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Cinderella Castle

All my wlw tv show ships

(For the few anons who asked 😘 )

Rachel Berry & Quinn Fabray “Faberry” (Glee / non canon)

Brittany S. Pierce & Santana Lopez “Brittana” (Glee / canon / from beginning till the end of the show)

Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught “Wayhaught” (Wynonna Earp / canon / still ongoing)

Cosima Niehaus & Delphine Cormier “Cophine” (Orphan Black / canon / still ongoing)

Clarke Griffin & Commander Lexa “Clexa” (The 100 / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Bea Smith & Allie Novak “Ballie” (Wentworth / canon / started and ended season 4)

Callie Torres & Arizona Robbins “Calzona” (Grey’s Anatomy / canon / started season 5, ended season 12)

Arizona Robbins & Eliza Minnick “Elizona”  (Grey’s Anatomy / canon / started season 13, still ongoing)

Laura Hollis & Carmilla Karnstein “Hollstein” (Carmilla / canon / from beginning till the end of show)

Ashley Davies & Spencer Carlin “Spashley” (South Of Nowhere / canon / from beginning till end of show)

Piper Chapman & Alex Vause “Vauseman” (Orange is the New Black / canon / still ongoing)

Poussey Washington & Brook Soso “Pousoso” (Orange is the New Black / canon / started season 3, ended season 4)

Nomi Marks & Amanita Caplan “Nomanita” (Sense8 / canon / still ongoing)

Sophie Webster & Sian Powers “Siophie” (Coronation Street / canon / started season 50, ended season 52)

Willow Rosenberg & Tara Maclay “Tillow” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer / canon / started season 4, ended season 6)

Buffy Summers & Faith Lehane “Fuffy” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer / non canon)

Emily Fitch & Naomi Campbell “Naomily” (Skins UK / canon / season 3&4 + Skins Fire )

Bo Dennis & Lauren Lewis “Doccubus” (Lost Girl / canon / from beginning till end of show) 

Rose Solano & Luisa Alver “Roisa” (Jane The Virgin / canon / still ongoing)

Alex Danvers & Maggie Sawyer “Sanvers” (Supergirl / canon / started season 2, still ongoing)

Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor “Supercorp” (Supergirl / non canon)

Gail Peck & Holly Stewart “Golly” (Rookie Blue / canon / started season 4, ended season 5)

Myka Bering & Helena “H.G” Wells “Bering and Wells” (Warehouse 13 / non canon)

Shane McCutcheon & Carmen De La Pica Morales “Sharmen” (The L Word / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Bette Porter & Tina Kennard “Tibette”  (The L Word / canon / from beginning till end of show)

Alice Pieszecki & Dana Fairbanks “Dalice” (The L Word / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Alice Pieszecki & Tasha Williams “Talice” (The L Word / canon / started season 4 till end of show)

Helena Peabody & Dylan Moreland “Dylena” (The L Word / canon / started season 3, ended season 3 - back together season 6 till end of show)

Emma Swan & Regina Mills “Swanqueen” (Once Upon A Time / non canon)

Jane Rizzoli & Maura isles “Rizzles” (Rizzoli & Isles / non canon)

Amy Raudenfeld & Karma Ashcroft “Karmy” (Faking It / non canon)

Amy Raudenfeld & Reagan (last name unknown) “Reamy” (Faking It / canon / started season 2, ended season 2)

Samantha Groves “Root” & Sameen Shaw “Shoot” (Person of Interest / canon / started season 1, ended season 5)

Tara Chambler & Denise Cloyd “Denara” (The Walking Dead / canon / started season 6, ended season 6)

Jane Tanchingco & Althea Guevarra “Jathea” (The Rich Man’s Daughter / canon/ from beginning till end of show)

Silvia Castro Leon & Pepa Miranda Ramos “Pepsi” (Los Hombres De Paco / canon / started season 5, ended season 8)

Emma Trakarsky & Izzy Silva  (You, Me, Her / canon / still ongoing)

Brenna Carver & Greer Danville “Grenna” (Chasing Life / canon / started season 1, ended season 2)

