Lmao I once had an idea there will be a kiss on Episode 7

Tbh, I had a hunch Viktor and Yuuri will kiss on episode 7 based on a constantly related anime, No.6; which the two lead male characters (Nezumi Shion) kiss on episode 7

which is a laughable thought, I wrote a joke text on facebook about that. Since then, I had been anticipating ep 7 for a kiss. What a baseless thought, tho

In reality, this season its not only Viktuuri

5 x 7?!

Bonus : Never forget

Run Away

Its been so long since I’ve written angst. Gotta keep it up so I don’t get rusty ;D

Setting: Canon

Pairing: NaLu

Summary: He ran off again, this time it might just cost someone their life.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” Lucy shouted as she bounded up the steps that led outside from the underground room. Natsu had woken up from his slumber not even ten minutes ago, and here he was already running off to the battlefield.

“We’re in a war, Lucy.” Natsu’s voice was deadly serious, something Lucy wasn’t quite used to. “There is no time to be sitting around doing nothing when our nakama are out risking their lives.”

“You’re still seriously injured!” Lucy tried to reason. “You’re in no state to battle anyone! Porlyuska still need to examine you-”

“There’s no time!” He yelled, taking a step closer to her making the celestial mage flinch back a bit. “Not when Zeref is out there doing Mavis knows what! I’m going to take him out, even if it kills me.” He paused to turn his back to her, afraid the hurt he saw in her eyes would break his resolve. “And not even you can stop me.”

With that, Natsu took off away from her, and all she could do was watch her best friend run away from her.


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