we may have not gotten a thiam kiss, but remember.

khylin basically confirmed thiam.

well maybe not, but we can choose to take it as a canon thing, so yes, thiam didn’t kiss. but maybe, sometime in beacon hills, a month or two after the finale, theo and liam kiss in the woods, or behind the school, or just do something cliche and sweet and become canon.

beacon hills is a world of its own.

Thiam Elevator scene in 6x20

Okay so first things first Theo legit rushed over to the hospital after Scott told him Liam and the rest were in trouble like you literally see Theo going faster after he ended the call with Scott like he started speeding cause he needs to get to Liam fast and save him

Ok when he pulled Liam into the elevator thoe like the way he did it like he could of easily just grabbed his hand and pulled him in but NOOO Theo had to grab him and push him against his whole body and like his arm is like strongly wrapped around Liam like chest and neck to protect him from getting bullets there and then he literally pushed Liam to the wall and put his whole body in front of him until the elevators closed so Liam wouldn’t get hurt at all

And then Liam’s all like “what are you doing here” and he’s shocked like “ok Theo just save me again” but I feel like he’s also kinda like “dammit Theo why are you here risking your life instead of being safe” but at the same time he’s probably like “Theo Raeken is here he just saved me and he’s here to help and fight with us and he won’t get anything for it” and let’s be honest that probably surprised him/made him happy like it is him again seeing Theo in a different light ig

And Theo reply “ I was just asking myself the same thing” like wow there is so much that goes unsaid with that line like he’s there which means that when he asked himself that question he decided to go and save them and when he’s asking himself that it obviously means he was like” why-why am I going I won’t get anything from it I could just leave and never come back?” But for Liam guys it means his answer was  because Liams there and he needed to help him because he would do anything for him and he proved that 5 seconds before because he saved Liam’s life and when he was saying “I was just asking myself the same thing” he was looking straight at his answer, Liam

Then Theo said “I’m not dying for you” WHILE STEPPING CLOSER TO LIAM and we all know that’s bullshit because he’s willing to die for Liam in a heartbeat he proved that 5 seconds ago and he’ll prove it again 5 seconds later and the way he says it and how he’s looking at Liam completely contradicts the statement he’s making, it’s more like I’m not dying for you because you’re gonna be fine and I won’t let anything bad remotely happen to you and did I mention he STEPPED CLOSER AND GAVE HIM HEART EYES 

Then Liam also STEPS CLOSER TO THEO as well and says “I’m not dying for you either” which is also complete lies cause obviously he would they both would and I think he knows he doesn’t mean it and that he would and I think Theo knows that too 

Then Theos facial expression the way he’s looking at Liam like indescribable, I think that Theo knows that the “I’m not dying for you” is completely not true like how he does that little smile type thing like cause he knows he would die for Liam in a heartbeat and  so would Liam its him like yea I would and you would too and then he looks at Liams LIPS HIS LIPS like lets be honest the sexual tension in that scene was huge and when he looked at Liam’s lips that’s enough right there to prove that Theo loves Liam right there, he’s thinking about just kissing Liam and I mean he already knows that they are gonna have to fight so his guard is down he’s showing his emotions slightly very little but he is because they’re gonna fight and who knows whats gonna happen and he wants to tell Liam but he doesn’t know how he doesn’t know how to really express his love for Liam and obviously that’s not his fault but he just doesn’t know how to do it and in his mind I know that telling him or kissing him is whats going through it when he’s looking at Liam’s lips and he wants to but he doesn’t and just looks back up at Liam

And Liam was still looking at Theo when this happened so this means he saw Theo look at his lips, Liam is literally not breathing in that moment because after he turns away from Theo he lets out a loud breath and I don’t know whats going on in Liam’s mind at this moment but I think its that first of lets remember what happened with Layden it broke Liam’s heart when she left and I think he also confused for his growing feeling for Theo like maybe Theo is the first guy Liam has liked ever and that alone is a big deal so adding on what Theo did before its hella hard to come to terms with it I think so he’s probably not ready and scared  and he’s probably also thinking “No he can’t He shouldn’t” and “we’re about to fight and who know what the outcome will be and no because its Theo” and even though he’s proved himself there’s still might be that little doubt and caution in Liam’s mind telling him no don’t trust Theo he hasn’t completely changed and I think it also stops Liam from doing anything and he literally has to turn and look away from Liam to control himself and like think 
So instead Liam just says “But I will fight with you” because that’s all we can do right now we just have to go out there and fight these hunters and how he looks at Theo after he says that is like I don’t know like don’t say anything *about like feeling and stuff* it’s just like let’s just go fight these guys type look

