February 16 2017

Painted up my Canon T2i again.
I got this baby in 2011, the year I graduated high-school.

I was doing co-op (which is working for school credits, don’t judge) I had to attend in school classes for assignments, I met this wonderful guy named Jake Stewart. He was working a job + doing co-op. I expressed my joy for photography, and my want to attend our home towns art foundations class.

One day at my co-op job, which was making pitas! (Don’t judge, I can make a MEAN pita now) Jake literally brought me this Canon, a Tripod, those lenses, a bag.. So much.
I was stunned, I couldn’t accept such a thing from someone. He literally dropped over $1000 on a classmate.
But he forced it on me..

I spent endless hours taking photos of people at the mall from the food court, and adventuring with my then pooch, Elfie for HOURS around town and at the dog park.

But because Jake bought me this camera, I forced myself to apply to college and I got accepted!
I went into college solely as a photographer.. After I was done, I came out so much more.
I draw, paint, take photos.. I generally DO-MORE with my art skill. And I’m so appreciative of Jake and everyone else in my life at the time for the push.

Strive for your goals and you WILL achieve.