canon rebel eos t1i


Awake, December 12th 2015

Brayan Enriquez

Last night I went on a date with my girlfriend and it was great, and I’ve been taking more and more photos which is also great. I still have yet to take a photo of my own girlfriend but, I’ll figure it out. The weather has been awkwardly becoming warming and I’m on the brink of becoming broke, but recently someone gifted me 20 rolls of unused film, which was a blessing and will help me out tremendously. These past few weeks I’ve been busy and finals are next week. I have a lot to look forward, but for now all I want is water.


Worn Out, October 31st 2015

Brayan Enriquez

Its been sort of grey out, but I’m enjoying it. October’s over and I didn’t really experience the whole “Halloween/ Fall” feel. Honestly this month has felt really short, and its been bugging me. Yesterday I did a few things and during this time I decided to go out and take a few photos. I came across this building with a very small sign (you can see it near the bottom half of the second photo) that said “we buy homes” with a phone number listed. The building was somewhat large and seemed to be abandoned. There was a large opening on the side that was blocked by a bunch of stacked bricks that weren’t stable and I bet if you just removed a few bricks from the bottom of the stack the entire thing would collapse. You could even peer into the building through the very few spots that had bricks missing. Anyways I only have one Kit Kat left, it’s raining outside and I’m going to die.