And Theo stays quiet longer than necessary longer than normal and I knows like two seconds but its long in this context and I think he’s a little hurt after Liam said that because I think he wanted Liam to say something else like reciprocate his feelings you know and I think his eyes gave that away and then he looks down and he’s probably still like “I want to tell him, I could tell him now” but he doesn’t know how and well he’s probably scared cause rejection sucks and he has feelings for this guy real feelings since probably a really long time or ever but he does not do it and just says “Okay with I think kinda of a heartbroken tone cause he didn’t tell him and instead he gave Liam a smile and said “Lets fight” thinking I would do anything for this guy

Also they were both probably having flashbacks to when they were fighting the ghost riders in the hospital and what did they say to eachother last time too that they wouldnt do anything for eachother and didnt care but of course 5 minutes later they were saving eachothers life, and here they are doing it all over again 

This is all just my opinion and perspective on this scene but 

Is Thiam canon? Yes, yes it is

Soldier!Reader | Tom Holland headcanon

Requested: yes “Hiiii a headcanon request pleasee with tom where he have a military sister??”

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- You and Tom always had a close relationship;
- He was a very clingy/overprotective brother;
- Also Harry, Sam and Paddy were but not as much as Tom;
- I bet Tom would get jealous easily, especially with Harrison at first. That’s because you were the only girl (apart from Nikki and Tessa) of the family;
- “Guys this is my sister Y/N, she’s nice and out of your league. Don’t talk to her, don’t look at her and don’t hurt her”
- He always liked to introduce you in this way;
- He was pretty surprised when you told him you wanted to attend the Military School;
- Tom would be devastated because you were his little one and the school you wanted to attend was far from home and you had just few permissions to visit your family;
- “But why do you want to go there??? I’m Spider-Man I can look after you, you don’t need to become a soldier”
- I think he gave you the silent treatment for a few days before understanding how much this meant to you;
- “You really want to do this, right?”
- Since then he became super supportive;
- In military schools, students aren’t allowed to use phones (a friend of mine goes to a Military school and she can’t use her phone during the day) so Tom decided to write you letters;
- Even more than one per day;
- When you visit your family during Christmas holidays Tom wanted to stay with you all the time;
- Asking looooots of questions;
- “How is the school?”
- “Are there boys?”
- “I really hope you don’t have a boyfriend”
- “Are there nice girls?”
- “Can I get her number?”
- Spending all the nights together, like you used to do;
- Falling asleep while you cuddled;
- “I really missed you, Tom”;
- “Me too, darling”
- Tom would be so proud of you, he made sure everyone knew what you were doing;
- “Yeah my sister is in the army, she’s super cool, she also has more abs than me”;
- Also during interviews he would talk just about you;
- “Yeah I play a superhero called Spider-Man but the real superhero is my sister, Y/N. She’s a soldier and in a month she has her first mission. I’m so proud of her.”;
- Ok but one day you told Tom that you didn’t have the permission for visiting him for his birthday and he would be really depressed;
- Little did he knew that you and the rest of the family were planning a surprised party;
- Oh God, when Tom saw you he almost cried;
- Ok let’s be real: he cried a little;
- “Tom are you seriously crying???”
- “Shut up, Y/N”
- Tessa would be so happy as well to see you again!
- Lots of walks with Tessa and the rest of the family;
- When you left for your first mission he was devastated, and he gave you a picture of the two of you taken eighteen years before;
- “Make sure to not forget me”
- When he hugged you for the last time he wished the time would stop;
- “I know I tell you every time but I’m really proud of you and the strong woman you become”
- “I would never forget you, Tom. See you in a few months”;
- Ok I’m sorry if it’s short but it’s really hurting my feelings so I better stop here;
- Thanks for the request, I loved it 😭💔

aGAIN @canadian-hufflepuff suggested this and iT WAS SUPER CUTE AND SELF INDULGENT AND AAAAAAAAAA I just hAD to draw it omg..

