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The signs as scenes from 'Chewing Gum'
  • ***Make sure to check out both Chinese & Korean M/V bcs they slayed***
  • Aries: Jisung’s mini dance solo.
  • Taurus: Renjun’s and Chenle’s bathtub interaction.
  • Cancer: Haechan being the only one trying to look like a baddie when he’s not.
  • Gemini: Jisung getting caught chewing gum, then spitting it out into that person’s hand.
  • Leo: Jaemin styling up his hair with the help of his mom, Jeno.
  • Virgo: Mark hugging Jisung, protecting him from the light.
  • Libra: Jaemin dealing out candy to the others.
  • Scorpio: The kid’s torturing that man on the chair.
  • Sagittarius: Jisung and Mark rushing to put on their shoes bcs they were late.
  • Capricorn: Mark and Jisung going head to head in basketball.
  • Aquarius: The kid’s bouncing up & down on those yoga balls.
  • Pisces: Chenle’s precious smile.

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littlestudyblrblog  asked:

3, 10 and 11!

3. what song describes you?

aha idkkkkkkk maybe something really depressing

10. favourite smell?

rain is so nice and also summer. i just love the smell of summer and pollen (until i cant breathe bc hayfever)

11. how much time do you spend on tumblr?

when i am in a tumblr ‘phase’ i usually spend between 10 mins and 5 hours a day, sometimes more. it depends on how im feeling tho and how much work i have etcc

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