek and ran inside and the second u were out of sight the members jumped from their hiding spots and started praising Mingyu at his great boyfriend skills
• gives u food nicknames so often that it’s gross
• “cookie”
• “muffin”
• “cupcake”
• oH MAN UR FIRST KISS WAS SO CUTE I CANT EVEN. Ok so this one time you were eating a pepero and turned to face Mingyu with like half of it still in ur mouth but he thought u were telling him to take a bite and so he did but he went to far and ur lips touched and the two of u just stared at each other and nobody moved a muscle and u two just stood there with ur lips attached all flustered aw
• v into skinship, likes to hold your hand a lot ;;u;;
• has a habit of touching your hair a lot and muttering stuff about it under his breath. like say you get your hair all done and pretty he’ll tweak it and personalise it and keep touching it until he likes it bc he’s a professional guys he knows what he’s doing
• likes every kiss in the book especially those cliche ones in the movies
• also likes every single hug there is hE JUST LIKES TO HUG U AND THATS ALL THT SHOULD MATTER
• when he wants affection he gets v v v v pouty bc why hang out with ur friends when u can be on a couch cuddling with him?? amiright??
• likes food a lot, he even got voted as the member who eats the most and at first you thought with a body like his, he probably didn’t eat as much as everyone was saying he did… but oh how wrong u were the second u two were comfortable w each other he would roll up to ur house as often as he could and demand some food right after he’s said hello to u
• and ur just sitting there thinking ohhh I understand now lol
• dogs he also likes dogs, he bought a dog with u and at first u were like Mingyu……….. Idk if that’s a good idea. but when u guys got it he was sO HAPPY AND TOOK IT EVERYWHERE HE WENT UP UNTIL HE GOT IN TROUBLE FOR NOT PICKIN UP ITS POOP IN THE PLEDIS BUILDING
• let’s not forget wonwoo, he likes him hEAPS he’s like a v close number 2. he pretty much invites him to every single date the two of you have and it’s more of them two laughing their arses off and more u just sitting there sipping on water
• u kinda knew they were close from the beginning bc the second u and mingyu started dating Wonwoo would give u these evil looks like ur stealing him aw meanie yesss
• but dw he leaves early so then mingyu showers u w love
• “I love u more jagiya but don’t tell him that.”
• speaks english in every opportunity he gets like he pronounces all of the food in English as much as he can, especially pineapple bc it’s the most iconic thing ever
• dislikes it when ppl touch his hair like no ur not a professional like him so he does not trust u to touch his hair with ur hands no thanks goodbye
• secretly keeps ur fridge stocked and secretly packs ur lunch so u don’t get hungry at work/school and ur always left wondering who does this awww
• and when u ask him about it he’s like “idk who it is, but they seems like a very sweet person ;;;))”
• has an addiction to cleaning, seems like a really messy person but is actually the neatest person in the group. he literally feels like crying when he sees a tragic mess anywhere and he gets tiny tears in the corners of his eyes and will drop whatever he’s doing and clean it up even if it’s not his mess lolol
• is all for couple items o yesssssssss
• when he gets jealous ooo you’ll get the cold shoulder oh no ;;_;; like he won’t talk to u at all and ur pretty sure he’s gonna break up with u but like without him even knowing it he still does cute stuff for you like he’s pretty much indirectly loving you and u just smile bc no matter what he loves u deep deep down
• “I don’t like it when people flirt with you.”
• “I’m yours and yours only, you know that.”
• your phone background is a photo of u sleeping and Mingyu holding a pair of scissors looking like he was about to cut it and when you woke up and saw it as your lockscreen you nearly screamed and he’s like u bETTER NOT DELETE IT OR IM CUTTING IT FOR REAL
• one time Mingyu tried to make cookies with you and you put some batter on his face and then he put some flour on ur nose then u read it as a declaration of war and the two of u pretty much initiated a food fight right there in the dorms kitchen. u cracked eggs on each other heads, chucked chocolate chips at each other but then u suddenly slipped and then he slipped then u landed on top of each other and it was so cute bc he pointed at ur lip and was like “u have a little something there” anD HE WIPED IT OFF WITH HIS THUMB AND U STARTED BLUSHING AWAW
• makes u do acting scenes from famous movies and dramas bc he wants to try acting and one time the two of u acted romeo and juliet and it was pretty cute TBH
• being the visual of the group puts a lot of pressure on mingyu as he always constantly has to uphold that title by making sure he looks his best at all times, not to mention his job as a rapper who has to write his own lyrics and has to perform with energy. sometimes he thinks he can’t do it at all but u have to pull him away from the work and just shower him with love bc you know that’s what he needs at that moment - someone to comfort him and tell him that he’s worth it, that he’s good enough.
• “what would I do without you”
• strokes ur hair and hums on the top of ur head until u fall asleep in his arms
• wakes u up by blasting his rap music full volume and the Windows always nearly break and the bed literally shakes and he won’t turn it off unless u get up yourself and do it what a meanieeee
• ur first fight with Mingyu was about his very insecurity, he was hating himself bc he should look better than the way he looks and the two of you ended up yelling at each other bc he was perfect just the way he was ;;_;;
• you ended up getting hurt by some of his words and the second he saw the tear leave ur high he immediately felt guilty
• “im so sorry, y/n. you know whatever I just said wasn’t true, right? i promise, I love you so much. I won’t ever do that again.”
• Mingyu might like to joke around with you and everyone else a lot, but when it comes to ur feelings, your heart and your relationship with him, it’s nothing to joke about to him. You are so special, so important to him and he’s so glad to have you in his life. You of course, are so lucky to have him as your boyfriend and know that the two of you are meant to be together forever.
• “like the ocean…. I love you. Pineapple.” - mINGYUUUU~~~

Sinners Never Sleep

Summary: Its simple. You train, you plan, you attack, you disarm, and you get out alive… So, if you knew what you were doing, then why was it so hard to get your assassin boyfriend Jungkook to meet your mafia parents- the head of the mafia?
Oh right, Rule 1: Never fall in love…especially with another gang member…

Preface/Preview Part 1

Part 2

‘What did you do that for!?’ you shout angrily, pushing yourself to your feet with a lot of effort and having to bite your tongue when he has to help you a little, his arms always so willing to hold you. 

‘The errand was to bring him back in for questioning, not to take out the majority of his gang and then take on the questioning by yourself whilst letting him shoot you.’ he says, a note of frustration in his voice, but its muffled by worry. 

‘You’re not even meant to be here.’ you mutter as you try to shrug him off and limp over to the guy you’d shot earlier, cursing when you find out he’d pretty much bled out already and huffing in frustration. 

'You hit the artery in his chest-’ 

'Yes. I can fucking see that.’ you snap, finally shrugging Jungkook off and shuffling back over to the other guy, grabbing the bindings from the chair that was still in the middle of the floor and beginning to tie him up as you hear him walk lazily toward you. 

'Do you want some help carrying-’ 

'What are you doing here?’ you cut him off, completing the knots and beginning to drag the guy towards the gang’s car that was parked just out of sight of the warehouse doors. 

You want to swear at him when Jungkook takes the ropes from you without your consent and lugs the guy over his shoulder, but with the way your shoulder was already screaming in protest at the weight of the man, and the state that your hip was in as you feel yourself begin to bruise- the bullet thankfully having sunk into your bulletproof padding, missing your actual thigh and any main vessels- you simply let him take him from you without a word. 

'I’ve finished for the day. I figured i’d come and ask you if you wanted to go out tonight.’ he says, not batting an eye at your harsh tone after having dealt with you in this state too many times for you to be happy with. 

That was the issue with dating someone in your father’s gang; Jungkook worried too much about you getting hurt. It was stupid since it was just something that came along with the job, but ever since the very first time you’d slept with him after he saved you, he’d always somehow been there when things had gone wrong, always shown up at just the right time. 

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My Best Friend’s Brother Part 13

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, smut, this part is pure fluff


You woke up around 9 the next morning. You felt the familiar ache in your limbs as you stretched smiling to yourself. Dean had an arm wrapped around your middle and you rolled so you were laying against his chest. You thought  back to the night before, it broke your heart that Dean couldn’t see just how good he was. You looked at his face, he looked so much younger and peaceful while he slept. You brought your finger to his face tracing it and running your thumb along his pink plump lips. Sometimes it still shocked you just how handsome he was and you wondered how a man that looked like that was attracted to you. You laughed to yourself, thinking about what a pair you were, neither of you realizing your own worth but the other seeing it so clearly. You leaned down and placed a kiss to his cheek and you felt him stir. You continued to place kisses all over his face down to his neck and you felt his arm tightening around you and you stopped to look up at his face, “Good morning baby” you whispered tracing circles on his chest. Dean grunted and opened his eyes to look at you. His eyes met yours and you placed your chin on his chest to look up at him and he smiled lacing his hand in your messy hair.

