Sima Father and Son moment

Knowing very well about what was emerging to the three kingdoms of China or at least once was China from so much diversity on idealism he had to see which will be the future of what his sons will take  Knowing about Sima Shi’s bold pursuit of destiny he was aware that his eldest will have enemies. Even though Sima Zhao would be there there may be a time Responsibility will one day be his own.

He had taken the liberty to summon Zhao to his quarters, Sima Yi himself was seated calmly at the desk keeping a relaxed but bold and mannered posture. He looked to the refreshments of snacks on the table knowing Zhao would look forward to it definitely and a free chair for him.

“Son, Why not have a seat for a moment? We should have a talk with just us alone, I have made some snacks for you or at least had them made. Your Mother is good with Baozis.. And no you’re not in trouble.”

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