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omfg did u see that video of shizaya gonebonkers(.)tumblr(.)com/post/111740424650 ?? like where do i get the game? is there anyone i should follow on tumblr or twitter that has info on the game?

yep! Ruka showed it to me!!

Hmm I’ve been following a few people on twitter who have been live tweeting their playthroughs but I still don’t know much about it. It looks like there are multiple routes, and after you finish one route you unlock the next one. The Shizaya scene (one of the people I followed said) seems to be the very last one you can unlock. 

The game isn’t available in america nor is it playable on american devices. You need a japanese vita to be able to play the game and I presume you could get it through amazon japan

Some tidbits I’ve gathered:

  • “I wonder what kind of face the headless rider had when… ah, she doesn’t have a face. Ahahahaha!” Izaya is still a troll
  • Everything is Izaya’s fault, just ask Shizuo
  • Kadota: “I think the bike likes you”
    Shizuo: “Haha don’t, you’ll make me blush” ShooterxShizuo is canon
  • Shooter goes bad ass
  • Shiki tortures a guy with crabs
  • Dotachin met Ruri and felt bad when he didnt have a pen to get her autograph for togusa
  • there are zombies

and Fireman shizuo saves the day