Victuuri headcanon dump

  • Everyone knows Victor and Yuuri dancing around the apartment to terrible music is basically canon, but they also skate around on their hardwood floor in socks. Victor would be listening to a song before wordlessly dragging Yuuri up to skate an idea for a show. 
  • Victor has notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks. Most of it is in cramped cyrillic that only him and Yakov (barely) can read. Some of it is grocery lists, music notes for a song he wants commissioned, routines, costume designs, and god knows what else. Yuuri finds one open on the couch and stops reading after he sees “Victor Katsuki” scrawled over and over and over again in the margins in English. 
  • Yuuri doesn’t mention how all his notebooks from the age of 10 until post grad have “Yuuri Nikiforov” in them somewhere. Victor somehow knows. 
  • Yuuri loves cuddling. He loves the feeling of himself in Victor’s arm or Victor in his arms. It’s hard concrete proof that “This is real. He loves you. You love him.” and he’ll never get tired of it. 
  • The worst part of Victor being gone (For work, visiting, general life) to Yuuri is sleeping alone. They usually end up skyping before bed to make it a little easier, and Victor leaves him Makkachin to cuddle instead. (Makkachin does not mind and loves being cuddled so win win)

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hablar del amor, y defenderlo

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Yuri!!! On Ice
PAIRING: Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky
TAGS: post-canon, post wttm skate, hurt/comfort, mentions of injury, 5+1

an otayuri 5+1 // commissioned by @rainlikestars // @otayuriwriterscollective

¿quién puede hablar del amor y defenderlo?
¡que levante la mano, por favor!


The first time, they’re not even together yet.

Yuri is in Almaty for a visit, a change of pace. After the exhibition skate fiasco and ahead of Worlds, Lilia has become much stricter about his choreography, while Yuri has become more stubborn about he wants to do for himself. Viktor was the one who’d convinced Yakov to let Yuri take a short break, cool his head.

Yuri doesn’t like being indebted to Viktor, but he’s grateful, however reluctantly. Getting to visit Otabek is a very welcome bonus.

Otabek is accommodating, happy to have Yuri in his home city. He’s lightened his training schedule as much as he can (although with both Four Continents and Worlds coming up, it’s not all that much lighter), takes Yuri around the city at night. Otabek’s family takes to Yuri immediately, showering him in extra food and affection. Yuri even gets to skate in Otabek’s rink, working on his quad flip.

It makes Yuri feel worse about the agitation that gnaws at his ribs, his lungs.

He doesn’t even know why. He’s here in Almaty, he’s with Otabek; he’s away from Lilia and Yakov and their nagging, away from Viktor’s overbearing concern and Yuuri’s overly sincere consideration. But whenever he and Otabek go out, Yuri is anxious and self-conscious; whenever Otabek smiles at him, asks him how he feels, if he’s okay, Yuri gets flustered. There’s a lump in his throat that refuses to go away. It’s driving him crazy.

It’s when they come across some friends of Otabek that Yuri snaps. It’s Otabek’s day off, they’re meandering through a commercial area near Otabek’s home. An unfamiliar voice rings over the chatter of the city, drawing their attention.

“Beshka!” Otabek reacts first, turning around with a big smile; Yuri feels a flash of irritation in his chest. There’s a group of boys, four of them, weaving through the crowd towards them. They arrive and start chatting in – Yuri’s not sure, it sounds like an odd mix of Russian and Kazakh, but he can’t understand a thing and it’s pissing him off.

It’s a while before they notice Yuri standing there, glaring. One of them breaks off with a surprised look and smiles apologetically, says something to Yuri. Otabek puts a hand on Yuri’s shoulder, gives him a quick smile, then turns back to his friend.

“Russian, please, Maxim,” he says with a laugh.

“Oh, sorry, sorry!” The boy - Maxim - beams at Yuri. The others are looking at him curiously, shooting each other unreadable glances that only vex Yuri even more. Maxim throws an arm around Yuri’s shoulder and smirks. “And you are?”

Yuri shrugs the arm off with no gentleness and huffs. “Leaving,” he snaps, storming off the way they came.

“Hey, what–” Yuri doesn’t want to hear. He takes off running, missing the way Otabek calls after him, the way the boys exchange concerned looks.