Paige Michalchuk & Alex Nunez “Palex” (Degrassi / canon / started season 5, ended season 7)

Fiona Coyne & Imogen Moreno “Fimogen” (Degrassi / canon / started season 11, ended season 12)

Tori Vega & Jade West “Jori” (Victorious / non canon)

Kim Daniels & Maria “Sugar” Sweet  (Sugar Rush / non canon)

Kim Daniels & Saint (last name unknown) (Sugar Rush / canon / started season 2 till end of show)

Emily Fields & Maya St Germain “Emaya” (Pretty Little Liars / canon / started season 1, ended season 2)

Emily Fields & Paige McCullers “Paily” (Pretty Little Liars / canon / started season 1, ended season 5)

Jenny Hartmann & Emma Muller “Jemma” (Hand aufs Herz / canon / started season 2 till end of show)

Jasmin Flemming & Anni Brehme “Jasanni” (Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten / canon / can’t figure out the seasons)

Riley Matthews & Maya Hart “Rilaya” (Girl Meets World / non canon)

Sansa Stark & Margaery Tyrell “Sansaery” (Game of Thrones / non-canon)

re-imagined citadel dlc photo because bioware, you can’t give me a dlc specifically dedicated to proving how much this ridiculous ragtag group of buddies love each other like family, and then give me their drunken houseparty photo… where they’re all standing in strict lines at military attention not touching each other????? like, I get it, making people interact in video games isn’t easy, but that weirdly awkward photo did break my game immersion somewhat. I haven’t been to a drunken houseparty in about five years but I can tell you, they’re gonna cram as many people as possible onto that sofa, and most of them are gonna be distracted well before the photo gets taken. 

TOP ROW: steve and vega are on krogan-wrangling duty. steve is better at it. zaeed wants wrex’s drink umbrella but wrex is watching him closely to make sure he puts it the fuck back. jack’s just…jack. miranda was meant to be looking kind of disgusted like “ugh really?” but I realised as I was colouring it looks like she was about to say something and got, um, distracted by jack’s tongue soooo……… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  its definitely canon that samara L O V E S babies and excited-daddy-to-be jacob would deffs have baby scans to show anyone and everyone. 

BOTTOM ROW: kaidan “biotic beefcake” alenko unfortunately ends up next to garrus “unreasonably bulky armour” vakarian, and is torn between “YES FRIENDS :D” and “dear god shepard your feet s t i n k” (she fell through a fishtank yesterday kaidan give her a break). sam is tipsy enough to find this all hilarious. shepard’s the only sober one there but she’s still bein a little shit and lounging over everyone because drunk garrus is handsy garrus. liara’s trying to point out that javik’s passed out to tali but its a miracle that tali’s even sitting upright after being blasted on the bathroom floor for like an hour, so its not very effective. kasumi’s trying to convince joker that his hat would make a lot on the merch market and he’s saying that if she tries it he’ll sic edi on her (edi won’t do anything but her Disappointed Face is absolutely Devastating). javik passed out like five minutes ago and let me say, if all he gets is a bit of paper taped to his head, he gets off INCREDIBLY lightly.


Spaceship Earth by Mike Buchawiecki

Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Female Reader

This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.


What is a Mary Sue?

Good grief. As someone who critiques and specializes in the Mary Sue topic, don’t call a character a Mary Sue simply because they’ve got skills.

Misconception: The major misconception I see going around regarding Mary Sues is that they’re super amazing characters with skills anybody would be jealous of, thus people start labeling any character both canon and OC who shows special skills as a Mary Sue when they are in fact not.

Origin: The original Mary Sue came from the Star Trek fandom, and was a parody of all the female OCs showing up in the fanzines who were better than the characters at everything, but whose skills were not just special, but unbelievable. For example, she graduated from the academy at an age which was nay impossible, I believe twelve, when most were in their older teens or later. (Weasley Crusher went when he was sixteen if I remember correctly). Add to this, everybody loved her, and she could do no wrong.

