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a thing i just realized now

that killed me a little more

is how kevin keller

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 (a canonically queer character) on riverdale refers to himself as “devastatingly handsome in that classic pre-accident Montgomery Clift kind of way”

(i agree)

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and then

dean winchester watches that episode and then decides to call cas devastatingly handsome and then i’m just all sorts of done

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like seriously

all the queer feels


how am i still living

I don’t normally engage in fandom discourse, but I see a lot of people saying “I don’t want blizzard to say who the canon lgbt characters are in Overwatch, because I think it’s better for fans to have their own headcanons.” And I 100% disagree.

Representation in a game that reaches people all over the world, many of whom are from a homophobic subculture that might otherwise not encounter any queer characters in any of their other media, is more important than your ships. 

Shipping is not why lgbt characters are necessary. They are necessary because real, actual lgbt people exist and now more than ever need to be normalized in media. Subtext alone is not enough. We need to be allowed to exist as more than a head tilt and a wink, as more than something that has to be coded and guessed at like we’re some sort of dirty secret.

basically, If your ship is more important than real life representation on a global scale, I really think you’ve missed the point, and maybe you should think about your priorities. :\

Why Yuri on Ice is so fucking important

I mean the obvious reason is canon queer couple who are supportive and deeply in love:

But there is a lot more as to why their relationship is so important.

Yuri struggles badly with anxiety, self esteem issues and I would argue depressive tendencies. 

A lot of his coping techniques we see are similar to ones I employ or have employed

He cries alone, not wanting other people…not even his mom to know how much pain he’s in 

He engages in physical activity when anxious probably because he can’t sit still (know the feeling which is made worse by not actually able to be active in my case)

He clearly has panic attacks

Later when Victor accidentally triggers Yuri’s feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy he shuts down completely which is a defensive strategy I am all too familiar with. It’s an attempt to keep from breaking down completely by going numb and withdrawing from the world around you even though it fucks things up even more.

but Victor in this case does the right thing and pushes Yuri just enough. He opens up and give Yuri space to come to him on his terms.  When Yuri does talk it out with Victor he reveals his fear of appearing weak. 

I used to be obsessed with this.  I’m less so now and other negative thoughts have become stronger but for a long time I hated opening up about my thoughts or feelings and really hated anyone’s attempts to draw me out. My husband was the first one who could see past my attempts at pretending to be fine or to shut him out and instead managed to draw me out.  He did it a similar way to Victor by just being there going “I know you’re not okay but I’m not going anywhere…talk to me about it please.” and that felt not like an intrusion or him feeling I was weak (and he told me he didn’t see me that way in the same way Victor does here) instead he was, like Victor here, a wall I could lean against.

Which leads me to Episode 7. 

Here we have Victor fucking up big time. He thinks tough love might motivate Yuri and here’s the thing.  That would have broken episode 4 Yuri but episode 7 Yuri knows Victor is lying and is pissed and hurt…but he says that.  He feels strong enough to confront his lover (and they are lovers already by this point because come on!) and say clearly “You fucked up!”

This is so important because he calls Victor out on his fuck up and reveals his fears but at the same time is able to recognise it’s an irrational fear and that he does trust Victor’s feelings.

He is able to clearly talk back to his lover, declare his needs and Victor fucking listened which is also really important.  He could have kept it going after all, he was looking to shatter Yuri’s heart as a motivational thing but as soon as it actually happened he backed down with a “I made a huge mistake!” reaction which is great and why I kind of love “I don’t understand humans” Victor.

But then we have Yuri’s thoughts during the program:

he’s not upset that Victor saw him cry or wondering what Victor thought of him because he’s okay with crying in front of Victor.  He’s just glad he got the tension out of him. That’s a big deal and shows how much faith he has in Victor as a partner

In fact he even thinks Victor’s panic was a little funny which is huge growth. 

Which is why we get the next bit:

He’s not blaming himself for their fight like I think he would have done in the past. He knows Victor fucked up and is able to see that.  That’s a huge leap forward.

The tone he uses here is interesting because he’s acknowledging his issues without rancour or self hatred.  Just a statement of fact that he has issues and it’s not news and he thinks Victor should be ready to handle it and is willing to see it’s not just his problem but Victor’s as well.

Yuri doesn’t skate perfectly here but he skates well and better then he expected because he got out what he needed to during the fight and now feels emotionally lighter for it. He’s still a little annoyed with Victor but he’s not angry, not really. He knows Victor is remorseful and doesn’t want to leave him so instead he thinks about getting his revenge by surprising Victor with the quad flip. He’s again thinking more about Victor and their relationship so that he manages to better in his routine then usual.

That’s a huge sign of both Yuri’s growth as an individual he’s able to recognise his anxiety and confidence problems and also recognise when his fears are irrational and still have faith that his boyfriend/coach will be there for him.  He’s surprised by the kiss at the end I think because of the venue but that look at the end when they are so in love gets me every time.  

I love that we have such a healthy dynamic between these two that even when one of them fucks up they fix it by communicating and are stronger for it.

That’s why it’s so important.  Yuri’s growth as a person dealing with chronic anxiety and poor self esteem and the like is very very real and Victor is so good for him but he’s good for “I don’t know how to human” Victor who from what we’ve heard from other’s is not known for caring about other people. Christophe says it and Yakov says it.  That he’s selfish…but that’s not what we see with Yuri.  We see a Victor who is trying so hard but fucking up and then trying harder because he loves him so much.

