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These are all pictures from the Naysaya episode from star vs the forces of evil. I am an avid STARCO fan. In this episode it shows a lot of JARCO moments. Except… it doesn’t, and here is why this is actually a STARCO episode.
1)Jana’s book says that the Naysaya will ONLY say embarrassing things in front of or near his TRUE LOVE. That being said, I am not sure people noticed how Naysaya said embarrassing things when he was alone in his room with pillows covering him. But Naysaya only said embarrassing things when STAR was around. And if you look more closely at the scenes in which Naysaya speaks, the writers want us to think it is because he is around Jackie. But, he was around STAR all of those times too. Lastly, the scene in which STAR and Marco are alone together, even though she is outside his door proves that this is a STARCO episode because this gives proof that STAR IS HIS TRUE LOVE not Jackie. And yes he talked when he was around Jackie, but look at his face when Jackie is looking at Marco for comfort. He looks annoyed.

“I’ve decided Dean is bi, my proof is that he’s never specifically said ‘I am not bisexual’ and characters can have hidden motives, desires they don’t speak of or that they even lie about.”

LMAO, listen, I love your dedication to your headcanon but this is not how logic works. This line of reasoning can be used to justify literally any belief, fantasy or whim you have about a character, and it still doesn’t make it canon.

Like, you could say Sam secretly identifies as female Romanian gymnast because he’s never specifically said “I am not a female Romanian gymnast,” and we don’t know what’s going on in his mind. You could use circumstantial evidence like Sam has long hair, Crowley calls him Samantha and jokes about him wearing a bustier and high heels, and Sam once stood in front of something with Romanian flag colors (idk if he did, the show has been on for almost 12 years so he probably has at some point).

You could say literally anything about any character if you’re just saying it’s an “internal struggle” of some kind. That doesn’t make it canon. That’s a headcanon, and that’s great. I love the idea of headcanons, even ones I don’t agree with or share. Headcanon all you want! That’s what fandom space is for- to be creative, reinterpret the characters, make your own version of Supernatural and share it with other fans. I’m not against headcanons and interpretation. I just want people to understand that while headcanons are fun, they’re not canon and the show is not obligated to make them canon. Your headcanons don’t trump other fans’ headcanons regardless of popularity or how loud you shout them from the rooftops, and they definitely do not trump the SPN writers’ right to write the characters the way they want and create the stories they want to tell.

Thoughts on TW Current Events
  • As disappointing as it may be, I think we all knew that there was no way in hell Jeff was ever going to make Sterek a canon ship. To him, the show is a business venture, and businesses survive by catering to their sponsors. In this case, the sponsors remain older white male ‘Murica, and OWMM isn’t ready for a queer central pairing.
  • Actors have their own insight to the characters, and Hoechlin is pretty positive that Derek is a straight male. He could have phrased things better than using the term “disrespectful” in regards to some of fandom viewing Sterek as a valid ship, but it’s still his opinion and insight.
  • The conventions that are straight-up banning questions regarding queer pairings in general and Sterek questions specifically are definitely gonna notice something odd next year with the con registration. That’s about the only way to stick it to bigots: don’t fucking give them your money. Full stop.
  • Am I… am I the only one who thinks it’s skeevy that there was what seems to be a throw away, play it for laughs scene in a recent episode wherein Stiles insinuates that Malia keeps coming into his room at night, initiating sex that he doesn’t seem to be very into, and aggressively cuddling him for the rest of the night? Because flip that around so the character with the complaint is female and the one doing the B&E sexcapades is male and see how fast that becomes a serious fucking storyline.

All in all, I’m glad I’m sticking to my decision to stick my fingers in my ears and ignore damned near everything post S2.

People who complain when fanfic writers don’t do things exactly like canon have a fundamental misunderstanding of what fanfiction is/should be. 

Fanfiction is not a regurgitation of canon topics/concepts; it’s a dialogue that exists with and sometimes against canon. It explores concepts and topics the source material either ignored or had no interest in exploring in the first place. Fanfiction was born because canon stories didn’t tell the kind of stories fans wanted to see (What if Spock and Kirk were a couple? What if the cast of Star Trek were explorers during the 15th Century? What would it take for these two enemy characters to fall in love?) 

To say that fanfiction is beholden to canon is just bullshit and to hound writers for not slavishly worshiping the source material is not only rude, it’s against the spirit of fanfiction. Great fanfiction takes canon into account but alters it in light of the story being told. Characters change given new/differing situations. Relationships evolve because the author is exploring new ground/circumstances. If nothing changes or if no new insights are revealed because of the story and everything is exactly like the source material then what’s the point of reading the story in the first place. 

Fanfiction is not canon and it’s not meant to be. 

Bill Cipher and canon divergence

Okay, since I’ve suddenly woken up in the small hours to think about this subject feverishly three nights in a row, I feel compelled to write a small analysis about it. Maybe then my sleep cycle will finally go back to normal.

