Photos from the back covers of the Dykes to Watch Out For  series

1. Dykes to Watch Out For (1986)

2. More Dykes to Watch Out For (1988)

3.  New, Improved! Dykes to Watch Out For (1990) / Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out For (1993)

4. Dykes to Watch Out For: The Sequel (1992)

5. Unnatural Dykes to Watch Out For (1995)

6. Hot, Throbbing Dykes to Watch Out For (1997)

7. Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out For (1998)

8. Post-Dykes to Watch Out For (2000)

BFboy 11.15.16 This is it.  This is the picture I have been most excited to upload.  It’s like that one post with the Waffle House behind the classical looking fountain statue. Something about it is just not right but also very appropriate and fitting. It tickles the right brain spots.

I’d say it has like… an American Gothic Aesthetic. Pre-Apocalypse but only by 15 minutes.

Hi guys, trying again to sell my camera. I got really protective over it last time and backed out last minute 😂😂😂

this time, I know it’s time so say goodbye ❤️

So I have a canon t5i with kit lens. One is 17-55 mm (I think?) and the other is 75-200 (zoom lens…. can’t remember exact numbers). I also have an awesome portrait lens, 50mm 1.4 that has taken some of my favorite portraits ever. Also comes with battery, batter charger, SD card, case, adapter to computer / USB, and camera strap.

I love this camera. But I haven’t used it in months and want it to go somewhere with lots of love. Message me if you’re interested and we can talk pricing.


Naan Pizza Appreciation Post 

Previous naan pizza recipes are listed below 

BBQ chicken naan pizza 
Summer naan pizza 
Tandoori pulled chicken naan pizza 

Today, I just threw together all of the ingredients in my fridge that were about to go bad, and had a blast. The goat cheese truly works.