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You can say Clarke would’ve reacted the same way to any of her friends rescuing her, but:

1. Clarke called Bellamy every day for 2199 days.

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2. Madi recognized Bellamy just from Clarke’s drawings and said only his name upon seeing him.

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3. Madi said “Clarke knew you would come”. You as in Bellamy.

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The emphasis is always on Bellamy.

So, you can say what you want, but Clarke Griffin has not stopped loving Bellamy Blake for six years and nine days.

It’s literally canon.

S T A Y    P R E S S E D    T H O U G H

The Usage of the Word “T’hy’la” or Lack thereof

So, a while ago I had this discussion with a fellow Trekkie about how canon K/S exactly is. When I brought up the Motion Picture Novel and the scene where Spock thinks of Jim as his T’hy’la, his final argument was (apart from the infamous footnote) that the word never actually made it into the series or movie franchise, and, therefore, couldn’t have been that much of importance.

But since I will fight anyone over this matter I thoroughly thought about this discussion, because he had a point. I mean the book still stands, but why didn’t Roddenberry or anyone else include the word? It seemed to be important enough and it became famous in the fandom almost immediately after it’s creation.

It took me a while, but then I re-watched WoK and the penny finally dropped.

Spock never used Vulcan Vocabulary with his captain (well duh, I know, but hear me out), because as far as we know Jim doesn’t understand Vulcan. 

And what is more: T’hy’la isn’t exactly a simple word. Due to it’s emotional intonation it’s probably a word derived from high Vulcan and it doesn’t even have a proper Standard translation. It is therefore loosely translated as: “Friend, Brother, Lover” since the word itself incompasses all three of them, but in Standard it’s untranslatable, because there is no comparism. (We, read: the fandom, translate it as soulmate, since this is probably very close. But this was never made official.)

So yeah, no point in confessing feelings that reach this deep to someone who wouldn’t understand the proper vocab, got it. 

That doesn’t mean that Spock never made Jim clear what he was to him. As I said, it took me some time, but I finally realized that Spock DOES use the word, he even says it directly to Jim. He just uses the Standard translation.

1. Superior officer = Brother (in arms)

2. Friend

3. I am yours = Lover

I could kick myself for not realizing this sooner. HE ACTUALLY DOES SAY IT! I mean, of course I’ve known since forever, that they love each other, but that Spock actually uses “T’hy’la” in the franchise is news to me.

This means exactly two things: that I am incredibly stupid sometimes (how many times did I watch this movie? 10?) AND that I can rub this under everyone’s noses. 


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My deepest and rawest GSNK angst crystallized into a single sentence

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Do you have any AePete D/s headcanons nsfw or otherwise?

It’s hard because they do most of them already on the show.

Canon D/s things:

  • Ae always makes sure Pete is fed.
  • He always orders or gets his food for him.
  • He keeps a close eye on Pete’s weight and notices when he weighs less just from him sitting on his bike.
  • He escorts Pete to and from every class, and to and from school.
  • He scolds Pete when he thinks he’s doing something wrong because he wants to protect him.
  • He protects Pete from everything.


  • Ae praises Pete when he gains weight and it makes Pete glow because Ae usually only comments on how thin he is. It’s not meant to be a good thing for most people, but Pete is happy about gaining weight because Ae is.
  • Pete only ever drinks when he’s with Ae. It’s not because Ae won’t let him, despite what their friends think. It’s because he doesn’t like how out of control he feels when he’s drunk. He goes drinking with Pond and some of his friends one time, and he hates how off kilter he feels. His laugh feels a little too loud and he stumbles when he’s getting up, hitting the soft curve of his hip against the table. When he goes back to Ae’s dorm and Ae asks him how it was, he can’t stop himself from bursting into tears. After that, he only ever drinks if Ae is there to watch him and hold him in his arms when his head gets a little too heavy.
  • Pete likes it when Ae spoons him, but he likes it even more when Ae just lies on top of him. He finds the weight grounding, and he never feels safer than he does when Ae is holding him down.
  • When Ae is really stressed out, he finds it comforting to give Pete little orders. They’re always small things like, Come here, sit on my lap, tell me about your day etc. but Pete knows why he does it. It makes him feel more in control when he has Pete right there and he knows he has control over at least one thing in his life.

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who's excited for fandometrics to say sheith is number one after season eight? preferably allurance as two

i can’t read the first part of this ask but i’m def hyped for allurance to be in the top three at the very least! you never know if monster selfcest or candy vampire girlfriends might also blow up at the same time man

that said it’s a flawed system and a popularity contest and canon is canon and allurance gon KISS

I just had like the best thought ever. 

So Cheryl is basically Rizzo right? I mean HBIC of the school and and is just as much of a bitch as Rizzo (which is why we all love her) but we all know both of them are a lot more sensitive and nice then they let on. 

So then I was like, ‘‘Toni is basically Kenickie she’s just not as much of a pig’‘, and of course she’s in a gang much like Kenickie. 


The scene where Kenick gives Riz hickey’s and says the most iconic line in history ‘‘A hickey from Kenickie is like a hallmart card, when you care to send the very best’‘


(And Cheryl already called Toni Cha Cha which is a character in Grease you can not tell me both of them haven’t seen Grease a million times. Sorry it’s canon.)t

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LOL i love your ''i'm not here for this shit" mood today! Honestly we've been SO blessed, especially this week with all of the great positive content and yet we still have Drama out of nothing anyway. Whatever! VM are THRIVING and all is good! I am happy they won in both Partnership and Performance categories, now imagine them winning that Peoples Choice Awards - not that it has any big significance or anything but i just love when they win everything (esp in the US, cuz i'm petty)

They’ve been on a winning streak since October 2016 there’s no reason for that to stop now!

People’s Choice bring it on!

head canon time:

T&S win the People’s Choice Canadian Award but don’t go to the show. Instead they send in their acceptance video;

Video opens VM are sitting in front of the camera with two blonde haired children on their laps. Reason they aren’t there is because Ryan Reynolds called in his favour and asked VM to baby sit for him so he could go to the PCA’s. Ryan accepts the award on their behalf. 

The end