“Lighting new cigarettes,
pouring more
It has been a beautiful 

Charles Bukowski is easily my favorite writer of all time. This poem has stuck with me from the very beginning of it all. There were many times I felt like giving up and I would remember this poem, and suddenly, I felt like I could make it a little bit longer. This tattoo has a really big and personal meaning to me and since I never like to tap into my private life, I will leave it simple and to the point. I’ve had to face many battles my entire life, and no matter how ugly the outcome may have been, it has made me who I am today. Every day is a battle itself. This is a reminder of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished because I kept pushing through. 

(Before I get any messages stating that my tattoo is crooked, please keep in mind I had to take this picture myself, using both hands while keeping my arm up so you can see it.)


I’m amazed on how this came out. It looks pretty professional. I just spot metered him on the lightest part of his face and properly exposed it from there. You can barely see the background when he moves around. If I had metered him on the dark part of his face, then the whole shot would be visible, you’d be able to see the background. This is would be considered as low-key lighting except the source of light I had was the Sun so I thank the Sun being there, hahaha. Enjoy.

It almost looks like a night scene.

Untitled” by Jade Weïrd via Flickr