Otabek still catches up with him a few blocks away.

“Yura,” he says sharply, grabbing Yuri’s wrist to stop him from heading off again. Yuri twists his arm petulantly and stomps his foot.

“Let me go.”

“No.” Otabek is searching his face, frowning. The way he holds Yuri’s wrist, his expression, it makes Yuri feel like some problem child who’s being patronized and scolded. He hates it. “Yuri, what happened?”

“I’m pissed off, okay!” he yells. Startled, Otabek lets go of his hand; Yuri hugs his arms to his chest and stares at the ground.

“Why?” Otabek asks. “They’re my friends, Yura, of course they want to talk to me.”

The resentment is climbing up Yuri’s throat and he hates it. “I know,” he mutters, hunching up further. This, whatever it is, it frustrates him. He can’t explain why.

They stand there for a moment, in a side alley that smells vaguely of lamb and smoke, Yuri looking at his shoes and Otabek looking at Yuri.


Yuri cuts him off. “I’m done,” he says quickly, spinning on his heel and walking back in the direction of Otabek’s home. “I’m going back to Russia on the earliest flight, I can’t do this anymore.”

“What–” Otabek catches up with him again and this time actually blocks his way, standing in front of him (and fuck this, Yuri may be getting taller but Otabek is still bigger and in his way). He takes Yuri by the shoulders, trying to get Yuri to look at him, but Yuri won’t meet his eyes.

“Yura,” Otabek says softly, in a voice that makes something twist in Yuri’s chest. “Are you–” He hesitates. Yuri scrunches his face up. Otabek seems to be weighing his words carefully, uncertainly. He purses his lips, then looks at Yuri with an oddly tight expression. “Are you… jealous?”

Yuri’s eyes widen; his next inhale is sharp and painful.  He jerks away from Otabek even as he feels the heat in his cheeks, the chill in his lungs. “No,” he says breathlessly, adamantly, but the lie is obvious. “No–”

Otabek takes Yuri’s hands in his, holds tight despite Yuri’s protests and – Yuri’s breath catches as Otabek presses Yuri’s palms to his chest, over a quick and nervous  heartbeat. One hand moves to card through Yuri’s hair, gentle as every other thing Otabek does with Yuri.

“Kotyonok,” Otabek says, and there’s a laugh lurking in the word. Yuri is still looking down. “There was never a need for you to be.”

Yuri’s hands close into fists, scrunching the front of Otabek’s shirt. He leans forward, pressing his forehead into Otabek’s shoulder. His friend just stands there and lets him, still stroking Yuri’s hair.

After a moment, Otabek asks, “still leaving?”

Yuri sniffs, shakes his head.


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anonymous asked:

Do you think Yuuri has high emotional intelligence, that sometimes being fucked up by his anxiety?

This is a really interesting question that I’m not sure I’m fully capable of answering properly, but I’ll do my best. 

Ok looking at the most common model for emotional intelligence, you can measure it in 5 traits. So let’s look at how Yuuri does in each. By the way I’m kinda ignoring episode 12 for this.


Self-awareness in the context of emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your own emotions as they happen and being in tune with your true feelings. Also the recognition of your own self-worth and skills.

Yeah, Yuuri “I don’t really have a name for this feeling” Katsuki has some trouble with this one. With the self-confidence and recognition of his own merit as well, as we know. Here though, I do believe anxiety plays a huge factor. Yuuri is very prideful, and stubborn and he’s not completely lacking in awareness. He has his moments.

Also, I think Yuuri’s problem is mostly that he’s extremely self-absorbed and hyper aware of himself. Which you know, comes with his anxiety. He is very aware of what his failings, to the extreme where he can’t see his assets a lot of times. 

He has difficulty identifying his own feelings a lot, particularly when it comes to Victor, but he seems to be very aware of how his anxiety works from how we see him react to it in episodes 1, 7 and 9. A good example is this little piece of dialogue in episode 7

I know. As in, he’s aware that his fear is unfounded, he’s aware that his feelings are irrational but he can’t help feeling them.

He certainly lacks in accurate self-assessment with how he’s constantly devaluating himself, but the anxiety is clearly playing a role in that. So the jury’s out on this one. He doesn’t excel at this, but it’s not where he lacks the most out of the five.


