every time the inner cynic in me starts questioning if we’ve set our hopes too high about a canon force bond, i remember that that’s literally the only possible way Kylo will find them on Ahch-To.

think about it. the ENTIRE PLOT of TFA revolved around the First Order being unable to locate Luke or Ahch-To. they tried everything; there’s nowhere left to look and no other information for them to find. so what’s changed since TFA? 

Rey is there.

all logic dictates that Rey is the key to Kylo finding Ahch-To at long last. and the only way for that to work from across the galaxy is through their mysterious connection.


   Ok red the comic 
   AND I STAND WITH the theory of Hanzo obtained that looks on the time he fought AS mercenary, and it was long before he met Genji. And I believe that looks suit the past of him rather than after. So if anyone againts me ! [ leave me alone, don’t hurt me, instead fight me teehee

Facts, Logic, and Canon: Lucy’s feelings for Natsu

   Fairy Tail seems to be reaching it’s climax, and as such the pairings in which Hiro Mashima is pushing for is becoming more and more obvious. Likewise, the pushback from fans who oppose these ships is becoming more and more apparent, and I am beginning to notice a disturbing trend. Discussions about pairings are becoming less and less about facts and logical interpretations of the canon material, and becoming more and more about accusing the other fanbase of acting in ways that triggers them. No more. It’s time for a return to form. 

This is the cover page of chapter 416. Now, I cannot possibly cover all of Natsu and Lucy’s relationship in one post. There is simply far too much content. To make things far less time consuming for me, I will limit this post to only material since the X791-X792 timeskip. Material from the omake specials, movie, OVA, and anime, will also be largely excluded. Most of the fanservice will also be excluded. I simply cannot go through all of the material in one post. 

This is from chapter 419.  After Fairy Tail disbanded, the one Lucy most wanted to see was Natsu. This is not an opinion, and there is not much room for interpretation. Plain and simple, this is definitive proof that Lucy missed Natsu the most. 

Lucy chased after Natsu when she found out he was leaving from his letter. Lucy did not have the same reaction to anyone else when Fairy Tail disbanded - and seeing as none of them purposely tried to avoid her when they left, it would have been far easier for her to follow them. 

This is Lucy’s outburst for Natsu leaving her behind. This was in response to Natsu criticizing Gray for leaving Juvia behind. 

 When Lucy thought Dimaria was about to stab out her eyes, her last thought was Natsu. Interpret this how you will. Lucy may have been calling out for Natsu to save her. Or she may have been worried about what would happen to him. Or she may have simply thought of him because it gives her hope. Either way, all roads lead back to the same conclusion.

Upon waking up from the aftermath, finding Natsu was Lucy’s first priority. In fact, Lucy was in such a rush to find Natsu that she forgot she was naked.

When Lucy finally arrived at where Natsu was, she rushed to hug him. If it wasn’t obvious how much Lucy cared about Natsu by her actions and thoughts up until this point, it should be fairly obvious now. It will continue to get more obvious below. 

Not to say that Lucy doesn’t care about Juvia and Gray’s conditions, but you can clearly tell that Lucy was the most worried for Natsu. This is evident in both the way she carries Natsu…

… and by the way she cradles him after Irene’s attack.

Lucy is willing to strip down and use her body heat to warm up Natsu. 

Upon Natsu waking up, Lucy can be shown visibly shaking due to relief. 

Lucy’s first instinct is to hug him once he wakes up. Once again, you get Lucy calling Natsu a dummy. You get Lucy saying how worried she was over Natsu. You get Lucy so caught up in the moment, she forget she’s naked.  

…And this is Lucy’s reaction when he thanks her. 

 If everything up until this point wasn’t clear enough, this is how Lucy acts when she is drunk during the Christmas Special.   

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. If you’ve been keeping up with Fairy Tail and are not in constant denial because of personal bias, you can clearly see that Lucy has feelings for Natsu. Even with a reasonable degree of bias, you cannot deny that Lucy having feelings a higher probability than her not. It is only when you are unreasonably biased against NaLu, that you would deny this. The evidence for is overwhelming compared to the evidence against, and we are long past the the point of plausible deniability. I will stand by what I say, and what I say is that Lucy having feelings for Natsu is the simplest and most direct conclusion after having observed her various actions throughout the most current arc. 

Me, trying to find the logic in Wayhaught, a canon wlw ship with both women still alive, not making the Zimbio COUPLES poll... but fanon ships that aren’t even romantic made it in???

They literally put the woman in a bullet proof vest before she was shot and she survived the deadliest year in history for tv wlw characters! 

Tell me again it’s not canon.

It’s in the music.

True Love, Tallahassee, Regina’s Price. Cues and keys and crescendos, intertwined, layered again and again, pinned to scenes with the creator’s approval. Operation Mongoose? A TL motif. Going Home? A TL motif. Sacrifices, magic, teamwork? A TL motif.

