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Canonet QL17 GIII Fujicolor Superia Venus 800 1/15, f2.8, UV filter On tumblr: On Instagram: lemonhats

I’m a cinematography student in México, an amateur photographer, cinematographer, ilustrator and a wanabbe musician too . 

I like to explore the images without any preconception, i love to experiment new combinations of style and technics, old and new. My work is based on film photography, digital, video, collages and paint interventions.

I don’t know how to describe my photography style, it changes constantly.

The cameras i mostly use:

Canonet QL-17 (Telemetric analog) : To use film on the streets.

Pentax K1000 (SLR analog) : An all terrain.

Sony RX100 m2 (Compact digital) : Always in mi pocket.

Canon EOS 60D (DSLR / HD video) : For serious works.

Sony Hi8 Handycam (Lo-fi video): To play.


INTERVIEW: Leon Antonio James

Photography has infinite possibilities and endless results, so the fun never ceases.

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Ok, I’m Leon Antonio James, someone who likes to write with light - (photographer) currently dwelling in the Big Smoke AKA London. I got involved with photography a long time ago, but it was an on and off relationship, and never really had as much passion or understanding for it as I do now ….. and since being introduced to the analog world, I haven’t looked back.

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