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I need help! I want to use photos for mixed media so what's a good camera that's around 400 to 500

there’s so many cameras you can get, it just depends on what you want your pix to look like. film is a good choice because even really cheap cameras are great. the Pentax K1000 and canon AE-1 are cheap but great cameras. you can also get a point and shoot like a Contax T2 or G1, Yashica T4(I think, maybe T2) or Leica minilux. I also think the Pentax 645 and mamiya 645 are good medium format cameras in that price range. THEN there’s digital, you can get a canon t3 body for cheap and get a decent 50mm or a Nikon D3300 same thing. ehh there’s a lot you can do just depends bb. I hope this helps, good luck ヾ( ̄∇ ̄๑)

Whitstable, Kent

Canon Snappy LX:  My mum found this in a drawer at the weekend with an exposed film from the 1990s. It was my dad’s final camera. Amazingly the batteries are still operating after all these years. This little ‘point and shoot’ has one of the biggest and brightest viewfinders I have ever looked through.

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What camera / kit do ya use? WHats your favourite film? Your photos are insanely cool.

Hey, thanks! When it comes to 35mm, my main camera is a minolta Maxxum 7000; usually with my 2.8 wide angle lens (I can’t remember the width at the moment). My recent point and shoot is a Olympus stylus epic zoom 80, but with summer days coming soon, I’ll be switching that up to a canon I really like. Since I have been shooting for a while now, I have a “collection” of sorts and frequently change around to different cameras pretty constantly. My favorite (and first camera), which is a canon tx, is my go-to if I am just leisure shooting.

As for film, I usually switch depending on the subject or just whatever is on sale. I’m not too picky with film unless I’m shooting something specific and need a certain film.

As a specific kit - there is not really a certain set-up I stick with always. I’ve been using the Maxxum and the TX for so long that I have a few lenses for each - and if I need a flash, I use whatever flashes they came with when I got them or an led panel.

I see you’re using an om2 - that’s very cool. I like that one a lot. Thanks again, and keep up your shooting. Your colour levels are on point!

photographer buds!! can someone please w a cherry on top help me find a cheap but solid 35mm point and shoot camera ? 

heard good things about the canon sure shot owl, ricoh af-5, olympus xa2 etc but i could use some guidance!

tanks in advance  

What is a Digital SLR Camera - Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

What is a Digital SLR Camera – Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera

Canon EOS Rebel 2000 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm Lens

A digital SLR camera can be defined using its many features but the best description is based on its optical system, speed and clarity when compare to any point-and-shoot digital camera. It can be easily mistaken with any normal big digital camera but it’s different in the manner in which it is used and the quality it delivers. In…

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