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Pittsburgh, 7.9.2015

Ominous!Wiggins from the Series 4 trailer could easily enough turn out to be a misleading edit. But as long as everyone’s trying to figure out what his potentially-creepy deal is in the meantime, I will reintroduce you to the theory I recently made my peace with after forcing it out of my system for a couple years…

Wiggins: Can I come? I think I’ve got a broken arm.
Mary: No. Go away.
John: No, let him.
Mary: Why?
John: Yeah, just get in. It’s a sprain.

Since a sprained arm should involve a joint in some way, completely avoiding the elbow and wrist joints and instead wrapping a bandage around and around the middle of Wiggins’ forearm seems like an unorthodox first aid choice.

It would, however, be the perfect thing to do if you wanted to cover up one of these:

[Image via Edginton & Culbard’s graphic novel adaptation.]

The Scowrer brand from The Valley of Fear.

And if Mary is actually based on Birdy Edwards from the same novel, well…

Let’s just say she’d be aware of the significance.

I have a personal headcanon that Gabriel grew up in a part of LA that necessitated him looking after his younger siblings and trying to keep them out of trouble—specifically gang-related business.  What if, given that McCree was legally a minor when he was recruited into Overwatch/Blackwatch, the only reason that McCree wasn’t tried as an adult and locked up alongside
the rest of the Deadlock Gang was because Gabriel specifically vouched for him?

Here’s how I see it going down.

Canonically the Deadlock Gang is arrested (instead of, say, being killed in a hail of gunfire) which makes me think that this was more a covert rather than an overt operation.

So Overwatch assigns Gabriel Reyes to infiltrate the Deadlock Gang.  Most of its members are adults, but Gabriel immediately notices this kid too young to grow a proper beard and immediately gravitates to him, being reminded of his own brothers and sisters back home.  Over a few months, as he gathers information about the gang’s movements and their major weapons and drug suppliers, he grows to genuinely like this kid—as he learns on day two, his name is Jesse McCree—and he becomes an unofficial mentor to him, as he was for Morrison before him.  He teaches him soldier’s tricks, how to still his breathing in the middle of a firefight so that the erratic adrenaline shivers smooth out into steady aim, how to fade into the night so thoroughly that you’d swear that he was invisible.

But of course one day he’s ordered to bring the hammer down on the gang, and he does so with typical Reyes ruthlessness and typical Reyes lack of hesitation.  Overwatch agents hit every single supplier of the Deadlock Gang, while Reyes leads the team that takes the Gang themselves.

And the Gang fights back, of course; Reyes is forced to shoot several (though thanks to Mercy wounds that would otherwise kill them just put them down for a while), and most of the Gang aren’t exactly insanely skilled marksmen.

But then Reyes kicks in the door to find McCree with his Peacekeeper leveled at his head—and all of a sudden there’s the gang kid he’d beat up when he was sixteen for threatening his siblings into joining up, his face wide and staring and his lip and one cheek going puffy and one eye blackened and just then he’d seen himself in the kid’s face and looking out of his eyes and Gabriel had seen just then all the little choices that had meant that he’d grown up a decent student in a decent school with a loving family and that had meant that the poor kid he was straddling had joined a gang when he was ten out of a sheer desire to be accepted by someone, by anyoneand just like then, he can’t pull the trigger, he can’t throw that one last punch, he can’t move.  For once Gabriel just can’t bring himself to be utterly ruthless in the execution of his job.

Except that this time, his faith isn’t rewarded by the rest of the gang coming by the next day and riddling the front of his house with bullets.  McCree puts the Peacekeeper down and raises his hands.

And then Gabriel goes to Morrison the next day and pulls every favor he has, arguing with his former student for an hour—he’s a good kid, Jack, he is, he has potential, I can make something of him, I can turn him into a force for good Jack, like I did with you—to make sure that McCree gets the offer that the others didn’t.

Join, he tells McCree, or face trial and lockup.

And again McCree rewards his faith.

And then just imagine the betrayal after the fall of Overwatch, when McCree’s had his time to grieve the loss of his mentor, the man who’d been like an older brother to him, and the loss of the men and women of Overwatch who’d been like family to him, when he sees the hooded, masked figure striding along with a pair of shotguns that he’d last seen in the hands of one Gabriel Reyes.

Some headcanons for when Team Voltron returns to Earth (cause they have to go back right… right?)

