canon ship

Great News!

Dean is back, but Michael is on the run in what is been described as Lucifer’s last ride….

Good times!

Good Supernatural, at least this time you surprised me.

So next episode is the Destiel episode…

Cas: Dean? Is it really you?

Dean: Yes Cas, I need you inside me…


And this is how Destiel becomes canon folks. Dean recognizing that he needs Castiel inside him…

To solve stuff! 😅😂😂😭😭😭😅😭

  • Every fandom ever: omg my ship is so perfect, why can't they see they're meant for each other???!!
  • Carry on fandom: AHAHAHAhAHAhaHAAHAHAHAahaAHA
  • Carry on fandom: IN YOur FACE
  • Carry on fandom: TAKE THAT *punts carry on cover art*
  • Carry on fandom: AND THAT *rolls in romantic quotes*
  • Carry on fandom: AAAANNNND THAT! *hurls chapter 61*

klancers: klance is canon king and here’s 188383 details that prove my point—

canon allurance content: *appears*

weak klancers: this is it. we’ve been fooled. we’re done—

optimistic klancers: klance is canon king and here’s 188383 details that prove my point. first of all—

weak klancers, tears in their eyes: *sniff* t han k y yo u

Blessed with CANON Kacchako Krumbs!!

I haven’t seen anyone post (except a couple now*) about this special episode; so enjoy with me y'all!

1st Set of Screenshots: The six (Tsuyu, Iida, Uraraka, Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki) are told by Aizawa that they’re doing hero-like work, and… Look at these two! Them smiles before and after! Not an actual kacchako interaction, but an appreciation for two amazing characters anyways! :D

2nd Set of Screenshots: Bakugo instructing Uraraka to be the scout. WHAAAATT??? That is good thinking, but the crumb!! … He DOES say her name. 😭👌💞 And she just follows suit to his idea.

3rd Set of Screenshots: After Bakugo blasted through the door (and the crime scene takes an unexpected twist), Bakugo asks Uraraka:



He can’t even be mad. This episode killed me.

You’re here Takashi! You’re safe!!

Umm okay but how else was I supposed to deal with all of this :( anyway, I just needed to get this out of my chest. Now I proceed to return to my cave.

«You get too little sleep, Aki».

(aka: Kino.exe has stopped working)

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