“Mornin’ gorgeous” he said his voice still low and husky from sleep. You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help but smile, “my favorite thing in the world is waking up to you with your adorable bed head, and still naked from the night before…” he slowly turned you to your back and hovered above you smiling down at you. You reached your hands up to hold his face and leaned up to kiss him. He leaned down on his elbows to bring himself closer to you and placed kisses on your neck before pulling back again to look at you.

“How are you this morning?” you asked running your fingers through his hair and he smiled down at you.

“I’m perfect after last night Y/N” He rolled back over to his side and you turned to face his tangling your legs up with his and placing your hands on his chest while he absentmindedly rubbed your side, “thank you, for last night” Dean broke the silence and you looked up at him, he wouldn’t meet your eyes as you spoke, “I know I am hard to love sometimes, I’m stubborn and I pull away when things get too real, but I am not going to run this time” his voice wavered as he spoke and you reached out and placed a hand on his face to calm him, “I want this, I want you, I know this cant ever be a traditional kind of relationship, which honestly I always thought I wanted, but this with you is more than I ever could have dreamed, you are so beautiful, and I don’t mean just in the you’ve got a rockin body and cute face kind of way, which you do have that, but you just are a beautiful person and I am really grateful to have you and I am never going to let this go, I know its not fair to keep you in this life just because I want you to myself, so if you want to leave you can but as long as you want me I’m here and I will fight for this because I love you Y/N” Dean finally stopped talking and you felt your heart swell at his words, he finally looked up to meet your eyes and you saw the sincerity in them.

“Dean I’m not going anywhere, this is our life. We are hunters. I will stand by your side loving you as long as this life will let me. I love you, so much Dean” you felt tears escape your eyes and Dean reached to wipe them away before pulling you into a hug. He held you like that for a few minutes before he heard your stomach start to growl and you looked up to meet Dean’s eyes and the two of you started to laugh.

“Alright enough of this mushy crap lets go get you breakfast” You rolled your eyes as you got out of bed. You looked around the floor for a t-shirt and bent over to pick one up, as you were bent over Dean walked by and smacked your bare ass causing you to squeak and jump back up. Dean chuckled and licked his lips looking at you. You stuck your tongue out at him and pulled his favorite ACDC shirt on.

“And here I thought you were going soft on me Deano”  Dean glared at you but you noticed the smile tugging at his lips. After he put his sweatpants on he walked over to you and gripped your hips pulling you flush against him.

“Nothing about you makes me soft…” he said suggestively and you smirked at him feeling him hardening against you. You wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed his chin.

“Save that for later Winchester my whole body aches from last night, and I’m starving” Dean smirked and you could tell he was holding back another sexual remark but he just leaned down kissing you and went to grab a shirt.


You and Dean were in the kitchen making a huge breakfast. Sam was surprisingly still asleep so the two of you decided to go all out and surprise Sam with a big breakfast too. Dean was in the middle of doing the hash browns. You were getting the coffee pot going when Dean reached above you for the flour and you felt a big plop on your head and white powder shook down in front of your eyes. You turned around to see Dean with a shit eating grin and the bag of flour.

“Baby it was an accident I swear, I didn’t know it was open already” he said backing up and trying to hold back his laughter. You walked towards him and gave him the sweetest smile you could muster. Finally, you got close enough and grabbed the bag and reached your hand in for a handful and then blowing it in his face. You giggled at the expression he had, “Oh its on now” you squealed and tried to run away but he grabbed you and reached around with his other hand to grab a handful of flour dumping it on your head. You giggled as you squirmed against him and started to shake your head to get the flour on him. Some flew up into his eye and he stopped to wipe it out and you reached for another handful and threw it at him.

“You’re such a little brat” Dean yelled at you through laughs and you giggled and ran to the other side of the kitchen. Dean caught up to you and wrapped his arms around you and started blowing raspberries on your neck knowing how ticklish you are, “Nooo Dean stop!” you said out of breath and laughing. The ticklish maneuver then turned into sweet kisses, you could feel Dean smiling against your skin as he kissed you. You turned in his embrace and got on your toes to kiss him the two of you smiling as you tried to kiss. When you pulled away you took in his appearance and laughed, “You look ridiculous we have made a huge mess” you giggled trying to wipe the flour from his hair.

“Come on guys really?” You and Dean turned to see Sam standing in the doorway, he was taking in the huge mess the two of you had made.

“Sorry Sammy, we made you breakfast though and I’ll clean this up” you said giving Sam an apologetic smile and he laughed at you and pulled you into a hug, “You guys are going to be so annoying together but I’m glad you’re happy”

“You two sit down I’ll finish up breakfast and bring it to you” Dean said returning to the food.

“Let me help you babe, at least let me clean this up” you said reaching for the broom.

“No I’ve got this I’m going to finish up cooking and then clean this up. You are going to sit down and eat till you’re so full you can’t  move and then go take a nice hot shower and get this stuff off of you and then we are going to spend the whole day lazin’ about” Dean said walking you towards a chair.

“Dean-“ you started to protest wanting to help but were cut off by Dean.

“Sweetheart I want to, let me, let me take care of you” Dean using your words from the night before and you felt yourself give in. You pressed a kiss to his cheek and then sat at the table with Sam chatting a laughing.


This can’t be happening, please don’t be happening. You were pacing back in forth in Dean’s bedroom. The boys had gone on a hunt without you, you had woken up not feeling great and ended up throwing up your breakfast so Dean insisted you sit this one out. Once you’d stopped throwing up you went to the cabinet to get some medicine to help your stomach when you noticed the unopened box of tampons. You started thinking about it and realized you were two weeks late. You were on the pill but it was hard to really be consistent with it being on the road so much and you had been a little relaxed with it, because frankly you hadn’t really been having sex until everything with Dean. Once you’d said goodbye to the boys you took one of the cars from the bunker garage and went into town to buy a pregnancy test. And now here you were pacing back in forth in your boyfriend’s room waiting for the test to be ready.

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Questions and Different Stories

Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Characters: Raph, Leo, Donnie, Mikey
Relationship: Raph/reader
Request: A Raph one where he breaks up with you because he doesn’t feel good enough and just pure angst all the way but happy ending
You were lying in your bed, reading a book when you heard a knock on your window. You knew it could only be one person so you hopped over to the widow and drew the curtains to see none other than Raphael supporting his self on both the ledge of the window sill and holding on to the gutters above. You had been dating the turtle for many months now and, not to sound to cliché but things had been going great. His anger seemed to be more under control and he was very loving towards you. His brother didn’t know about the secret relationship between you both but it wasn’t an issue since you hung out with them most nights, so it was easy to see Raph. Admittedly, you were the first and only one in the relationship to fully say ‘I love you’ to him, but you didn’t mind that. You knew he cared for you and that he returned your feeling since he wasn’t the best at showing them.
You beamed at him and opened the window so he could climb in. But something was off about Raph. Normally he would smile back, or when he came in, he would hug you or kiss you. Instead, he walked straight by you.
“We need to talk.” He said, his low and gruff voice, which had always been a turn on for you, now made you slightly unconfutable. His sounded annoyed, but you had no idea why.
First, you thought it might be because you didn’t come down tonight, but he knew you weren’t coming because you were recovering from a bug and the sewers weren’t the ideal place for you now. Plus, Donnie had threated to string you up if you did risk your health.
“Okay, what would you like to talk about?” You walked over and wrapped your arms around his right one, pressing a loving kiss to his shoulder. He snatched his arm out of your reach as you stumbled back slightly.
“This isn’t working out. I don’t want to see you anymore.” He turned his head to glance at you over his shoulder. You blinked at him for a moment, he could see your mouth opening slightly and your tongue darting out over your lips. Then you shook your head and smiled at him.
“Don’t toy with me like that, its not funny.” You laugh, and push him slightly, but he just turns and stands at his full height, towering over you.
“Its not a joke. I do not want to be with you.” He growls at you, making you shrink away slightly. He lets out an annoyed sigh and pushes past you and back to the window. You shake your head again and run after him, grabbing his hand in both of yours.
“Wait Raph, wh-“ Before you could continue, his other hand pushed you off with such force that you fell to the floor.
“Didn’t you hear me?! I don’t want you. I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to touch you, I don’t want to know you.” He screamed at you.
You felt your world shatter as your normally loving and caring boyfriend had pushed you to the floor and was now standing over you, yelling at you with such hate in his eyes.
“But I thought”
“You thought wrong!” Suddenly, Raph raised his fist above his head. You shrieked and cowered away, raising your arms to protect yourself. The pain never came as you glance through your arms to see him panting, hard, his fist lowing back to his side slowly.
“Okay.” Was all you could say as fear flooded your body. Raph gave a slight grunt before turning and walking back to the window. He climbed out and left without a second look.
—————————————time skip —————————
It had been 2 months since your ‘break up’ with Raph and you had decided that crying and moping would not do. Some said it would be unhealthy to be like this over such a short relationship, but you didn’t just lose him, you lost Mikey, Donnie, Leo and Splinter. Since Raph had made it clear he wanted nothing to do with you, you didn’t see the turtles or the master.
Now, you were out on a date with a man named Edward. He was tall and handsome but you didn’t see anything going anywhere. Mainly because all he had done the whole night was talk about himself. You were walking back and he took you a couple of short cuts down some back alleys.
“Hey! Isnt that [f/n]?” Mikey called to his brothers pointing at a couple walking along one of the allies. Raph felt his heart drop when he heard your name, but seeing you with this man made his insides shatter.
“Yeah, whos that shes with?” Leo asked, rubbing the back of his head. None of the brother knew why you didn’t come to see them anymore and Raph wasn’t going to volunteer the information.
“I don’t know, but I don’t like the look of him.” Donnie frowned and looked at Leo, who nodded.
“For god sake. She can take care of herself, lets just get out of here.” Raph growled and turned away only to hear you shriek. He ran back and saw the man pushing you up against the wall, a knife held to your throat
What the hell was he doing? What does he want? Your head was spinning with questions as you felt the blade push against your skin. HE was about to say something to you when you saw Mikey, Leo and Donnie land behind him, their weapons in their hands. You let out a sigh of relive as Leo pulled Edward off you and threw him against a bin. Donnie was by your side as you slide down the wall to sit with the shock at what had happened. When you looked up, you saw Edward running away with Mikey right behind him. There was a high buzzing sound that had started when you hit your head off the wall. You could faintly hear Donnie.
“I think she knocked her head. [y/n], can you hear me?” He clicked his fingers in front of your face and you blinked a couple of times before looking at him. You nod and smile at him.
“Thank you.” You look to Leo then to Mikey and frown slightly. They had all gathered around you, but it wasn’t all of them.
“Wheres Raph?” You look back to Donnie who shifts awkwardly from one foot to the other.
“Hes up on the roof.” Donnie nods to the roof where they had jumped down from. You felt a sting of pain your chest as you start to cry.
Donnie, Mikey and Leo look at each other in concern as you bring your knees up and hug them close. The sobs cause you to tremble slightly as you cover your face from the brothers, hating yourself for letting your emotion get the better of you.
“It okay, [y/n].” Leo placed a timid hand on your arm but you shake your head fanatically trying to calm yourself down but failing.
“No, no its not okay. This is defiantly not okay. The first and only person I have ever loved doesn’t even give enough of a damn about me to help when I have a knife held to my throat. Nothing about this is okay!” You sob into your hands.
“Do, Do you want us to get Raph for you, so you can talk?” Leo leans in again, trying to comfort you as Donnie rubs your back and Mikey sits beside you.
“No, please don’t, he’ll get angry at me again.” You feel the fear in your whole being again. The way Raph had raised his fist at you that night for trying to talk to him, it just made you shake harder.
“Again? I don’t think Raph could be angry at you if he tried!” Mikey playfully elbows you in the side but it doesn’t make a difference. You hadn’t talked to anyone about what happened that night and it had all build up inside.
“He told me he never wanted to see me again and when I tried to stop him leaving, he pushed me to the ground and I- I though he was going to hit me.” You let out a shuddering breath, not looking up at any of them. You felt guilty about telling them this about their brother but with what just happened, they were the only ones who could and would listen.
“Hit you?” Leo questioned you, his voice still soft and gentle. You nodded into your arms.
“He raised his fist above his head.” You physically flinch at the memory. You had calmed down a lot and you were no longer shaking or crying. Finally getting the courage to look up at them, seeing Leo looking at Donnie and Mikey at his hands.
“Please don’t tell him I told you. I shouldn’t have dragged you into this. I was just scared and lonely and with what just happened. I don’t know. I miss you guys.” You look directly at Leo who looked at you, a mixture of sorrow and pity in his eyes.
“I don’t know whats happened between you both, but I think you should talk to him.” Leo spoke calmly but you recoiled slightly. “Don’t worry. We will be somewhere close so if you do think your in danger, you can call on us. Hes been troubled the last couple of months and he has been letting his anger get the better of him. I cant force you to do anything. But at least if you smooth it over with him, you wont be lonely anymore.” Leos words made you nod slightly. They would keep you safe and at least you could get some closure.
Mikey helped you up to the final story of the building as Donnie and Leo went to find a good stop to watch.
“Remember, the signal word is ‘pizza’.” Mikey said, making you nearly laugh as he gave you a leg up. Carefully you hopped onto the roof and instantly saw Raph.
He was crouched on the other side of the roof facing the opposite direction.
You took a deep breath and walked closer. With each step, your heart started beating fast and harder. You just kept telling yourself that it was okay and that you had 3 pairs of eyes watching and protecting you.
“Hey.” You spoke just loud enough that he could hear you. You saw him jump at your words and stand up, turning around in the process. You felt your throat go dry as you instantly started to back away. He was towering over you again and the darkness didn’t help as his figure was illuminated by the street lights. He jumped down from the ledge and stood a good 10 feet away from you.
“Hi.” He grunted at you. You took a deep breath. You needed this to go well so you could carry on with your life.
“Raph, I need to know why you did what you did. I need to know why so I can move on.” You raised your chin slightly, determined not to let his height intimidate you anymore.
Raph seemed both confused and take aback by you. He looked away from you.
“Because I don’t-“ He started, but your courage and anger was too much.
“No, don’t you dare start with that ‘because I don’t care about you’ crap. Im not saying you don’t care about me, but this is beyond that point, Raph. I could have died today and you would have stepped aside and let that happen.” You manage to keep your voice steady as you gesture to the ally you had just been in. Raph glared at you.
“But you didn’t, my brothers-“ Once again, you cut him off.
“And what if it had just been you? What if you had seen what happened, would you have just stood aside and let my neck get cut?” You saw him flinch at the harshness of your words but you didn’t care.
“Raph. You have gone way past just not caring for me. Now it seems like you hate me and I don’t know why.” You take a step closer to him, seeing his flinch at the word hate. You stop when you were a couple of feet in front of him. You could tell he was not going to answer you, so you sighed and shook your head.
“At least tell me one thing. Would you have let me die tonight?” Your voice shook slightly and you knew he had heard you from the shocked look on his face. Slowly, he shook his heart. You nodded to yourself and turned to walk away.
It was over for you. Yes, he would have saved you if he had been on his own, but probably only out of a sense of duty that care. It wasn’t the closure you needed but it was a little bit. Enough that you thought you might just be able to move on.
“[y/n].” You heard Raph whisper and you look over your shoulder to see he had turned away from you. His arms and legs seemed to be trembling. You frowned and turned back, walking over to him and around him so you were in front of him. You were quiet and you knew he thought you were out of ear shot. You saw his eyes were closed tight and tears were rolling down his cheeks. He raised his hand to cover his whole face as you stepped closer.
You placed a hand on top of his. Raph jumped and his eyes flew open at the contact but you ignored it and pulled his hand away from his face and took it in yours, leading his over to the wall that you could both sit on. He followed you with question. You knew Raph was bad with emotions and words so that there was only one way to resolve this.
You perched on the wall, you eyes avoid Raph as he did the same. However, you could feel his eyes were on you the whole time.
“Okay, new plan. This isn’t good for either of us so I’m going to ask you some questions and all you have to do is nod or shake your head. Understand?” You look at Raph who nodded his head. You cleared your throat. You started asking the questions.
“did you know I was in trouble tonight?” He nodded.
“You would have helped me if you had to?” He nodded.
“You didn’t want to come down because you didn’t want to help me?” He shook his head, so you changed the question.
“You didn’t want to come down because you didn’t want to see me?” He nodded.
“Because you don’t like me?” He shook his head.
“Because what happened between us hurts?” He nodded.
“That night, when we broke up, was it because you were angry with me?” He shook his head.
“Was it because I annoy you?” He shook his head.
“Had I upset you?” He shook his head.
“Was it something I did?” He shook his head.
“Was it something you did?” He paused, then nodded. A knife stabbed you in the heart as your throat went dry.
“Did you cheat on me?” You hear your voice crack, but he shook his head furiously. You let out a shaky sigh of relief and nod to yourself before jumping down off the wall, only to feel Raph catch hold of your wrist.
“My turn.” He whispers as you turn to look at him. You understood what he meant. It was his turn to question you, so you lean back as his hand let’s go of you.
“Since us, have you been with anyone else?” He voice was low and gruff but you shake your head.
“That guy tonight, was that the first date?” You nod your head.
“Did he hurt you?” You nod a little, your hand raising to the back of your head where it had hit off the wall when he pushed you up against it.
“Did he hurt you worse than I did?” You could tell Raph was speaking through his teeth but you shake your head.
“Did I hurt you more?” You nod.
“Do you hate me?” You pause for a moment, then shake your head.
“Do you still love me?” You froze the turned to Raph, who was staring intensely at you. You slowly nod your head as a tear runs down your cheeks. You did still love him with all your heart, which was why you couldn’t hate him. He takes a deep breath in before continuing.
“Do you think I hate you?” You nod your head, looking away again.
“Do you think I love you?” You shake your head as more tears run down your cheeks. You raise your hand to cover your mouth. Suddenly, you were engulfed in Raphs arms as he pulled you to sit on his lap, his face buried in your neck. You felt the tears wetting your neck as his arms held you.
“I do, I do love you.” He whispered as he held you close, feeling the way you stiffened at his words.
“Then why did you do it?” You raise a hand to place it on his head, feeling the smooth skin. He let out a shuddering breath.
“Because I didn’t think I was good enough for you. I thought if you hated me or were scared of me, it would be easier for you to get over this mess. You deserve someone better than me.” He voice broke in several parts, but you understood every word of it as you let your head wrap itself around what he had just said. “im sorry.” He whispered into your ear.
You twisted around in his arms and wrapped your own arms around his neck before resting your forehead on his shoulder. Both of you sat there weeping into each other’s arms for a moment.
“What do we do now?” You ask, unsure of what this meant. Raph had stopped shaking and was now just taking deep breaths. He stood up and placed you down on your feet.
“Its up to you. Ive hurt you enough. I want to be with you but I understand if you don’t want to be with me. So I’ll give you time. If you want to give me another chance, I’ll meet you on the roof of your building tomorrow night. If not, I wont bother you again.” Raph leans down kissed your forehead as you closed your eyes.
Then he was gone.
——————————————–time skip————————————-

