cant believe it's already been 6 years


happy 6th anniversary to my favourite boys:
 ↳ infinite throughout the years | #6YEARSWITHINFINITE ♡


happy 6th anniversary kyuhyun. can you believe it’s been 6 years you’ve been with your brothers? you’ve achieved so much in this amount of time. when you joined, you probably didn’t think you’d get along or fit in, since the members were already established artists. but when you joined, you were there for when suju won their first #1. i wonder if at the moment, you wondered if you really did belong and this truly was meant to be. from that moment on, you’ve been in musicals, hosted variety shows, released solos, became dancingkyu, and so much more. you have become one of the most beloved people in kpop, known for your beautiful singing talents and that one of a kind attitude. im happy that you get to celebrate this special moment during ss4 encore, you can be there with elf celebrating this special moment. thank you for joining super junior, kyuhyun. if you weren’t part of this group, i would have never gotten into kpop since it was you that drew me in. im so happy to see how far you’ve come since you were that young 18 year old boy that had that one line in U. congrats on your 6th year being a part of super junior, i love you ♥