cant believe i met them

i cant believe i met my favorite band!!! and they were so lovely, all of them! Brandon and i had a really good conversation like he asked me about my photography and my life in Austria and he said he liked ‘picking my brain’ haha and Zac, Joe, and Tim were all super nice, we talked about previous shows and i told them im seeing them twice again this summer and i mentioned that my dream would be to photograph them from the stage and Brandon literally said that maybe they can arrange that and Tim and i talked about a mutual friend we have and yeah it was just so nice and they said they are excited to see my photos and thanked me for taking photos and omg!! and i met so many nice other fans too! since i had a photopass i didnt need my ticket (and the show was sold out within minutes since there were only 600 tickets and also they were personalized with the name of the ticket buyer on them to avoid resales) and i was able to get her in even tho the ticket was in my name and she was so happy and it made me so happy too! and the show was just…so amazing! it was hot as hell in the venue (Brandon mentioned almost passing out on stage) but the atmosphere and crowd was amazing and their set was 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 they played People Live Here and its one of my favorite songs and i never heard it live before and i got emotional and they played a couple of new songs (Brandon said they fucked them up a bit bc they only played them twice but i said i couldnt tell and also it makes it more real bc its not perfect and i like that) and yeah, just a crazy good show and one of the best nights ive ever had and im so grateful to Ashley and Rise Against!!!


31 days of Muse
Day 31 - Appreciation post: Muse

“For me, Muse is about getting the hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations out of your system that you wouldn’t normally be able to do. It’s about showing people that there are things inside buried that should be exposed, and having no shame about them. We can communicate no matter the environment.” - Matt Bellamy

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So here are the pictures of me meeting the Yogscast, I was actually so excited and nervous that my hands were shaking so badly the entire time. But I got all the autographs, these pics, got to watch them play some games and my friend won a freaking ps4. So yeah it was awesome


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On June 26,2014 i went to Warped tour. I was so excited to go to Warped tour, because so many people who have saved me where performing, from Falling In Reverse to Attila. I got to see Falling In Reverse front Row, and every other band front row. But there was 3 certain people i ment and that was Bryan Stars and Damin Fizzy, and lets not forget Ghost Town. Meeting Damon and Bryan was hard because i didnt have a ticket and i was told i couldnt meet them i started to cry. Finally i asked if i could go look at the tent and the security gsurd said yes, and as i walked up to the tent BRYAN STARS walked out i was so happy i asked him for a picture,and he said yes, so we took a picture and then i went to the tent and Damon walked right behind me and put his hand on my back, and i almost freaked out, but i didnt so i asked him for a picture and he said yes and i git to take a picture with him and after that i saw him everywhere that was the best day of my life. And i also met all of Ghost town, when i met them i freaked out, kevin was just amazing and so was everyone else, i still cant believe i saw them live, and or met Damon or Bryan. All of the photos are from that day that changed my life.

ok so i decided to make a follow forever and this is my first follow forever!!! anyways ive found some really great people that i follow in the past two years, and i thought it was important i acknowledge all of them and all of my lovely mutuals!! :) sorry the edit is so shit i suck at edits unless its gifs.

first things first my MAINS on here: 

SASHA zayonceau -omigod i dont even know where to start with you youre one of my best friends on here and im so fucking glad i met you this year. youve honestly made some of my days a whole lot better especially after rough days at school. anyways yeah youre really great and we have such wild conversations about ziam and zeleanor and sophiam and ZAYN :). so yeah youre really great and i cant really sum up how great you are in this small amount of words.

DOMI jinglingzaynsbells-DOMI OMIGOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! youre super amazing and im so glad we met this year!! i love talking to you and im so glad were both ziam af cause then we can talk for ages!! lmao anyways youre such a rad mutual and friend!! also we havent talked in a while we should soon!!

JUSTINE godlymalik  -omigod justine i fucking love you even though weve only talked a couple times but fuck youre super cute and i love you A LOT!!! youre super rad and we both love zayn a lot and ziam and just 1d af in general!! i still cant believe you fucking met them like what. anyways yeah youre fucking amazing and i hope we stay friends for a while!!