This would probably be a super secretive moment bc neither of these two are very good at PDA, especially in the underground… No one even knows they’re a couple until the get to the surface tbh…

Your first time with Davey headcanons

This wasn’t requested by anyone I just felt bad I never write for Davey so I decided to hope you enjoy :) 




 *This is smut if you’re not comfortable with reading smut feel free to ignore this post I completely understand*

 •So being the innocent child Davey is he’s never had sex before 


 •Its mainly because he’s never really been in a serious relationship before 

 •And because he shares a room with Les 

 •And then there was you 

 •You two have been dating for a few months 

 •And theres no doubt in Davey’s mind that you’re the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with and lose his virginity to 

 •But he never brings it up because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable  

 •Or what if you’re not ready to do it yet 

 •And how would he bring it up without starting a conversation about sex (which is pretty awkward) 

 •But one day you two were just chilling at his house 

 •His parents weren’t home and Les was spending the night at the lodging house so you thought it was the perfect opportunity 

 •So you just casually said “Hey do you want to have sex?”

 •And he’s so taken aback because.. 

 •A. He never thought that you would want to have sex with him and.. 

 •B. You just said it nonchalantly as if you two had already had sex before 

 •So he just stutters out “s-sure”

 •So you stand up from his bed and lay on his lap as you start kissing him 

 •He doesn’t know what to do at first

 •Sure he has gotten “the talk” before but he’s never done this before 

 •Homeboy has no idea where to put his hands so you have to guide his hands to your waist 

 •He starts to get confident because so he starts to kiss down your neck 

 •The first time you moaned he got pretty embarrassed because he made you moan like that 

 •And that boosts his confidence even more 

 •So he slowly starts to undress you as you do the same 

 •And soon when you’re both fully undressed 

 •You start to blow him •He’s so shocked because this is only pleasure he’s experienced like this 

 •And he doesn’t last long 

 •Which is understandable considering the fact that this is his first time 

 •And after that he feels kinda bad because you’re doing most of the work 

 •So he wants to pleasure you too 

 •He starts to eat you out 

 •And for his first time he’s doing pretty damn good 

 •You don’t last long either because damn that boys tongue can do wonders 

 •You start to position yourself on top of his dick

 •And he tells you you don’t have to do this because your safety is way more important to him than his pleasure 

 •And you reassure him that you want to lose your virginity to him 

 •When you take all of his dick you start to bleed a little bit and your face is scrunched up in pain 

 •And being the worry wart he is immediately starts to ask you questions like 

 •”Are you okay?” 

 •”Should I take it out?”

 •”I’m so sorry omg you’re bleeding” 

 •And after the pain subsides you tell him that its not his fault and that it happens to every girl when the lose their virginity 

 •So you tell him to move and he does 

 •After about 5 Minutes (Idk how long people usually last) he reaches his high and so do you 

 •He’s the king of after sex cuddles


I set myself a target to write 60 fics based on various prompts before I left for uni, and although I only write one and a half, I’m quite proud of this one so I thought I’d post it on here because I need validation. Anyway, enjoy!

Ship: Drarry

Fanbase: Harry Potter

Based on a prompt: “Is that what you’re trying to do? Trying to make me hate you?”

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Into the Fire (Part 1 of 2)

“Please be home,” Mora murmured as she rang the bell. She really had to stop doing this, just randomly showing up. Though he did it as well, she realized. Planning had never really been part of her and Dura’s relationship.  She looked around, glancing at the sprawling grounds around his manor, and a couple of minutes later, the door opened, and Mora was greeted with the sight of his daughter, Raven.

Raven let her in, explaining that Dura had begun Aiden’s training, and Mora nodded. “Yes, he mentioned that he was going to do that when he visited me yesterday,” Mora said. It had been precisely because of that visit that Mora had decided to check in on him. She’d never seen Dura so on edge, so tired. If she could be here for him, she wanted to be. 

She and Raven chatted, eventually ending up in the kitchen, where Raven served the best iced tea Mora had ever had, and the two women chatted while waiting for Dura to finish up with Aiden. They talked about food, and Silvermoon, and ways Mora could sneak into that city to visit the cafe where Raven worked. In time, Mora found herself relaxing with Dura’s daughter.

“I’m so glad we had this chance to talk. I wanted to know you better… I was hoping you’d like me. I know Dura and I happened fast. Neither of us was expecting it,” she said quietly. 

Raven leaned forward and took Mora’s face between her palms. “You make my father happy,” she said. The younger woman then confided that she blamed herself for her father’s previous wife’s death, and, to Mora’s surprise, ended up crying in her arms.

“It’s not your fault. If not in that moment, then in the next…” Mora said, wrapping her arms tightly around the distraught woman. “And it hurt him to lose her. It would have killed him to lose you, Raven. It would have destroyed him, and he would not have come back from that.”

