todays twitter dump is seungchuchu themed because they are the best boys!! dedicated to @llyn-on-ice because she showed me part of something she was writing and it inspired most of this and also she inspires me every day of my life 

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Me, reading the Warden entry in tvtropes

“Additionally, every Warden has one degree of separation from every other “potential” Warden in the form of Dog. Canonically, Dog is/was the loyal companion of the Human Noble; however, in the other five origins, Dog imprints on the Warden in question after the Human Noble died during/after the trek to Ostagar with big brother Fergus.

Dog imprints on the Warden in question after the Human Noble died

imprints on the Warden in question after the Human Noble died.”

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lmao I enjoy Kuroo in your three dogs post, because in canon he's a dog person. Someone should let him in the loop ;)

unexpectedly, a dog person reveals himself

In our version, they wanted to focus more on the humor and let Mon-El be this lovable puppy dog, fun boy who doesn’t always get it right. But he’s trying and he’s earnest.

Chris Wood on Mon-El (Sci Fi magazine, April 2017 issue)

So Mon-El was literally written to be a lovable puppy dog. He’s CANONICALLY a lovable outer space puppy.

The dogs of St. Petersburg

(a sequel of sorts to this headcanon)

St. Petersburg is more crowded than Hasetsu. Even at nine in the morning, when the work rush should have been over, Yuuri can hear the low rumble of passing trucks, the occasional sharp honk, even up in Victor’s spacious penthouse apartment.

Last night, he’d been exhausted from the long trip and confused by his new surroundings. Victor had greeted him enthusiastically, affectionately…and like he was made of spun glass, liable to break at any moment. He’d made a big show of all the space he’d made for Yuuri’s things, an even bigger show of asking him if he wanted to sleep in the spare bedroom–as if they could even sleep in separate beds any more. Yuuri had yawned once, and he’d immediately pushed him to go to bed.

Yuuri still hadn’t been able to fall asleep, the occasional car horn or shout on the street waking him up every time he began to lapse into dreams. Victor told him that the sound of traffic outside will eventually become comforting, but Yuuri is still jet-lagged and culture-shocked. Most of his stuff is still in boxes, and the rest of it is heaped on the couch–“it’s okay, Yuuri,” Victor says, even though the place was clean when they arrived, “don’t let it bother you, take your time!”

Yuuri is in a strange place and his fiancé is acting strangely. He sighs.

“Hey Yuuri,” Victor calls from the front door. “I don’t want to rush you, but if we don’t leave soon, we’re going to be late!”

Since when does Victor not want to rush Yuuri? Yuuri’s nose wrinkles. “I thought we still had forty minutes. Isn’t the rink something like five minutes away?”

“It takes a while to get there,” Victor insists. “It’s not as close as it looks in Google Maps.”

“Apple Maps,” Yuuri corrects.

“There’s your problem,” Victor says cheerfully. “Apple Maps is crap in Russia. Definitely don’t use it.”

Yuuri’s glad to be here. He wants to share Victor’s life in St. Petersburg. Victor never complained about how different things were in Hasetsu–not once–and Yuuri wants to return the favor. But everything is different. The water tastes weird. The seagulls have a harsh accent. It is so cold that he wants to die. Apple Maps doesn’t work. 

And his fiancé is acting like he’ll break at any moment.

Yuuri shoves these complaints aside. It’ll all work out. He’ll get used to it. Victor will get used to it. It’ll be fine. It was definitely not a mistake to move halfway around the world.

Ten minutes later, Yuuri’s donned trackpants, gloves, a heavy coat, and has somehow managed to find the box with green tea amongst his unsorted rubble in the living room. The hot water isn’t quite hot enough, but it’ll do.

He and Victor shoulder their gear and trudge down the stairs.

It’s Yuuri’s first time seeing St. Petersburg in sunlight, and it’s almost blinding. It’s a lot more crowded than Hasetsu. The sidewalk is filled with people; cars idle in front of them, waiting on a traffic signal up ahead. To the left, there’s a cathedral. To the right…

“Wait,” Yuuri says, “isn’t that the rink right there? Two blocks away?”

“Yeah, it’s farther away than it looks,” Victor says.

Yuuri is trying to figure out if he’s lost all sense of depth perception–maybe he really is that jet lagged? Maybe his notion of proportion is skewed by the Russian latitude?–when Victor stops.

“Purga!” he says to the Samoyed that is about to cross their path. “It’s been so long!”

“Ah, you’re back, Mr. Nikiforov,” says Purga’s owner.

Victor tugs the sleeve of Yuuri’s coat. “Yuuri,” he says, “this is Purga! I’ve known her since she was a puppy. She’s seven years old, looking quite young for her age, don’t you think? Purga, this is Yuuri Katsuki, my fiancé.”

