Someone that loves you. 

Camera: Canon AF35M

Film: Lucky Color 200

I mostly shoot with my Canon AF35ML or AF35M II. I started photographing with digital cameras until i could afford a dSLR and at some point I kind of fell in love with analog cameras. The first one I used was an old Praktica my dad got when he was around 16y. 

I also used to carry around a lot of equipment with me, when I used to go somewhere special, right until I discovered that point-and-shoot-cameras are really the best. So now it’s just that. Also they are really affordable and you must not worry about break one. I mean, I love my cameras, but I’m also a very clumsy individual.

So really what you can see on my tumblr is kind of my journey through life.

I am Sonja.

I am 25y