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I'm looking for some fluffy/smutty bellarke fics any recommendations? Oh and by the way I absolutely love your blog!💕



+ fluff & smut tags!

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any fics of bellarke in canonverse and clarke sleep or hangs out in bellamy's room. it would be nice to list them.

Here are some that might fit: 

Also check out this link for fics about sharing a bed in canon.

Anonymous said: ‘i think you may have found this fic before so im sorry in advance but its one where bellamy and clarke used to date i think and now hes dating a grounder while clarke doesnt date anyone. they get back together when a little girl is missing and clarke finds her out at sea on a rock and goes to save her but ends up almost drowning herself but bellamy saves her?’

An Ocean Between The Waves

@megatr0nprime said: ‘Hey - feel free to ignore this if you’ve already answered this question, but could you point me in the direction of your Bellarke Hades/Persephone fics? I found the Mythology tag, which had some, but I’m specifically on the hunt for the best Hades/Persephone fics out there. (Don’t care who’s Hades and who’s Persephone). Thanks in advance! Or sorry, if I’m a duplicate ask.’

We recently did a rec for this, so check it out here!

Mirror Image

“So, what do you see?” Levi asked, resting his forehead on the back of Eren’s shoulder and nudging gently with his chin. 

Eren let out a huff of air. “This is stupid.”

“No it’s not,” Levi responded.  He ran his hands up Eren’s bare sides, soft and slow.  “You’re not looking.”

“There isn’t anything to see,” Eren said, and Levi could feel his body tense beneath his fingertips. “Nothing has changed.  Nothing will ever change.”

Levi studied Eren’s form in the mirror.  He was tall, growing taller each day, and Levi feared he’d be Erwin’s height before summer’s end.  He looked on the scrawny side with lanky limbs that hung around his body at awkward angles.  

But strength, raw and a little frightening, radiated from just beneath his perfect skin, and though no scars marred his body, Levi knew the shape and weight of the wounds Eren carried.  

“That’s not true,” Levi murmured near Eren’s ear.  “Now look.”    

Levi coaxed Eren’s face up with his fingers, so that his eyes met Eren’s in the mirror. If Eren’s body betrayed none of his battles, then his eyes held no secrets, two jade stones that could burn a hole through anything.    

Levi continued to cup Eren’s face, his thumb drifting lightly over the skin of his cheek.  “Look.”

When Eren did, when his eyes traced the lines of his body through the mirror, his fists clenched at his sides.  “Monster.”

It hurt, the way Eren’s voice sounded so resigned and hopeless. Levi placed a kiss on his shoulder, just a brush of skin against skin.  

“So?” Levi asked. “You’re a monster.  So what?”

“What?” Eren was frowning and biting his lip. 

“We’re all monsters in this world.”  Levi moved his hand up his stomach until his spread palm was resting on Eren’s chest. “The people out there, the Titans, everyone. Even me.”  

“No,” Eren whispered, twining his fingers with Levi’s, so that both of their hands were resting over his heart.  “Not you.”

Their gazes lingered for a long while, grey and green, watching the way their hands fit together over the slow rise and fall of Eren’s chest.

The hardest thing about being human is the sky. The rest, though difficult, is manageable: panic attacks are terrifying but he learns how to deal with them; the claustrophobia is just as frightening but is an eventual adjustment; eating and drinking is difficult to remember to do until it’s painful, and relieving himself is as disgusting as it is necessary. There is illness to deal with, and hygiene, and grooming, and dreams are frightening the first time he has one… but Cas adjusts. He discovers human routine; he learns to meditate; he finds food he enjoys and is versed in the joys of painkillers.

Still, Castiel can’t bring himself to look up.

During the day it’s fine—no, it’s manageable—but not at night. Cas can still remember how he felt that first night, trying to claw out of his skin and stumbling outside only the find nothing. No stars. No blackness. He’d turned around half a million times, muttering to himself until his vision blurred with tears. Moments later, Dean had come out and pulled him close. You’re okay, you’re okay, he’d breathed. But Cas had only squeezed his hunter as tightly as possible and shaken his head: W-Where are they? Dean, where are they?

They’re there, he’d whispered. You just can’t see them. Light pollution—

Castiel’s heart had cracked. Humanity ate the stars.

Except for the fact that they didn’t, Cas thinks to himself. He’s lying with Dean, curled tightly against the other and their fingers entangled as they both look up at the star-painted sky. There are millions of them up there, and while it’s nowhere near what he saw as an angel, it’s close—the scale of it, and the beauty. It invokes divinity in both its scale and its magnificence. And it’s such a relief; to see this, to know the universe is still there, to know where he stands… that Castiel can’t help it: he cries.


Dean tilts Castiel’s chin up, brow creasing as he thumbs away the moisture. “You okay?”

“No.” A bitten lip. “Dean, I… I love you more than I know how to express. That fact that you… cared for me, and taught me these past months—you and Sam both, but especially you—and that you… you brought me here, to see this. I just.” Cas swallows thickly. “We’re in the middle of the desert in Utah and we’re camping and I know this isn’t something you wanted to do, but you did it anyway, for me, and… I don’t know how else to say that I love you, but it’s not enough. It’s not enough for how I feel.” Cas leans in for a kiss that Dean gladly accepts. He sniffles as they part. “I just…” Castiel trails off. “I love you. Very much.”

Despite the blackness, Castiel can see Dean’s blushy smile and feel the way calloused fingers run through his hair. Sharing another kiss, the two pull back only to rest against each other’s foreheads, the Milky Way twinkling overhead.