Birth of the Anti-Sue: People started to believe that Mary Sues were “perfect” characters, so they started tried to make their characters flawed to avoid the Mary Sue title. But in regards to these flaws, they were never, ever handled properly, nor believably. Notice how I brought up “believe” again? This led to characters like Bella Swan, and the debate of whether or not a canon character can be a Mary Sue, and the answer is yes, as it is possible for a canon character to not believable.

False Accusations Against Canon Characters: This in turn has led to false accusations against canon characters, because the consensus now is that canon characters can be Mary Sues. (It’s where we get the most talk about Gary Stus, as fanfic favors females publishing, and traditional favors men.) However, there is still this misconception that Mary Sues are “perfect”, so people only look at the “perfect” traits.

Ke/th and Sh/ro aren’t Mary Sues: Yes, both characters are gifted in things such as piloting and leadership, with Sh/ro being the Garrison pride and joy. However, despite these mad skills, they aren’t perfect. Ke/th is anti-social, struggles with connecting with people and even dropped out despite the fact he was supposed to be the next Garrison pride and joy. Sh/ro has got serious PTSD going on, but there is also a darker side to him that really only Ke/th has seen, but is hinted at in the series. We see a bit of it come out in episode one of season two. Plus, they’re guys. You’ve got to use the proper term, Gary Stu or Marty Stu.

Fanon L@nce is a Gary Stu: No, seriously. You want to talk about Gary Stu, here he is. They try giving the positive traits of the other characters to him, he steals the spotlight from other characters, he’s a major woobie to try to counter his fake perfection, yet every which way you turn, he’s not a believable character but just a bunch of wish fulfillment.

P.S. I’m suddenly wondering what Canon!L@nce and Fanon L@nce would get on the Universal Mary Sue Test… scores would vary depending on person.

I have this head canon that H&L have made a little video every year on their anniversary.

Something like:

“Hi, today is [insert month] 28th 2011 and we’re celebrating our first anniversary together, hope we can share it with you soon!”

“Hello, today is [insert month] 28th 2012, two years now, still here, see you soon”


“Hello everyone, here we are, [insert month] 28th 2017, celebrating 7 years together, still happy, still going strong, see you next year”

One day they will edit all the videos together and release them


Magic Kingdom - March ‘17 by Mike Buchawiecki

Orion Nebula - NGC 1976

Its been a while since ive targeted this but its nice and easy and takes very little processing due to its distance to Earth. 

Taken in Earls Colne, Essex 26/12/2016 Canon 700D, Canon 400mm L F6.3, ISO 800, 46x1min


Rhack doodles I did since May (2016), from oldest (top) to newest (bottom)

There’s no consistency in style or anything else cuz I couldn’t figure out how to draw them (I still can’t. These idiots are strangely hard to draw). I wanted to post these before the end of the year- otherwise, they will be forever forgotten in my folder.

anonymous asked:

What if James Potter didn't reach Snape on the night of the prank? What happens next?

He was taller than he’d been when he left last summer, and his slim bare feet poked from the bottom of the bed, the hospital sheets barely covering his supine form.  His dark hair was splayed across the starched white pillow, and his black eyelids fluttered in his sleep.  He mumbled on occasion - his pale lips barely moving, his newly deepened voice murmuring softly, and his hands grasping anxiously at his coverings.

She toyed with the frayed edges of her robes until his large roughened hand covered her slender fingers.

“Stop that, love.”

“I can’t…”  Despite her best effort, her voice shook.  “I can’t, Toby.”  She glanced at her husband, his jaw still set in a grimace. He looked formidable, but she knew Tobias Snape better than any other, and his eyes betrayed his fear.  Although his frightful temper commanded respect in the backstreets of Cokeworth, Hogwarts was a very different world.  

Still, Tobias Snape was no coward.  His arm tightened around his wife’s shoulders.  “He’ll be right, love.”

“Now, I think we both know-”

Eileen’s voice was like steel.  “I want to hear you say it.”

Dumbledore faltered, his half smile almost slipping, but then he composed himself.  “My dear-”

“She’s my dear, not yers,” Tobias said, rising from his seat to stand in front of his wife.  “An’ I know yer can do all sorts with that stick, an’ Lord knows, I know yer ain’t scairt of me.  But if our lad deserves owt from all this, he at least deserves that you say it.  To his mother.”  He moved to Eileen’s side, and glared at the older man, his eyes as dark as his son’s.  “Say it.”