This is the ability to have self-control and managing your emotions, being adaptable and open to new things and ideas. 

I actually think Yuuri does a lot better here than what it may seem at first.

Of course, the entire series happened because Yuuri was not able to deal with his emotions during the Grand Prix Final. But let’s look at what those emotions were. Yuuri was grieving. He had just learned that Vicchan died, so that on top of the pressure of being at the GPF, of wanting to meet Victor as an equal, plus his usual insecurity, it’s no wonder the whole thing spiraled out of control. Can you really blame him for not keeping his emotions in check and underperforming in that situation? 

Besides, Yuuri does a really good job at holding it together. He only allows himself to cry when he’s by himself.

But what about episode 7? Well, episode 7 shows us once again Yuuri doing his hardest to keep it together. The difference here is that, for the first time, he’s not doing it for his own sake, but for Victor’s as well, which is why the whole thing blows up once Victor pulls the “I’ll quit” card. Even with all that though, after being given an outlet for his emotions, Yuuri is able to regulate them well enough that he skates one of his best performers, completely relaxed, and while suffering from sever lack of sleep and having just come out of an anxiety attack.

In episode 9 Yuuri is completely alone and he manages. I wrote about this before.

He also regulates his anxiety through skating and going on runs. We seem him do both often throughout the series and Minako even spells it out for us that whenever Yuuri is nervous or troubled he skates it out. So he’s very aware of what methods work for him to calm down. 

As for adaptability and innovation, he’s constantly showing heaps of both throughout the series. Since Victor’s arrival, he is forcefully thrown into new situations and his comfort zone is pushed to the limits and he always adapts. Eros is the best example. He both adapted and innovated there.

Yuuri’s entire style of skating require a lot of self-regulation. It’s canon that Yuuri’s skating is immensely emotionally driven. He can’t skate what he doesn’t feel. So for him to be able to perform he must be able to control his emotions. And again, any time he fails to do so, it’s his anxiety overtaking him.


The ability to motive oneself, having clear goals and the drive to achieve them, having initative, being able to commit and keeping a positive outlook in the pursuit of one’s goals despite obstacles. 

Ok so maybe Yuuri is lacking a bit on the last part of keeping a positive outlook. Otherwise though? Yuuri is extremely driven. He has worked his entire skating career with the very clear goal of meeting Victor as an equal. He needed time to work through the setback that was his first GPF, but he still actively tries to get out of it on his own

I’ve talked about this before in my analysis of his character arc. Yuuri is very much driven by his desire to win the GPF and his wish of becoming an equal to Victor and keep him by his side. Even though all his lows in the series, his goals are ever present and he is capable of motivating himself to get back up again and pursuit them. He experiences a lot of physical and mental strain and he still pushes forward. His initiative, while lacking at first, is one of the things that grow in him as he goes through character development. 

The optimism needs to be worked on though. 

Social Skill

This involves a lot of things, from good communication, ability to be persuasive, conflict management, nurturing bonds with others and being able to cooperate and work with others as a team.

Here’s where Yuuri is probably lacking the most. But he gets better. 

Communication is not Yuuri’s strongest asset, not by a long shot. I mean the boy has a very hard time expressing his feelings for Victor without using skating metaphors. He has a lot of trouble communicating with almost everyone in the rest of the cast, as we see from his inner monologues. He’s better with Phichit and gets better with Victor, but still terribly lacking by the end of the series.

We’re told he didn’t really have friends growing up aside from Yuko (and later Takashi as they grew), and in present day, aside from them, the only person Yuuri considers a friend is Phichit. Despite the fact that, as we see, other characters express interest in being Yuuri’s friend. 

Both Yuuri and Victor have poor social skills in entirely different ways, and that’s what makes their relationship difficult, especially at first. But they do manage to reach a balance, work together and develop. They meet each other half-way. 

So yes, not bit on the EQ here.


Recognizing other people’s feelings and understanding them. 

Yuuri is not completely hopeless here but he’s still got a long way to go. He has a hard time reaching that awareness of other people’s feelings. He didn’t recognize the love of his family and friends as such as instead saw it as pity (that’s the anxiety), he didn’t recognize Minami’s admiration for him, he wrongly assumed that he was holding Victor back and that Victor would be happier not being his coach, he didn’t seem to notice at all that Victor had feelings for him before the kiss. 

