cant believe this uploaded

i can’t believe how good that episode was

i love these two so much thank u @southparkdigital


my werewolf– my second skin


Second @snkminibang drawing for @commodorecliche​‘s Jeanmarco supernatural fic! 

I’ve been looking forward to this one for AGES and it’s incredibly well though out. It uses a REAL visual impairment so cleverly and there is just so much going on you need to. read it.


After a car accident claims Marco’s life and leaves Jean with a traumatic head injury, from which he mostly recovers, Jean is just trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his life. But on top of having to deal with the loss of his husband, Jean begins to gradually lose his sight: a late onset symptom of the cortical damage he’d suffered from the crash. As his vision of the world around him steadily fades, Jean begins to see that there’s more lurking in the shadows of our periphery than we know.

In a shadow realm of otherworldly entities and lost souls, Jean is manages to reunite with the love he lost, while learning that nothing everything in the shadows is friendly.