After Raph had left, Donnie, Mikey and Leo had came to make sure you were okay. You nodded them and they escorted you home, asking what had happened. You just said you needed some time to think things through, however you invited them around next week for pizza. You didn’t want to lose their friendship and they had made it clear that they would not make things awkward for you. You didn’t sleep that night and spend most of the day dotting about, trying to occupy your mind till sunset. When it eventually did come, you bolted out your apartment and onto the roof.
You saw Raph was already there, pacing back and forth nervously.
“Hey.” You spoke quietly but Raph heard and looked up at you with wide eyes and froze. You smiled and looked down.
Raph ran to you, wrapped his arms around your waist and spun you around before pressing his lips to your in a needy and desperate kiss. You smiled into the kiss, moving your lips against his and enjoying the feeling again.
Raph broke the kiss first and started to kiss up and down your neck, his hands running up and down your side. You smiled and let your head fall back, allowing him better access to your neck, which he took. You giggled a little, pushing his chest playfully. He responded by nipping your neck.
“Ive missed you.” he mumbles against your skin.
“Ive missed you, too.” You allow your hands to rest on the back of his neck as he pulls away, leaning his forehead against yours.
“I love you.” He whispers, looking lovingly into your eyes.
“I love you, too.” You giggled, peaking his lips once again. He sighed at the feeling of you back in his arms, feeling that familiar warmth in his heart which only came about when you were with him.
“Anyway, whats this about you inviting my brothers to yours for pizza but not me?” He looked at you with a faked angry expression, but you just giggled and shook your head.
“Your welcome as well.” You suddenly get a very guilty feeling in the pit of your stomach. “Did- is everything okay between you and your brothers?” You ask cautiously. Raph seemed a little reluctant to answer.
“Yeah, now we are. They weren’t happy about what happened before but we talked things through.” He looked away, making you raise an eyebrow.
“You mean you talked things through with them without throwing a hissy fit?” You asked. He nodded and smirked at you slightly.
“You know, not everything can be solved with violence.”
You started playfully punching his shoulder.
“That’s. What. Ive. Been. Telling. You. for. Years.” You punch between words, making Raph laugh at how you couldn’t hurt him. Before you could speak, Raph had bent down and scooped you up and over his shoulder. You yelped in surprise before kicking and struggling.
“Come on. I just wanted to make up for lost time.” Raph smirks, running a hand up your leg and stopping at your thigh. You stop struggling.
“Well then, that’s a different story.” You smile to yourself.

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Prologue 01-04 Translation + Video

Prologue 01-04     Prologue 05-07

(σ゚∀゚)σ  Yooo sinners~! I’ve gotten asked to translate this game in the past and I was kinda ehhh about it. But then I heard loads of good things. Nil Admirari was another one requested to me a lot. You have to consider though, I have to buy the games I translate. I can’t be spending hundreds of dollars on games since I don’t work. ヽ(´▽`;)/  I chose psychedelica because I liked the system set-up better and the atmosphere. Plus I’m a sucker for amnesia plots. No one knows shit in the beginning of this game.

This will be a test run. If people show interest, I’ll continue. If not, I dunno haha.


Prologue is 7 parts long. This is the first half.

Video is raw only. (´ω`*)  Translation is the post. I hope you enjoy~

~~[Prologue: Part 1]~~

*Scenes Flash By Until It Stops At A Bus In The Rain*

*Muffled Voices*

???: Ahh. I see. I guess that’s true. It’s something that can’t be undone.

???: What do you mean?

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Love me harder. | Thomas Brodie- Sangster Imagine

Y/n P.O.V

Sighing, you rested your chin against your clenched fist and stared into the distance. You couldn’t hide your feelings anymore. No one knew about your stupid secret and you just wanted to blurt it out to anyone and everyone. Just keeping it locked away frustrates the living daylights, especially when it’s extremely worse than a crush. Even you couldn’t deny these feelings that you were in love wi-

“Hey Y/n! What’s with the long face?” Your thoughts were interrupted by your best friend, who looked at you with a confused expression. His dirty blonde hair dishevelled by the wind, with his cheeks rosy and flustered from the cool summer breeze. You then gazed down to his outfit and you swear you felt yourself drool as he wore a navy suit, hugging his body slightly.


“I- uh- I’m fine Thomas, why wouldn’t I be?” You stuttered, looking anywhere but him, trying your best to avoid eyeing your best friend again.

Thomas took a seat next to you on the wooden bench in his back garden, and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Well, can’t have my best friend sad for the party tonight, can we?” He replied, chuckling and you couldn’t help but laugh with him. “Do you have a dress for tonight?”

You nodded and looked up at him who gave you a smug grin. “Well, do I not get any details or are you going to leave me hanging?” He teased.

Letting out a gasp, you nudged his shoulder slightly and muttered, “Idiot.”

“Well, I take that I will see you tonight, Y/n.” He said, placing a light kiss to the side of your head and stalking off back to his house, leaving you dazed and flustered.

Yes, you were definitely without a doubt in love with Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

“Thank you ever so much Bruno.” You said to your driver, who grinned at you through the review mirror.

“No problem Y/n and you look absolutely stunning as always.” He replied, smiling. You quickly thanked him before exiting the car and gazing up at the building, which was all glammed up with red carpets, fancy decorations and paparazzi. Tucking a loose curl behind your ear, you hiked up your dress slightly as you made your way up the steps.

As you entered the building, you couldn’t help but gasp. Extravagant chandeliers, giant staircases, rows of tables and a fancy dance floor.

Thomas really did well this time, you thought.

Speaking of the devil, you spotted your best friend making his way over towards you almost tauntingly as he wore a light smirk. He looked dashing, with his grey suit and his hair sleek but messy. Thomas’ eyes trained to your long, red silk dress which hugged your curves tightly and flowed straight to the floor. With his stare heating you up, you shuffled slightly in your heels.

“You look beautiful, Y/n.” Thomas finally said, giving you a hug.

“Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself Sangster.” You replied, smiling.

He released you and led you down the stair case and introduced you to his friends. Thomas suddenly leaned down and you felt his warm breath fanning the side of your face, almost making your heart leap out of chest. “Save me a dance later?” He whispered.

Of course.”

The party was going on full blast downstairs but you stood alone on the balcony and stared into the night sky. The nights breeze kissed your skin letting the goosebumps rise and making you shiver slightly.

“Y/n, my dear what are you doing up here?” A voice startled you making you turn around, seeing Thomas’ mother eyeing you curiously.

“I decided that i needed a little fresh air.” You replied, with a smile as she stood next you.

“Well Y/n, I never got to thank you.” Thomas’ mother began but you looked at her with furrowed brows.

For what?

“For taming my little boy.” She answered, chuckling. “You see, I’ve never seen him look at a lady the way he looks at you. And even if you can’t see it, He’s in love with you Y/n and i know that you’re good for him.”

You stared at her, shocked.

Thomas is in love with me?

You quickly shook your head, “It can’t be true, surely it cant.”

She gave you a small smile and placed a hand on your shoulder, “I see that you’re in love with him too.” She whispered, as if i was the only one who was supposed to hear it and with that, she trotted back inside the house leaving my emotions completely messed up.

With you trying to catch your breath as if you’ve ran a marathon, you held the railings tightly and closed your eyes, until a voice one again interrupted your thoughts.


You swiftly turned around to see Thomas, looking at you but strangely with a faraway look in his dark orbs. He slid his hands into his pockets, making his way over to you whilst looking into the darkness with only the moon as the source of light. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

You nodded, feeling your cheeks flare up by his close proximity. “It is.”

Thomas then let out a sigh and ran his fingers through his hair and gazed down at you. “Look about what my Mother said-”

You let out a cough and stared up at him with wide eyes, “You heard?”

He nodded, “Everything.” He paused before capturing his bottom lip with his front teeth. “You see Y/n. What my Mum said- i-it’s not true. I’m not in love with you.”

