cant believe it's already been 6 years

So today I am 6 months on t!
I really cant believe its already been that long and I am so thankful for everybody who supported me and made this possible. Within the last 6 months I learned to accept my body. Sure I still have a lot of dysphoria, but I know that the changes are happening and will keep happening. I cant put into words what this means to me. I dont think I will really feel free within my body until I get topsurgery, but I do feel so much more comfortable right know than I did half a year ago.

Dear little one, we made it <3


happy 6th anniversary to my favourite boys:
 ↳ infinite throughout the years | #6YEARSWITHINFINITE ♡


today is my two year no.6 anniversary :)

my old no.6 art is a plague on this earth but i brought it out just for this. oldest drawings vs. newest drawings (from the voltron au) since my tablet is out of commission and I can’t draw anything :(