Another Time, Another Place (CLOSED AU RP @canon-fire)

How long had it been? Jessie was running through the forest now, not really pursued by anything but her own nightmares. She had awoken from a strange dream, one that left her disoriented and upset. Everything around her looked familiar and yet off by just a fragment of reality. Still, she had to get to the nearest town and find out if it had only been in her head, dreams painted on the canvas of her mind disguised as concrete thought. 

Stumbling into a clearing she came upon a man she did not recognize. Squinting, she made the decision to approach, weighing the option of friend or foe and deciding the former. “Excuse me?” She spoke as she approached.

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Shellshocked. “It. It’s okay. I’m. I’m good—” 8’I why this

    Oh no. Someone told his dear Pikapi something that was obvious to others but wasn’t obvious to his Pikapi. Oh dear. He had that look on his face. There was only one thing to do.

     Shock therapy.

Elsa could hear her sister stirring in her bed, and she closed her eyes tighter.

Anna’s going to come bug me again; I just know it.  I do not want to deal with her right now.  I just want to sleep.

✕ betrayer;


The name came out hoarse on their tongue, which felt as dry as sandpaper. They swallowed, though it didn’t quell the rawness in their throat. They had ran, and ran, and ran, their wings long forgotten on their back. They had ran to find an old friend in his cold, desolate world. An old friend whom they hadn’t heard from in oh so very long.

Only to find that friend lying dead in a puddle of blood, that usual Cheshire grin turned down into a scowl of pain. It looked fresh, but it was obvious the body had been there for quite some time. Zacharie’s fingers traced over the hairless feline’s body.

Tears formed in their eyes, they dribbled down their cheeks in thin rivulets, hidden behind the mask which they always donned. First it was Sugar, now it had come to this.

Just what did the Batter think he was doing?

Out of their bag they drew another mask, the one with the mocking grin of the Judge and pointed ears. They swapped their usual frog mask in exchange for this one. To fill in for Pablo… forever, it seemed. Yet was there any point?

No one was left in this world but monsters. Ghouls. They thirsted for blood. It just so happened Zacharie was full of it, but they were above them. They were above the Batter himself.

So they traveled throughout the zones, sword in hand, Pablo’s cold, dead body cradled in their arm. Each ghoul that got in their way was slain with one blow of their sword. They fought, fought, fought.

… Then peacefully set up a table where they knew the Batter would pass by. Don’t ask how they knew, they just did. The dead, beaten body was hidden behind them. Goods would normally be spread across the table before them, but not this time, not while they were posing as the Judge.

A meow escaped them, one hand lifting to curl into a paw. “Hello, Batter.”

So while I was at the library writing and doing homework me an Ira were also talking about a Cybertronian kink that has a subculture of its own.

You see, it starts with a parasitic species thats developed a bit of a… pseudo-mutually beneficial method of reproduction (this is your warning if you want to back out now). What happens is the parasite lays its eggs (about 10-15) inside a mechs valve, right? It needs to incubate its eggs in the same sort of environment a valve provides (warm, moist, safe, you get the picture), but it doesn’t leave the host without a bit of a favour in return.
Once the eggs latch on to the valve walls they broadcast a line of code which, for lack of a better term, gets the mech in question super hot. There’s a number of reasons this could be, the first that’s coming to me is that there’d be more lubricant being produced and more energon being held in that area and so the parasite eggs would have access to more nutrients. Then of course when the eggs are about ready to hatch they detach themselves and get lain, which results in many overloads for the host. I know a bunch of you are really fond of that.

The entire process has become a kink in itself on cybertron with its own little subculture following and some mechs willingly submit themselves to it. Others are just unfortunate enough to happen  upon the parasitic creature.

    It’s been exactly two months since they’ve seen another. Two months since the last time the electric type had laid eyes on his trainer. He still remembered it clearly. Screaming loud for his ’Pikapi’ in this electric jar as the truck raced away and seeing Ash screaming and running after them. Two months since the truck turned a curb and he lost sight of the human. During the first day or so he believed the human would come, believed that during this transport he’d hear him and be reunited, though that hope faded when the truck was stopped and he was taken into a mysterious place. A place he would later discover was the headquarters for Team Rocket.  

                                            It’s been two months since he was Pikachu.

    It was less than ninety-six hours, four days, that he was forced to evolve after seeing Ash. Against his will in a cage as he begged and pleaded and cried and fought with all his might. That was what they had wanted. To evolve him and make him stronger since his electrical power and abilities, as a mere unevolved Pikachu, had been extraordinary. They evolved him to make him even stronger and, every day, would run experiments and drain the electricity from him until he couldn’t move. 

    The moment he escaped his first thought was finding him. Months spent away and not once had he given up finding him. Never would he. He had ran fast and managed to break free outside of the base, into the woods, and he didn’t stop running. He’s not sure how long he ran for but he’s certain he knows Ash is near. He picked up his scent the moment he left the base. Had Ash finally made it, is that why he felt the strength to escape? Or, perhaps, it was fate. Fate that he escaped the moment he can smell and sense his friend. Either way, though he’s exhausted and aching, he races towards where he knows Ash is. And, when he finally breaks through the foliage and sees him, his entire world seems to come to a grinding halt. 

                                 Because directly in front of him is the boy he’s been looking for.

                       ’ Don’t look at me. 

    His thoughts are a myriad of varying things. Apologies, guilt, proclamations of anger and sadness. Yet the one that constantly keeps coming forth is the same one: ’Don’t look at me.’ He’s dreamed of seeing the boy again, the one who loved him more than anything, and in his dreams they would meet and be happy. Happy to see another. Fears quelled. But this wasn’t like those dreams. Standing a few feet away he feels numb both physically and mentally. No words come forth, as his throat feels as dry as sandpaper, and instead of racing forward like he wants to do he feels his knees weak and his body trembling harder and harder the longer he locks eyes with the human. He’s dreamed of this meeting since the day he was taken. Yet… the thoughts he imagined he’d have… aren’t there.

                       ' Please. Don’t look at me. 

    Yet, despite these thoughts, he can’t keep his eyes off the human. He can’t turn himself or hide. Because, despite hating his new form and the circumstances, this is what he wanted. He wanted to find the human. He wanted his best friend. His Ash. His beloved trainer. But being here now he felt… different. Because he’s taking note of everything for the first time. How this taller form makes him feel Ash shrunk somewhat, because he’s use to tilting his head back further, and how the shoulder he use to ride on looks so tiny. And, worst of all, he doesn’t even know if the human recognizes him. Ash was searching for a Pikachu, a small creature with red cheeks and that happy ’Pikapi!’ that would spill out. A creature who would see Ash and run over enthusiastically calling out for him with tears in his eyes as he jumped into the boys arms and climbed onto his usual shoulder perch. Not a big Raichu with scorched fur in certain parts and scars marring his back and sides. A Raichu who, upon seeing him, just stared and didn’t say a thing.

    “Rairi."The boys name leaves him, sounding so different from the usual ’Pikapi’, and much more hoarse. He hadn’t meant to speak. His name just comes out as the feel of tears causes his eyes to sting while his body, still shaking, moves a hesitant step forward. Yet in doing so he breaks his gaze and turns to look downwards. His elongated and curled ears flattening back. He wants to run to him. He wants to jump into his arms. But he’s afraid. Afraid of the boys reaction. Instead his gaze just keeps onto the dirt, staring at the tips of his friends sneakers, all while his elongated tail lifts and hides itself behind his back.