Thing is, as soon as he’s aware of people’s feelings, he’s very understanding. He’s so grateful for the love of the people surrounding him the makes it his theme, he accepts Minami’s feelings and cheers him on. Even the whole issue of “I’m holding Victor back”, that’s empathy. That’s Yuuri being so concerned over someone else’s feelings he is willing to sacrifice himself for them. 

Anxiety does probably play a role here in the way he’s lacking. 

So overall, I would say Yuuri has an average level of emotional intelligence. His anxiety certainly screws it over a lot, but he has many moments where he shows a surprisingly high EQ. He really needs to work on his social skills and self-awareness though. Could do with more empathy as well. Here’s hoping for more development on that in s2. 

anonymous asked:

I feel like the Viktuuri shippers have been making conspiracy theories about Viktor’s skating for YEARS while everyone else is like "dammit you guys are reading too much into this". Like notre dame fanfic, sun and moon fanart,"HE SKATED A LOVE SONG IN JAPANESE VIKTUURI IS CANON-" "guys he skates in lots of different languages come on" and of course Stammi Vicino . . . After they get together the viktuuri fans go nuts digging up Viktor’s old routines while everyone else is like wtf???

once the whole story comes up people watch his old routines again like ‘suddenly this all makes sense’!

Emil HCs

Okay this was going to be something different but i got carried away with Emil so here are some Emil head canons ^-^

  • He ice skates because he genuinely enjoys it. It’s never really been about the money or competitions, he does it because he thinks its fun
  • Has a very normal family. Everyone is Czech, everyone gets married and has children, they aren’t necessarily against things being different, they just have a very “this is the way things are and this is the way things should be” mindset
  • Not everyone in his family gets along so when Emil and his little brother were younger he would always brush it off and and take his brother into the other room when people started arguing
  • So when people did start arguing, naturally his younger brother would start crying when they were little so he would always try and act cheery so he would stop crying
  • He was a happy kid, didn’t take much to please him, he knew his parents worked hard to put food on the table so he didn’t really ask for much
  • He’s an emotional person but isn’t very good at expressing his feelings. Most of the time he is genuinely happy but if he isn’t he still acts like it because he feels like he needs to for everyone else because if he doesn’t then no one else will
  • When he cries he just covers his face and does his best to make it stop unless he’s around certain family member or friends that he feels comfortable with
  • Also he’s autistic sorry I don’t make the rules I mean it’s pretty obvious
  • Elementary school and the beginning of junior high was fairly easy for him but teachers started to get frustrated with him because he had trouble focusing and got told “he would be smarter if he just applied himself more”
  • It wasn’t that he didn’t want to learn but he didn’t understand what the teachers were trying to teach him because the way they were explaining it didn’t make sense to him
  • Often got frustrated when he didn’t get something so for a while he just thought he wasn’t smart because I don’t understand and no matter how hard I try I just don’t get it  
  • The only subject he excelled in was math because the teachers would let him read the textbook instead of listening to the lesson
  • The textbook was straightforward and to him was a lot easier to learn from, because he had the time to process what he was reading and he had one thing to focus on instead of noticing every movement a classmate made or every little noise
  • Numbers were also something that were just easier for him to understand
  • Astronomy and Space is definitely one of his special interests and he will tell you everything about it if you let him
  • Emil is very open about being autistic and often does fundraisers for different organizations to help raise awareness and acceptance (no, not autism $peaks he’s definitely against them)
  • Very outgoing but has a difficult time with social cues
  • Hugs are 10/10 good pressure stim
  • Definitely Pansexual (he’s just got a lot of love to give)
  • Has been in one serious relationship before Michele so he knows the ropes a little bit but he is still winging most of the time
  • He and Mickey were very close childhood friends but grew apart when they were teenagers
  • They started seeing each other again at competitions and that was when Emil realized his feelings
  • He panicked at first because he didn’t think in a million years that Michele would ever like him back
  • He gets over that pretty quickly though so then he starts trying to flirt with him (not that mickey really notices, he’s very oblivious)