So, the series finale pretty much unarguably laid out the fact that Bill is a manipulative bastard who, in human sociology terms, can be likened to a sociopath. And though he’s not initially out to actively harm anyone, he can be infinitely cruel and dangerous when push comes to shove. Call me naive, but this genuinely surprised and, to some extent, shocked me.

Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the way Bill was introduced to us made us as liable to Bill’s bizarre but sort of charming conman act as the characters were in-show. The fandom fell instantly in love with this quirky little triangle, took the little we knew of him and ran to the hills. True enough, it was made clear from the start that Bill was a villain and potentially dangerous, but the threat was more comical than anything - the worst we’d see him do was punch a harmless hole through Dipper’s chest and stab himself with forks for the hilarious heck of it.

Seriously, look at that silly adorkable dorito child.

Even during the first two parts of Weirdmageddon, his deeds that were getting more and more extreme seemed to simply ensue from his immature recklessness and the fact that as an otherworldly being, he has no reason to follow human standards. Aaand then there was the series finale, and suddenly it was no more Mr. Nice Guy and Bill’s character took new turns that came off as straight up homicidal.

I have personally been deeply involved in a friendship with someone who turned out to be ruthless and manipulative in extents I never could’ve believed of him. In some way, Bill’s characterization in the finale has surfaced the memory of that betrayal in me, and my confusion over the finale depictions of Bill have led me to think that perhaps, on some level, I still refuse to believe that I was so thoroughly conned by the friend I mentioned. I still feel a great deal of loyalty to him and stick to all the trustful moments we had, perceiving them as genuine and valuable regardless of how things turned out in the end. But it obviously still hurts, and seeing Bill shift from a lovable freak to absolutely horrifying made me seriously consider my own social judgement: how the hell could I have let myself become so attached to a character like this without even considering the possibility that he’s just manipulating everyone into oblivion, even though it’s constantly spelled out in the show that he’s dangerous? Haven’t I learned anything at all?

Don’t get me wrong, the finale depiction of Bill hasn’t really changed my views or lessened my fondness of him as a character. It’s just my own naivety that shocks me.

And that’s also where fanon Bill comes in.

Back when Bill was introduced to us, his characterization was very vague and loosely defined, and yet he was welcomed with more than open arms - he ascended into a fan favorite in mere seconds after his first appearance. Fanworks were flooded with the crazy triangle guy, and over time his fanon depictions were, surprisingly, not restricted by the expanding canon, but on the contrary getting more diverse with every snippet of information we got about Bill.

To me, this was an unpreceded experience and a whole new world opening up in my personal history with fan culture. In the last fandom I was actively involved in, canon consistence was THE WORD. In that particular fandom everyone was obsessed in sticking to the canon as strictly as possible, and any sorts of headcanons, freestyling or baseless theoretization were generally frowned upon.

This is definitely not a problem with Bill. In fact, some could say it’s gotten completely out of hand. We’ve got human!Bills, triangle!Bills, demon!Bills, god!Bills, smol!Bills, cat!Bills, Eldritch!Bills, cute!Bills, sad!Bills, dapper!Bills, casual!Bills, amnesiac!Bills, IC!Bills, I could go on. There’s an endless cavalcade of different renditions of Bill Cipher, differing from each other like night and day at best.

And the wonderful thing is, in addition to being all kinds of fun and creative, it’s also justified by the very essence of Bill. Even now that the show has reached its end, we still know very little about Bill, but what we do know is that:

  • he’s quirky
  • he’s chaotic
  • he doesn’t give a shit about rules
  • he has unlimited knowledge and is older than the universe itself
  • he seems to genuinely enjoy interacting with people
  • his characterization varies greatly depending on the situation, his own ambitions, and the person he’s dealing with

So there. Those terms combined create an endless amount of possibilities for his character. I can easily imagine him morphing into any sort of character just to keep himself entertained. I can imagine him being affected by the human society in a hypothetical case that he somehow gets integrated to it for a long time, causing him to act more human in that specific context. In fact, I can imagine him being affected by pretty much anything. For someone who’s been there since the beginning of time and has all the knowledge one could acquire, any kind of quirks are entirely feasible.

I know there are lots of people out there who insist on keeping Bill as canonically in character as possible, and heck, why not? Just mimicing his speech patterns is a challenge in and of itself that I’m glad some people have had the courage to take. I would just ask those people to not use that as an excuse to restrict other people’s creativity, since as far as we know, there is no guaranteed OOC when it comes to Bill. There’s a vast tradition of canon divergence, sure, but that’s just it: Bill is the kind of character that allows said divergence to happen. Or rather, encourages it.

I myself am infinitely grateful for this fandom to have gone to such extents with Bill’s character. The whole concept of him, as well as the context the show’s given to it, is an endless realm of possibilities that we have a downright responsibility to explore as far and wide as we can. And hey, Bill might’ve canonically come off as a homicidal sociopath in the end, but leaving it at that would be a waste of this wonderful character as well as all the love we’ve poured into all his fanon depictions so far and yet to come. So keep loving that triangle in every way you feel inclined to.

Fooey out.