The two women sat, embracing while Raven calmed down, and then Mora heard a gasp. “Eredar! Raven, kick her ass!” and then a small figure ran, hiding behind the refrigerator. Mora looked at Raven in shock, and Raven laughed. 

“She is not a demon, Xanthy,” she said, and Mora did her best as well to try to convince the younger, raven-haired girl that she was not an Eredar. Raven explained exactly who Xanthariel was, and Mora raised her eyebrows. Her beloved was raising the daughter of his family’s enemy… we really do need to talk more, Mora thought to herself. She’d had no idea. 

Before she could introduce herself, Xanthy looked at her and said. “And you’re Mora, and you’re in love with Mr. Dura.” Even Raven seemed surprised at the fact that the girl seemed to know anything at all about Mora. Mora didn’t deny it, and Xanthy held out a strawberry cupcake. “For you.” Mora took it with a grin, explaining that it was one of her favorite flavors, and asked Xanthy if she wanted to share it. “No, I want you to have it. You bring love here, and this house needs more love,” she said simply. 

At that moment, Aiden walked in the door from outside, shirt torn, body bruised, and fell to the floor. “Hurts… hurts so much….” he managed, and Mora jumped up, trying to do what she could to help him. For her part, Raven seemed unsurprised. Mora crouched down beside Aiden and pulled a tin of one of the salves she’d created from her bag, gently smearing it over the worst of his bruises, watching them clear almost before her eyes. “This is insane,” she muttered as she looked at him. She knew the man she loved was brutal, deadly. But the idea that he’d done this to his own son… she couldn’t reconcile it with the man she knew, the one who could be so loving.

Yet she’d seen the other side of him too, if not in person, then in taped evidence. He’d shown her exactly who he was.

She felt someone watching her and looked up to see Dura standing in the door, staring at her. His mechanical arm was not on, yet he looked just as strong, just as deadly as if he’d had it. Still shaken by seeing Aiden as bruised as he was, Mora stood, looking at Dura. “I seem to have caught you at a bad time,” she said. Then she walked to the counter to put the tin of salve back into her bag. She’d done everything she could to give Aiden a bit of relief. 

Dura walked into the room, coming up behind her. After a moment, there was an animalistic growl, and he stalked away from her toward the kitchen doorway. “Good job, Aiden,” he said shortly, and Mora noticed Aiden raise a hand from his spot on the floor, giving his father a thumbs up.

“Dad. What was that growling about? She is allowed to be here!” Raven said, appalled by her father’s behavior.

Dura bared his teeth. “The best thing you can do right now, Raven, is stay out of it…”

Mora stared at Dura in shock and walked up to him. “Dura, if you want me to leave, I can come back another time,” she said, confused by this mood of his.

“I didn’t tell you leave or to stay.. you leave on your own volition just as you do whatever you wish when I am not around..” He turned away, muttering under his breath. “Draenic musk.. it smells like someone needs to have their hands cut off…”

Mora’s eyes widened, remembering R’s arms around her the night before, an embrace near the canals she should not have allowed, and her stomach twisted.

(To be continued.)

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Why couldn’t they do something like in HG: Mockingjay part 2 at almost the end, where Katniss and Haymitch are saying goodye to Effie and when it’s Haymitch’s turn and he softly kisses her and I (even my brother) fangirled about it because I was kind of rooting for them but I knew that in the books they didn’t become a thing.
Why couldn’t they pull something like that?!! Maybe not a kiss (because fuck Jeff) but maybe like a hand holding, one of the reaching for the other’s hand so that us Thiam shippers could have a closure and the haters wouldn’t get that mad (because nothing happened on screen but it was implicit) and everyone was FUCKING HAPPY?!
written on your skin - miilky - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Written On Your Skin
Bakugou Katsuki/Uraraka Ochako, Teen, 2,139 Words

Girls are made of stardust and shining moons. She spits brimstone and sulfur, hands chained to the weight of the world.

Katsuki can respect that.

Improved security measures reassured the council and school principal to where curfew was extended an hour on weekends. Compared to other schools this didn’t seem to be much, but the other schools didn’t thrive under U.A.’s strenuous circumstances.

It was eight o’clock. Uraraka waited in front of the identification slot with her ID card ready in her hand. With care she slid the card into the empty slot and waited as the loading screen read the card’s contents. Fifteen seconds passed for it to show a satisfied green, and the wall attached device spat the card out back into her hand. Training Room 22B opened its doors with a soft chime sound.

