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I kinda get why Underverse can't have a crossover with Glitchtale.... Because the fact that Chara and Sans are gone (Sans still inside Akumu 😑) If Cross!Chara goes there, Asriel's reaction will be: 😱😱😱 but Chara never changed. And if UT, US, and UF, and Ink(maybe) Sans goes there just to stop Cross!Chara and demn Nightmare, Everyone will have their jaws dropped for seeing so many Sans(alive). But the Characters in Glitchtale already knows that Sans is gone. (wow i explained all dis)

Well, I’m ok with people’s different points of view about their theories with Underverse and Glitchtale possible encounters or whatev. You are free to create crossovers and stuff with them, but, if we are talking about a canon or logic reason, I’ll give my point of view about this:

(warning: probably you’ll find some bad english because I’m so tired and I can’t type and think properly) 

In Undertale, the original/canon universe or whatever you want to call it, has 3 three main timelines: Neutral, Pacifist and Genocide, right?

But, there are also variations of choices the Player did during their adventures, before, during or after falling to the underworld. We could call those choices like Alternate Timelines, because those choices could change the course of the story in some way.

The Player is not the only one to be able to take a decision and create an Alternate Timeline, other characters would be able to change something, and also that could create another Alternate Timeline.

That means that only the Undertale universe became a huuuuugeee place with any kind of Alternate Timelines because of choices that characters did, including big choices, or small choices.
For example, the “Pacifist” Timeline of Undertale in Underverse is not the real one, is just variation of the original because there was some choices taken before that don’t follow some events from the original route (spoileeeerrs)

The same thing happens with Glitchtale. Frisk broke the reset button, Asriel and Gaster are with them, Bette Noire was released…. all those choices affected the entire timeline, and as @camilaart​​ said, this Timeline is very damaged that is closed from inside. No one from outside can go there.

And probably, Glitchtale is not the only Alternate Timeline (AT) in this situation.

 All of this explanation is about Undertale.

Now, imagine the same, with the Alternate Universes.
Variations of the original Universe where the story or characters are changed, and those Alternate Universes have their only Main Timelines and Alternate Timelines. 

(So much universes and timelines, isn’t it?that’s what I love about this fandom holy shoes)

Following the rules of this theory, some people could consider an AU that has the same story like an AT, but that only depends the changes that are in the story. For example, Outertale (by @2mil127) can be considered as an AU, because the story and characters are the same like in the original game or universe (Undertale) but the thing that makes it an Alternate Universe and not an Alternate Timeline, is that Outertale unfolds in SPAAAACCEEEEE, weeeeeeee!!

(At least that’s my point of view about the AU’s that have the same story but are set in other ambiences.)

Now, let’s go to XTale and Underverse.

In Xtale, the same would happen, about the timelines and alternate timelines- BUT - Xgaster never wanted to have “choices” and “possibilites” in his Universe because of mistakes that happened in his story he could create thanks to Ink. So, that’s why he used his creator ability (a.k.a overwrite) to “evolve” the main story and create the perfect Alternate Universe without timelines and stuff.

That was supposed to be the 10th overwritten timeline. But it actually was the end of XTale cuz wow such a good idea giving some power to somebody who hate meh because of my actions (more spoilers coming soon)

The perfect creation of the tall guy was his experiment. The X-Event that Cross tried to stop sealing into his body.

Nao, the poor skeleguy, without a home, without an universe where to live, decide to use the experiment’s ability to take the best of the other AUs in order to rebuild his beloved timeline number 10 and pretend that nothing happened there. That could bring consequences tho.

He could take any code, no matter which kind of timeline or alternate timeline, but Nightmare who was the first one to appear, his target became the Pacifist Timelines, the main ones or variations that could be the same as the originals from each Alternate Universe.

So the conclusion is: Cross can’t get to Glitchtale because there are soooo many Alternate Timelines per Universe as well as it’s impossible to enter to a damaged/corrupted place like that one.

Also, Betty is doing an amazing job there, why even bother?