“I love you, too.”

The Middle Act

Part 2/3: Out on a hunt, Cas and Dean end up having to share a single bed for the night, neither one content to let the other sleep on the floor.

Part 1/3: How It Started – Read Here

Part 3/3: Not Really The End - Read Here

Happy Easter gift, have some M rated fluff and sexual content.

What woke Dean the following morning renewed his nerves within the span of a single second. It didn’t register at first, what was happening. One second he’d been warm and comfortable, mouth hanging open against Cas’s shirt, and the next he’d been cold and exposed. Cas had gotten up, and Dean’s eyes had fluttered open as soon as the bathroom door had closed.

Surging up in bed, he huffed a heavy breath, the morning sky outside cloudy and leaving their hotel room dimmed. Blinking, Dean wiped the sleep from his eyes, his legs still tangled in the blankets as he tried to re-establish what had happened.

Cas had climbed into bed with him, and then they’d cuddled. At Dean’s volition. All. Night. Long. Dean, who didn’t usually like cuddling. Who only ever did it when someone else initiated it.

What did that mean? Should he say something about it? What should he say?

Before he could even narrow himself down to a point however, Cas was coming back out, blue meeting wide, scared, shocked green before Dean was ready.

Cas paused, looking him up and down before speaking. “Good morning, Dean,” was all he said, Dean’s focus darting down to the dark wet spot on Cas’s gray shirt. Because, oh God, he’d drooled on him.

“Uh…” Dean felt that his voice hardly existed in that moment.

“It’s nearly eight-thirty,” Cas continued on easily. “If you’re awake, then we should go get breakfast. I’m hungry.” Because Cas was always hungry.

“Ah…” Dean blinked. “S-sure, I guess…”

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Canonverse AU - In which Levi joined the Survey Corps normally with Farlan and Isabel and Eren, Mikasa and Armin were the underground trio and they were the ones sent to capture them. Just think of thug!Eren waving the fact he escapes Levi multiple times right in front of his nose and Levi is furious because Isabel thinks he`s really cool. While Mikasa and Armin try to keep Eren away from Levi because they know he wants him and he has to remember Levi is a soldier who would capture them, but Eren can`t get over the beautiful raven.

Not Really The End

Part 3/3: Out on a hunt, Cas and Dean end up having to share a single bed for the night, neither one content to let the other sleep on the floor.

Happy Easter gift, have some M rated fluff and sexual content.

Part 1/3: How It Started - Read Here 

Part 2/3: The Middle Act - Read Here

No, Dean wasn’t sure he was ever going to recover enough to know how to deal with this situation. Mostly because he wasn’t even sure how to comprehend it in the first place. But there was no denying it – Cas was still lying on top of him, bodies still pressed together, pants still down around their knees and thighs. The stickiness between them weighed on Dean far more than it should, and Cas’s breath on his ear was near enough to get him going all over again.

But the twisting apprehension in the pit of his stomach was catching any blood that wanted to find its way between his legs.

Logically, he knew he shouldn’t be so worried. Cas had come on to him, kind of, and, well, they’d both participated, in any case. They should be able to handle this like adults.

Because they’d done such a bang-up job of such up till then, Dean’s gaze flicking around the dim hotel room only quickly.

Outside, the storm still circled, though not with quite the severity it had during the night. Still, the warning was there – stay inside – and Dean tried not to feel trapped for it. There was no way they were going to be able to start their investigation until it died down more, which meant their was nothing to distract from what they’d done.

But maybe that was better. Maybe that was necessary.

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I’m a little bit obsessed with the idea of Castiel being tasked to come to Earth and watch little Dean Winchester as he escapes from his burning house. Only, instead of taking an adult vessel, he asks 4 year-old James Novak. And when Dean is crying and clutching Sam tightly to his chest, Castiel literally cannot stop himself from going off-book and approaching the pair. He reaches out before he realizes what he’s doing. His fingers brush down Dean’s sleeve and the other boy looks up with tear-stained cheeks.

The moment their eyes meet, John Winchester comes running out of the building. Castiel disappears. 

And Dean can barely remember the strange boy who looked so sad the night of the fire.


Dean accidentally gives away his feelings for Cas and has to be pursued through the bunker and brought back from his self-hating insecurities.

“Because he’s in love with you,” Sam had said, smirking at his snide joke. That was how it had all started – how Dean had fumbled to make-up for the remark (not having expected it to come from his brother), and had tripped over his words until he’d accidentally said something along the lines of “well, yeah, but…” before awkwardly laughing. It’d all happened so fast, and they’d been on a case, and Cas had been standing there. And he’d said “I know,” with such certainty in that deep, gravelly voice. The people they’d been speaking to had laughed, and they’d laughed, and Cas had furrowed his brows. Because he wasn’t stupid and could tell when the two brothers were forcing it. The sweat that had beaded on Dean’s forehead had probably spelled it out pretty well too.

And now it was out there. It was all out there and Dean didn’t know how to take it back. And Cas had said “I know.”

He didn’t like that he had feelings for Cas – was attracted to him. He’d come to terms with it, but this new development brought all the terrible back into his mind’s eye. Because it was so heavy, and full, and bloated, and Dean hated himself so much. And felt guilty about it, like it was some terrible, horrible thing that was his fault, even though Cas knew he couldn’t do anything about it. And he was ashamed that Cas had figured it out – found out – like it was wrong that Dean’s admiration be known to the one it was for.

Like his feelings were disgusting. To everyone.

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