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Cinderella Castle

re-imagined citadel dlc photo because bioware, you can’t give me a dlc specifically dedicated to proving how much this ridiculous ragtag group of buddies love each other like family, and then give me their drunken houseparty photo… where they’re all standing in strict lines at military attention not touching each other????? like, I get it, making people interact in video games isn’t easy, but that weirdly awkward photo did break my game immersion somewhat. I haven’t been to a drunken houseparty in about five years but I can tell you, they’re gonna cram as many people as possible onto that sofa, and most of them are gonna be distracted well before the photo gets taken. 

TOP ROW: steve and vega are on krogan-wrangling duty. steve is better at it. zaeed wants wrex’s drink umbrella but wrex is watching him closely to make sure he puts it the fuck back. jack’s just…jack. miranda was meant to be looking kind of disgusted like “ugh really?” but I realised as I was colouring it looks like she was about to say something and got, um, distracted by jack’s tongue soooo……… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  its definitely canon that samara L O V E S babies and excited-daddy-to-be jacob would deffs have baby scans to show anyone and everyone. 

BOTTOM ROW: kaidan “biotic beefcake” alenko unfortunately ends up next to garrus “unreasonably bulky armour” vakarian, and is torn between “YES FRIENDS :D” and “dear god shepard your feet s t i n k” (she fell through a fishtank yesterday kaidan give her a break). sam is tipsy enough to find this all hilarious. shepard’s the only sober one there but she’s still bein a little shit and lounging over everyone because drunk garrus is handsy garrus. liara’s trying to point out that javik’s passed out to tali but its a miracle that tali’s even sitting upright after being blasted on the bathroom floor for like an hour, so its not very effective. kasumi’s trying to convince joker that his hat would make a lot on the merch market and he’s saying that if she tries it he’ll sic edi on her (edi won’t do anything but her Disappointed Face is absolutely Devastating). javik passed out like five minutes ago and let me say, if all he gets is a bit of paper taped to his head, he gets off INCREDIBLY lightly.

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do you know why lance seems to be the fandom sweetheart for like a majority of people watching voltron? don't get me wrong, he has his great moments, but half of the time he's just plain annoying (so fucking annoying). maybe i'm just too old to like the kind of character lance is.

I’ve thought about this myself, and here’s what I found–relatability. Lance has, by all means, the most “normal” background. He’s intended to be the “everyman,” a character that’s typically easygoing and very much what you’d expect from an ordinary teen. For the pilot episode, our intro, he also feels like the main focus out of the ensemble cast. As such, he ends up being this slate that a lot of fans, teens especially, can project onto. They see themselves in his place. He has typical problems like homesickness, competitiveness, jealousy, inferiority. 

This is also why a lot of fans extrapolate those issues, I think. Particularly that last one. He’s no longer just someone who’s afraid of feeling left out or second-rate, suddenly he has depression or PTSD. Again, I think this is a result of fans seeing a bit of themselves in Lance and so projecting. It’s natural, and oftentimes people can find it sort of therapeutic. But still, there is something that’s always bothered me about fans insisting Lance in particular suffers from mental illness when we have a character in canon who does–and oftentimes, that part of Shiro’s life is pushed to the wayside in favor of adding those traits to Lance. 

Or, even worse, as I’ve said before, I’ve seen Lance focused k/l that covered Keith’s galra reveal. And Shiro was often shown as the most aggressively against Keith, either outright rejecting or even lashing out at him. A character who suddenly turns monstrous from his canon trauma, all so Lance could look better in comparison, and it’s…very upsetting to see. Anyway, I’m glad Shiro was the one in canon who showed Keith that unconditional love and support through his galra reveal, because so many fanworks believed the contrary. And therein lies something to consider–I’ve seen lots of fans either dismiss or demonize Shiro’s very real symptoms of mental illness, while simultaneously claiming Lance was good representation for it, and it was just…strange.

But again, I assume that’s because people are drawn to different characters. And for whatever reason, those few fans who erase Shiro’s mental illness and pass it off to Lance for the sake of “lang/st” find that “representation” from Lance to be more palatable. That is to say, someone without the very real symptoms Shiro shows. Which, you know, upsets me as someone with clinical depression and other mental health issues, but I digress. If that kind of projection helps other fans, then I guess I kind of understand. 

But I just raised a whole other topic there, so let’s talk about that–“lang/st.” Yeah. Putting Lance through lots of pain and suffering is so common, fandom coined a name. See also, the usually accompanying “klang/st.” So, yeah. If fans love Lance so much, why put their golden boy through so much suffering in a whole genre of fics? I think it’s because fans simultaneously love and hate the actual “everyman” aspect. Yes, Lance is like them. But they want him to be so much more!! They want him to have those deep, angsty backstories and heartbreaking character arcs like Shiro and Keith. 

