Puppys first vacation by S. Elschner


waiting for the perfect wave by S. Elschner

  • Sans:hey papyrus, why don't you make more puns?
  • Papyrus:I MAKE MANY PUNS! THAT STUPID DOG JUST KEEPS STEALING THEM FROM ME! (opens mouth to speak, and a very exasperating dog jumps in front of his face, then runs away) SEE?
  • Sans:I guess he's just... PUNishing you.
  • Papyrus:(angry because he can't pun back, so just glares. glaring intensifies)

Okay, but thanks to @castielsboy‘s head canon about Milton keeps up with Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary obviously makes me imagine Milton is just absolutely a dog person.

Imagine that he and Brackish are walking around the compound on their break and they see someone walking their dog and Milton just flips!

*gasp* “Honey, look at the puppy!!!”

“Milty, that is a full grown German Shepherd.”

*ignores his foolish husband as he happily pets doggo* “You’re such a pretty puppy, yes you are!!”