Your heart sunk and you teared your eyes away from him. Tears threatened to spill but you began to blink rapidly, trying your best to stop them. Thomas then wrapped his hand around your wrist and hauled you away from the edge of the balcony. You gave him a questionable look.

“I don’t want the paps to see us together because you’re an ordinary girl and I’m a-”

“A celebrity, i get it. You’re embarrassed to be seen with me.” You interrupted, gulping, feeling your heart being torn open by his words.

Thomas cleared his throat, “Well, I’ll be downstairs if you need me. Will you stay for my speech later on?” He asked, and you could feel his gaze on you but you continued to stare into the distance.

Of course I will.” You replied, giving him a quick look.

“Great! See you in a bit.” And with that he left you alone.Completely oblivious to what he has done to you. He broke you and he didn’t even notice.

Biting your trembling lip, you rubbed your arm as you thought back at what he said.

I’m not in love with you.

Not being able to take it anymore, you allowed the warm tears to roll down your cheeks as you sniffed quietly to yourself. He doesn’t love you, never have and never will. Why would he anyways? He even said you were too normal for him, you thought.

Wiping your tears, you began to make your way down the stairs with Thomas saying his special speech with everyone laughing at his jokes. Quickly and quietly, you headed straight towards the front door and whilst giving one last look back, you noticed Thomas’ frown as he watched you.

“Y/n, is everything alright?” Bruno asked, concern written all over his face.

You shook your head as you entered the car. “No Bruno, everything is not alright.”


So if you want a part two then let me know! 

I’m still writing your requests guys but please state whether you want a gif imagine or a long one and who it is about!

And oh my goodness, i am like five away from 2k! How the hell did this happen? Like seriously thats a lot of you guys following me and i am so grateful! 

So week 1 of exams over! I am exhausted but writing is keeping me awake.

Thanks a bunch guys!

Lots of love,

Yves x

-Thomas Brodie-Sangster

-not my gifs


Christmas ‘One-Shot’ Countdown - 4 Days to go

Song Minho - Christmas Party - Angst/Smut

Originally posted by king-mino

Hi, I would like request for the Christmas Special! A one shot angst/smut with Mino from Winner. I feel like I don’t get to see good scenarios with him, and with you doing it, it would be perfect! 

‘You talk too much.’

Why Yang had decided to organise the christmas party at this stupidly lavish restaurant, you will never know. 

Why everyone was so loud and drinking so much- to the point that they were all practically falling over each other- continues to confuse you.

And WHY Minho thought it was okay to keep looking at you in that way was beyond you.

The two of you hated each other.

You knew this. He knew this. Everyone knew this.

So why did you suddenly find yourself shifting on the spot nervously, hands fiddling with your hair as you spoke to Dara and eyes flickering over to him every 5 seconds, seeing him stood leant against the bar staring right back at you.

‘Y/N!? Who do you keep looking at that is so much more interesting than my story about my trip to spain?!’ she moans, turning to follow your gaze, making you quickly look away- but not before she clocked the handsome, glower from the guy at the bar.

‘Mino? I thought you guys hated each other?’ she asks suspiciously, gaze flickering back to yours and you roll your eyes, brushing it off.

‘We do. He’s just clearly being a pervert… I knew i shouldn’t have worn such a short dress.’ you grumble, fiddling with the hem, but instead of pulling it down, you find yourself subtly dragging it higher, making sure Dara wasn’t clocking your you do so and glancing up to look at the man across the room and seeing his grip tighten on the glass he was holding, making you smirk.

‘Hey! No Way. I think you look cute!…oh…hold on, Seungyoon’s ringing me, why the hell- ‘Yoonie-shi, i can literally see you from here, why are you ringing…’’ She trails off as she walks away, leaving you to stand alone, looking around the room as you sip your glass of wine, trying to avoid the gaze of Mino.

You almost thought you had succeeded, until you break your promise with yourself, and look over at the bar to see that he had disappeared, your shoulders slumping slightly in disappointment as people continue to bustle around you, stopping you from hearing the silent approach of the man himself.

‘Its rude to stare.’ he growls lowly in your ear and you whip around, heart pounding as you come face to face with his dark irises and his award winning smirk.

‘And yet you still are. Wow. Not very good with the whole ‘polite’ thing are you.’ he sneers, eyes glued to yours, although he looks like he’s struggling not to let his gaze trail elsewhere.

‘Well, maybe i’m just reciprocating the favour- ever thought of that?’ you snap, hiding your trembling hands by crossing your arms, eyes narrowing as you see him snort at your comment.

‘Aww, princess, don’t try to turn this on me. If i couldn’t have felt your eyes burning into my back all night, i wouldn’t have had to watch you pine over something you cant have.’ he chuckles darkly, the sound intimidating and challenging and you feel your hackles rise at his insinuation.

‘I think you seriously need to get your facts straight.’ you hiss, stepping closer to him and glaring up at him. 

‘If you hadn’t have been pervertedly eye-fucking me all night, i wouldn’t have felt so stupidly self-conscious that i had to keep pulling my dress down to check that you hadn’t pulled it up with just your fucking eyes.’ you sneer, heart racing in your chest as you register just how close the two of you were stood, seeing Mino’s own smirk as he too registers your proximity and going to take a step back.

But you’re stopped before you move hardly anywhere, by a strong, warm arm curling around your waist, finger digging into your ribs as he pulls you back to him.

‘Where do you think you’re going, princess?’ he growls in your ear, using his arms to keep you pinned snugly against his chest, hot breathe flowing over your skin, making you shiver.

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A girl we can't understand p3

movie: the maze runner
character: reader x newt

also starring: none 

plot: the girl of the glades still holding on to newt but she needs a shower and he has to guard the outside for her he gets bored and decided to find out what he can see.

rating:  smutty ;)

part 3/?

part 1     part 2
(Y/N) your name

still newts pov

i walk over to the showers with Y/N still holding on to me tightly till we get there to the showers its just a small hut with a shower in it “thank you newton” she says before going in and shutting the door as soon as i can hear the shower running i lean on one of the walls just checking every few seconds theres no one around and yep no one so i just lean back a bit more on the wall a bit bored of this when suddenly i hear a creek of wood obviously the wall so i get of it and turn theres a small hole now in the wall bloody builders never build stuff that will last i will admit it’s tempting to know the only girl in the glade is in there and no one else is around but should i, i mean im the only person here she trusts if she catches me she won’t trust anyone oh shuck it i step closer and look into the shower to see Y/N naked oh my god she’s breathtaking she’s so beautiful “uh” i say accidentally wow where did that come from i continue even though i shouldn’t looking into the shower at Y/N “oh baby” i say immediately putting my hand over my mouth what the bloody hell my mouth is working on its own why the hell am i making those noises i don’t understand till i look down  oh god klunk small well not small giantly noticeably problem down there what am i gonna do she’ll notice if i don’t do anything about it plus how am i gonna do anything about it as soon as she’s done in there she’ll cuddle me and go back to the room and sleep hugging me all night when am i gonna get the time to sort it out i’ve only got one choice im gonna have to sort it out while she’s in there okay but i have to be quiet this time no noises i look back into the shower at her “uh” i say before putting my hand back over my mouth to make sure Y/N isnt gonna hear me and catch me before i slowly run my free hand over my pants just staring at Y/N imagining my hands are her’s till i see something shocking Y/N in the shower touching herself bloody hell she’s lent against the wall her fingers inside her her eyes shut looking very happy i take that as my cue to start my work too unzipping my pants and pulling down slightly my boxers stroking softly just looking at her do that to herself “newton” she says wait go back a sec what was that “newton” she repeats perfect oh if only it wouldnt be strange if she could see me doing what im doing as i can see her doing what she’s doing both of us imagineing each other okay time of pick up the pase a bit but this time bitting my bottom lip so i dont talk i’ll leave the sounds to her as we both contiueing what we’re doing to ourselfs “newton, newton, newton” she squeels yeah im right here love trust me if it wouldnt make you hate me i would open that door and do that for you i cant tell we’re both pretty close till she opens her eyes and kocks on the wall beside her “newton” she says “newton are you there” she says oh she’s actully calling me that time “yeah” i say trying not to groan as i say it but i can tell she’s struggeling to talk properly too “newton can help me with a thingny” she asks oh god what does she mean if she says go in and help her fine get the door open love “sure what” i ask 

“i left my towel at room can you uh- azoko” she says don’t know what that means

“do you want me to get it Y/N” i ask

“eny” she says oh but miss this no way i wouldn’t miss this if someone gave me detailed instructions out the maze

“sure back in a bit” i say of course im not going anywhere just make her think i’ve gone and she starts again and so do i ill go get it when im done both of us moments away from our highs “newton” she moans oh Y/N your so perfect 

“newton mba miangavy re” from all this time i know that means please 

“mba miangavy re, mba miangavy re, mba miangavy re,mba miangavy re”she squeals oh love don’t freak im right here i can feel myself struggling not to climax and i can tell so is she “uh newton, newton, newton” she squeals oh baby when we get back to the room im teaching you some more stuff i swear it and not even a few seconds later she reaches her high so do i at the same time “NEWT” she screams in pleasure well for once she got my name right when it matters “Y/N” i shout klunk i couldn’t stop myself as i got to my high “what” she shouts back obviously not realising what for of shout it was 