Facts, Logic, and Canon: Lucy’s feelings for Natsu

   Fairy Tail seems to be reaching it’s climax, and as such the pairings in which Hiro Mashima is pushing for is becoming more and more obvious. Likewise, the pushback from fans who oppose these ships is becoming more and more apparent, and I am beginning to notice a disturbing trend. Discussions about pairings are becoming less and less about facts and logical interpretations of the canon material, and becoming more and more about accusing the other fanbase of acting in ways that triggers them. No more. It’s time for a return to form. 

This is the cover page of chapter 416. Now, I cannot possibly cover all of Natsu and Lucy’s relationship in one post. There is simply far too much content. To make things far less time consuming for me, I will limit this post to only material since the X791-X792 timeskip. Material from the omake specials, movie, OVA, and anime, will also be largely excluded. Most of the fanservice will also be excluded. I simply cannot go through all of the material in one post. 

This is from chapter 419.  After Fairy Tail disbanded, the one Lucy most wanted to see was Natsu. This is not an opinion, and there is not much room for interpretation. Plain and simple, this is definitive proof that Lucy missed Natsu the most. 

Lucy chased after Natsu when she found out he was leaving from his letter. Lucy did not have the same reaction to anyone else when Fairy Tail disbanded - and seeing as none of them purposely tried to avoid her when they left, it would have been far easier for her to follow them. 

This is Lucy’s outburst for Natsu leaving her behind. This was in response to Natsu criticizing Gray for leaving Juvia behind. 

 When Lucy thought Dimaria was about to stab out her eyes, her last thought was Natsu. Interpret this how you will. Lucy may have been calling out for Natsu to save her. Or she may have been worried about what would happen to him. Or she may have simply thought of him because it gives her hope. Either way, all roads lead back to the same conclusion.

Upon waking up from the aftermath, finding Natsu was Lucy’s first priority. In fact, Lucy was in such a rush to find Natsu that she forgot she was naked.

When Lucy finally arrived at where Natsu was, she rushed to hug him. If it wasn’t obvious how much Lucy cared about Natsu by her actions and thoughts up until this point, it should be fairly obvious now. It will continue to get more obvious below. 

Not to say that Lucy doesn’t care about Juvia and Gray’s conditions, but you can clearly tell that Lucy was the most worried for Natsu. This is evident in both the way she carries Natsu…

… and by the way she cradles him after Irene’s attack.

Lucy is willing to strip down and use her body heat to warm up Natsu. 

Upon Natsu waking up, Lucy can be shown visibly shaking due to relief. 

Lucy’s first instinct is to hug him once he wakes up. Once again, you get Lucy calling Natsu a dummy. You get Lucy saying how worried she was over Natsu. You get Lucy so caught up in the moment, she forget she’s naked.  

…And this is Lucy’s reaction when he thanks her. 

 If everything up until this point wasn’t clear enough, this is how Lucy acts when she is drunk during the Christmas Special.   

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. If you’ve been keeping up with Fairy Tail and are not in constant denial because of personal bias, you can clearly see that Lucy has feelings for Natsu. Even with a reasonable degree of bias, you cannot deny that Lucy having feelings a higher probability than her not. It is only when you are unreasonably biased against NaLu, that you would deny this. The evidence for is overwhelming compared to the evidence against, and we are long past the the point of plausible deniability. I will stand by what I say, and what I say is that Lucy having feelings for Natsu is the simplest and most direct conclusion after having observed her various actions throughout the most current arc. 

musical episodes of non musical shows are the best episodes but you know wht makes them better? when its unquestioned. give me more musical episodes that cant be logical within canon. That aren’t the work of a curse or that dont take place in a dream.

Reblog if you’re OK with role-playing with blogs whose character is stronger than yours, and you respect the fact should an IC fight occur you will lose. It’s not the mun being rude, or godmodding or being unfair it’s simply canon and logical. Or, reblog if you’re OK with role-playing with blogs whose characters have traumatising pasts. It’s really hard to role-play with blogs whose rules say “Keep ____ out of threads” or “Keep ____ topic out of threads” if that trigger is a part of the characters life, it’s almost impossible not to mention that trigger in threads unless the character never thinks of said trigger, or never opens up e.c.t and it’s extremely awkward.

