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AU where Arthur can pull the sword from the stone because he’s the Once and Future King, not because he’s Doubtful and Sad and Merlin decides to give his self esteem a boost

when some dudebro who hasn’t taken a crit theory class yet goes on and on abt how “It doesn’t matter how we interpret it…what was the author trying to say here??”

upset but in a kallura-positive way this morning because i actually do think keith had several reasons to be resentful towards allura and i wish they’d gotten the chance to argue about it in a healthy manner because that would have been so important to allura and for her arc!

i don’t know why alfor was even brought up in s7e6 when the things it’d make sense for keith to be angry about would be 1. allura refusing to talk to him after he returned from the marmora base (not being ‘racist’ okay the galra are keith’s oppressors too and he didn’t trust them either! he didn’t trust ulaz until after ulaz died, and he didn’t trust 'mysterious weblum galra’ acxa either! no one initially trusts the galra! only shiro has ever been the one to insist they give the galra a chance, because the galra literally oppress the entire goddamn universe!) and 2. allura moving on while he was away (as far as keith knows) despite insisting’ they wouldn’t be able to go on without him’ because she did end up in a romantic relationship with lotor who, like keith, is galra which could only hurt keith more if keith had feelings for her. if keith had feelings for allura then the reason he pushed her away originally had to have been out of fear of being rejected a second time — i mean we saw how many times he eagerly tried to say something to her after his marmora trials and allura only snubbed him in return. allura hadn’t intentionally been trying to hurt keith because, okay, here’s what happened from her side: she opens up to keith (before literally anyone else on the team other than the mice) about her fear of failing her father, being fooled by the galra, and ruining his legacy. she trusts keith enough to confide all that to him! and she trusts him with her life! — when they’re stranded in space she didn’t have a single weapon or even a jetpack with her. keith was her lifeline. literally. if anything, allura treasured him as a close friend by that point.

allura didn’t know the reason keith thought zarkon might have been tracking him — she confided in him all of this personal stuff but he (understandably) kept his mouth shut about his own fear (this is after his nightmare after he realizes the insignia on his blade matches ulaz’s) the show skips allura (and everyone else’s) immediate reactions to finding out the truth about keith’s heritage (which! i don’t know why!) but okay. at this point: keith knows his being galra might make allura distance herself from him, and allura knows keith hid this from her — from keith’s side, it’s understandable why he’d just keep those suspicions about his heritage to himself around his friends, especially his friend who has personal history with the galra! but from allura’s side, it’s also reasonable why she’d be upset, after opening up to keith — (which was evidently difficult for her to do — she doesn’t open up about her fears often, if at all!) keith had kept something he knew would affect her to himself — that alone is reason to no longer trust him + the fact that she’s still figuring out how to carry on alfor’s legacy. she’s young. and still feeling very alone in all of this. she doesn’t want to mess up. she doesn’t want to end up falling in 'a prelude of a trap’ — she’s super worried about this! so when keith tries to make small talk she snubs him (in very teenage girl fashion) and that’s that.

from allura’s side: she doesn’t want to be friends anymore, they’re teammates and she will still work alongside him as one, he still lives aboard her castle, she still trusts him to do his part, but she does not trust him with her heart

from keith’s side: 'allura hates me now’

of course this was all settled like three episodes later, when allura regains her trust in keith because he proves himself to be on her side and 100% against galra tyranny, she hugs him, she apologizes, she tells him she tried to hate him but she couldn’t, that he’s family to her!

so why would keith still resent her for this? because of lotor. while keith was away he couldn’t see how much allura distrusted lotor at first, he didn’t know how long it took for lotor to slowly but surely take down each of allura’s guards with talk of her father and her people. all keith knows is: allura didn’t (past tense) trust him but she trusted lotor. amazing. after all her talk of 'we cannot go on without you’ she even fell in love with the guy. seems like the team got along w/o him just fucking fine. (this is from keith’s perspective, mind you.)

from allura’s perspective: keith left them. he left her! despite her asking him to stay! she supported his choice but she still resents him for it because 1. she missed him and 2. legit EVERYTHING went to shit after he joined the blade of marmora. the team. her heart. everything.

