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The Canon Logic - “Avenue Of Criminals

Brooklyn based band, The Canon Logic, will release FM Arcade this coming Tuesday. Jam packed with layers upon layers of harmony, melody and everything in between, FM Arcade is a collection of anthemic piano driven indie-pop songs in the same vain as The Hush Sound and The Killers.

I love this song for two reasons. One being the arpeggiated guitar and piano melodies that swirl around in the background and two, the name “Amy” is in this song. What can I say, I’m easy to please!

If you’re in the NYC area, The Canon Logic will be playing their CD release show at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night (3/5). — Amy

Update: Timothy Kiely, lead singer of Canon Logic, just emailed us and wanted us to tell you that you can download a couple of the band’s singles for free here: So that’s exactly what we did.

forlorn-kumquat replied to your post “that’s what i thought happened to jimmy, but hearing it out loud it…”

I took it more as, when Jimmy’s body exploded, his soul went straight to Heaven (as did Cas when he was ejected), but when God rebuilt the body, He only shoved Cas back inside.

that’s how i have been understanding it for a long time myself.  but cas’ explanation that souls require some body cohesion in order to stay with the physical body… that seems wishy washy to me.  like, who decides that?  you can lose body parts and still be alive.  I can imagine a future where we don’t even have bodies.  in the supernatural universe, if a hundred years into the future we manage to upload our brains, then our bodies disintegrate, those brains will be soulless copies of us, despite being us, just because some matter isn’t there?  like that seems like a really silly thing to base a person on, from a cosmic view.  Does the soul renew its lease everytime it detects that it’s in a whole new body now (somewhere there’s a number of years when every cell in your body has been replaced or something).

it just seems like a silly notion, that it’s the disintegration of the body that did it.  it should have been that every time the body died, period, jimmy’s soul either left for heaven or was put back into the body.  i choose to believe that, in order to keep canon at least mildly consistent re: the famine episode in season five, god put jimmy’s soul back when reconstructing cas, and did not put it back after swan song.



Do What You Love?

I was listening to Canon Logic perform in the Manderley - particularly watching the guitarist. He was rocking out - head tossing, hair bouncing around - totally in his zone. The whole band was into it of course - at least to the extent possible on that small stage. But guitar hero got me thinking - how often am I that geeked up doing my job? Am I ever? Shouldn’t I be? Should we all occasionally feel that way doing that which we spend most of our adult life? Or should we be satisfied with those kinds of moments only coming in our personal lives?

I read this article and got a little pissed by the title. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be 85 wondering about what I would have liked to try. I’m not abandoning realism - but ignoring passions seems unnatural. Anyway, I’d like to feel like a head banger at work now and again - and not out of frustration.

Watch on

The man himself, Mister Casey Shea recently stopped by Breakthru Radio for a live video session and podcast recording.  Check out the video, conveniently posted right above the very words you’re reading at this moment, and listen to the full radio broadcast and playlist right here.

We’re also excited to announce that Casey will be opening up for the supremely catchy Canon Logic at Mercury Lounge in June.  You can also catch him at Rockwood Music Hall in just a couple of weeks, and opening for Griffin House on a couple of dates in May.  Dates below!

04.13 Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2), 11pm (New York, NY)

05.16 Chelsea’s Cafe w/Griffin House, 8pm (Baton Rouge, LA)

05.17 House of Blues Dallas w/Griffin House, 8pm (Dallas, TX) [ TIX ]

06.21 Mercury Lounge w/Canon Logic, 7pm (New York, NY) [ TIX ]

More details on Casey’s show page.


Howl in the Night - The Canon Logic


We’re super pumped for Casey Shea’s show with Canon Logic at Mercury Lounge tomorrow - that’s Thursday, June 21st! Click for tickets!

SURPRISE! Anyone who comes through the door between 6:30-7:00pm gets a autographed copy of his “Love Is Here To Stay” album on 7" vinyl. NICE!

Here’s a fun video, shot by Scott McKibben, over at Eye of The Crow. See you tomorrow night!

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6pm: Networking Event and Charity Raffle
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Canon Logic
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Jingle Gig: Canon Logic in NYC and Philladelphia

Canon Logic are one of the many excellent bands in our player with a new record out this year, the anthemic WYLD. This week they’ll be hitting up a couple shows back to back – first at NYC’s Pianos (where we just had our employee showcase) on April 10, and then off to Philadelphia at Johnny Brenda’s. If you were lucky enough to see them at the Champagne Sessions last year, you know they’re well worth a visit. 

Canon Logic, The - The System

Full song lyrics: Canon Logic, The - The System

Saved a crumb from a falling star
I felt it burn burn burn
Never thought I’d have so come this far
I would fain lie to learn
I said I’d start the system
It’s time I start the system
No world yet to see the setting sun
No brief evolution
I’ve been sent as the chosen one
The chosen solution
I said …

Full song lyrics: Canon Logic, The - The System