In other words, PSA reblog for those who understand if you’re an OP character, they have to accept if they pick a fight with their muse, it wont go well. And while certain triggers wish to be avoided, you cannot delete triggers from a character’s past nor blame the Mun for it, nor force the Mun to never explore that side of the character.

This blog is open to ADULT content: gore, violence, sexual or triggering histories.
(though cross out any of the above adult content if you’re not ok with it.)

  • Logan: hey, babe. I got you some cookies.
  • Patton: oh thank you. you're so sweet!
  • Logan: anytime.
  • Patton: these are good! mm where'd you buy this?
  • Logan: I confiscated them from my students.
  • Patton: what.
  • Logan: took them from my students. yeah.
  • Patton: Lo. We talked about this. You can't keep taking stuff from your students.
  • Logan: uh. I can. and I will.-- Hey, Anxiety. I got you some headphones.
  • Anxiety: nice.

every time the inner cynic in me starts questioning if we’ve set our hopes too high about a canon force bond, i remember that that’s literally the only possible way Kylo will find them on Ahch-To.

think about it. the ENTIRE PLOT of TFA revolved around the First Order being unable to locate Luke or Ahch-To. they tried everything; there’s nowhere left to look and no other information for them to find. so what’s changed since TFA? 

Rey is there.

all logic dictates that Rey is the key to Kylo finding Ahch-To at long last. and the only way for that to work from across the galaxy is through their mysterious connection.

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Do you think an Operative has ever died in the KND? If so, how do you think they would handle that?

I mean, canonically? Nah. Cartoon logic and Kid Show Anti-Kill are on their side on that one. Realistically, however, the answer would be yes. And not because of the villains.

My best example of the KND-Villain relationship is this comic strip- Stickybeard and his crew are horror-stricken as Abby jumps over. He threatened sharks, but he didn’t honestly think sharks were gonna get involved. It’s the same with the other villains- they don’t want kids dead. They just want them changed, or following orders, or delightfulized. They don’t want them to physically perish.


The KND is a well-trained fighter force, but they still fall. They still stumble. They still get the odd sticky parachute. I’m sure Patton trains rookies in how to take a fall, much like a stunt double does, but there’s still bound to be kids who hit their heads, or their spines. I’d be willing to say that 95% of all operative deaths come from accidents over actually doing their duties.

I feel like the KND is mostly used to these sorts of things. They hold huge farewell ceremonies, then hit the soda bars and tell stories. If a death is particularly heroic, their number will forever be removed from use- retired to special hall of operatives. It’s a big deal.

There’s also the odd Numbuh 20,000, who’s so desperate to do what he feels is best that he’s willing to literally destroy everything to make sure it happens. This is heavily frowned upon. The KND is a joint organization, benefiting from healthy team dynamics.  

Simple answer: if this weren’t a kid’s show, yes. Since it is… No. Not at all.

I actually have a lot of feelings about a Newsies Hogwarts AU and now you’re all gonna hear them