It’s in the wardrobe.

Red and grey and black and back again. Plaid–confusion, discontent. Deep blue–loneliness, searching for family. Shared clothing, further intertwined. Parallels and callbacks to past couples, inciting conscious and subconscious connections. Why do they share this look instead of them or them?

It’s in the scenery.

Gallant knights with golden hair all in white abreast upright steeds. Splashes of color reflecting mood. Mirrors reflecting each other. Seals and symbols–the Tallahassee and Storybrooke, the dreamcatchers™, mirrors. All mirrors. Unicorn mobiles linked to unicorn hearts. A black unicorn, an unused mobile–innocence lost, never gained? White horses, black swans.

It’s in the camera direction. It’s in the editing.

Iconic shots, tricky angles, cued reactions–focus on her, not on him–which mean something. Rom-com zooms, reflections capturing both, pans guiding our attention to the thoughts behind the dialogue. Everything means something.

And the text. Hell yes, it’s in the text.

The magic to transcend realms. Unstoppable. Unbeatable. Wholehearted understanding, from one to the other. Mirrored storylines and struggles. Intertwined fates–both share a True Love already, after all. Longing glances, jealous quips, situations that require the one to save the other, then the other to save the one. Ultimate sacrifice. All canon. “I saved you, now save me.” “With you, I always know.” “I know you.” They’re stronger together than apart, time and time again.

Yes, it’s in subtext. It’s in innuendo and acting choices, it’s in interpretation and suggestion.

But when it’s built into the very foundation of the show–the Savior meets the Evil Queen–it’s not delusional. It’s not unintentional.

Either the wardrobe department, the music department, the prop department, the actors, and the editors are all going rogue…or someone told them to put it in the music, the wardrobe, the scenery, the camera direction, the subtext, and the text.

Tell me again Swan Queen isn’t canon.

A random thought just crossed my mind. Remember in season 4 when they first found the Winchester gospels and everyone was freaking out about Sam having sex with Lilith? And the reason for the sex turned out to be that Sam made a deal with her but as a powerful demon that meant sealing the deal needed more than a kiss?? Remember??

Yet now they are constantly making deals with the KING of hell (who surely gets the status of ‘most powerful demon’).

Therefore, taking Deans illusive shorts as a starting point (he NEVER wears shorts after all) and going by the shows own canon, we can conclude that you must ALWAYS have sex with a powerful demon in order to seal the deal.

This means Dean has been banging Crowley since season 8. (And therefore so was Cas in season 6).

100% evidence right there. The shows own CANON says so. So there.

Drowley and um…Crowstiel? BOTH CONFIRMED.

sorry guys I don’t make the rules.


  • me: i hate supernatural fucking queerbaiting trash
  • deancas: *hug*
  • me: i can never quit this show it seems
The Joy of Shipping Ships That Will Never Sail By Design

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Honestly the only reason the ship is still afloat for me because I know they will never be (and probably were never meant to be) a 100% canon couple. The logic may seem weird but it draws a distinct line between what’s going on in the canon and any shippers headcanons and the land of fanfiction which will still be there long after the the storyline is finished.

It’s probably a little easier for me to deal with the disappointment in the final arch because I came into the series so late. I haven’t invested years in the story, so my expectations were probably lower than people who have. Having been through that with Inuyasha and to some degree Naruto (I got fed up and ditched that series long before it ended) I can understand the soul crushing disappointed though.

I also sort of ended up binge reading chapters since I don’t always have time to read them when they come out. So I end up getting all my frustration out at once by yelling at my computer over the course of a couple hours ^^;; Still, I’m on tumblr a lot so I do end up coming across spoilers. I don’t really mind though as I tend to have a love/hate relationship with them.

Honestly the only reason the ship is still afloat for me because I know they will never be (and probably were never meant to be) a 100% canon couple.  

That actually makes all the sense to me. That’s how things are intentionally written for my favorite OTP ship in all of fiction: Rock x Revy from Black Lagoon. When I say they’re my favorite ship, I’m not just talking about animanga, but all of fiction. FULL STOP.  Anyway, you just described the dynamic that describes my favorite ship, so strap yourself in for a full length essay about it. 

 For anyone unfamiliar with the story, Rokuro “Rock” Okajima is a Japanese salaryman from Tokyo sent on a business trip to Thailand. The ship gets robbed by the Lagoon Company (basically pirates) and for various reasons, one of the pirates, Rebecca “Revy Two Hands” (surname unknown) decides to take him hostage as well. They end up stuck with him because his boss expected him to die anyway. Revy hates him for being a wimp for a while, blah blah blah, they become very close the moment Rock stands up for himself when she literally has a gun to his head and is 100% serious about trying to kill him. There’s nothing romantic going on in the scene below, but you can cut the sexual tension with a knife by the end of it. Rock really gets in her head in a way that forms a special bond she’s never had with any other person. 