And yet, suffering from trauma or having a bad childhood does not make a character inherently more intriguing or dimensional. It just doesn’t. People heard “he has a big family” and immediately went to middle child, he’s always left out, his family never loved him enough!! And then in canon the show runners told us he was the youngest of his family and spoiled, and fans were surprised. Personally, I think that’s very fitting for someone who behaves like him, but I digress. My point is, lots of fans wanted him to suffer because they either like angst or they assume it somehow builds development of character. 

But of course, the latter isn’t always true. And honestly? I think there are enough tragic origin stories in Voltron already. Like, at least we have this one guy who seems like he came from a loving family and had a relatively good life. Good for him!! I’m happy for him. And there’s nothing wrong with that, you know? Branching off that, I feel like a lot of klang/st is also to make k/l feel like it has more “substance.” Fans gave k/l the self-discovery arc of Keith’s galra reveal, even though sheith had that. They made Lance the loving and supportive one in the face of Keith’s galra blood, but in canon that’s Shiro. 

Similarly, I see prekerberos things where Keith and Lance were always together or pining. You know who were always side by side in prekerberos canon? Who had that kind of dynamic? Sheith. You know who Keith agonized over being separated from for that long year? Shiro, not Lance. He didn’t even remember Lance’s name. Of course, there are the edits where Lance is in Keith’s BOM trial, though those same fans will swear there was nothing romantic about those sheith scenes. 

Voltron’s twitter posts a video of the sheith hug followed by the group one, and fans just complain about the lack of a k/l hug. Altean Lance aus where Lance and Keith have a k/a dynamic is also common. Lance gushes about his love for Allura in his vlog? “Bad character developement”–should have made him talk about Keith instead. It’s like, fans expected certain things from k/l in canon. And when they didn’t get that, they borrowed the dynamic from other ships, while simultaneously hating those same ships. It’s very strange to me. 

I think part of what broke my heart the most though, was fans rejoicing about Shiro going missing because in their minds it meant Lance would “step up” and be that source of love and comfort in Keith’s life. And that just…I felt sick reading things like that. So yeah, Lance is the “everyman,” but a lot of fans want him to be so much more. There’s this oc quality of–give him everything he wants!! Make him an Altean prince! The Black Paladin! Bring in someone who’s going to be the love of his life!! People want Lance to “prove Keith wrong” and “be the best,” even though Black Paladin Lance significantly detracts from his canon character development. 

They pass onto him qualities of other characters because they think he “deserves” it. So, I’m going to say this–it’s probably because I can’t relate to Lance at all. I relate to Keith, with all his canon fear of feelings and abandonment, his deeply rooted attachment to those he loves, his introspective nature and inclination to act on instinct, his volatile intensity of emotion, his unbridled anger at injustice, his difficulty with letting go, his upsetting childhood, his fierce loyalty, his love of quiet but oppressive fear of isolation, his desire for found family, the way he values his beliefs over his life. So yeah, I really identify with Keith. Some of my meta? Probably projecting a little. It happens. So I understand why people do the same with Lance.

But just like Keith, Lance is still ultimately his own person. And the way he is in canon? He’s a good character all on his own. He’s not Keith or Shiro or Allura, but he’s himself. He’s someone who has a way of instigating important events–bringing all the paladins together for when they find the Blue Lion, following that mermaid and uncovering a whole nefarious plot, helping Allura realize her hidden potential and the very depth of her magic. He goes from a flighty playboy to someone actually shy and sincere, who develops very real feelings for Allura. He realizes being Black Paladin doesn’t make you suddenly better, understands the importance of working as a team and really grows into his role as a Red Paladin. Someone worthy of carrying on Alfor’s legacy, someone Allura can really be proud of. 

So yes, Lance has gotten lots of character development, and I think he’s a really intriguing person all on his own. No other character traits required. 


Spaceship Earth by Mike Buchawiecki

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I hear many people saying that klance is a “fetish” but can you explain why.....? Also how is it more “fetish” than sheith, and how can sheith be a better lgbtq+ representation? Sorry I just don’t understand the “Yaoi fan girl” culture that much.

Okay so I’ve thought about this, and I’ll try to present this in as fair a way as I can. Just to start with though, these are my own personal feelings on the matter, and I can’t speak for every bi guy out there. But this is just my own views okay? Alright, so:

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Bland L head canons someone stop me:


-Was one of those little kids that didn’t expressly dislike you but would definitely shove a handful of sand down your pants if given the chance

-Likes plants but can’t take care of them himself, always forgets to water them

-Eats tic tacs, m&m’s, skittles and the like by the bag. Like he just opens the bag on one end, upends it over his mouth and chews.

-Slipped in the shower one (1) time and now he only takes baths

-Gets depressed often enough, but very, very rarely cries, and was worried that he was going to start doing so in the moments after Watari’s death. He never got the chance to

-On that note, he’s an ugly ass crier, like once he starts he can’t stop and he finds it hard to close his eyes and form words and his entire body shakes aggressively. 