“i- uh- i couldn’t find it where exactly is it love” i say trying to cover up the huge screw up 

“i left it on the bed” she says well i might as well actually go get it now i just hope i don’t miss anything good.

perrie & y/n {requested} {dirty imagine}

Iam at a sleepover with some girls from school and one of them happens to be perrie edwards. now everyone knows shes bi and everyone knows how many girls she fucked… but for some reason iam just so damn attracted to her. so when I found out she was coming I nearly fell out of the chair. I walk to the back room where selena the “host” of this sleepover room is. which is where all of us will sleep. selena has a huge pool in the back of the house with a little waterfall near the back of it. we are all in our swim suits in the water having a good time. perrie sinks under the crystal water for a few moments it seems like iam the only one who noticed. seconds later she surfaces right next to me. “shit perrie are you trying to scare the hell out of me?” I say. “sorry.” she smiles looking over my swim suit. “perrie come here.” one of the other girls says. I focus on perries swim suit a small light blue bikini top that barely covers her breasts and tiny shorts that matches. we spend all day in the pool its around 8 when all the girls return inside I stay in the pool a bit longer. I swim under the waterfall finding a beautiful little spot behind the flowing water. I hear footsteps coming closer to the pool and someone get in. I poke my head around the water to see nothing just the huge house ….no one. I turn around to see perrie smiling at me. “perrie!” i shriek. “hi” she laughs leaning back against the wall. “what are you doing here?” I say looking back towards the house. ” I could ask you the same thing.” she says putting her hands on her hips. “I asked you first.” I reply moving back behind the water. ” I umm wanted to see where you were.” she admits. “why?”I ask a bit shocked. I glance down to her breast, god I just wanna kiss and suck at them. I would make her feel so good…. “cause umm..”she starts looking at the water. I move my hand around the water waiting for a answer but instead I get her lips against mine. my arms shoot around her neck instantly. she smiles lifting me up pinning me against the wall I wrap my legs around her waist. “i didnt you know went this way y/n” she smiles reaching to the back of my swim suit top. i smile nibbling down her neck. she moans as i reach her breast that ive been dying to touch. i slip her small top down coming to see her perky breast i wrap my lips around her nipple causing her to moan a little loud. i smile looking up to her. as i work at her breasts i feel her hand slip aside my bottoms and trace my pussy lips softly. i moan tugging at her nipples. she smiles pinning me harder against the cold wall. “y/n” she whispers. before i could reply i hear selenas voice from her house calling me. perrie sighs looking at me. “later.” she promised kissing me roughly then sliding under the falling water. i take a moment to take in what happened. i smile watching her walk into the house. i wait a few minutes then follow inside. “there you are we are about to watch a movie.” selena smiles going towards the huge couch piled with blankets, pillows, and junk food. perrie is no where were i can see her, “let me go change.” i say walking towards the back if iam lucky she might be in selenas room. the girls nod focusing back on the huge screen. “good excuse.” i hear perries voice say from inside the room once i get through the door. i smirk looking at her as she slowly closes the door behind me. she slips her bottoms off and lets her tiny top fall to the floor. I watch her as she makes her way towards me. “your turn.” she whispers smiling grabbing my waist. I smile letting my bottoms fall to the floor. ” I cant wait to taste this pussy.” she whispers grabbing my waist tightly. i moan softly as she pushes me against her. she pulls the string to my bikini top off. “fuck your gorgeous.” she whispers kissing me roughly i smile leaning back against the door. she rubs my pussy lips softly with her right hand as she lets her left roams my body. “fuck.” i moan quietly. “mmmm give me this pussy.” she whispers, i could hear the movie starting in the front of the house. “perrie their gunna hear us.” i tell her as i fall to the ground in front of her. “well try not to scream yeah?” she smirks grabbing my waist and pulling my pussy to her face. i bite down hard on my lip as she pushes into me. it feels amazing. she hums shaking her head between my legs. “oh damn perrie.” i moan a little loud as she pins my legs down. “thats right bitch moan my name.” she smiles slapping my pussy hard. i gasp taking in the pain. theres a knock at the door. “uh y/n is everything okay?” selena says from behind the door. “ummm yeah everythings fine!” i assure her sitting up looking at perrie. “okay well the movie started.” selena says. perrie leans down licking me. “u-ugh o-okay ill be t-t-there.” i struggle to say trying to push perrie away. perrie smiles kissing my neck. “are you sure your okay?” selena asks. “yeah selena iam f-fine.” i say grabbing perries waist hard. she smiles “thats right baby get rough.” she whispers in my ear. i roll my eyes smirking. we hear selena walk away after a moment. “we have to go.” i tell her. she pouts a little. “fine.” she mumbles getting up. she walks to her bag and pulls out her pjs. which is barely nothing at all. mini shorts that clearly shows her ass and silk tank top. “like what you see?” she teases grabbing her breasts. i smirk getting up walking to her. “do you?” i reply grabbing her hands and putting them on my body. she bites her lip holding onto me squeezing a bit. “i love what i see.” she whispers kissing me lightly. i smile running my hands to her ass smacking her ass nice and hard. she gasps into my mouth. after i get changed we go back into the living room with the other girls and sit on the couch next to each other. “ugh selena can you be a dear and hand me that blanket please?” perrie smiles pointing to the huge cover by her legs. she hands her the blanket and perrie throws it over both of us. the room is dark and the movie is loud. perfect.  perrie is watching the movie like everyone else when her hand slides to my thigh. i take a deep breath watching her with the smirk plastered on her face. i push her hand towards my pussy wanting her. “someones horny.” perrie whispers in my ear. i smile. she moves her hands away. i sigh then slide my hand into her shorts touching her dripping pussy lips. she gasps but the movie is too loud for the other girls to hear. i nibble on her earlobe as i push two fingers into her. her legs spread and she pushes my hand deeper into her. “mmm you like it deep.” i whisper in her ear. she smiles letting her head hang back. perrie mouths curse words as i hit her g-spot. i smile making a “come here” motion in her pussy slowly. i move my fingers alot faster as she grabs her breasts in both hands closing her eyes. then i suddenly stop when i know shes gunna cum. “what the fuck?” she says loudly as the movie has a short silent moment. i turn away trying to keep in my laugh as the girls turn around and stare at perrie.  ”ummmm uhh….. sorry.” perrie says awkwardly.  when they turn around and the movie goes on, perrie whispers,” oh your gunna get it.” into my ear. i smile licking my fingers clean of her juices. she smiles watching me. after another movie goes by the girls start getting sleepy and we all decide to head off to bed. selena sleeps in her bed with me and perrie and the others on the floor with sleeping bags. perrie is on the other side of the room. she doesnt look anywhere near me as we all settle down. the clock is on her dresser right next to me its 11:40 pm when i close my eyes. when i open them again its 1:24am i yawn turning around to see everyone sleeping including perrie well at least i think she is. i turn on my back and close my eyes again.  moments later i feel hands pushing up my shirt and lips kissing up my stomach. i let a breath go getting lost in her touch. she straddles my waist kissing me. “you think you can just do that and get away with it?” she says slipping her hand in my shorts and rubbing my clit. i gasp looking at the others girls hoping they dont wake up. “dont scream remember” perrie whispers kissing me again. selena moves turning on her side. “follow me.” she whispers getting up and moving to the door. i wait a minute then i follow her quickly going outside to the pool. when i reach the side of the pool perrie is in the water looking at me smiling and her clothes are on the side of the pool. i strip and let my legs hang in the water. perrie swims over to me spreading my legs apart. “such a good angle.” perrie mutters eyeing my pussy. i laugh. “get in so you can get your punishment.” she says pulling me a bit. “what are you gunna do to me ms.edwards?” i tease grabbing my breasts.  "such bad things baby.“ she says sinking into the water. i smile slipping into the cool water. i sink down under in front of perrie. she smiles pulling me close to her. she kisses me under the water. we kiss for a moment before we both need air and push up to the surface. she pins me against the wall, i wrap my legs around her waist. she smiles moving her hips against my pussy. i moan kissing her. "your such a whore.” she mutters. “oh am i?” i smile pushing my hand in between us to rub her clit. she gasps a bit kissing me harder. “you…know…what…this..pool..has?” she says in between kisses. “what?” i mumble against the kiss. “water jets.” she says turning me towards the wall and moving me to the right, where the water shooting out hits me right on my clit.  "oh shit!“ i moan as she spreads my legs. she kisses down my neck grabbing my ass and pushing it against her pussy. "fuck perrie.” i moan out leaning back against her. “thats right whore.” she mutters biting my neck, rubbing my pussy lips. “fuck me please perrie fuck me.” i beg trying to push her fingers inside me. “what?” she whispers. “fuck me perrie please i need it.” i beg once more she slowly inserts her middle finger into me. i take a breath feeling her explore me. i gasp as she pushes another into me. “uhhh that feels so fucking good oh fuckk perrie.” i moan out grabbing her ass. she smiles against my skin sucking on my neck hard. “scream my name.” she whispers in my ear. i do really loud as she finds my favorite spot. she makes me cum a moment later and i scream her name loud. “thats right whore tell everyone whos making you feel so good.” she says rubbing my clit slowly. i turn around kissing her sliding my tongue inside her mouth. she wraps her arms around my neck. my hand slides down her stomach rubbing her clit in small circles. she moans in my mouth. i smirk pinning her against the wall. “want me to fuck you?” i ask kissing her breast. she nods. “what?” i smile looking up to her. she gives me a look. “fuck me y/n fuck me nice and hard.” she says pulling my face to hers and kisses me. i shove my two fingers into her pussy making her scream my name. “like that?” i smile  moving my fingers faster. “oh fuck yeah baby right there.” she whispers grabbing the wall for support. i smile following her movement. “shit!” she moans. she mouths some curse words as i add another finger. “iam gunna….. OH FUCK yes baby oh shitttt.” she screams out, i move my fingers slowly inside her as she comes down from her high. shes out of breath. i pull her into a kiss. "yup whore.“ she says breathless pulling away from the kiss. "how many girls have you fucked?” she smirks. “i should be asking you this.” i mumble looking at her blue eyes that shine in the moonlight. she laughs looking down. “i havent really "fucked” as many girls as the rurmors say i have.“ she confesses. "i only fucked two girls.” she says smirking. “out of those two girls your one of them.” she whispers leaning in closer to me. i smile