  • Coran and Allura get human clothing from a thrift shop cause it’s cheap and the place practically gave it away but it’s all stuff from the 80s
    • Lance complains that they’ll stick out like sore thumbs
    • Coran and Allura actually get a lot of compliments on their outfits– though that might have more to do with how gosh darn pretty they both are
  • Allura get’s addicted to coffee… like shaky hands always has a mug in her hand addicted.
    • There is an intervention. Hunk makes a banner for the occasion. Coran cries. 
  • Even if they have super important paladin things to do Lance makes everyone take a night off to enjoy human things for the first time in forever.
    • Hunk agrees to it pretty much immediately and Shiro was surprisingly easy to convince (he figures they all deserve a break).
    • Pidge is a bit more ambivalent but Lance guilts her by reminding her of all the times they didn’t hang out at the garrison. 
    • Keith has to be dragged out. He sulks for a long time.
  • They get pizza first, then go to the arcade, then while wandering around get tickets to a concert for a band they’ve never heard of. 
    • it’s an outdoor concert so there is PLENTY of room to dance and the whole team shows off. 
    • Keith even joins in. He’s not a very good dancer but he admits later the music was good. 
    • The musical probably wasn’t all that good they just haven’t heard good music in forever.
  • They find a hill and watch the sunrise the next morning, reflecting on the night and everything that’s happened to them since finding the blue lion, yad yadda, sappy sappy.
  • Shiro and Allura get set up on a date by Hunk and Pidge but neither of them realize it’s a date till three hours in when they’re getting ice cream and Allura wipes some soft-serve off Shiro’s face and he’s like “wait…”
    • Allura never figures it out. Alteans don’t really date and it’s not at all like human dates.
  • Coran isn’t all that impressed with human technology save for movie theaters. Though it’s not so much the technological aspect but the cultural aspects he loves.
    • “What is this… crunchy salty thing
    • “Um, popcorn.”
    • “I love it. I see why humans buy it by the bucket.”
  • Pidge showing Coran and Allura all the constellations of Earth and all the stories that go with them
    • The rest of the team chiming in with their own cultural stories like Shiro talks about the bunny on the moon and Hunk talks about Maui’s fish hook

The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

Philadelphia, 12.4.2015


Adios, San Francisco.

On day one we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge into the city, and continued until we reached Coit Tower. At the top, we took in elevated views of the Bay Area before heading to check out multiple shops on Haight Street. Next, after three hours of bumper to bumper traffic, we made it across the Bay Bridge and into Oakland where awesome hosts, Adam Ward and Dennis Tseng offered us board. 

Our second day consisted of an electric bike tour of San Francisco, spanning 24 miles. We saw everything from the Mrs. Doubtfire House to Lands End Park on the coast. As the day drew to a close, we enjoyed a food truck festival and live music in Oakland.

Today we head to our next National Park - Yosemite. 

anonymous asked:

Because I missed WTL and maybe these asks would add inspiration. How would the canon gang feel/act when they get transported to the WTL. And I'm still not sure which one to involve. But yeah, what do you think the reactions are going to be when it comes to Hisana and Rukia and basically everyone else.

Well, I imagine there would be a lot of confusion and awkwardness regarding the whole situation. But it is interesting to imagine how certain canon characters would react to their WTL!selves.

Renji meeting Renji: 

WTL!Renji: Huh…so this is what I’d look like if I grew up without any parental figures in my life. Damn, I look badass. 

Canon!Renji (internally): Man, I forgot how short I used to be. God, this is embarrassing. And weird. So weird. Like approaching Ichigo levels of weird. 

WTL!Renji (in a conspiratorial whisper): Hey, so listen…about those tattoos…I was wondering if you’d be willing to hook m–”

WTL!Hisana (in the distance): Don’t even think about it.

Canon!Rukia meeting WTL!Rukia would be…interesting. I imagine their conversation would go something like this:

WTL!Rukia: Wait…so you refer to Oni-sensei by ‘sama’? What the hell? Also, why are you so short?? You’re not even as tall as nee-chan!

Canon!Rukia: Don’t speak about nii-sama so disrespectfully, you brat! And if I’m ‘short,’ you’re positively microscopic! 

And that’s not even getting into the whole Kaien mess.

WTL!Rukia: Holy shit, you killed him??? Like, I know that porcupine-haired bastard is annoying, but don’t you think that’s a bit excessive?


I think canon!Byakuya meeting WTL!Byakuya and Hisana would be incredibly painful for him. Because not only is WTL!Hisana not sick, she’s a healer and a damn good one to boot. Instead of being pretty much alone in the world, she has allies and friends all over the Seireitei, and several of them are incredibly influential and powerful. But most of all, she has the relationship with Rukia that his Hisana desperately wanted, and because she isn’t devoting 90% of her time and energy to finding her sister, she also has the relationship with his alternate universe self that he always wanted with his own Hisana. And if that isn’t a slap to the face (Why couldn’t I have any of that?), then I don’t know what is.