“…it was an unfortunate accident.”

“You did not know, perhaps?” Eileen stared levelly at her old Transfiguration teacher.  “No. Of course you knew.  And the rest of the staff, they knew as well, I assume?”

“The boy deserves an education.”

The fury built inside her. “At the expense of my son’s life? Didn’t you have a responsibility for his education as well?  For his wellbeing?”

Dumbledore polished his glasses.  “It was an accident.”

Tobias balled his fists and shoved them deep into his pockets.  “If it were an accident, then how can yer promise it ain’t gonna ‘appen to anyone else’s lad, eh?  Yer ain’t gonna ‘ave any other parents in ‘ere, apologisin’ to ‘em?  Not that yer’ve apologised ter us yet, might I add.”

“It is unfortunate, but ultimately, Severus shouldn’t have been-”

“I’m not listening to this,” Eileen said, standing, and looping her arm through Tobias’.  “I am not listening to you blame my son for you inviting a dangerous werewolf to live at this school.”

Dumbledore moved swiftly in front of the pair, blocking the exit from his study.  “I must assure you, had my precautions been adhered to and acted upon, there would’ve been no harm-”

“Tell me this,” Eileen hissed.  “How did my boy know where to look?”

“I believe…”  Dumbledore took a deep breath.  “I believe the boy confided in one of his housemates.  The folly of youth.  And I believe one of the other housemates led your son into danger.”

“Sirius Black.”  Her accusation was swift.

Dumbledore twitched.  “And tell me, Madam Snape, what makes you suggest Master Black?”

“I know you think that we’re…”  She halted, gripping Tobias’ arm more tightly.  “Because we live amongst the Muggles, because Tobias here is a Mugg-”

“I do not hold such prejudices.”

“Our lad talks,” Tobias said, softly.  “Not often. Not much.  But he mentions ‘em.  And that’s enough for us to know, yer see.  Coz if yer dunner mention much, an’ when yer do, all yer say is Sirius Black this an’ James Potter that, then yer know.”  His voice grew in volume.  “So if his mam knows, an’ I know, then you lot ‘ere must know an’ all.”

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Horse Head IC434

Took this in Kessingland Suffolk on the 29/12/2016. I was very lazy in my set up and my polar alignment was pretty bad so only managed to salvage 42 subs of 75 secs. Canon 700D, Canon 400mm L, F6.3 ISO800, iOptron SkyTracker. 

L Lawliet, Watari, and Sleep

Okay so it is pretty much canon that L stays awake for over a hundred hours at a time and then sleeps for around twenty, but what is Watari’s sleep schedule like?

He is an old man, he probably can’t handle L’s schedule, so I’d be inclined to say that he sleeps 6-8 hours a night. This means Watari would go to bed and L would have to fend for himself for a few hours.

In that same little manga excerpt we find out that Watari dresses L

Like… If L doesn’t even dress himself, can he function without Watari for the hours his handler is asleep? I mean, Watari finds L on the ground and L asks Watari to help him up again.

Like… Can this huge child do anything for himself? Like at all?

Can you imagine how many times Watari has woke up to worse things than L lying on the floor? Maybe to a mess in the kitchen due to him trying to make his own food? Or maybe L would go hungry for Watari’s sleep and complain about it when he wakes? I’m imagining Watari walking in to the kitchen after a good night’s sleep and there’s cream all over the walls and the milk has been sitting out all night and there are 17 dirty teacups in the sink and 12 more around L’s work station and there is what was supposed to be a crêpe stuck to a frying pan with a spatula melted in to it and the smell of burning takes six days to disappear fully and egg shells and raw egg litters the work stations.

And Watari has to clean this, then goes and find L amongst his fortress of used cups and plates and he is sitting there half naked because he spilled something on himself and Watari wasn’t around to change him.

L Lawliet is a man child, and Watari deserves far more credit.