It’s a good thing that Yuuri has studied Russian introductions. “Uh, hi.” Yuuri waves at the dog.

Purga is a giant ball of white fluff tipped with triangle ears and a giant pink tongue. Yuuri is pretty sure she’s laughing at him. 

It turns out that it takes Victor Nikiforov twenty minutes to traverse two city blocks, and it’s all because of the dogs. He greets the dogs he recognizes by name–Zorkij, Lovkij, Buben, Azhur–and demands the names of the dogs he doesn’t know.

“Who is this?” he says just outside the rink. The elderly lady is holding a leash attached to what is possibly a ball of angry mange, or possibly the homeliest dog in the entirety of all Russia. One ear is tattered; his fur is patchy at best. A single canine pokes out from a drooping lip, and spittle gathers at the edge of the dog’s mouth. The dog fixes asymmetric, red eyes on Yuuri and lets off a low growl.

“Oh, this is my little Groznyi,” the woman responds. “He’s a rescue,” she adds, unnecessarily.

Victor bends down and gives Groznyi a gentle rub down his snout. Groznyi’s eyes slit shut, and when Victor rubs his haunch, his back leg kicks involuntarily.

“Groznyi! What a cutie!” Victor exclaims. “You’re a very good dog, Groznyi!”

Yuuri waits until they’re a few paces away. “You know,” he mutters, “if you call all the dogs cute, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Victor looks shocked. “Yuuri. They are all cute.”

“Groznyi is the ugliest dog I have–”

Victor gasps and claps a hand over Yuuri’s mouth. “Yuuri!” Yuuri hasn’t seen that disappointed a look in Victor’s eyes since he snubbed Minami last September. “Dogs have excellent auditory capabilities. What if Groznyi overheard you?”

Yuuri shakes his head. “Victor, I was speaking English.”

“He’s an old dog,” Victor says. “You never know what languages he might understand.” Victor folds his arms across his chest. He looks hurt, disappointed, and upset. They really are going to be late at this rate.

Yuuri looks up into his fiancé’s eyes. For the first moment since he’s arrived, he doesn’t feel homesick anymore. He’s wondered how to get Victor to stop walking on eggshells around him. Apparently, insulting a dog–any dog–will do it. This giant dork is precisely why he came to St. Petersburg.

“You’re right,” Yuuri says. “I’m sorry.”

Victor just continues to look at him.

“I’ll apologize to him when I see him tomorrow,” Yuuri says. “Do you think we should get Groznyi a sweater? He must be cold, with his fur…um…”

Victor breaks into a smile. “That’s an excellent idea!”

Victor takes Yuuri’s arm, and together they head into the rink.

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can you give me a reason to live, please? anything.

1. A hug.
2. An “I love you”.
3. A funny tumblr post.
4. A message, “I miss you”.
5. A pat on the shoulder.
6. Proving that you could do it to others who didn’t believe in you.
7. The funny doodles.
8. New songs from your favorite artists and bands.
9. Inside jokes.
10. Playing your friend until you’ve laughed so hard you’ve stopped breathing.
11. Eating a cupcake that taste like heaven.
12. Graduating.
13. Watching the seasons change.
14. Quick kisses.
15. Big smiles.
16. Making someone happy.
17. Drawing something beautiful.
18. Walking past your ex and being fine. .
19. That feels moment when your ship becomes canon.
20. Amazing ships becoming canon.
21. Having a dog tug at their collar to come near you.
22. Matchmaking.
23. The moment of relief when you pass an really important test.
24. Catching the person you like looking at you.
26. The feel of their heart against mine.
27. Standing up for a friend.
28. Seeing two people hold hands in the street.
29. A happy old couple.
30. Seeing your friends smile.
31. Sitting on the edge, away from the crowd, and having someone grab your hand to pull you in.
32. Your first times.
33. Pigs flying.
34. Walking a happy dog.
35. Skype calls with internet friends.
36. Going to museums.
37. People being protective.
38. Learning a different language and trying to talk to someone in that language and watching their face of confusion.
39. Dictionaries.
40. Poetry in the rain.
41. Walks in the dark.
42. Running about on the beach in the pitch black.
43. Wanting time to freeze moments forever.
44. Buffets.
45. Chocolate.
46. Shooting stars
47. Looking at art.
48. Crying from the emotions in a memoir.
49. Reading in a cosy bed while rain lashes outside.
50. a shopkeeper that gives you a discount.
51. Music.
52. Nerd references that not everyone in the group understands and you immediately know them.
53. Laughing until your sides feel like they’re burst.
54. That moment in a song when tears fill my eyes.
55. Sunset.
56. Sunrise.
57. Lists like this one.
58. Compliments.
59. That moment when all of your plans go wrong but what you do instead is much better anyway.
60. Introducing your friend to a fandom and seeing them get as obsessed as you.
61. Long phone calls about random stuff.
62. A kiss on the cheek as they wipe away your tears.
63. Knowing your not alone.
64. Concerts.
65. Performing.
66. Atlases.
67. Encyclopaedias.
68. Memes.
69. Random acts of kindness.
70. Waking up early and realizing you don’t have school.
71. Talking to someone and realising they feel the same way as you about something.
72. Meeting that person you can tell everything to.
73. Telling a massive secret and feeling the weight lift off your chest.
74. Baby animals.
75. Flowers in summer.
76. Those crappy family holidays where it rains but we watch cosy movies and play board games.
77. Redecorating just the way you want it.
78. Parties for no other reason than to have a party.
79. Innocent children.
80. Re-watching kids’ movies and seeing a million hidden messages you’d never noticed before.
81. Adventures in the night.
82. A good bowl of cereal.
83. Holding someone protectively and telling them that the bad stuff will pass and that your here.
84. Publishing a piece and getting a favourite or a meaningful comment.
85. Suggestion blogs.
86. Re-blogging the post and saving another life.
87. Sending love to random internet people.
88. Regretting nothing.
89. Love songs and mushy chick flicks while eating chocolate during a period.
90. Something finally making sense.
91. Love.
92. Hope.
93. Mistakes.
84. Lessons.
95. New Music.
96. Good movies.
97. Memories.
98. Plans
99. Hopes.
100. Dreams

