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Just kiss him, already.

With @thekoreanpineapple‘s Altean Wedding suits because I can’t design clothes for shit.

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Tumblr tells me that 1/2 of your recent post contains sensitive media. Do you think Tumblr fucked up on my side or your side?

Can’t believe flowers and tiny dragons are now considered SENSITIVE MATERIAL to tumblr…
Honestly…I have no idea what to do about this. 
Tumblr screwed up so badly.
My blog NEVER contained any sensitive material except perhaps one or two swear words being used in some of my comics.That’s it.
But tumblr has marked my blog under sensitive material in a way that I myself cant view and have no control over. I have no idea how to end this and my anger grows with each day because I never know if my next post will be marked as “not safe for work” and wont appear under the safe tumblr search.

If anybody can help me in this matter, please do. Right now Im just shrugging it off because I ran out of ideas on what to do.

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so - wait, i've been off the tungle for a while and somehow didn't piece this together, you're marrying the author of dragonoak?! :O :O that is so cool! i just started the first book because of your recommendations and gorgeous fanart and holy crap i'm so happy for both of you!!!!

hahaha i KNOW right its so crazy!!!! 

we were acquaintances on the internet for a While until i reached out to them about reading the novels they had been working on for a few years…which is the story of how we became friends bc i read dragonoak in its earlier stages! and everything just escalated from there and well. now!!! we are here!!!!!

i cant believe how LUCKY i am to be marrying (?!!??!?!) someone who i not only love but ADMIRE so much. its so wild to me that anyone i look up to as much as them would choose me of all people…theyve helped me become more of myself and really start to value myself more as a person, which is so much considering my ex did a really good job of breaking that all out of me before. 

lmao im getting sappy i just. im very lucky and very grateful and very in love and its very nice haha

TDA Orlando - my predictions

Mini female:
Top 21: Alyssa Carpeneto, Arianna Quant, Sienna Morris, Cameron Voorhees, Kaitlyn Tran, Paris Vigo, Liza Grace Cole, Emily Haas, Kate Roman, Addy Beckham, Mariella Saunders 
Top 10: Savannah Manning, Harlow Ganz, Madelyn Munz, Brightyn Rines, Lucy Charlton, Hailey Bills
Top 3: Casey Tran, Dyllan Blackburn, Alexis Adair, Elliana Walmsley

 Mini male:
Top 10: Nathaniel Chua, Jason Patryluk, Tj Beal, Sam Fleshler, Seth Hendley, Anthony Houser
Top 3: Nicholas Bustos, Luke Barrett David Consuegra or Stefano Bonomo 

Junior female (this was so hard I still had to miss some of my favs):
Top 25:  Emma Johnson, JosaBella Morton, Rachel Leon, Marion Norris, Kayla LaVine, Courtney Lam, Julia Carpeneto, Paige Westbrook, Kylie Edwards, Ashley Vallejo, Elliana Mannella, Emma Levitt, Amy Shuster
Top 12: Brooke Judge, Ava Arbuckle, Malli Grace Lackey, Sarah Moore, Lindsey Wade, Madison Taylor
Top 3: Bella Klassen, Jezzaeyah Slack, Destanye Diaz or Isabella Tagle

Junior male: 
In top 10: Hans Anderson, Russell Schuller, Shawn Taylor, Hayden Mucha
Top 3: Brady Farrar, Jackson Hafenbreadl Rolof, ?

Teen female:
Top 22: Jenna Petty, Ysabella Reyes, Nicole Carpeneto, Gia Sylvester, Brooklyn Lipke, Savannah Quiner, Camila Schwarz, Savannah Folding, Brooke Cox, Camille Cabrera
Top 12: Denise Goping, Skye Ayala, Denise Goping, Ruby Castro, Lizzie Garcia, Jenna Meilman, Kayla Mak, Trinity Bonilla
Top 3:  Vivian Ruiz, Quinn Starner, Anessa Zivic or Lily Gentile

Teen male:
Top 10: Tyler Smith, Kyle Anders, Anthony Kelly, Stefano Gallelli, Jackson Lee,  Luke Hendley, Daniel Paula, Murphy Lee
Top 3: Findlay McConnell, Joziah German, Daniel Paula

Senior female:
Top 10: Lauren Herb, Makayla Ryan, Isabella Halek, Samantha Soto, Michelle Quiner, Amanda Baez, Ashley Coulson
Top 3: Payton Johnson, Paulina Macias, Sidney Ramsey

Senior male:
Top 3: Benjamin Peralta, Eli Alford, Tyler Hutchings or Ian Sanford

Bonus - who I am rooting for
Mini: Hailey Bills and Nick Bustos
Junior: Bella and Brady 
Teen: Vivian, Quinn or Anessa and Joziah
Senior: Paulina and Benjamin 

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Morning kisses; jongyu~ pls~ 💕😀


“No, I know. I trust you.” The words blurt out without Jonghyun’s permission, but he means them, and the sunny smile he receives makes him flush and look down, flustered. “Thank you,” is all he decides to say, and then, “for everything.”

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you're right we need more chick fics (i didn't even realize that rhymed until i wrote it lol) so maybe some hayley fluff headcanons?


1) Hayley is so much fun to go on adventures with, she holds your hand and pulls you along a creak bed until you find ducks or a tree to climb. She wraps an arm around your waist in the mall and points out silly things in stores and almost buys a giant sunhat just to see you laugh. She dances at festivals and gets her face painted at the fair and laughs and sings and shines, she’s brilliant and intoxicating and you love her

2) She dyes her hair a lot and she snapchats you the entire process. Mixing the bleach and silly selfies with her head wrapped up in tinfoil, the dying process and then the mistakes of dying without gloves or spilling it all over the floor or the one time she dyed her face pink by mistake

3) You guys can’t go to the pound together anymore, you both get attached to the animals at first glance and almost go home with 2 dogs, 4 cats and a rabbit before your friends stop you. When you move in together you’re so getting pets, so many…okay maybe one or two

4) Hayley loves to make you laugh and you love to see her smile so sometimes you have contests to see who can make the other one smile the most without even realizing, joking and tickling and just being lame ass goofs in love until you’re both pink cheeked and laughing till your bellies hurt and you don’t know who won

I’m downright terrified for the future of the manga….