cant and wont stop

anyways can we start recognizing adhd as an actual and serious disorder that

  • can affect on functioning in every day life so badly that it interferes with taking care of very basic human needs
  • is not 10 yrs old white boy exclusive disorder
  • is not a fake disorder created to benefit medicine companies
  • definitely should not be reduced to “kid who cant sit still and wont stop screaming” stereotypes because adhd has a whole fuckton of symptoms ranging from serious memory issues to fine motor control difficulties
  • <p> <b>Edgar Allan Poe:</b> Quoth the raven "Nevermore"<p/><b>Student Athlete:</b> Nevermore?!😵🙁🤕When you on the grind💪👌 it's ALWAYS💯🕞 more!!✔can't stop🔥won't stop🙅🚫 #D1bound💯🙏Alma 32:12 rip💀😔 grandma👵<p/></p>