basically: allura learning that she hurt keith in a way she likely is completely unaware of because it was entirely inadvertent (her loving lotor has nothing to do with her initial distrust for keith in HER mind, most likely!) would have been good for her, and good for keith too. without knowing she hurt keith, allura can only think he left because he didn’t really give a shit. and keith, without knowing allura was mad that he left because she felt she needed him during that time, can only think she’s angry at him for failing as a leader and nothing else. which is why! i feel like 'the journey within’ was a completely wasted opportunity to give us this much needed confrontation between them! keith being angry at allura because he doesn’t understand her choices, and vice versa, would have been so! good! for their development! i’m a firm believer that you know how healthy a friendship is by the way the two people involved argue with each other,,, and 'the journey within’ broke my heart because i absolutely hated the way keith and allura talked to each other,,, it was the worst: keith lashes out at allura due to 'madness’ and talks shit about her dad (the only steady source of strength in her life) allura gets in like one sentence about him leaving the team and he lashes back even harder blaming her for the team falling for lotor’s trap, lance tells keith to run away and stay away, keith is like 'fine i will!’ hunk has to stop keith from floating away (and dying!) because no one else will,,, like,,, why in the world did it play out like that especially since i doubt it’ll be talked about again in the final season. i just think keith and allura having a real two-sided argument would have been good for them because i do think keith’s resentment towards allura’s rejection and in effect 'choosing lotor’ aftwards might have hurt him and allura would feel a lot better if she knew keith CARED and was just hurt and AFRAID to reach out to her and get too close because he has issues reaching out and getting close to people,,, i just,,, i’m so sad because the fact that we got a really painful meaningless fallout instead of a tear jerking needed fallout is so damn ridiculous!

Literally what's happening right now
  • Canon: Lars is an adult
  • Anti-Shippers and SU Crits: No. Canon is WRONG and INCORRECT. Lars is a CHILD, canon is LYING.

who better to be keith’s love interest than the beautiful girl who didn’t think his idea to run away and see if zarkon was tracking him was crazy! who is the only teammate to consistently tell keith he’s important to the team! who asked! him! to! stay!

This last one is gonna be a little mean but,

I literally can’t believe it took you guys until season 7 to realize we had all been ~living in fanon~ when almost every fic after s4 was a fix it and people literally started rewriting the show

Wincest Writing Challenge  |   @stephanie-likes vs. @mybrothercomesfirst
September 2017   |  Richard Silken |  Digging out the bullet and holding it up to the light

Cleaning up the Champions (AO3)

Pairing: UST Wincest
Word Count: 1258
Rating: PG
Tags: post-episode 11.17 Red Meat; UST; angst
Summary: The brothers care for each other in the aftermath of Red Meat.

Early morning haze melted away into goldenrod overcast skies. The last struggle of a mild winter against the encroaching spring. Sam made it to the first rest stop in the passenger seat. Dean filled the Impala’s tank, went inside for provisions, and came back to find Sam sprawled in the backseat. Sam blanketed Dean’s blue jacket over his torso, having made a pillow of his own.

“Got lunch.” Dean held up a cellophane turkey and cheese sub of questionable freshness. Sam replies with a grunt as he nuzzled into a more comfortable position. “Probably a wise choice.” Dean tossed it onto the empty seat beside him. Between the pills, and the asphyxiation, his own stomach wasn’t up for more than water. Dean pushed in a cassette of Page’s best solos, turned the volume low, and pulled back on the road. The tremors in his hands hidden by a firm grip on the wheel.

Forest rolled into sands hill, flattened into plains, and grew into fields and farms with each mile closer to Kansas. With each pause in Sam’s snores, Dean flicked his eyes up to the review mirror. Around dusk his glance got met with open eyes, and a knowing half smile.

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oh for fucks  sake

Molly has literally died, keg/beau have LITERALLY hooked up and there is still more art/fic/discussion over caleb/molly than the f/f ship. 

I’ve been in fandom for 15+ and I’m somehow still baffled that fandom pays more attention to imaginary m/m boyslash than CANONICAL femslash.

Crit role is just another trash fandom. 

anonymous asked:

I think there's an su crit following you just so they can complain about the show. They reblogged your reblog about the new episodes just to complain about it. Smh

honestly like good crits are always welcome but i feel like its gotten to a point where like, say a characters color pallet it just more like green then what they head canoned and they crit the hues or something. like super unnecessary ya know?

and honestly I love this show to pieces ad it was a pretty big point of me being fully comfortable with my sexuality so it holds a VERY dear place in my heart so like I distanced myself from those crit blogs because Ima just be over here doing my thing and I would kindly like it if they didnt follow me just to geed more ‘fuel’ ya know?