Each training room was about the size of an indoor swimming pool. It had more than enough size to accommodate most training sessions, but even so, they were poor substitutes for the training grounds on the main school campus. Putting her duffel bag near the bench, Uraraka considered the consequences of sneaking out to the training grounds where more than once they had class specified lessons, and thought it safer to not take any chances.


“Fleur Delacour, Harry noticed, was eyeing Bill with great interest over her mother’s shoulder. Harry could tell she had no objection whatsoever to long hair or earrings with fangs on them.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter “The Third Task”

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Ok, actually… you’re kinda right. I mean, they just keep punching each other and we’re calling it “being in love”.

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And they can’t absolutely stand each other…

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Also when they were in the hospital in 6x09 and Theo said:

You’re going first.
That’s the only reason I’m with you.
Because while they’re busy wrapping a whip around your neck, or shooting a hole in your head, I’ll be running the other direction.
I’m on your side as long it helps me.

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And then Liam said:

I also think whatever happened to you, you deserved it.
When the Ghost Riders find us, I’m not gonna do anything for you.
I’m not gonna help you.
I’m not gonna save you.
I’m gonna do exactly what you would do to me.
I’m gonna use you as bait.

Oh, hang on a second.

Didn’t they save each other from a ghost rider right after that?

And isn’t this Liam saving Theo?

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And isn’t this Theo saving Liam in the exact same way?

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And again…

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Also, is that Theo worrying about Liam?

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Theo: I went trough all of this to keep you from being taken.

Plus, in 6x15…

Theo: Those two losers killed hunters.
Liam: Who killed their pack.
Theo: So what? I mean, Monroe’s gonna tear through anything standing between her and them. That means you, Lydia, Malia and Scott.

Oh, and here’s Theo looking at Liam with heart eyes!!

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Theo not only saved Nolan, but he stopped Liam from doing something he would’ve regretted.

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Liam can’t stand Theo but

Theo: You made the plan.
You wanted me to help.
Liam: If I needed your help for anything, it’ll be so I get angry enough to kill you myself.
Theo: You brought me here because that thing that came out of the Wild Hunt is affecting you, too.

Not Scott, his alpha. Not Mason, his best friend. He choose Theo.

What’s more, they’re such an amazing duo.

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We’ll see them kicking Gabe’s ass as well

In season 5 Theo actually said:

I love this kid.

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And let’s not forget who made all this possible by bringing Theo back…

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In conclusion, yeah, you’re right, they make no sense.

But I’m not sure we’re watching the same tv show.

“So we’ll tell them that I rescued you during the FBI raid,” Stiles said, eyeing the ‘Beacon Hills - 3 Miles’ sign ruefully.

Derek snorted, “Or we could tell them the truth, that you called me to warn me that the FBI was on my tail and kept me updated on the progress so I got out before the raid and then you picked me up the next morning in Maryland.”

“What’s the fun of that,” Stiles rolled his eyes, “Let me be the hero.”

“If we tell them that anyone saved anyone I’m telling them that I saved you,” Derek flicked Stiles on the arm, “It’s my turn to save you.”

“Hey!” Stiles didn’t take this hands off the wheel, “Don’t hurt the driver.”

Derek rolled his eyes this time, “We’ll tell them the truth if they ask.”

“You’re boring Hale, when did you get so boring.”

“When did you decide to harbor another fugitive, you’re an intern with the FBI,” Derek shot back, but he was smiling.

“Anoth- It’s you! It’s the same damn fugitive every time you asshole,” Stiles said, “And what the FBI doesn’t know won’t hurt them.”

“Idiot,” Derek said fondly, “Thank you.”

“For what?” 

“For saving me. Again.”

“Oh well,” Stiles shrugged, his voice a little quieter than usual, “I invested so much time into saving your life in high school I couldn’t just let you waste away in federal prison.”

“You’re too kind,” Derek said with a grin.

The Beacon Hills exit loomed large in front of them and Stiles takes a deep breath before he steers the Jeep off the highway. 

“Ready or not,” Stiles said sardonically, looking at Derek for a moment. 

“We’re ready,” Derek gently squeezes Stiles leg, ignoring the way touching Stiles makes his heart thud, “We’ve got to be.”

“I’m still telling them I saved you,” Stiles said, pulling the Jeep into the parking lot at the animal clinic and grinning at Scott as he put it in park.