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Hi ! Your pictures are stunningly beautiful , may i ask . Are kit lenses good ? I'm planning to get Canon d70 since i doesn't have those kind of money to buy expensive lenses , I want your opinion on kit lenses . Thanks

Hey, thank you :)
I started with the 18-55mm on my Canon rebel camera and still had some awesome shots. The quality wasn’t spectacular but it’s good enough to tolerate for a little while. It’s something to get started with at least.

My fave would be my 50mm f1.4 which was a little under $400 whereas the L-series is over $1K. Then there’s a 50 f1.8 for less than $150.
My 18-55 didn’t have a super low depth of field or f-stop, so that’s why I love the 50mm for my plant shots. Also make sure you get EF lenses (not EF-S) because if you ever upgrade to a full frame camera (such as the Canon Mark series or 6D) then the ef-s lenses won’t mount to the body. EF lenses mount to both cropped and full frame bodies. So if you’re getting a default/basic kit lens with the camera body, then it might be an EF-S lens anyway. But for future reference, stick to EF.

BFboy 11.15.16 This is it.  This is the picture I have been most excited to upload.  It’s like that one post with the Waffle House behind the classical looking fountain statue. Something about it is just not right but also very appropriate and fitting. It tickles the right brain spots.

I’d say it has like… an American Gothic Aesthetic. Pre-Apocalypse but only by 15 minutes.

Guys if you go to school/uni

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Breaking and Entering (M)

Recommended Song: Rumour by K.A.R.D


After you get sent a text that clearly wasn’t meant for you, you end up breaking into someone’s house looking for answers.

Genre: 70% Smut, 30% Crack

Pairing: Officer!Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, Graphic smut, kinda Dom/Sub, dirty talk. Filth.

Word Count: 5256

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Otherworldly Beauty II

Lichen on an old apple tree.  This one is about 1″ across.  Help in identifying is welcome.  

New Jersey, January 25, 2017.

Photos by @mellowcat-artist, all rights reserved.

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