-Never dries his hair because it fluffs up into this enormous black cloud that obscures the edges of his vision when he does

-Loved those glitter filled water tube toys when he was a child, and never really kicked the habit of putting them in his mouth. 

-Absolutely hates going on long walks so when he was little Watari would just tote him around in a backpack with his head sticking out whenever he had to

-He doesn’t remember jack shit from before he got to the Wammy’s house. It used to come back to him in pieces when he was younger and they were all completely indiscernible. The only conclusion he could come to was that he probably didn’t have a mother or any sort of older female figure during his early life. 

-Prefers to sleep in a chair or bed, but will sleep literally ANYWHERE after long periods without sleeping, always with his arms wrapped around his legs, sometimes upright and sometimes lying down. Sometimes in the middle of hallways, sometimes on the floor of the bathroom, sometimes at the foot of his own bed. Watari is instructed not to move him, but he will cover him with blankets sometimes.

-Started crouching when he sat when he was 7 years old. He hadn’t yet stopped sitting on Watari’s lap though, so he just crouched on his lap whenever the opportunity arose, completely ignoring the fact that a skinny ass child’s heels digging into your knees gets painful after a while but Watari totally ignored it bc he loves his frog son


Magic Kingdom - March ‘17 by Mike Buchawiecki

What is a Mary Sue?

Good grief. As someone who critiques and specializes in the Mary Sue topic, don’t call a character a Mary Sue simply because they’ve got skills.

Misconception: The major misconception I see going around regarding Mary Sues is that they’re super amazing characters with skills anybody would be jealous of, thus people start labeling any character both canon and OC who shows special skills as a Mary Sue when they are in fact not.

Origin: The original Mary Sue came from the Star Trek fandom, and was a parody of all the female OCs showing up in the fanzines who were better than the characters at everything, but whose skills were not just special, but unbelievable. For example, she graduated from the academy at an age which was nay impossible, I believe twelve, when most were in their older teens or later. (Weasley Crusher went when he was sixteen if I remember correctly). Add to this, everybody loved her, and she could do no wrong.

Birth of the Anti-Sue: People started to believe that Mary Sues were “perfect” characters, so they started tried to make their characters flawed to avoid the Mary Sue title. But in regards to these flaws, they were never, ever handled properly, nor believably. Notice how I brought up “believe” again? This led to characters like Bella Swan, and the debate of whether or not a canon character can be a Mary Sue, and the answer is yes, as it is possible for a canon character to not believable.

False Accusations Against Canon Characters: This in turn has led to false accusations against canon characters, because the consensus now is that canon characters can be Mary Sues. (It’s where we get the most talk about Gary Stus, as fanfic favors females publishing, and traditional favors men.) However, there is still this misconception that Mary Sues are “perfect”, so people only look at the “perfect” traits.

Ke/th and Sh/ro aren’t Mary Sues: Yes, both characters are gifted in things such as piloting and leadership, with Sh/ro being the Garrison pride and joy. However, despite these mad skills, they aren’t perfect. Ke/th is anti-social, struggles with connecting with people and even dropped out despite the fact he was supposed to be the next Garrison pride and joy. Sh/ro has got serious PTSD going on, but there is also a darker side to him that really only Ke/th has seen, but is hinted at in the series. We see a bit of it come out in episode one of season two. Plus, they’re guys. You’ve got to use the proper term, Gary Stu or Marty Stu.

Fanon L@nce is a Gary Stu: No, seriously. You want to talk about Gary Stu, here he is. They try giving the positive traits of the other characters to him, he steals the spotlight from other characters, he’s a major woobie to try to counter his fake perfection, yet every which way you turn, he’s not a believable character but just a bunch of wish fulfillment.

P.S. I’m suddenly wondering what Canon!L@nce and Fanon L@nce would get on the Universal Mary Sue Test… scores would vary depending on person.


Rhack doodles I did since May (2016), from oldest (top) to newest (bottom)

There’s no consistency in style or anything else cuz I couldn’t figure out how to draw them (I still can’t. These idiots are strangely hard to draw). I wanted to post these before the end of the year- otherwise, they will be forever forgotten in my folder.

Orion Nebula - NGC 1976

Its been a while since ive targeted this but its nice and easy and takes very little processing due to its distance to Earth. 

Taken in Earls Colne, Essex 26/12/2016 Canon 700D, Canon 400mm L F6.3, ISO 800, 46x1min

I have this head canon that H&L have made a little video every year on their anniversary.

Something like:

“Hi, today is [insert month] 28th 2011 and we’re celebrating our first anniversary together, hope we can share it with you soon!”

“Hello, today is [insert month] 28th 2012, two years now, still here, see you soon”


“Hello everyone, here we are, [insert month] 28th 2017, celebrating 7 years together, still happy, still going strong, see you next year”

One day they will edit all the videos together and release them