  • Jack
    • Gryffindor
    • while he has some traits from all the houses, Gryffindor is where he ended up
    • He’s loyal, definitely
    • Also Ambitious, he knows what he wants out of life and isn’t scared to chase it
    • He’s very creative, and not dumb, either
    • But he also isn’t blindly loyal, he knows how to realize when his loyalty was misplaced, and he isn’t scared to admit it
    • He isn’t scared to chase his dreams, but he refuses to use people as a ladder. He won’t manipulate people into giving him what he wants, he’ll climb up through hard work and his own abilities
    • His creativity almost put him in Ravenclaw, it’s one of his most defining characteristics, but ultimately he was placed in Gryffindor for his combination of characteristics that make him a strong, loyal friend and leader
  • Katherine
    • Slytherin
    • She so smart, and so ambitious
    • Like Jack, she knows exactly what she wants out of life, and like Jack, she’s willing to fight for it
    • Unlike Jack, she considers persuasion just as viable of an option as work, as long as work is a part of it
    • She’s persuasive, not manipulative, and she uses it to her advantage
    • Even though people tell her that her ambitions are unrealistic, she never stops fighting for them
    • When she makes a friend, it’s ride or die. You mess with her friends, she’s out for you. Whether it’s a cleverly designed hex or a well though out, though quick, insult, she’ll make sure you regret messing with her friends
    • She one of those people who can tell right away what kind of person someone is. Even if they act smooth and nice, if they aren’t she knows.
    • People who know her know that she feels deeply and that she cares a lot about everything, people who don’t will see a cool, put together, ambitious girl with very few close friends
  • Davey
    • Ravenclaw
    • Smart, organized, put together, logical
    • When faced with a problem, he sits and thinks it through until he comes up with a smart way to deal with it, whereas people like Jack take the first course of action that seems like it might work. Davey doesn’t act unless he’s sure it will work.
    • He has many revolutionary thoughts, but to him they just seem logical. (Canon: They don’t appreciate the work we do, so we need to show them how much we do and how much they need us. To show them, we’ll stop working)
    • Once he commits to something, he sees it through.
    • The results are more interesting to him than any other part of an experiment, though not to the extent of believing “the ends justify the means” philosophy
    • He looks at life as a puzzle to be solved, everything has a logical answer and if you try hard enough, things will work out somehow
    • When he’s faced with an instance of that not working, he’ll commit to helping whoever needs him to, and he won’t give up until he has
  • Race
    • Gryffindor
    • My reasoning here is mostly that if Oliver Wood, Lee Jordan, and Fred and George Weasley are Gryffindor, then Race is, as he is very similar to them
    • He has Wood’s complete and total determination. The way Wood is with Quidditch is how Race is with anything he cares about.
    • He has Lee Jordans humor that combines with his strong morals. The same way Lee becomes a reporter on Potterwatch, Race will easily become a spokesman for the things he believes in as soon as he leaves school. His moral code is part of him, and it leads to many of his choices.
    • And Fred and George’s sense of humor that couples with their strong loyalty to their family pride and friends, Race has that. Will he happily prank somebody? Yes. But would he purposefully hurt anyone innocent? No. Would he fight for anyone he cares about? In a split second.
    • Race is a Gryffindor because of his combination of traits, not because of any singular one, like Jack is.
  • Spot
    • Slytherin
    • He’s cunning, ambitious, smart, ready to climb up to the place he belongs in the world
    • He refuses to be lowered below where he stands, but he uses any power he has to help those lower than him, rather than using it to put them down
    • He’s worked hard to get where he is, and he won’t give up for anything
    • Like Katherine, once you get to know him he’s a loyal, caring person
    • Unlike Katherine, if you don’t know him he comes off as a standoffish asshole who refuses to interact with people.
    • His moral code dictates everything he does, and it’s strongly defined by the things he’s gone through
    • If he sees somebody picking on a first year, he will defend the kid without a second thought, even if it means alienating somebody he’d previously considered an acquaintance. Picking on a helpless kid is not something he’ll let happen if he can help it.
    • He knows exactly what he wants out of life, and he’ll do what it takes to get there.
  • Crutchie
    • Hufflepuff
    • Extremely loyal, almost to the point of it being a fault
    • Unlike Jack, his loyalty tends to be blind until there’s some kind of absolute evidence that somebody can’t be trusted
    • He would be friends with people like the Delanceys, even with everybody else telling him he shouldn’t be, as he insists on seeing the good in everyone
    • He’s also a very caring, loving person. He adopts the owls with broken wings, the things people don’t want because they see them as worthless. He sees himself in the cast aside objects, people, and animals, although he would never admit it.
    • Being friends with people like Jack makes him feel wanted, and even though it’s again something he would never admit, he sometimes thinks people like Jack are only friends with him because he’s always happy
    • While he does his absolute best to always be optimistic, he isn’t as happy go lucky as he would see.
    • He’s a people person, most of the time, and adores being around his friends. But when he’s having a bad day, when he doubts himself and his friendships, he needs to be alone. He has a bunch of little cactuses that are attached to his bed, and he closes his curtain and watches his cactuses grow
    • Jack loves him to death, and even after Jack is the one to ask Crutchie out, Crutchie still sometimes doubts that somebody like Jack could really care about somebody like him. He knows Jack does, but sometimes he almost convinces himself he doesn’t.