Everyone is getting so excited and pushing for gay Kaldar and canon Bluepulse in season three. Honestly, I don’t see the point. Even if these things aren’t proven canon doesn’t mean they aren’t true within the show. It doesn’t have to be in your face to be the truth. This is true for all series and fandoms. For example, SVTFOE and trans girl Marco. It’s obvious Marco has dysphoria and within the show Marco might not figure out what that feeling is or where it’s coming from. That doesn’t mean he never does. As for Young Justice, DC comics has been pretty open minded about gay characters. Look at Greg’s posts. If he won’t be allowed to make these things canon, I strongly believe he’ll find some way to slip in that we’re right. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a canon queer in DC. If I recall correctly, Batgirl was on a date with a girl before it was cut short by a call from Nightwing (in what, I forget, sorry). Chances of representation are high, and let’s be honest if we aren’t given representation, we create representation. That’s what the fandom is all about. Finding our own truth within a story is what we do. Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Shut up, Malfoy.

Philosopher’s Stone, Ch. 9

Parvati gets a lot of flak from the fandom for being a vapid ditz, but she’s a much stronger person than she gets credit for. She’s the first of the group to stand up to Malfoy about Neville, and tries to defend Harry to McGonagall. She’s also a wonderful, caring friend to Lavender, and she refuses to put up with Harry’s bullshit when he ignores her at the Yule Ball. Seriously, Parvati’s a champ and she absolutely doesn’t deserve the hate she gets.

Fandom vs Canon Garde
  • Fandom Four: Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah
  • Canon Four: Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah
  • Fandom Five: I am an evil cannibal from the southern mountains who feasts on the dreams of young children and also I kill puppies in my spare time
  • Canon Five: Oh god I just want to live I'm sorry
  • Fandom Six: I'm a badass
  • Canon Six: I'm a badass also I like Sam's ass
  • Fandom Marina: Let it gooooooo
  • Canon Marina: I ain't takin any of yo shit Nine
  • Fandom Eight: PIZZA..............
  • Canon Eight: PIZZA............... WITH MARINA
  • Fandom Nine: Yo baby check out my abs *flexes arms* oh yeah
  • Canon Nine: I am secretly very insecure about myself and I am very awkward around the ladies. I try and blame all my problems on other people, usually Five, while generally acting like a bit of dick.
thoughts on Pyro. Canon vs Fandom

from what i understand of Pyro from the comics and such Pyro is not a sweet little baby. not really. this is the person who chopped off Sollys hand for being on their side of the car. they choose new weapons over a lighter. so they are a fully aware person under that suit. while they hallucinate things, i think they are still conscious of what they are doing, like in Meet the Pyro. but it more translates that doing horrible things IS like sunshine and rainbows. its not so much like in Meet the Amazing Pyro where they were tricked, but rather burning someone alive brings a smile to their face AS IF they were in a candy land.

of all the characters i think pyro is one of the least understood and corrupted characters by the fandom, even by me i fall into the ‘sweet summer child pyro’ mindset. but i have to force myself to remember that they are violent and ruthless and scare every other member of the team. 

The idea that creators dictate an ineffable and consistent canon has always been a bit of a convenient fiction – storytellers tend to have a looser relationship with their own work, changing details to fit the need of a current story, coming up with ideas they like better, or simply losing track of things. George R. R Martin’s immense and ongoing Song of Ice and Fire saga is a typical case – Martin’s often admitted he needs the help of semi-professional fans to keep it all straight.

Works with multiple successive creative teams are even more ramshackle, as everything established by one author is often cheerfully contradicted by another. (Comics are especially notable for this. One legendary example: Is Hawkman a policeman from an alien planet, or a reincarnated Egyptian prince, or a god, or some combination of the three, or neither?) Engaging with canon thus is an act of personal curation: a chance to play textual games with absent authors, draw quasi-talmudic connections, craft subversive readings, or spin ideas that weave neatly between the lines of primary texts. But the common understanding of canon also could be a ruler: hard, minutely measured, and often used to slap people’s knuckles, which has happened more and more as the loose canons of fan culture have become codified by corporate influences.
—  Enough With the Canon, The Atlantic (April 13, 2016)
Canon Togami vs. Fandom Togami
  • Canon Togami: I'm a conflicted young boy, who throughout his short life was forced to do horrible things and caused his siblings to be disowned, to prevent myself from being exiled. I carry this burden of my past around with me, never once complaining or letting my bottled up feelings out to anybody. My childhood caused me to obsess over being the best of the best, seeing my peers as enemies, obstacles to be put down. I have never met with love from people who were supposed to care about me, so the whole friendship thing is very new to me. I'm still hiding behind the walls I had been building my whole life. They are slowly tumbling down, but letting my feelings out completely takes time. Despite that, I still appreciate the people who are trying to help me and for the first time in my life I started acknowledging that asking for help and accepting it isn't a weakness or a shame. Even though I still can be harsh towards others sometimes, I care deeply about my closest friends and I want to offer them all the help I can give.
  • Fandom Togami: yeah, lol, u commoner, im a selfish prick, tell them Naegi, haha money~