cant believe we did this

that one scene in every straight movie that basically goes 

straightie named chad: ok im gonna show you something, its called walking across the street, take my hand
straightie named abigail: oh my god chad nooooo! thats so scary
chad: abigail. do you trust me?
abigail: [meaningful sigh] ………..Yes.
chad: okay. take my hand.
abigail, after having crossed the street: oh my god chad that was amazing!!!! 
chad: i cant believe you did that!
abigail: we did that. thank you, chad


“I just don’t think too much that’s it’s tiring.
Since it’s what I dreamt of ever since I was young,
I always think it’s fun even though it’s tiring" 


introducing a happy friendly mascot of the fandom. after some deliberation people came together and suggested some names for our wonderful Space Crab. I can reveal that the winner is……… :

Jimbob Eugene Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe (shorthand: J.E.H. Wimbleton Smythe)

The Space Crab is an honorary member of the Wimbleton Smythe family, rumour has it the Space Crab even appears on the official family crest of arms!! 

  • Space Crab hopes you have a fun experience in the fandom!
  • Space Crab supports you! 
  • Space Crab wishes you every happiness and success! 
  • Space Crab thinks you’re awesome! 
“usuk vs fruk”

…i came as soon as i heard

I still can’t believe that Riverdale won every single nomination they received! They even beat PLL!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT! WE DID IT GUYS WE DID IT! OMG IM SO FREAKING PROUD OF THE CAST AND ALL THE WORK THEY PUT INTO THIS! STILL SCREAMING! I NEED TO CALM DOWN

Cheritz: V’s (possibly) getting a route in august

me and all the v fans out there: 

appreciate calum hood 2k15
  • Me: *forces family to watch gig from how did we end up here*
  • Dad: *used to be in a band & played drums and bass*
  • Dad: you know, that's not easy to do. He's good.
  • Me: who? the one playing bass?
  • Dad: yeah.
  • Sister: why?
  • Dad: it's hard to sing and play the bass at the same time bc the bass has to be in sync with the drums since they keep the rhythm. But the tune of the song lies in the guitars. So he's basically trying to play a rhythm but sing to a different tune. With the guitar, it's easier bc they are singing along to what they're playing on their instruments.
  • Me: ......
  • Me: *combusts bc my dad appreciates calum's talent more than half the 5sos fandom*

i’m burning up every day, you twist me up babe 🍁🕸🍂🌰

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