cant be bothered to tag anymore characters

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I came too star wars late in my life (just watched the original 6 before seeing tfa) and stuff live "neu star wars" really makes me scared to talk about how much i love luke and freaking adore padme and idk... i just idk

Hi my dude!!!!!!!


please please please understand something

when i, at twelve thirty am, say “sometimes im really bothered by the neu star wars”, it’s not directed at you

see, i love star wars. i grew up with star wars. star wars is very important to me. but guess what??? that matters not at all

im not entitled to star wars, which means that i am not allowed to tell you how you should love your star wars, even if i disagree with it, as long as you’re not actively hurting anyone. please, lord, love and adore star wars as much as you like


i will say that i’m allowed, on my personal blog, to lament at the fact that i no longer feel safe in the post-tfa star wars fandom environment. it’s hostile and angry and everyone’s salty towards each other, and im incapable of expressing my opinion without getting torn down. everyones operating in extremes, in a very “u r either with me or against me” kind of way

on top of that (and im gonna get Anons for this i know it) it really really really bothers me that i can no longer go into the sw ao3 tag without feeling profoundly uncomfortable or unsafe, because there’s no longer just one thing to blacklist. r*ylo (a toxic and disgusting concept) is taking up 99% of the space, but there’s also LITERAL INCEST, between ESTABLISH PARENT CHARACTERS AND THEIR CHILDREN. it doesnt matter that the kids arent by blood (even though angels and ministers of grace, sometimes they are)

i cant access happy, safe sw content anymore. there is 0.00001% finnrey content on my dash and on ao3 (an issue which makes me angry for a whole other array of reasons), and maybe 0.001% finnpoe. maybe a little bit of platonic goodness, but not nearly!!! what there should be!!!! and i tell myself, but phil, make ur own content, dont just complain, but!!! creative content happens through collaboration!! and inspiration!!!!! 

and when i feel uncomfortable and am turned off by half the sw content being flung in my face by bitter peeps, i dont have anything to give in return!!!

so. i am allowed to be tired by that Discourse.

i am not allowed to make u feel like you’re not allowed to be excited about star wars, and for doing that in any way, i apologize profoundly

anyhoops. the point here is that i love star wars with my whole being and i am so happy that more ppl are getting into star wars and i am SO GLAD that new star wars canon gives us such a diverse array of characters!!!! so glad!! and they’re all so good and happy and unashamedly sweet!!!!

and yet despite that the environment of the fandom is the opposite as it was only this last summer, where i felt it was a safe space where people bonded over their love for space dorks

u know? for me, personally, anyway, tho i know that some others also feel this way

im sorry if i made u feel upset or unaccepted or like u arent supposed to belong, anon. u deserve to feel safe and happy