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  hope you liked it ! tell me what you think & sorry if there is any errors cause i didnt bother to reread it!! 

First Kiss - JB Got7 Oneshot/Scenario

I know I’m still new to the whole relationship thing, and that patience is key to a healthy bond between you and your partner. But sometimes….. it’s just so hard.

JB had asked me out a couple months ago (well technically Jackson and Jr forced him to finally express his feelings since he’d been hiding them for so long), and I more than happily accepted since I was patiently waiting for this monumental moment anyway….

But I always thought the waiting, agony, and patience would finally end at that point.

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Omg!! That university au hc is awesome!!! Pls more of that *hands praying emoji* Maybe rfa+v are already friends with mc and are struggling finding out how to invite her on a date? Or being insecure bc they dont know if mc likes them or not

godd707 will answer your prayers!

~female MC


  • okay, okay today was the day
  • he was gonna finally ask MC out on a date
  • him and MC had started talking more and more lately and he really wanted to ask them out but he gets so anxious about these thingS
  • its 40 degrees fahrenheit that morning at the bus stop but Yoosung is sweating
  • why wasnt she at the stop yet??
  • Yoosung wants to text her and make sure she woke up on time but he doesnt want to annoy MC…
  • oh god this is so nerve raking
  • Yoosung takes out his phone and scrolls through instagram to try and distract himself
  • “come here often?”
  • Yoosung almost jumps at the sound of MC’s voice he was so on edge
  • he turns to see them smiling brightly, wrapped up under layers of warm clothes
  • he smiles and giggles, which he does a lot when he’s nervous
  • “i’m at this bus stop everyday of the week at 10:30! unless its saturday or sunday or a school holiday”
  • MC laughs at the way Yoosung answered her question
  • “everything alright, dork? you’re acting kind of jumpy today”
  • Yoosung lifts his hand up to push back his hair, forgetting he had clipped it up that morning
  • his hand gets caught up in the hair clips and moves it out of place, and he tries to fix it
  • oh god, he probably just messed up his hair and looks totally weird now..
  • fffffuuccckK
  • MC’s trying to hold her laughter in
  • he takes the clip out and shoves it into his pocket
  • “everything is fine, totally fine!”
  • “okay, Yoosung…sure…”
  • “i wanted to ask you something, actually”
  • “whats that?”
  • “i was just going to ask if you wanted to maybe do something together this weekend if you have any free time i mean if you have a lot of homework thats fine i know you’re taking hard classes and probably dont have much free time but i figured if you could maybe we can grab a coffee i’ll even pay for yours if you want or-”
  • “Yoosung”
  • “um…yea?”
  • “i’d love to get some coffee this saturday”
  • “r-really?”
  • “yes!”
  • Yoosung jumps up victoriously
  • nailed it


  • Zen had no idea if MC even wanted to do anything he was interested in
  • but MC had been tutoring him lately and he’d kind of developed a liking toward her…
  • okay, think Zen
  • what does MC like
  • math….? she’s like…pretty good at math…
  • do people who like math like going to the football games???
  • everyone likes the football games, right??
  • god why does asking someone out have to be so stressful
  • Zen was sitting in his math class waiting for it to start when MC came in
  • ZEN!! chill. you’re an actor. you can do this
  • “hey, Zen! how’d you do on fridays worksheet? understand everything?”
  • Zen’s eyes widen
  • dammit…the worsheet…he didnt do the worksheet
  • “um, yea! totally understood it. no problems at all”
  • “oh wow, you’re getting good at this class. not even i understood the whole thing. maybe you should tutor me!”
  • nice one, Zen;;;
  • okay enough messing around! a s k  h e r!!
  • “MC, do you want to go out with me?”
  • she tilts her head, looking at Zen
  • “to the football game, i mean! i was wondering if you wanted to go to the football game this saturday. with me.”
  • “oh…well, the football games arent really my thing”
  • Zen!! fix this!!
  • “we dont have to go to the game if you want! we can watch it at my place and order pizza or something”
  • MC smiles at him
  • “yea, okay. that sounds nice, Zen”
  • “awesome. i’ll see you saturday, then!”
  • Zen had to turn around then cause class was starting
  • shit, he cant believe he really pulled that off
  • wow, he really has a date with MC!
  • wow, he really needs to clean up by saturday


  • Jaehee and MC hung out all the time, but it was only so MC could help her with her public speaking skills
  • but after being coached by MC for awhile Jaehee wanted more
  • but she didnt really know if MC did???
  • i mean yea they met up a lot but it was always just for school
  • would MC want to see her if school wasnt involved??
  • ?????
  • maybe Jaehee could ask her out for some ice cream?
  • who doesnt like ice cream?
  • Jaehee decided to text MC, since waiting till class tomorrow would probably kill her
  • “hey, you busy after class tomorrow?”
  • “not really, just have some homework to do. need help with something?”
  • “yea, i do actually”
  • “okay, sure! what do you want to work on?”
  • “well i’ve been craving ice cream like crazy lately but i dont have anyone to go with”
  • Jaehee waits for the text back, growing more nervous with every second that passes
  • “you buying?”
  • “yes!”
  • “alright, i’m in! cant wait for that icecream :D”
  • Jaehee blushes reading the message
  • “me either”
  • phew. hopefully Jaehee wont be too nervous on their date…


  • since Jumin met MC on the first day of school she’s like, all he can think about for some reason??
  • he’s never felt like this about a girl before
  • but he gets so stupid around her for some reason
  • he wants to talk to her when he sees her in class but it always comes out so…weird…
  • like once he wanted to ask her “what did you get for number six” but he said “what did you get for number sex”
  • it was awful and embarrassing and oh my god
  • maybe the classroom is the problem!!!
  • if he spends time with MC outside the classroom he’ll be totally cool
  • ….right?
  • when MC sits down next to him, he feels his face heat up just like it did the first day of class
  • hey, face, stop that
  • Jumin doesnt look at MC, afraid she might see that his face is red
  • “good morning, MC”
  • “good morning? it’s 2 PM, Jumin”
  • dammit
  • “…right. i was wondering if after class you would want to join me for a meal”
  • Jumin’s still staring at his desk
  • “sure! where do you want to go?”
  • “anywhere. i would do anything to for you”
  • Jumin closes his eyes, feeling like an idiot
  • theres no way MC will agree to go anywhere with him now…
  • “anywhere? can we go to my favorite pizza place, then?”
  • Jumin looks up, a slight grin on his face
  • “yes, of course”
  • MC smiles and brushes some hair behind her ear, cheeks pink
  • “c-cool”
  • for the rest of the class period Jumin cant stop thinking about that pizza place
  • he was going to be super cool there, for sure!!!
  • yea, Jumin. you keep telling yourself that


