canopy canopy canopy

Look up every now and then.. My blatant copy of @tvoom photo (link) .. We all influence each other to some degree, and if I post a photo and someone likes it enough to “copy” it, well that just makes me happy that I have inspired someone to maybe try something different, and I know Pete feels the same way.. 

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TF5 Hot Rod is the cutest bot ever,,  fite me on this

  • baby blues those baby blues ♫
  • … do you really need more proof than that?! alright
  • introduces himself but you can’t understand his name…
  • …because of his french accent that he can’t get rid of
  • Hut Rud! Hut. Rud. HUUT. RRRUD.
  • tries to look angry/badass and still looks cute
  • squinty squint je suis angry grrrrr
  • “little lady”
  •  “LITTLE  LADY” :`)))
  • the distant stare when he tries to be nice and gets whacked with a polo stick  #heistryingok
  • p sure he cheers on Squeaks when he’s trying to take out the Big gun
  • such a good boy, such a soft boy