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Hey Simers its time for a new Sims4 cheat!

Always wanted your sims to have a canopy bed? Well now you can make one using this cheat!

Type Ctrl-Shift-C  then enter in testingcheats true. Once the testingcheats are enabled go ahead and type in bb.moveobjects,while using this cheat you can move any object anywhere on your lot. 

So in order to make the perfect canopy bed just add some curtains to the bed and tada~ you have a canopy bed! This cheat is also good with making the perfect cabinets for your sims bedroom! This cheat will help you make some creative rooms!

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spacecowmilkshakes  asked:

Got any diys on room decor?

Here are some! Hope these’ll help!

DIY Tapestry Headboard

Bold graphics or fairy wonderland tulle? So many styles!

DIY Star Light Star Bright Light Garland

Magical glow of whimsical warmth. If you do decide to go with a tulle canopy, pin these lights between the ceiling and the fabric for that faded glow effect.

DIY Tape Picture Frames

This is easy to do, easy to remove, easy to customize, easy to change, and doesn’t take up much space. 

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