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Is there anything that bothers you about anti posts?

I aim not to read them, so as a general rule, no - there’s not much.

Of the ones posted in the general tags, I suppose it’s the lack of critical thinking that surprises me the most.  I don’t have a problem with people disliking Snape, but I suppose I find it a little disappointing when people appear to blindly accept things on face value, or don’t attempt to factor in any context.

For instance, we discussed the firework scene in CoS the other day, and that’s a great canon example where the reader is given context for Harry’s behaviour whilst the characters are not.  Harry throws a firework into Goyle’s cauldron, temporarily disfiguring some of the kids in the class.  His actions are explicitly explained and justified within the text: he doesn’t intend to hurt others - his aim is to cause a distraction, enabling Hermione to steal from Snape’s stores.  

The reader knows that Harry’s ultimate goal was altruistic - to save the school - but Goyle, and the other kids, and Snape have absolutely no way of discovering this; they can’t see Harry as a kid trying to save the school because they aren’t privy to the pieces of information which would help them to draw that conclusion.

Furthermore, Harry’s actions don’t occur in isolation.  He doesn’t hop, skip and jump away from the consequences, even if he appears to escape any punishment.  I think it’s fair that Goyle might’ve retaliated the next time he saw a Gryffindor.  I think it’s fair that Harry’s actions added fuel to the Gryffindor vs Slytherin animosity.  I think it’s probably also fair to say that Snape appraised the situation, and decided that his previous conclusions were correct; that Harry was just like James - an arrogant and nasty bully…and therefore, Snape escalated his hatred of Harry.

Stepping away from Harry, when it comes to reading Snape, I think it’s much more interesting if you apply similar rules to him.  Canon provides Harry’s internal logic, whereas the reader is rarely privy to Snape’s.  Consequently, you have to fill in the gaps - you have to mull on his actions, and both the immediate context and wider context for his behaviour.  You have to think about the things that he would credibly know, and the things he might not know - and then you have to decide why you think he behaved in the way he did.

So it’s not that I have a problem with people disliking Snape, but I suppose I find it an incredibly boring critique of his character when people merely say, “I don’t like Snape because he was mean to Harry / Neville / Hermione.”  It’s not that it’s not true - because yes, at times, he was mean to them…but that it’s not the only truth, and presenting it as such is a demonstration of a very shallow reading.  

I suppose I have rather higher expectations for people participating in a twenty year old fandom.  Perhaps that is unfair of me.  After all, I am beyond certain that the majority of the arguments we’re making have all been made countless times before…  It’s just, if your argument is something so cursory that a seven year old could’ve concluded on their first read, then it’s probably not particularly insightful - and you’d probably benefit from looking at the text a little more deeply.

And the real reason that bothers me?  Well, it’s got nothing to do with Snape, or Harry Potter…it’s because I fear that some people lack those critical thinking skills when it comes to appraising other media in their life.  It’s not remotely important when it’s Potter, but when it’s a news article that you’re failing to sufficiently interrogate and are happy to blindly accept on face value, it is rather more serious.

  • Someone who actually understand azula: are deep thinkers, logical, insightful, open-minded, write essays and in-depth analyses back up with canon evidence, facts and logic. Most of them are writers, analysts and even studied psychology.
  • Random hater: so you're here to state apologists, are you? She is evil! She’s evil! She’s evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil *takes a breath* evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, evil,evil, evil, evil, evil, evil-
about writing team as assholes for the sake of langst

I saw a bunch of posts about it being a pet peeve and personally, I agree. OOC is a really bad thing, a lazy way. It may seem hypocritical considering the last langst piece I’ve written (about him being mute), but here’s the thing.

Writing angst pieces is a form of outlet. When I feel really bad, I want to write something with as much concentrated (l)angst as I can. The whole purpose of such prompts/fic ideas is to hurt, and hurt bad, and as long it’s just a couple of sentences, not a whole fic that must have logic in it, I think it’s fine to indulge a little and change some canon things a tad.