SIMRAN zayntasy-simran youre super cool and amazing and we both love zayn a lot and ziam and were both 1d af and ive loved all of our conversations!! plus youre really cute and youre just a really awesome person in general!! love you!! :)

CINDY zayn2k14-omigod cindy youre so great i love you a lot and were both ziam af and zayn af and please im so glad we started talking bc youre really great!!! i love you a lot youre super amazing keep rocking!! :)

bold means extra rad people: aka people who u should definitely follow

other rad people:

☆ ashtonirwns ☆ beyoncebeytwice ☆ bewbies ☆ costcosanta ☆ champzagne ☆ explicitboys ☆ emerant ☆ emojniall ☆ gagmeniall ☆ gay4zayn ☆ gtfozayn ☆ geckoghost ☆ heartbreakirwin ☆ jawllines ☆ jollyassliam ☆ kingoftheniall ☆ likes-boys ☆ literallyrad  literalsame ☆ misticsfall ☆ merrycastmasliam  mellarkish☆  nozayn ☆ natnovna ☆ orghasmic ☆ roughness ☆ ralndrops ☆ seaofshadows☆ uncutpayne ☆ voguezayn ☆ vanpireweekend ☆ daddyzayns ☆ daddyliam2k14 ☆ winterspouses ☆ yayhaz ☆ yzarry ☆ yaserismysanta ☆ zaynsxo ☆ zaynsdulhan ☆ zaynmalif ☆ zayncangetsome ☆ zaynsmiddlepart ☆ zayns1d ☆ zaynsmipapi ☆ zaynkillers ☆ zaynjermaine ☆ lonelygirljpg  sleighmezayn  ☆ trufuckgirl ☆ ziall2k14 ☆ zaynspapi ☆ hareehandlewis ☆ bootycraic ☆ bootyboi ☆ awharrys ☆ merrythot ☆ jankyho  loverlylouis ☆ solarfae ☆ styloser ☆ cozyhaz ☆ zarriallau ☆ zarriamofficial ☆ captenclifford  ☆ zensthot ☆ liamtrash ☆ loiustyles ☆ zeautiful ☆ changeyourtcket☆ santasdicks ☆ larentschristmas ☆  samosazayn ☆ zain2k14 ☆ zulhania ☆ 182s ☆ 4titty ☆ actualalien ☆ drakesmami ☆ fckedlouis ☆ harryslilbun ☆ punkslove ☆ sleighsquad ☆ taggedharry ☆ taggedzayn ☆ zaddyofficial ☆ zaynswatch ☆ dearestziam ☆ paradisewithziam ☆ nexttoyousquad ☆ nialriver ☆ povvercouples ☆ slaythedylan ☆ trashbabylouis ☆ sixsteen ☆  padukonedeepika ☆ thechamberofsecrets  ☆ geminizayn ☆ 4thalbum ☆ wifizain ☆ radmalik ☆ crownprincezayn ☆ santazayn ☆ zyiall ☆ malikificent ☆ sadfrogmemejpg ☆ znynmalik ☆ luekstagram ☆ bigdaddypayne ☆ bionicniall ☆ billiondays ☆ winterwonderziall ☆ jackfalahee ☆ zaynscreditcard ☆ butttom ☆ phenomnial  zaynsfreepalestinetweet ☆ slantednbhd ☆ zaynistani ☆ ashton2k14 ☆ snowingwithsirens ☆ itsniazkilam ☆ cutesboys ☆ fightmeluke ☆ zeysus ☆ godblessniall ☆ hotblackteen ☆ adventuerclub ☆ ofpewds ☆ louisnoel ☆ onedraketion  ☆ ofcrystals ☆ starksfell ☆ thscripts ☆ zaynmalks ☆ richhomieniall ☆ voguezayn ☆  snowcisco ☆ dislikeyous ☆ tattooedzayn ☆ moonemoji ☆ fehroohz ☆ misoupiscold ☆ horanyewest ☆ primadonnas ☆ hotscheetos ☆ heavimetal ☆ antiteen ☆ saysmisterhardtits ☆ bradick ☆ lucyhaele ☆ louiswiliamtomlinson ☆  homwrecker daddyirwn ☆ 

wow ok that was much longer than i expected. anyways now to the pretty obvious people, the squad irl:   

CLAIRE nativex1r-THE MAIN!! anyways claire you already know i love you and youre fucking amazing and i love you a lot!! youre smart, youre funny, youre cute, and youre soooo nice and im so glad to have you as a friend. anyways yeah i hope you had the greatest bday and everyone follow her!!

KCHOOO thestudyofthemind-KCHOOOOOOOOOOO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOURE SO GREAT!!!! im so glad i met you and im so happy were in the same fandoms so we can talk about 1d and 5sos forever!! anyways yeah youre like a mom and super cute and just yeah dont ever forget you rock!!! everyone follow her bc shes fuckign amazing!!! :)

ANNIE heartsxbullets- anyways you guys should follow this dork because she posts a bunch of the fandoms like the office and orange is the new black and she loves harry a lot and shes desi so shes super cool. anyways annie youre a huge dork and sometimes make really bad jokes but somehow im still ok with you and youre really sweet as a friend!! anyways yeah everyone follow her!