  • Seven cant believe he started going to the computer gaming club meetings again
  • and it was all for that girl…
  • she made it so much fun though
  • she was only of the only people in the club who wasnt actually completely clueless when it came to computers
  • playing games with MC was fun and all that but he wanted more…
  • he wanted to take her out to the park and buy her hot coco and take her to an ice skating rink where he could hold her little hand and pull her along the ice
  • god, even he’s disgusted by how sappy his thoughts are
  • but Seven cant help it
  • the thing is
  • Seven’s never really…..asked anyone out before…
  • the last time he came close to having a girlfriend was when he asked his second grade teacher to marry him
  • and he got shot down pretty hard so,
  • would MC even be into all that stuff??? she seemed so chill and they only ever talked if it was about computers or gaming…
  • Seven goes to the club room
  • MC’s there, just like he thought she would be
  • he greets her by standing to her left and tapping on her right shoulder
  • she turns toward him immediately
  • “as if i would still fall for that, Seven”
  • he rubs the back of his neck
  • “damn…you’re getting too good”
  • “i know”
  • Seven chuckles a little and shoves his hands into the pockets of his hoodie
  • “so….what are you up to?”
  • “i’m playing LOLOL, Seven. that’s kind of what i always do when i’m in here?”
  • “oh, yea. cool…so how’s that going?”
  • MC makes a confused face
  • “it’s going great. everything okay, Seven?”
  • Seven takes a deep breath
  • “MC, do you want to go get some food with me?”
  • he kind of blurted it out, talking really fast
  • “…what?”
  • “i’m hungry so i thought you might be too”
  • MC blushes
  • “um…yea, okay. i’d really like that”
  • “oh. for real?”
  • Seven also starts blushing
  • “yea. it’ll be nice to get away from this computer for a little, i guess”
  • MC tosses her backpack over her shoulder and links arms with Seven
  • “and we’re off! the dynamic duo takes the nearest fast food restaurant by storm!”
  • he feels his face get even more warm than before
  • MC had never touched him before…
  • knsvbksdnvmlxcvjoiwyryshfbkldvf


  • thank god V got that cute girls number he met at the party
  • since then theyve been texting nonstop
  • he even got in trouble with a few of his professors for texting during class
  • she was just so much fun to talk to
  • they talked for a couple weeks but neither of them suggested meeting up or anything
  • V isnt sure if MC is interested in him romantically or anything
  • but she really seems like she is?
  • should he just go for it?
  • girls are scary…
  • it’s like 5 PM on thursday and V cant stop thinking about her
  • before he knows it, he’s dialed MC’s number
  • “hello?”
  • “oh um, hey MC!”
  • “hey, V. whats up?”
  • “nothing, really. i was just thinking about you”
  • wait!! fuCK that was so STUPID
  • “oh? what were you thinking?”
  • i was just thinking that i probably want to date you really badly
  • “i just wanted to make sure you ate something today”
  • nice save, V
  • “now that i think about it, i havent really had time to eat all day…”
  • “want me to come get you? i’ll feed you some dinner if you’d like”
  • ‘feed you some dinner’?!!! what the hell was that??????!?!?
  • “oh, really? that sounds awesome, V!”
  • did he just hear that right?
  • she actually wants to get some food?
  • well shit, he better get ready
  • “great. i’ll head out now. see you soon!”
  • “V, wait!”
  • oh no. is she gonna cancel? tell him she never wants to talk again? tell him she already has a boyfriend?!
  • “you need my address, right?”
  • oh, duh.


At the mall with BTS


He’d Head straight to the book shop (ofc) he’d pick up a few books, purchasing them before taking you to the Starbucks in the mall. He’d be seasonal and order the both of you Pumpkin spice lattes along with two Pumpkin muffins. Once you both sat down in separate comfy sofas he went straight to reading, making you frown a bit, wanting his attention.

Joonie?..” you’d suddenly utter out, setting your latte down on the counter in front of you.

Yeah baby?” he’d responded without taking his eyes from the book until it was instantly snatched away from him and there you were pouting, he’d just chuckle and pull you onto his lap. “I’m sorry baby, did you want my attention? How about I read to you?” he would suggest with a smile.

And he’d do exactly what he offered, reading to you until closing time or at least until you fell asleep.

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I can totally see Jin going where ever it is you want to go, honestly he’d just be there as support. However, I see him genuinely interested in going to any makeup stores. He’d be there picking out lots of pink shades of basically anything, to eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes. Definitely blushes.

Y/N, how about this one?“ He asks, rushing up to you with a baby pink eyeshadow palette in his hand. Yes he definitely did pick out many specifically pink items but it was sweet of him to help you decide. Peppering his cheek with a soft kiss, you went with whatever he picked out and maybe would even let him do your makeup if he wanted.

Originally posted by bts0726


Just like Jin, I can see him following you wherever you want to go, but different from Jin, he would probably complain the whole way about sitting down for a little bit and getting something to eat. However, from you avoiding his complaints I can see him dragging you into a sex store.

We went wherever you wanted, now it’s my turn.” He’d be all smug about it, smirking the whole way in with his arm around your shoulder. Whether you’d be awkward about it or not he’d make it awkward. Going as far as asking the store clerk about sex toys and even turning to watch your face as he asks you “Y/N, get over here. Remember baby this is all about your pleasure~“ he wouldn’t even hold back on his sweet talk and sex talk in front of the store clerk. He’d do anything just to see your face turn bright red in embarrassment.

Let’s just say lots of sex toys were bought and once you two got home, it was experimenting time. ;)

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He’d be more than happy to look into every store he possibly could with you until it’s time to leave. He’d probably run into a toy shop without even asking if you wanted to go in, he’s going okay. No stopping this boy. You’d have to follow him and basically keep track of him but it was worth it to see how excited he got over figures.

Y/N do you want anything from here?” He’d ask before purchasing his items. You’d shake your head as you played with an anime figure of Hatsune Miku. “It’s okay, Hoseok, I don’t need anything.” even so, he’d take the anime figure out of your hands and purchase it along with his stacked pile of figures. You two would then go home to open your figures and display them wherever you wanted.

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He’d probably be way more into the stands than the actual stores. I can see him taking you into a yogurt shop, mixing weird flavors and daring you to eat all of it.

WASABI?! I DARE YOU, Y/N.” he’d practically hold the spoon to your mouth, wanting to watch your expression change as the hot mixture hits your tongue. “Jiminne, I was kidding. You don’t think I’d actually eat that.. right? Jiminne..? Wait seriously?? Fine, fine. I’ll do it.“ You couldn’t believe you actually put that in your mouth, as hot as it was.

Not even a second passed and you were already teary eyed, spitting out the spicy mixture and trying to cool your now burning tongue with water. All the while Jimin is a giggling mess, earning you both stares from everyone.

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This boy. This boy. It wouldn’t even be you dragging him anywhere, it would be him dragging you.

He’d run off when you weren’t looking and you’d probably lose him in the mall somewhere (someone help him) I can totally imagine him standing in the middle of the mall looking like a lost puppy, looking around for you.

TAE YOU CANT DISAPPEAR LIKE THAT.” You’d scold him until you both got home, he’d just listen silently and nod. “Sorry, y/n..” He’d mumble before getting back to his old silly self and making funny faces at you until you forgive him.

Next time take him to a pet store, at least you know he won’t disappear this time, he’ll be too caught up in trying to let and make friends with every puppy he finds. But goodluck trying to pry him away from the puppies when it’s time to go home.

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This maknae would props drag you into a Halloween store and scare you more times than you can physically count on your fingers and no matter how many times he does it, you still jump out of your skin.

He jumps out from the corner of the wall of creepy masks with his hands formed in claws and his face covered with a creepy clown mask, “ARRGGGH!” he’d start laughing as you jumped and you’d hit him multiple times. “YAHH, JUNGKOOK! I SWEAR TO GOD IM GOING TO MURDER YOU FOR THAT!” He’d probably drop to the floor, being extra as always, pretending to he actually wounded by your hits. “Y/n.. I don’t think I’m gonna make it, I think I’m dying.. Y/n!..” He’d cling to the rim of your shirt and pretend to die right then and there.

It would end in you feeling bad and babying Jungkook all night, feeding him cause as he says he can’t lift his arms, you’d have to rub his head all night otherwise he’d do nothing but moan and groan all night trying to make you feel bad even though he wasn’t hurt even in the slightest.

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I hope you guys liked this! It actually took a few days since I was too lazy to finish it.

Let Me Love You

A/N This is my version of 722.

“Thanks” he told the human that was kind enough to receive the package for him.

He walked back swiftly to the twin room he shared with Caroline.

“Caroline” he called out to her as he opened the door.

“Where have you been?” She asked, there was a tiredness in her voice that she had stopped masking weeks ago.

“Here.. theres something for you” He said waving the package at her.

“What is it?”

“Open it” he said smiling warmly. She rolled her eyes in return.

She tore open the package and froze.

“How did you?”

“I asked Ric to send them.. told him you were feeling down and out.. thought this would cheer you up” He said looking at her astonished, teary eyes.

A small smile began to light up her face. “They look so cute” She said looking at the pictures of the girls.

It had been just 5 weeks that they were on the run, but as each day drew to a close he could see her resolve and optimism chipping away bit by bit. The package contained pictures and drawings, basically a montage of everything she missed and an ode to how much they missed her.

“They miss you” He whispered. 

“I miss them too”

“I know. .”

“But they need you to come back home when this is all done.” He said, his voice cracking slightly.

She looked up at him, her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“You can’t give up.. even if you feel this is all..pointless..”

He tapped at the polaroid of the girls smiling widely. “Do it for them” He said and swallowed the lump in his throat. She nodded slightly.

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome.” He said stepping away slightly, allowing her to go back to gazing at the picture of her girls.


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