And I’m not saying to completely forgone all the logic/canon/motivation (f.e. Hunk joining in to joke about Lance being mute and finally not being a nuisance), but tweaking things a little if you have a possible explanation for it (f.e Hunk being used to scheme ‘if Lance wants to talk - he talks, if he doesn’t talk - then he wants some personal time even if it’s a couple of days)’, but being so caught up in things that he forgets a fact that Lance is actually mute now and doesn’t choose not to talk) (examples based on my mute lance idea).

Alright so now that Andromeda’s basically sort-of officially doomed, here’s what they need to do.

Full-throttle, balls to the wall DLC. Just go full fucking fan service. Throw all logic and canon out the window and just DO IT.

I present:

the Good Banging™ DLC

  • First of all they just patch in full-blown male romances for Liam and Jaal for free because the m/m romances in this game are SOME BULLSHIT
  • 20 extra minutes of content for each love interest. At least.
  • New Good Banging™ scene for each love interest. Optional of course but FULLY ANIMATED NONE OF THIS FADE TO BLACK BULLSHIT
  • Every time Ryder dies their love interest randomly shows up and starts crying
  • You can now build a house somewhere with your LI and just ignore the rest of the game. Fuck it, this is a full relationship simulator now.

the You and Your Twin Having a Blast DLC

  • There’s some shit going on, who knows, but your twin is involved
  • Maybe your evil cousin shows up idk
  • You and your twin go on FABULOUS ANDROMEDA ADVENTURES together and learn the true meaning of family
  • And then maybe your mom wakes up and dad’s still alive and you have FAMILY TIME

the Scooby Ryder Solves the Mystery DLC

  • There’s a mystery on the Nexus and only Ryder and co can solve it (for some reason)
  • Fuck it go full on LA Noire
  • Who’s the Benefactor? Who killed Jien Garson? Detective Ryder is on the case
  • Was it Tann? It was probably Tann
  • That shady fuck
  • Cool detective jacket is 1000% included
  • Conveniently tie up all those plotlines that we’ll now never see conclusions to!
  • Throw in the Quarian arc too I guess idk
  • They can help out

And last but certainly not least, behold: the OH DAMN SHEPARD’S BACK DLC!

  • Shepard’s in Andromeda now
  • Who even knows why
  • They brought their friends
  • They’re here to throw the party of two galaxies
  • It’s basically Citadel all over again but times a thousand
  • Get ready to cry with joy and genuine sadness as the Normandy and Tempest crew bring you their signature antics (and remember all their dead friends in super tragic flashbacks)
  • In the end Shepard declares Ryder their Best Buddy Forever™ and leaves them a friendship bracelet as they head back to the Milky Way
  • The greatest ending of all time
TWD fans have asked what’s going to happen with Caryl. This season they have it setup for Carol killing for love. Carol is going to kill because she loves Daryl. She’ll kill to save his life, because as everyone knows the Saviors are after him. Logically, TWD writers should follow through with Carol explaining why she killed by either telling Daryl she loves him or showing it, kissing him, etc. (or both). This should all happen in the finale of the season. That’s when Daryl’s life will be in danger. It literally could go either way right now for canon. My only issue is that TWD writers have a track record now for screwing up season finales. They are willing to sacrifice good writing for shock value. I will say that I firmly believe that there will be canon soon either in the season 7 finale or the season 8 premiere (The Walking Dead’s 100th episode). Remember that their previous big reunion happened in season 5, episode 1. I do believe that canon should logically happen in the season finale. They have it setup for that, but TWD has a poor track record for doing a season finale justice. TWD writers are known for pushing back content that should have been used to wrap up the end of a season. Again, we should expect canon in the season 7 finale or the season 8 premiere. TWD’s ratings are dropping, so if they screw up the finale with Caryl… there goes the rest of their ratings.
—  rockinarounduniverse

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Saw you were asking for poly head canons. Logic is the one who proposes, but Roman is the one to go "Damnit Logic, I was going to buy the rings, you beat me to it!" (This is based on what happened with my partners. It was hilarious to watch) -EC

Roman would be sooooo irritated that Logan beat him to proposing

He plans to make up for it on the wedding day, by beating everyone to the cliché wedding happenings. Shoving cake in the others faces, taking the garter off -you know mo is wearing one- tossing the bouquet, and the first dance.

