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evan: wait, are you flirting with me?

jared: have been for the past seven years, but thanks for noticing

anyway can you believe that black sails unironically has a gay man use the biblical telling of god’s creation of adam and eve to describe his partnership with the man he loves I mean what a time to be alive

Harry Potter Headcanon

Harry and Draco decided to put aside their differences when their sons became friends, only to realize they actually have a lot in common. They both didn’t have a great home life, the people they looked up to put a lot of unrealistic expectations on them, they were emotionally manipulated by the people who were supposed to care for them, they were expected to do great things from a young age (and both didn’t know what kind of great things, there were just high expectations), they were shown favoritism from people in positions of power over them (which didn’t always help either of them), they were often secluded from others and information they deserved to have, they were each given an impossible task (each of them were expected to destroy the person that had given the other the impossible task, and on a side note, both of them succeed, but only with help from others), and so much more.

They spend a lot of time together, sometimes talking about serious things, such as coming to terms with their childhoods, and sometimes silly things, such as which one of their sons is going to get into trouble at Hogwarts first. Draco always argues that Scorpius probably got pulled into it by Albus, and Harry will often agree, because he knows he comes from a family of trouble-makers, and why would his son be any different? 

Their families have grown quite close, and Harry is glad to expand his circles of friends, while Draco is glad to finally have friends who legitimately care for him.  

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why do u support a ship where bakugou literally abused midoriya for 11 years of their lives and left long lasting anxiety and confidence issues not to mention the bakugou hasnt shown any in canon repentance or even anything less than DISLIKE of deku

If you paid attention you’d already know Bakugou’s display in Ch.1 where he told Deku to “take a swan dive off the roof” was explicitly called out as “going too far”, by his friends and Horikoshi himself in an interview. That isn’t his usual behaviour, so stretching that out over 11 years? Bb uuullllshit. It was established in ‘Kacchan VS Deku 2’ that as a child, Bakugou only pushed Deku away in reaction to how persistent Deku was with following him around. [That’s not abuse. ?] The manga frames this as bad behaviour, and bkdk shipping doesn’t support or romanticize it. Rather, it recognizes the process that’s being taken in canon to move them both away from it. 

Furthermore, Bakugou isn’t the sole reason for any of Deku’s issues with anxiety or lack of confidence, most of which are misconstrued. Everyone he considered close and admirable, including All Might and his own mother, emphasized the fact his dreams could not be a reality. Deku’s problems at the beginning came from multiple facets stemming from his quirklessness and the quirk biased society he lives in, it’s a dragging part of the narrative and has an explicit influence on not only Deku’s psyche but Bakugou’s as well, in the reverse direction. Plus…honestly, his mother is just as, if not MORE, jumpy and anxiety-prone as he is…Bakugou didn’t scar Deku for life, it’s just his personality and his circumstance. It’s hardly Bakugou, and it’s hardly destructive. On the other hand, you can EASILY prove his POSITIVE influence on Deku as a hero and person. Deku has, on numerous occasions, thought of Bakugou as an inspiration and a motivator– while coming up with moves, inspiring himself to fight, and ESPECIALLY in maintaining his dream to be a hero. Bakugou is one of the few important people in Deku’s life. Deku stated HIMSELF in ‘Kacchan vs Deku 2’ that DESPITE all of Bakugou’s bad traits and frustrating attitude, Deku always saw him as someone brilliant and amazing, and he felt this so strongly that he said Bakugou was someone closer to him than even All Might. If you can’t see the amount of positive influence Bakugou has on Deku you’re chunking out a large part of his character as well as Bakugou’s credibility + potential as a hero in this story. 

Bakugou’s “dislike” stemmed from fear and a misunderstanding of Deku’s intentions– not that it appropriates his behavior – but Bakugou and Deku are considered childhood friends and never enemies for a reason. There is little animosity of actual substance between them, it’s all illusionary on Bakugou’s end, as described in ‘Kacchan vs Deku 2’. Out of all the characters in BNHA the only one Bakugou has been emotionally open with has been Deku, and you wouldn’t spill your guts to someone you just absolutely despised. Bakugou just didn’t understand Deku, he saw Deku as someone condescending, sneaky, and messing with HIM, it was his own insecurities and ego that led him to this deduction, but it wasn’t against Deku personally. Bakugou just hasn’t *seen* and *understood* Deku until recently. He’s stated it himself, “things are going to be different now”, and that’s because he’s finally reached a point where he can see not only Deku, but himself and his aspirations more clearly. And he understands as Deku and All Might do that a good relationship with Deku is important to his growth as a person from thereon. They can only go up from here. 

You can’t rely on the just earliest chapters to assess the bkdk dynamic, it’s central to the plot of bnha, it’s been naturally changing and developing as the story progresses. Before you jump into people’s inboxes claiming 11 years of abuse you better have an argument that goes beyond the first 10 chapters of a 3 year old manga. If your analysis doesn’t include the positive development Bakugou has gone through in terms of his treatment of Deku, his opinion on Deku, his tone as a character and his narrative depth in general over the past 100+ chapters, there’s really no room for you to talk about them. Because you’re choosing not to pay attention to the direction of the story, and building false arguments on broken information. 

What WE support is the growth, development, and depth of a relationship between two characters who have an immense potential for greatness together. Their dynamic has been carefully written to encompass themes of hope, maturation, and rebuilding trust. There’s nothing abusive or destructive about that.    


The Art of Overwatch: Olivia “Sombra” Colomar
Photos taken with: Canon Rebel T5

This isn’t all there is regarding this character in the artbook, of course, but here’s some of it as a little appetizer.

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The Art of Overwatch: Valentine’s Day + Holiday Season
Photos taken with: Canon Rebel T5

This isn’t all there is regarding these certain promotional events in the artbook, of course, but here’s some of it as a little appetizer.
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