Cecil’s TAZ Fic Recs

Lookin’ for a good TAZ read? Here ya go. :M Cecil Approved™

(authors, if you’re on here and you want off, please don’t hesitate to let me know!)

Title: Tidally Locked by umbrastaff (@umbrastaffs)
Rating: Not Rated
Ship: F/F (Maureen/Lucretia)
Characters: The Director, Maureen Miller, Lucas Miller, Merle Highchurch, Magnus Burnsides, Taako, Angus McDonald, Killian, Carey Fangbattle, Boyland, No.3113, Johan
Summary: An AU where Lucas has the Temporal Chalice and Lucretia reflects on her life with him and Maureen before the bureau really got started.
Notes/Warnings: In progress.

Title: Some Poppies Grow Golden by umbrastaff (@umbrastaffs)
Rating: Not Rated
Characters: Roswell, Sheriff Isaak, Ren, June, Magnus Burnsides
Summary: Roswell flies back to Refuge for a visit. Seeing Isaak wasn’t in their plans, but things never really do go that smoothly.
Notes/Warnings: implied/referenced abuse, references to mind control.

Title: Salvation June by WolffyLuna (@wolffyluna)
Rating: General
Characters: June, Ren
Summary: Ren and June talk about flowers.
Notes/Warnings: A very sweet series of moments between found family. Fluff.

Title: Where We Go From Here by cassowarykisses (@cassowarykisses)
Rating: Teen+
Characters: Roswell, Sheriff Isaak, Cassidy, Ren
Summary: After the loops end, Roswell has to decide what to do with Isaak. It’s not an easy choice.
Notes/Warnings: Implied/referenced abuse, references to mind control. 

Title: We Two In Vermilion by fraudoc (@magnusthehammer)
Rating: Gen
Ship: M/M (Brad Bradson/Magic Brian)
Characters: Brad Bradson, Magic Brian, Avi, Killian, The Voidfish, The Director
Summary: Brad waits for Brian for one week, then two, then three. Mostly hopeful, always worried. Traitors didn’t deserve funerals, but maybe fiances did.
Notes/Warnings: Major Character Death (canon)

Title: Yeah, It’s Cool, I’ll Be OK by PrincexN (@princex-n)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Johan, The Voidfish, Original Characters, The Director
Summary: He doesn’t tell anyone about what he’s found. For one thing, Johan doesn’t want to have to explain what he’d been doing out there in the lake. For another thing, he’s curious as heck.
Notes/Warnings: There’s suicidal ideation in this. This was also inspired in part by my own fic,The Deft Bowman!

Title: Brother, You Will Return by placentalmammal (@placentalmammal)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Magnus Burnsides, Killian, Carey Fangbattle, Merle Highchurch, Taako, Julia Burnsides
Summary: Magnus Burnsides, after everything.
Notes/Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, post-canon. Lots of dogs in this one. 

Title: Magnus Burnsides’ Day Off by Schgain ( @waterloggedsoliloquy ;3c)
Rating: Gen
Shipping: Magnus/Julia, Background Ships
Characters: Magnus Burnsides, Merle Highchurch,Taako, Julia Burnsides,  Magic Brian, Hudson, Jenkins, Angus McDonald, June, Roswell, Istus
Summary: Magnus runs errands. Things quickly get out of hand. The feelgood modern au fic where everyone is safe and happy is here!
Notes/Warnings: In progress. References to trauma.