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Hey I have been looking up and down your blog trying to figure out what type of camera you use. I really want to get into using film when I take photos. I could really use the help thanks:)

Last time I’ll answer this so everyone pay attention. I shoot all my digital work on m Canon xti and all my film work on my point and shoot Pentax EZY-R Zoom.

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What kind of camera do you use for your pictures? They're so lovely!

i shoot with so many different cameras nowadays! The last few photos I have posted over the week have been from an iPhone, a canon 6d, a canon ae-1 (film), a olympus point and shoot film, and a canon rebel 2000 (film) !! 

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What camera do you use for your photography,your photography is beautiful!

Mainly an olympus point and shoot recently, which is film, but also a digital slr which is a canon- both are good but not great! thank you :)


I shot in the pouring raining this past Sunday and my camera started acting up mid-shoot to the point where it couldn’t even shut off. Literally started crying when I got home, but then my sister suggested I leave it in a bag of rice for 2 days, but I ended up leaving it for 3 and now everything’s back to normal! Lol I stressed-ordered like 8 more rolls of film (in addition to the 4 I have now) just because I thought it was over for me with digital. I know I’m past due a camera upgrade (have my eyes on a Canon 5D original), but I literally just spent my last few bucks on film and that was basically it.

God, when am I going to come up already? I feel like every time I try to progress I put myself like 4 steps back, like I’m sick of it

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What camera do you use for non professional, everyday snaps? I'm in love with your work by the way X

Hey there! I usually use an iPhone for everyday snaps just because I can edit the photos right there in VSCO whenever I want! But usually I have my Canon 35MM film point and shoot camera that I use along with an Instax Mini! =D

What do you like to shoot with?

Canon Point & Shoot📷

I use this camera for filming and I have took some photos here;I’m just waiting for my Dad to finish using his Laptop so that I can export the photos to the laptop and the laptop can export it using iCloud to my phone.But this Christmas I’m looking forward to get a new camera the same camera as @lpsblondietv ’s camera.

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qotp: What Camera do you use?
aotp: my iPhone 4S but I will be using my Canon camera soon.