This leads to Anxiety face planting the wedding cake (they all laugh it off, and honestly none of them think they’ve ever seen Anxiety laugh harder than when he laid there on the collapsed table covered in cake and a smile that would make Angels weep), the garter accidentally ripping -Morality blushing when he reveals he was wearing a second one and logic “maybe I should get this one Prince” *wink*, Prince just straight up launches the bouquet at the ceiling fan *poof!* petals are now raining from the ceiling and Morality is hysterical at the beauty of it, and then finally, the dance. Roman is trying to show off his skills for everyone and ends up tripping the four of them up into a pile on the floor.

And that’s it. Roman knows he’s officially ruined the wedding. What was he thinking? How could hw be so stupid and blind to ruin his beloved’s special day- they’re laughing.

They all lay together across Roman, large smiles on their faces, bowties pulled, glasses askew, hair ungelled, and all laughing the purest laughs Roman’s ever heard. And they’re happy, and excited and all of them are teasing Prince, and telling him that he’s the greatest, and that he’s adorable, and “oh my gosh Mo you should see your face” “where did my shoe go?!” “You still have frosting on you!”

And Roman feels tears in his eyes. He didn’t ruin anything. The day is perfect. It’s perfect because they’re in love, and that’s all they need to be.

The guests attending are just flabbergasted because this is insane, but they can’t atop laughing along, and the grooms are all so happy and “what a happy ending ❤”

Since I recently found @lunarhowl‘s Sanders Switch universe and fell in love, I started thinking about it, especially what would happen if the regular sides met the switch sides. And it’s been noted that canon Morality and switch Logic would probably get along really well.

Well no I’m just imagining them meeting and getting along, and it seems so great and fun. But then you have Logic in the background watching this with a sinking feeling, wondering if Morality prefers this version of him. Thinking that this version is so much bettered suited to be with Morality. Just imagine him sitting quietly in the shadows watching the two laugh together and just feeling his heart break.

Tiering System for pairings

After expending at least two years following debaters and analyzing potentially romantic premises in shonen stories (and watching some of them becoming a thing in their respective stories’ canon). I decided to share here what one great debater taught me and some people/critics accept:

When a writer seeks to develop bonds in an organic and consistent way he/she stablishes a “foundantion” on several important factors: meaningful moments, emotional build-up and development, as well as how well it fits both the story and the characters. When we consider all of these aspects we can classify pairings in the following categories:

* Crack impossible: Pairings that contradict other pairings with well-established canon material, and has zero context that can be most logically interpreted as romantic. And zero development and/or stress in their relationship. E.g. LawNa, KidNa, Lubecca (One Piece); Sticy, LaLu, GrayLu, NaMi (Fairy Tail)

* Crack Possible: Pairings that do not contradict well-established canon material, but have none-the-less zero context between the characters that can be most accurately be defined as romantic and/or no meaningful moments. E.g. Miraxus (Fairy Tail)

* Impotent Pairings: Pairings that do not have a high chance of developing into cannon, but nevertheless had some type of stress in their relationship at some point of the series. Romantic attraction can be a joke or comedic element of plot. This kind of pairings had become stagnant as the story (and possibly the author as well) doesn’t bother to develop them any futher. This kind of pairing is constantly overshadowed by the next category. E.g. LuHan, SaNa (One Piece); Lyvia, NaLi (Fairy Tail)

* Potent Pairings: Pairings with a high chance of developing into canon, supported by multiple logical arguments, high degree of intimacy between characters, and significant/meaningful moments. This kind of pairing has a great deal of development and stress on their relationship. E.g. LuNa (One Piece); NaLu (Fairy Tail)

* Canon Pairings: Exactly what says on the tin. However while the pairing does not have to be dating, or married, or whatever, the existence of romantic love must be there. E.g. UsoKa (One Piece); Jerza (Fairy Tail)

Notice there’s a huge different between Crack and an Impotent Pairing. As the Impotent Pairing has some sort of stress in their relationship, but the story and the writer don’t take such premises seriously. Instead a writer uses the plot and characters (both to certain degrees) to nourish the bond and emotional connection of Potent Pairings