Madison Nova by Jeff Turner

-Rome sweet Home-

Back in Rome… what to say? She’s stupendous as always! It’s funny how every time I make these trips back and forth between New York and Rome, I learn something new…

This time around I came to understand yet another part of what makes Rome so great: more than a city, she’s an organism. She’s got her own habits, her own preferences and her own good days and bad.

From Monday to Saturday she wakes up at the crack of dawn, ready to plug away as she’s done for thousands of years before. She’s never too eager to get started, though; she prefers to have her cornetto e cappuccino followed by a cigarette, or at very least, a second hand whiff of an old Signora’s Muratti cigarette. She buys a copy of her favorite newspaper from her favorite edicola and doesn’t stress herself to read the whole thing. She prefers to glance over the headlines. If she’s interested enough, she’ll read the whole article… but all she really wants is enough information to chiachierare, or chat with her friends and colleagues about.

She hops on her scooter and gets to work. Throughout the day, she takes the occasional espresso break, punctuating the passing of the hours until it comes time to head home. 

She’s worked out, she’s tired, and finally, after a long week, its Saturday night! She meets with friends for a cena pagata alla romana (dinner paid the roman way, by splitting the check evenly between the guests) and anticipates a late night spent out on the town: drinking a few pints at the local pub, dancing at the club or even just choosing one of her many piazze to sit down in and chat with a beer in hand. It’s not like it matters that she won’t be getting into bed until 4 in the morning, after all, tomorrow’s Sunday! Why else did God make Sunday if not as a day of rest? and rest, Rome does! 

She wakes up late, lounges around the house, maybe reads, maybe watches TV… At night she might go for an aperitif, maybe not, and that’s the beauty of Rome’s Sundays. It’s the only day on which nessuno ti obliga, you’re not obligated to do anything other than take it easy… The next day, the cycle will start again… Rome will wake up early and head to the bar for her cappuccino e cornetto. I’m not sure if I’ll feel like waking up early with her, but even if I don’t, it doesn’t matter! See, this is the great thing about Rome - even if, on a particular day, I feel too lazy to follow my typical daily routine, it doesn’t matter! Rome is always there to help you get back on your feet. She never stops, she’s always been here and she always will be, despite whatever might be going on within her walls - and there’s something very comforting and motivating about that. 

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Equipment: Pictures 1, 3, 4 - Canon Powershot g9; Picture 2 - Nikon d7000

- A Poignant Reminder - an Inspiring New Beginning

A few images from when I passed by the World Trade Center last week on my way to see the New York Redbulls play the Houston Dynamo. 

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Exiting from the Subway to see this cross erected from two I-beams from the twin towers definitely created a contrast in emotion from my pre-game excitement.

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As soon as I turned the other way, though, this is what I saw. 

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The construction on the new Freedom Towers:


Equipment: Canon PowerShot G9