cant breathe bc

you: “John Ambrose has died!! oh no:(((”

me, an intellectual: “How’s Peter doing today??? Did he eat his lunch?? He good?? He wearing sunblock, is really sunny today he should take care of his skin :)”

a-taller-tale said: What’s Wash’s favorite food?

He loves shellfish; prawns, lobster, calamari, even oysters. He thinks je probably spent some time around an ocean when he was younger (bc when you’ve touched cold scaly flesh, smelt the stench of fish being landed and processed and heard the sounds of ships taking dock it stays in your mind forever) but he can’t know for sure. Its hard work to know how to best prepare it but once ir good, it’s GOOD

The signs as scenes from 'Chewing Gum'
  • ***Make sure to check out both Chinese & Korean M/V bcs they slayed***
  • Aries: Jisung’s mini dance solo.
  • Taurus: Renjun’s and Chenle’s bathtub interaction.
  • Cancer: Haechan being the only one trying to look like a baddie when he’s not.
  • Gemini: Jisung getting caught chewing gum, then spitting it out into that person’s hand.
  • Leo: Jaemin styling up his hair with the help of his mom, Jeno.
  • Virgo: Mark hugging Jisung, protecting him from the light.
  • Libra: Jaemin dealing out candy to the others.
  • Scorpio: The kid’s torturing that man on the chair.
  • Sagittarius: Jisung and Mark rushing to put on their shoes bcs they were late.
  • Capricorn: Mark and Jisung going head to head in basketball.
  • Aquarius: The kid’s bouncing up & down on those yoga balls.
  • Pisces: Chenle’s precious smile.

look at how pretty nd cute nd good looking hob is in this outfit 😍💞


got7 pool party moodboard

University!Mingyu: Medical Radiation Sciences
  • so u have an anatomy final coming up and like two days beforehand u see a notice for one of those stress puppy sessions and ur like u know what fuck it i need to hug smth soft
  • so u go and there’s no one else there but this like super tall hot guy and ur like shit and he doesn’t notice u at first bc he’s busy trying to hug like 3 golden retriever puppies at the same time and ur like shIT
  • so u start petting puppies on the other side of the room and destressing urself and like lowkey staring at the hot guy and none of u say anything
  • but then he’s suddenly like “what exam” and ur like “what” and hes like “im here bc im stressin over the anatomy exam what bt u”
  • and ur say “oh anatomy too” and he just lights up and is like “oMG??? do u even remember this one part?? i’ve been studying it for like 3 hrs and still can’t remember anything?!!!”
  • so ur like trying to play it cool like “oh that’s not thAT hard i mean if i do it like this or whatever” and then he like literally STANDS UP and walks over and sits right next to u and all the puppies follow and ur like omFg i cant breathe bc this tall puppy-like guy keeps asking all these questions for the exam while also trying to pet all these puppies its the deadliest combo known to man
  • so u find out his name is mingyu and hes in medrad and ur like shIT he’s tall handsome AND smart what do i do
  • so ur there for way longer than u planned bc u got caught up talking w him and ur like “shit sorry i gotta go” and he looks so disappointed and he’s like “listen??are u free tomorrow?? to maybe study w me at the library the day before the exam?? it’s ok if u arent” and ur like “mY SCHEDULE IS CRYSTAL FUCKIN CLEAR RN”
  • so u get his number and u meet him the next day and like u keep getting distracted by how cute he is but the two of u more or less study and like ur in the library all day long and u take turns going on coffee runs and coming back w like a muffin or an apple or smth for each other and at one point at like 6pm hes like i can’t do this rn lets just go get dinner together and come back to this later so u gET DINNER AND EAT IT TOGETHER AND UR LIKE THIS LOWKEY FEELS LIKE A DATE BUT I’M SAYIN NOTHIN
  • then u study for a few more hours together and like u guys have a lot of fun together and when u leave he wishes u luck and ur like great i’m prob never gonna see this guy after the exam bc he prolly only saw me as a last minute study partner or smth
  • but after the exam is over he immediately texts u and is like “!!how did it go??!!! wait don’t tell me!! tell me where u are rn ill come over to u!!!”
  • so u wait for him and u see him lit RUNNING TO U and ur like SHIT WHAT IS THIS and he’s out of breath but super happy and is like “i think i did well!!! better than i would have w/out u!! ur my lifesaver!!” and gives u a full on hug and ur like oH MY GOD HE’S SO TALL
  • then he pulls away and he’s all blushy and embarrassed and he’s like “omfg i cant believe i just hugged u sorry i’m too excited” and ur like mingyu pls…i am in a fragile state of mind rn u need to st o p immediately…
  • and he gives u his lil sharp tooth smile and is like “well since we’re here wanna go get lunch together?? what exams do u have next maybe i can help u this time”
  • and then lit within the hour of your last exam finishing up he’s texting u and he’s like “i didn’t want to say anything in case i distracted u but do u maybe wanna go on a date or smth? like if u dont want it to be a date cool it can just be an after-exam meal or whatever but yeah like a date??”
  • and u can’t believe ur luck that right after ur finals u ended up scoring a super cute boyfriend