Everybody talks about how Rock and Revy are always together. In fact, it becomes a major plot point whenever they’re separated. They eventually act as a single unit, and it becomes clear that one cannot function logistically or psychologically without the other. There’s an iconic chapter/scene in an OVA in which Rock describes her as his “gun,” and he’s her “bullet” Revy responds that she’s her “magic bullet,” and thinks aloud at some length about what kind of bullet he is. The upshot is that no matter how good she is with a gun, she can’t achieve anything without ammo. Without someone to push him forward, Rock is useless as a piece of cold lead. Their relationship has become so close that they literally have no hope maintaining their sanity or even survival if they don’t stick together. If either of them dies, that’s the end for both of them. 

It doesn’t get frustrating or come off as ship trolling because it’s clear that they need each other and will always be together. Other cast members constantly pester Revy about whether they’re having sex, and she always dodges the question. We’re never given any clear indication that something like that is going on, and becuase of a certain incident that occurred when Revy was 10 years old, it’s not clear if she’s physically or psychologically capable of having a sexual relationship with ANYONE. Nevertheless, she’s comfortable with him entering her room - probably because she’s confident he knows all her secrets and he’d the only man in the crime-ridden city they live in that can be trusted to not fondle her. That being said, there’s a moment in the (very short) clip below in which he does something that my husband swears up and down is “the most boyfriend move ever,” at the 0:45 time point. The clip is only 55 seconds long, so I’m not jumping ahead to the specific timepoint. 

Ultimately, Rock x Revy are considered canon by the fandom. I can say with confidence that 90+% of Black Lagoon fans OTP ship Rock x Revy as if they were canon. @mrgam3r​, @miss-rebecca-two-hands​ (hey, slut!) @black-lagoon-rokuro​, @wftc141​, @kj18-mezz​ - correct me if I’m wrong on that one.

 Any rare pair ships seem to be regarded as crack even by the people who ship them. That being said, the closest we’ll ever see them to kiss is depicted in the gif below, and I wouldn’t have it any other way in canon

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Rock x Revy would be ruined for me if the fluffy fanart some people draw (and I enjoy) suddenly appeared in the manga or upcoming anime reboot. That leaves me with one question for you (and any other OTP SinJa shipper who’s still reading.)

How would you feel if SinJa became canon at some point in the final arc? Would it spoil the ship for you or would you be happy about it?

I also sort of ended up binge reading chapters since I don’t always have time to read them when they come out. So I end up getting all my frustration out at once.

I found myself in a similar situation in when I started reading the manga. I had just finished watching the anime and started reading at the Second Sindria Arc. That was back when AliMor trolling for the sake of comedy hadn’t been completely worn out. If I had started from the beginning, waiting a week for each chapter, I am absolutely certain I would have dropped the manga at the beginning of the World Exploration Arc. Hell, the anime could barely hold my attention during what I felt were filler episodes (but were actually rather true to the manga.) I had plenty of material to binge on at once since the manga itself was a few chapters beyond the Alma Torran Arc. When I went on forums to discuss the manga, I was utterly confused about why people were so hard on Aladdin. After the timeskip, it all became clear and I basically had to retract every statement I made in defense of him.

Having similar experiences with Attack on Titan and some other franchises have gotten me into the habit of waiting until the full season of a show I like is completed. I watch the first 1-2 episodes and the finale. If everything seems kosher, I’ll go back and watch the whole thing.

Who knows, maybe people who start reading the manga a year from now will think we’re bitching about nothing because they were able to binge read it. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think all the parallels and chemistry are intentional or they're nothing and we just take them too seriously?

To be completely honest, anon, I have no idea what to think half the time.

The logical person in me (which often overrides the emotional side), feels like all writers draw inspiration from something. In this case, it is easy to assume that the SG writers have drawn inspiration from the show’s predecessors. For example, the parallels between Clois and Supercorp, and even the parallels between Korrasami and Supercorp. Maybe they are a coincidence, maybe not. It seems likely they are not. However, those parallels alone do not have to implicitly point to romance. Concurrently, that combined with their obvious chemistry and the way certain scenes are filmed can easily lead those to believe otherwise.

I am not saying that due to these elements that Supercorp will absolutely become canon. Again, the logical person in me would like to point out that it, unfortunately, most likely won’t happen as the LGBT+ “quota” has already been “satisfied” in the form of Sanvers.

I also do not think that they are nothing. And I definitely don’t think that people are wrong to read into to them or take them seriously. Canon or not canon, we as the fans will see what we want to see. If material and subtext is given to us, it is going to be interpreted in certain ways. That’s why I say go for it. If you see the context, if you draw the narrative parallels, then embrace them. They’re definitely not nonexistent!