God they are the best couple on tv ever

when someone’s hugely successful Sherlock Holmes adaptation complete with a canon queer romance in between John and Sherlock earns them an interview and a question “what inspired you to write this” can you please PLEASE look directly into the camera and say something along the lines of “because mark gatiss and steven moffat were too much of fucking cowards”

as a queer person who’s already 28, let me just tell you how huge the difference feels to me with series’ like steven universe, the foxhole court, sense8, cucumber or eyewitness that have canoncally queer characters that dont die, arent stereotypes, arent white, go through coming to terms with their identity in realistic ways and not interpreted through the hetersexual lense, who have mental health issues and face other problems besides being queer in a heterosexist world and WHO ACTUALLY KISS and/or FUCK in canon.

like 12-15 years ago when i was figuring stuff out, there was NOTHING like that. what i had was bad lesbian porn on the internet (when internet wasnt also that available), yaoi or yuri trash that was often bad porn, queerbating bullshit, or some random sidecharaters that died or villains who were gay. and probably also died. 

I can feel there’s a rift going on. And i dont think it’s gonna stop. I’m excited for whats coming the next 5 years. 

AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT cuz even now i just want representation so shows dont bore the fuck out of me, but imagine how different things must be for teens watching these shows. I hope you feel all loved and supported cuz you are!!!

Representation in yoi episode 7!!!

oh boi here we go…

Firstly, they showed yuri’s anxiety disorder in such a realistic and relatable way.
Everyone who has anxiety has experienced a situation like that before, where you’re in public and can’t stop comparing yourself to others competing or around you. And Victor knew. Victor knew and took him where no one was around to calm him.

It showed Victor making a mistake like an actual realationship. It showed him trying to understand what to do but not being sure because he doesn’t understand exactly how to comfort someone. It showed him being so human.

It showed crying not as a form of weakness but as a way to express himself. It shows it as something everyone does and how relieved it can make you feel. Most importantly, he admitted his feelings and that was okay.

And finally…

It’s ground breaking. Victor didn’t kiss him to calm him he kissed him out of love and trust. And everyone was okay with it, -except for yurio but he’s just a lil bitter smol- . It was perfectly timed and placed and just. wow.

Yuri on Ice has made history for the LGBT community aswell as giving us a healthy relationship and mental illness in a real way.

You could say it was,

Born to make history.

I swear to god, if Lena somehow comes out of everything as a villain, it’ll be one of the most underwhelming bullshit that’ll ever come out of anything. Like, it isn’t going to be a betrayal that’s going to shock you, just leave you entirely disappointed because yet another character with so much potential is reduced to the stereotype of their name. I need a legitimately surprising plot twist if there ever will be one. No cheap deaths, no “a villain after all” bullshit. Just a genuinely surprising HOLY SHIT THAT HAPPENED plot twist that nobody really thought could ever happen.


Canonically queer DCTV characters, for your pleasure!  (Note: though Leonard Snart has not stated his sexuality onscreen, Wentworth Miller has said he is pansexual.)

You can use these as icons, or however you please, that’s what they’re there for.

This is part one of two, covering Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl characters.  For part two, covering Gotham, Constantine, and Lucifer, go here.

We will not calm down.

I said it after episode 3, and I will say it again. History is being made.

No, we will not calm down. We will not stop posting about Yuri on Ice. We will not silence ourselves because you are “annoyed” by its popularity, because you are not “mainstream,” because you are not this, not that. 

This isn’t about you

This is about so much more. It is rare that an anime is so important and so impactful. Most of the time, anime hype is because a series is either so weird and outrageous that we are just shocked, or just because it is simply really good and entertaining and people enjoy it.

But what all of the complainers out there seem to be missing is what Yuri on Ice means to so, so many people. We experienced the first sports anime to have canonical, queer male protagonists kiss on screen in episode 7 (emphasis on sports as to not disregard other series with canonically queer protagonists. Emphasis on protagonists as to not disregard series with canonical queer relationships between side characters, whether in sports anime or otherwise).

The kiss was a huge success, but this week was an even bigger win.

Now, we have possibly gotten the first anime ever to feature queer male protagonists become engaged (however I could be wrong; but I am consciously disregarding Kyo Kara Maoh. I love that series but their engagement was supposed to be for comedic effect, as it was accidental. It becomes much more legitimate as the series progresses, but the initial engagement is unintentional).

In just 10 episodes so far, Yuri on Ice has displayed a loving, healthy relationship between two adult men, not to mention that one is a Japanese man and the other is Russian. Not once has their relationship been ridiculed or demeaned. Not once have they been played off as anything less than two people, utterly head over heels for each other. 

There is so much to Yuri on Ice- so much- that it is impossible for me to write about in one post, in one sitting, and for me to even comprehend at a moment’s notice. But to me, personally, Victor and Yuuri’s relationship is the most important. To me- someone who has always, always searched for quality representative media- this means the world. This sets the bar so high now and the series isn’t even over (nor do I believe it is even close to finishing, not after its success and the creator’s desires for a sequel of some sort).

For me, someone within the LGBT+ community, to see a healthy and very real same-sex relationship so beautifully and realistically conveyed and celebrated is astounding.

And I hope this is a huge “told you so” to all of the creators of media who thought, “Our series will not sell well if we make our main characters explicitly queer, because no one wants to see that.” I hope they look at the success of Yuri on Ice and decide to create more queer media. Even if their motivation is financial, I’m positive that Yuri on Ice is a step forward. Japan (and especially anime) has much farther to go, certainly. There are flaws within Yuri on Ice and criticisms that are quite legitimate and understandable. I understand that.

But look at the good things that this series does have to offer. To see Yuuri slide a ring onto Victor’s finger, and for Victor to do the same… to see Phichit congratulate them on their marriage, then promptly announce it to the entire restaurant… and to see so many small but significant indicators of their mutual love (and all of this is simply episode 10 alone)…

That’s pretty incredible. And man, does validation feel great

Love Wins.