cant control self

ppl on tbis site always yell at me bcuz they dont know that im schizophrenic and that i cant control my extremely delusional self-image so they call me a freak and tell me 2 die & etc. kek

the younger children in the house tend to fawn over enoch and jacob’s relationship (perhaps with the exception of hugh, as he thinks romance is pretty gross), namely bronwyn and fiona, who even make attempts to spy on them on occasion to see if they’re doing anything cute (though they know better to pop into enoch’s space without knocking first). jacob thinks it’s endearing and often tries to get enoch to play along in humoring the girls, but enoch tends to brush it off in an aloof and emotionless manner. though, beneath this exterior, he’s simply a little shy about being seen as charming in such a way.

  • someone: hancock cant control his addiction hes just a wild ghoul-

      ✂  (  out of needles &&  thread  ) .  Okay, I have to head off to work now, but consider this a  STARTER CALL  !  Length will vary from between anything short  &&  anything multipara, tbh. If you have a specific idea/plot that you would like to do, feel free to  PM/IM  it to me  &&  we can talk about it  !

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December 16, 2016

35mm fujifilm disposable

please keep the credit!!

I hope that one day you realize that you don’t have to try to please everyone. The only person you need to please is yourself. I hope you have the courage to not only realize this but do something of it. Do what makes you happy and I mean truly happy.
—  When I was struggling to make everyone else happy, I was the one stuck and upset. I wish someone told me this. I hope that you realize this sooner than later. (sefecit)
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Olicity - “Not Sure What To Do With My Hands Since I Can’t Touch You” post :)

Oh Boy, they are a bit twitchy. lol 

Nervous energy?

Look at her hands.

Look at his. 

I think they would rather be doing something else with those hands. They were so used to this while the two of them worked together in the Bunker/Lair.

It was just the natural thing to do. It must be tough to go from that to this

Oliver has got to keep those hands in my pockets while she works 

and Felicity has to keep from reaching out to him. 

Same Felicity. Same. 

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I do know that ''Oreshi hasn't self-control'' is so..! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But, think all the sfw things like, Oreshi seeing this cute kitty playing and LOSING IT, or his crush gave him 'hi' and Oreshi's blushing all way up to tips of ears, ((this's part1))

((Part 2)) or at dinner the butler saying this night menu’s tofu soup and Oreshi almost bouncing in his chair. All while Bokushi and Masaomi are in the background “Omg brother get it together” and “That’s my son, world, beware.*sigh*”.

This is super adorable!! I really love the part with both Akashi and Akadaddy interacting like a normal family (sort of) without any angst <3 

and Oreshi LOSING IT 

“If I squeeze the kitty with this much affection, I might hurt it!”
[Bokushi struggles] “Why are you so ridiculously strong!?”

Jealous Games Part 1/2

drabble where in season 4 Caroline and Stefan are close best friends hang out all the time on double dates everyone refers to them as the couple not Elena and Stefan and Tyler and Caroline when they all go to the memorial for the founding families who died it’s not Elena who smells the blood Caroline does and Stefan says she should feed of him and it will look like she is mourning so she starts he takes her down stairs but she cant control her self and feeds on him and he starts to gets turned on..

This first part is set in season 3.

Jealous Games

Part 1

“And then he tried to make me eat bunnies!” Caroline was almost howling with laughter as she recounted the story of her first hunting trip with Stefan after she first turned.

Stefan laughed loudly, his happy chuckles combining with Caroline’s own joyous laughter, his arm around the back of her chair, his fingers absent mindedly stroking her back. He remembered that day clearly, she was freaking out about becoming a vampire and all she wanted to do was go see Matt.

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